Bombshell TS Aubrey Kate jerks off after hard teasing

Bombshell TS Aubrey Kate jerks off after hard teasing
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PART III It was an average Sunday afternoon when Cassidy and Evan sat at his dinnertable for a private tutoring session.

The shiny wood was covered with books and notes containing numberous of red markings. Silence had been dominating the conversation for over half an hour.

"Come on Cass, you're not even trying to get these questions right." Cassidy sat with her arms crossed and gazed out the window. "So? I'm not in the mood today." Evan sighed. "Please tell me it doesn't have to do with Klara again. I'm starting to grow tired of that eternal war between the two of you…" Klara was another student in his class.

She had the usual good looks like all the other girls: slim, tanned and wore revealing clothes this time of year. Evan loved patrolling through class as they wrote their tests. Their choice of tops gave him a beautiful view looking down on the girls as they tortured their inactive brains for answers.

However, Klara wasn't one of the appealing ones in that case, as she only possessed an A-cup, giving him hardly any eye candy. Her face was pretty yet also not special. Altogether Evan wasn't interested in her at all. Cassidy, however, was.

Since a month or two, Klara had been reaching out for teen power. She done so by threatening Cassidy's position as head of the cheerleaders. Evan learned this little fact by a nearly physical fight taking place between the both of them in his class room. After the first obscenities being yelled he took place in the middle to break up the fight. The only communication between Cassidy and Klara in his history class after this episode had been hateful looks.

"The bitch is trying to take my place as head of the student council aswell!" she suddenly yelled while wiping a pile of papers off the table in frustration. "Don't you think it's beneficial to the school if they'd actually put someone with a brain on that spot?" Cassidy froze up. "What did you just say?" Evan grinned. He knew he hit a weak spot. While Cassidy was struggling to keep her grades up mostly through blackmail- Klara was one of the few girls who easily got at least a B for every test.

"Fuck you!" Cassidy stood up and walked towards the door. "Oh stop being so dramatic… It's not the end of the world!" His words didn't have much effect.

The door slammed closed midway the sentence. Evan didn't see Cassidy again until the week after. Friday afternoon came around, the last day of school before summer holidays ? the day of the senior prom. Evan had more trouble controlling his classes than usual, which was to be expected. Eventually he gave up and indulged his students in simple games like giving them riddles. When the bell finally rang his class was the last of the day the students jumped up excitedly and nearly ran out of class.

Cassidy walked out casually. Evan smiled at her, hoping he'd get some sort of positive feedback from her. As she passed she poked his dick through his pants teasingly. Evan smiled and knew they were okay for now. As dusk set in Evan straightened his lavender tie as a finishing touch to his black suit. He met his own grey eyes in the mirror and smiled. Evan was one of the supervisors of the senior prom, but he didn't mind the task. He was rather curious how the girls would look, one in particular.

Even though Casisdy was one year away from her own senior prom, one of the boys from the football team had asked her to be his date for the prom. Many girls from his lower classes were invited to join older boys.

Seen as this was a reccuring event, the decoration committee eventually decided the younger girls could also run for prom queen. Or so Evan heard. He didn't care too much, as long as he could enjoy the view. He made sure he locked the doors, took his coat and left for his by now totally fixed- Mustang.

He didn't have to drive far. The committee was able to convince the headmaster to rent off a club not too far from Evan's place.

It only took him a 10 minute drive as opposed to the 45 minutes he needed to reach the high school. The club was beautifully decorated and there was an actual Eiffel Tower in the corner.

Evan remembered his class exploded during the announcement of the theme "One night in Paris". The moment it was said he looked at Cassidy and she looked back. They both started grinning as they shared the same thought.

He moved to greet the other teachers, got himself a drink and leaned against the wall to observe the students. As expected the girls were all dressed very… revealing.

Many had dresses which didn't pass their knees, let alone cover up their cleavage. The boys, however, all looked the same. Besides a few changes in the colour of the ties they took no risk and wore a black suit and slicked back hair. Just as he was about to leave to get another drink he froze up. Cassidy just entered the club with the quarterback he knew to be a senior. Evan was mesmerized by the way she looked.

She wore a strapless red satin dress. It was so tight around her breasts that they stuck out above the dress as two perfect round mounds. The body was just as tight, showing off her slightly curvacious hips. The dress had a split on the side, slightly to the front, making one of her long tanned leg visible every time she strode forward.

She wore obscenely high sparkly heels which must have cost a small fortune and had her hair stuck up with an equally expensive-looking hairpiece, which matched her earrings and necklace. Her make-up, smokey eyes and red lipstick, looked professional and made her look at least 10 years older. She spotted him and smiled at the sight of the man who has such a strong urge to dominate her, now stood there with open mouth She dissapeared in the crowd again.

Evan snapped out of his red satin trance and went to the bar, still stunned by the amazing beauty he just beheld. "Why can't she look like that every day!?" A fellow history teacher came to chat with him and as the conversation went on he was able to forget about all the red he saw before. However, as he went back to his place at the wall again he searched through the club trying to find Cassidy.

She wasn't standing far from him and met his eyes. She smiled broadly. The boy she was with had dissapeared, Evan figured their entrance was just for show anyway. To Evan's surprise she put her leg forward and slipped the dress to the side, revealing a full yet small bottle of Jack Daniel's tightly clamped against her leg strapped under a garter. She got the bottle and unscrewed it, taking a small sip. All this time she kept her eyes fixed on Evan's.

Evan knew she was provoking him and he wasn't planning to let her mock his authority. He walked over as Cassidy quickly hid the bottle of Jack back where it belonged. "Hello Evan" she said cheerily. "Hand it over, Cassy" he replied coldly.

"Hand what over?" she said again with a smile. "No games. I'm here as your teacher and supervisor and I'm not making an exception for you." Cassidy shrugged. "Fine. Get it yourself then." she said teasingly and stuck her leg out again, revealing the edge of the bottle.

Evan wasn't planning to show her any hesitation, leaned in closer and reached over to her leg to grab the bottle. Then he smiled, letting his hand pass the bottle and moving it inwards. Cassidy stepped back surprised by the tickles but Evan kept a tight grip on her underwear, pulling her back.

"No, no, missy. You do not provoke me and then expect to walk away that easily. Come here!" he hissed at her while moving in closer, able to shove her underwear aside with his fingers. He shoved two fingers inside her roughly. She yelped in pain, obviously she was still dry. "Shut up!" he hissed at her again. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? We're in the middle of a fucking prom!" she replied in an equally hissing tone.

Evan ignored his student and started to move his fingers in and out of her slowly. He knew he couldn't make her cum this way, but it was sure fun to put her in this akward position. After a minute or two he realized he had to stop. Even though his actions were well hidden he still spent too much time leaning in over one student.

As he withdrew his fingers from her now wet pussy he grabbed the bottle on his way out of her dress and put it in his pocket. "Any plans after the big night?" he whispered at her softly, making sure their conversation was non-existent to others.

"Why?" she looked back at him challenging. "Because I want to rip you out of that dress and fuck you senseless." he replied with a straight face. "Prom ends at midnight. I expect you at my place at 12:30 latest, understand? Tell your father you're spending the night at a friend's.

I'll make sure to have a t-shirt ready for you…" he added with a smile and turned away without waiting for a reply. As he moved back to his position he heard someone making a speech at the stage. "…this year's prom was most definitely a succes!" Many students cheered. A praising of the decoration committee followed. "And now the moment you've all been waiting for: the crowning of prom king and queen!" Evan rolled his eyes. "Right, that whole charade." he thought while moving forward to get a better glance at the stage.

Prom king was announced first, some star-football guy. The nominations for prom queen followed. Cassidy's name was first to be called out. All of a sudden he remembered. Cassidy had been working towards this for months.

Apparantly becoming prom queen is the ultimate way to confirm teen power. Cassidy had set her mind on it and would probably have her way as always. Evan's thoughts wandered off again. In his mind he was already fucking her with that precious little sparkling crown on her head.

Daddy's little prom queen fucked to shreds by her teacher. "Klara Ellington!" the woman on stage enthousiastically shouted throught the microphone.

"Wait. What?" Evan was as much in awe as many people in the room. Klara walked towards the stage in a blue silk dress with sparkles and took the crown on her head.

Evan immediately looked for Cassidy. He found her not too far from the stage. From the side he could see that her mouth fell open and she was completely in shock. Evan couldn't help but grin. "That should knock some of that arrogance out of her" he thought amused.

At the same time he seriously feared for Klara's life. Then again he didn't care. Cassy would get over it, after all it was just a stupid plastic crown. The only thing Evan was truly worried about was her mood when she's come over. As midnight approached he looked around the room one last time before leaving. He hadn't seen Cassidy anymore and wondered whether she had left to go home in anger.

She didn't. She stood in the corner talking to someone and actually laughing. "Wow, that was a short mourning period" he thought while raising an eyebrow. This secured him she would show up tonight; luckily his plans weren't completely ruined. He didn't necessarily need the crown to enjoy her. He walked towards the exit getting a clearer view of Cassidy.

She was talking to… Klara. Now Evan was seriously confused. He expected Cassidy to have killed her, probably in the middle of the club with shards of a broken glass or something along those lines. And here they were as if they were the biggest friends. "Teenagers…" he thought while shaking his head and left the club. When Evan got home he went upstairs to get out of his formal clothing.

He kept the heater on during the evening so boxers were all he needed to wear. He found the bottle of Jack he took earlier that evening and took a strong sip to empty the rest of what remained after Cassidy's gulp. As he put the tiny bottle away, he traded it in for a bigger version, a full one from his liquor cabinet As he went downstairs he head into the kitchen to get himself two glasses and entered the living room.

He put the bottle and glasses on the table and went to the window, sitting down in a comfortable seat. He figured he'd give Cassidy one or two glasses to cheer her up from the failed prom.


He shouldn't as her teacher, but what the heck. He shouldn't screw her either. And she was as much his little sextoy as a friend, who could need some cheering up. It only took five minutes before he heard the door crackle. He left it slightly open so that he wouldn't have to open up to the freezing night air. He listened to the clacking of heels. All of a sudden he froze up. This wasn't just one pair of heels he heard.

As he listened more alertly he heard two distinct voices. One unmistakably belonged to his little princess and the other from…"Klara?!" The back of the chair he sat in was aimed towards the door. He always spent time looking at the view from this side of the room. But Cassidy knew this is where he'd be. "Has she fucking lost her mind?!" As the girls entered the room he heard Klara chattering. "So what is this place anyway Cass?" she asked happily.

"Okay, so they are definitely not arch enemies anymore…" Cassidy replied casually "A friend of mine… neat place huh?

Check out the view, it's amazing." Evan knew Cassidy knew he was here. Either Klara would find out he's there as she walks towards the window or he'd face them both with the question of what the hell they were doing here. Hell, he'd think of something.

As he heard Klara only a few feet away from him he got up and turned to face the girls. Klara yelled and obviously was shocked by seeing her teacher standing in the same room wearing nothing but boxers.

"M-m-mister Parke. H-hello" was all she could utter. She had a strange look in her eyes and seemed kind of giggly.

"Hi" he replied coldly, moving his eyes to Cassidy. She smiled at him, but her smile has something cold and dark. She put her finger on her full red lips, silencing him. As she approached she took the bottle of Jack standing on the table and walked towards Klara.

All of a sudden it dawned on Evan, but it was already too late. As he yelled "Cassidy, no!" the bottle had already swung in the air, landing on Klara's head. The girl immediately fell down unconscious on the carpet. Evan stood in front of the girl in shock. He looked back at Cassidy, feeling absolutely speechless.

"The bitch took my crown…" she said softly as she looked at the unconscious prom queen. "That's not a fucking reason to bash her skull, damnit!" Evan now yelled at Cassidy.

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"Is it? My bad" she shrugged and sat down. Evan passed the girl and sat down at his dinnertable, holding his head in his hands. "Why? Why in my house? If you feel like going around breaking someone's skull then why, for fuck sake, in my house and involve me?" he asked darkly. "Oh Ev, you silly goose. You think I forgot?" Cassidy said cheerily.

Evan was thrown off by her sudden mood swing. "Forgot what?" Cassidy stood up and pushed him back in his chair, sitting on his lap. "Your birthday!" Evan blinked. "My birthday is in 4 days…" he said as he felt his cock spasm as he felt her warm body against his in the dress which still took his breath away.

He cursed himself getting horny at a time like this. "Well, I know that. But seen the recent events I couldn't let this opportunity pass to give you the perfect birthday present." Evan looked at her confused.

Cassidy jumped off his lap and knelt next to Klara, patting her head. "Here!" He stil didn't get it. "Gee, you broke her skull for me? I'm flattered." he replied sarcastically. "No smartass… Think. What's the one thing you've always wanted?" Evan knew the answer to that. Then a bell rang in the distance. And it got louder. An alarm sounded in his head. "No. No, no, no. Cassidy, she's a fucking student of mine. How could I possibly.?' Evan started but she silenced him.

"So am I! Come on, Ev. look at it as a birthday present. You're entering a new decennium for fuck sake. We're celebrating big!" "Actually, from 40 to 41 is a new decennium." Evan was able to grin back at her. "Fine, then she's a mid-term snack." Cassidy shrugged. "Listen, this can work. Tomorrow after were done we'll just mention she got drunk and started doing crazy stuff on her own.

Her parents are puritans, they'll die if they hear their little honeybunny got drunk, doped up and got crazy with a fellow female student and her teacher. She won't say a thing." Cassidy crossed her arms and looked at him as if she just delivered a top-notch speech.

"And how would you know?" he asked. "She told me. On the way here I fed her some drug I got from my brother's dealer. Apparantly this stuff opens you up. Mentally that is." Cassidy grinned.

Evan just looked at her in disbelief. "You drugged her?!" Klara let out a soft groan.

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"She took it herself!" Cassidy defended herself. "She totally bought my 'I'm tired of fighting, let's be friends, kumbaya' bullshit." Evan had a serious dilemma. Yes, he wanted it. He wanted it so badly all these years. But on the other hand he was a teacher, a role model. He was a decent guy. Well, decent… he did blackmail students from time to time and he did have a sexual relationship with one of them.

One who had it all figured out. One who provided him with the perfect present: a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill his wishes. "Can you carry her downstairs?

I'm not exactly fit for lifting weights at the moment…" Cassidy urged him. Evan gave in. If all went to hell he could stop, right? He lifted up the unconscious girl who groaned again and took her towards the basement door. Cassidy picked up the bottle and opened the door to the basement with the key she knew he hid on the ledge behind the jackets. As she walked down Evan followed.

As he put Klara down on the iron table he looked at his other student who was studying his favourite picture on the wall. "I look weird." she mumbled to herself. "You look gorgeous." Evan reassured her as he looked at the unconscious girl. Cassidy came closer and leaned on the table. "Shouldn't we tie her up first? In case she comes to?" Evan nodded and started to mess around with the handles.

He could adjust them in size locking both her wrists securely in place. Her ass was only partially on the end of the table. Through a smart combination of leather straps he was able to lock her upper legs in place spread- and her knees bend to secure her wrists in place.

spreading the girl into an X-like shape. Cassidy found a pair a scissors and started to cut the top-side of her dress open, revealing a bra which she just as easily cut open. Her small breasts revealed and her nipples were already hard. She continued cutting the body of the dress. Evan only had eyes for Cassidy.

On one side she nearly scared him; he had never seen her with so much hatred and mercilessness. Then again, fascination was a better description. On the other side he had a raging hard-on because of that same evil behavior.

He decided to give into that last feeling and took a piece of blue dress in his hands, ripping the silk with one forceful tug. He opened it up to meet the incision Cassidy made with the scissors. Klara was now laying on the table draped in blue silk and only had white cotton panties on. "White. How adorable." Cassidy mockingly hissed as she cut straight through those aswell. They were both surprised to find her genitals in a completely bald area.

Cassidy already hopped to the side of the room again and grabbed a hook-like object. She handed it over to Evan. "Go right ahead!" she indulged him. Evan crossed his arms tapping the sharp point of the hook softly against his waist. "Hold on… I got someone else in mind first…" he said while turning to Cassidy. She awaited his suggestion with a curious expression on her face.

"Did you ever eat pussy before?" Curious face gone. "What?" she asked with a mixture of confusion and reluctance. Evan smiled.

"I want to see you eat her out. Come here, I'll teach you." As she came closer she still seemed to be reluctant of what her teacher expected of her. Evan was convinced she would change her mind soon enough.

As he kneeled down he studied the bald pussy in front of him. The labia were small and altogether it looked like a simple slit. Evan sighed in slight dissapointment but figured it would be easier for Cassidy to practice. He let his tongue touch the tip of the tiny hood and moved his tongue downwards. As he went up again he made sure to touch her clit. He stood up again. "Well, wasn't that easy? I'm sure you have more success on this than on your last test.

Another F to add to your collection?" She opened her mouth to protest but he interrupted her by yanking her by her arm towards him and flipping her around to face Klara. As he pushed her downwards she obliged and dropped on her knees. As opposed to Evan, who had to bend over to reach Klara's slit, Cassidy was on a perfect height.

While Cassidy studied the new view in front of her, Evan took off his clothes and threw them in a corner. He leaned over her and watched her from above, his rock hard dick resting on her upper back. She did move her face closer to Klara but didn't seem to be too hasty to continue. "Stick your tongue out. Lick her." Evan smiled as he commanded her to do what he told her to do. He leaned against Cassidy's body stronger, pushing her towards it.

Finally she let the tip of her tongue touch the labia shortly, then withdrew again. "Do you want me to fuck you or not?" he threatened. This seemed to have more effect. Again her tongue exited her mouth and this time licked over the full length of the unconscious girl's genitals.

"Now, was that so horrible?" Cassidy shrugged. "She tastes different than I do." Evan nodded. "Well you taste a little sweeter, ironically enough.

Put a finger inside of her." he commanded while the sight of one girl working on the other made him feel dizzy with horniness. This seemed to bother her a lot less as she let her finger rest on the hood and moved down before shoving it in slowly. "Finger her, two fingers." Two fingers went inside and started to move and twist. "Good girl" Evan praised his favourite student as he stroked her hair softly. "Now continue licking her. Make circles around her clit." As Cassidy again did as he said he felt himself get hornier.

He knelt behind Cassidy and yanked her body up, positioning her on her knees with her legs spread. He cursed softly as he had difficulty to find a way to fuck her. He heard her grin. "Having difficulty, Teach? Maybe it's about time I start giving you F's aswell." He growled "don't talk back to me, bitch…" as he was still trying to figure out a way to finally get his dick inside of her. In horny frustration he grabbed both her asscheeks and part of her legs hard and pulled her up, ignoring her squeeling.

His dick was straight up in the air, begging to feel her wrapped around it. Evan lowered Cassidy slowly, positioning her over him with the head of his cock half buried in. For a moment he considered letting it slide inside of her in a humane fashion, then he simply let go of her. She fell on his lap and let out a scream.

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Evan let out a moan while wondering what damage he just inflicted to her cervix. He was pleased to notice she was already dripping in her own lubricant, "Keep going down on her or I'll do it again" he growled at Cassidy aggressively as he grabbed her hips to move her body up and down. As she continued eating the unconscious girl out he moved in and out of her while letting out an animalistic growl of pleasure and frustration every now and then.

As much as he was enjoying himself he wanted even more. He heard a female moan. Evan held still. That was not Cassidy's voice. "What… Help…" a weak voice squeeked. Evan threw Cassidy off his lap roughly and stood up, walking towards the side of the table. Klara lay there wide-eyed. As she turned her head she saw her naked teacher standing next to her and starting to yell with a much louder voice. There was no sign of the drugs. "I thought you doped her?" he asked Cassidy.

"I did! Well, she did! Maybe it was cheap stuff, I don't know. I didn't know the dealer!" Klara was still screaming. "Shut up" Evan hissed at her darkly.

Apparantly this didn't make much of an impact. "You want to scream? I'll give you something to scream about." Evan leaned forward and licked her neck. This caused Klara to riot even more. He moved downwards towards her right breast. Meanwhile Cassidy got up and awaited to see what he was up to.

Suddenly Evan snapped at the nipple, clamping it hard between his teeth. Cassidy saw tears roll down Klara's pale cheeks and she screamed with such a loud voice it nearly hurt her ears. "I said shut up, damnit!" Evan stood back up straight and punched her cheek with a fist. Klara's nipple was still attached to her breasts but it bore deep bleeding wounds.

Klara groaned another "help" but the hit disorientated her and eventually made her go unconscious again. Cassidy still stood at the end of the table, mesmerized by the event which just occurred. Evan walked off to a corner in the room, dick still hard and swinging in the air as he moved, and grabbed a leather and metallic object from a hook on the wall.

"Come here" he growled at Cassidy "Hold her head up for me." "What's that thing?" Cassidy asked curiously and nodded at the direction of the object. "You'll see in a second" he replied as he opened up Klara's mouth and placed the metal part inside partially, spreading her jaws open and locking them in place.

As Cassidy lifted her head he strapped the leather band, which was attached to both sides of the metal framework, around her head and closed it like a belt.


"This, Cassy, is a spidergag." Cassidy raised an eyebrow. "Cute. What does it do?" Evan laughed. "The gag does nothing. However, I do. Turn her head to the side." He grabbed his dick and moved in closer to Klara's face. "This is going to let me fuck her mouth. Evan paused his sentence, breathing harder in anticipation- …without her biting my cock off." Evan lifted himself on the table, put one leg on either side of Klara's shoulders -which luckily weren't that broad- and leaned over to position his dick in front of her mouth.

He slowly let pushed himself inside the opened mouth and let out a sigh in relief. He smiled at Cassidy. "Do me a favour and wake her up, would you, sweetheart?" She grinned.

"Sure." She shook the unconscious girl but a groan was the only reaction. Cassidy looked around to find something useful to wake her up with. Evan stood still and amusingly followed his student's pondering, curious about what she would come up with.

Her gazing stopped as she saw the bottle of alcohol. Without checking Evan's response she unscrewed the bottle and let a gulf of liquor splash on the upper part of the girls face. ' This had the wanted effect. Klara came to and immediately started panicking by the foreign body in her mouth. "Shhhh" Evan soothed her as Cassidy put the bottle on the edge of the table and leaned next to it on her arms to listen to Evan.

He lowered his voice to whispering but instead of the menacing tone he used before he now spoke to her kindly. "Stay calm and be a good girl and I won't hurt you anymore. Now seen as I had to take some precaution in order for you not to dismember me I understand you won't be able to give me a decent blowjob, but I'm sure you're willing to use your tongue to my pleasure. If not, I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurt you some more… Understand?" he said while wiping the tears away which started to flow again.

Meanwhile Cassidy was roaming through the room again, in search of more toys. Evan let out a moan as he felt the girl hesitantly oblige to his wishes as she circled her tongue around the head of his dick.

"Good girl. Now this might get a little scary, seen as you won't be able to breathe but I'll try not to kill you, okay?" He laughed as Klara's pupils dialeted of fear and started to pump himself deeper in her mouth. He grabbed a hand full of a hair and tried to pull her head closer, even though it was physical impossible as she was tied down. He picked up the pace and tried to push himself as far inside her mouth as he could. Klara started to squeek and groan as futile protests to the oral violation.

Evan only started to moan more and pump harder. Suddenly Evan screamed. He withdrew himself from Klara's mouth and as he turned around he reached for his lower back. As he looked at his hand there were clear stripes of blood seenable on his finger tips. "What the fuck was that for?" he screamed as he looked at Cassidy who slowly walked in front of him. The nails on her left hand were bloodstained. "I don't want you to cum in her mouth!" she said aggressively.

"You don't decide that!" Evan replied equally aggressively. Cassidy displayed her bloody nails. "Fine, then I'll continue this." 1 Evan was too horny and hyped up to discuss where and on who he was going to cum with a sixteen year old. He jumped off the table and leaned forward, taking Cassidy by the neck and as he turned around he dragged her towards the table. He lifted her up and put her next to Klara's waist forcefully.

"Fine, then you take her place" Evan growled as he forced her legs apart and immediately shoved his full length inside Cassidy. She let out a moan, half pleasure, half pain as it smashed against her cervix again. With one hand he held her leg as the other hand pushed her back, forcing her to lay on Klara's stomach. Klara immediately began her protesting again, but both of them ignored her. Evan started hammering inside of Cassidy animalistically. Every few thrusts Cassidy would yelp or moan, or a combination of those two.

As he fucked one of his students wildly he sought eyecontact with the other. A very frightened Klara looked back at him, her lips soundlessly pleading for him to let her go. It only made Evan fuck Cassidy harder. Cassidy opened her eyes to see Evan look at Klara and as she lifted her upper body up, she held herself up by pushing one hand in Klara's stomach.

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With the other she reached for the bottle of Jack Daniels at the edge of the table. She left the bottle unscrewed. Evan had turned his head as soon as his dick met some resistance by the change of position. He looked at Cassidy, who broadly smiled back at him.

She poured a small amount of alcohol on the bleeding half severed nipple Evan had bit earlier. Klara screamed in agony by the burning and stings shooting through her body. That scream drove Evan into an orgasm. As he let out a long yell, he felt his entire body contracting as a mindblowing bliss took control of his body.

Stream of semen were shot into Cassidy's warm moist insides. After a minute or two during which he simply lay still inside Cassidy, he withdrew and leaned against the table himself breathing heavily. Surprisingly enough Cassidy jumped off the table lightly, not showing too many signs of exhaustion or pain. The only evidence of the previous fuckfest they just finished coming from her pussy, which oozed sperm that formed into small droplets flowing down her thighs.

"I'll be right back" she yelled as she walked up the stairs again. Evan didn't care what she was up to. He felt absolutely drained. As she came back she stood in front of him, holding up a needle. Evan looked at her questioningly. "Sting her for me. Anywhere." Cassidy said excitedly. "Why?" Evan asked. "Because she deserves it. Do you know how she took my place as head of the cheerleaders?

The bitch stuck several needles in my outfit before the official auditions. The gym was packed with students. I didn't feel the needles at first but they would get deeper and deeper when I did more exercises. Thanks to being pierced in eight different places I fucked up my last few exercises.

The judges wouldn't believe me." Evan remembered that incident; he heard several classes gossip about it during his classes. "You're kidding right? Little miss. goodie two shoes here?" Evan laughed but as he looked back at Klara's face, which had gone extremely pale, he realized it was the actual truth. Suddenly the dead awoke.


"You were a h-h-horrible cheerleader…" Klara hissed menacingly, trying to keep her trembling voice stabile. "They all hate you.

They want you out. I did them a favour. No one wants you in the squad." Evan raised an eyebrow and looked back at Cassidy. As opposed to Klara, Cassidy started turning red in anger. "Shut… the fuck… up!" she yelled back at the tied up girl. "Same thing with the student council. They don't want you in. They told me they would be so grateful to finally have someone with brains on that position." Evan grinned and quickly turned his head away from Cassidy before he signed his death sentence.

"You're nothing but a rich little bitch without any talent whom everyone secretly hates. You fuck any guy you meet because you know none of them will ever love you. And now it came so far that you actually need to drug me and hurt me, just because you're jealous of everything I am and you're not? Jesus, you're pathetic…" Cassidy started to turn into shades of purple by now, unable to speak.

"And another thing… I knew you were up to no good all along. The moment you came to congratulate me and be big friends with me? Bullshit. You think I'm that stupid? You think I just let you drug me and take me anywhere you like? Well, I changed the drug for an aspirin I had in my bag. And when you went to get a taxi I called my friend and told her I was going with you. I told her that if I don't return or if I get hurt in any way, she would know it's you.

I'm fucking going to get you in prison for this!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she spastically started to throw her body in several directions to try and get loose. Evan looked at Cassidy and was shocked to see her eyes had gone watery. He felt a jolt of hatred towards Klara at the same moment and turned around to face her. "You shouldn't have done that, Klara…" he said calmly as he bent over her. Klara went silent and followed the hand holding the needle, realizing she crossed a line.

"No, please, wait, no, no!" she pleaded in panick as Evan moved his hand over her left breast. He didn't care about sterilising the needle anymore.

Without warning he rammed the needle three-quarter of the way diredtly inside her nipple. Klara yelled and started pleaded louder and harder. After a few more stings on several places on her breast, it began to form a polkadot pattern. For the second time he rammed the needle inside her nipple. More screams testified the pain it caused. Evan pulled the needle out. "I'm not done yet…" he whispered menacingly as he moved to the back of the table. Cassidy still stood on one edge of the table and didn't move.

Her face went back to red and her eyes were still teary, though no tear escaped. As Evan had a clear view of her pussy again he pushed on the hood on both sides to make her clit pop out. As Klara felt him perform this action she screamed at the top of her lungs to try and stop him. Cassidy still didn't move, but watched Evan's actions. This time Evan went slow and with the tip of the needle he punctured the clitoris in the middle.

He ignored the screams and desperate pleads from Klara. He shoved the needle in further. Then he looked at Cassidy and took the needle out, moving towards the front of the table. "This is for you screwing up Cassidy's career." he said as he looked into her green eyes. He shoved two fingers onto her eyeball to open up the eyelid and stop Klara from closing her eye.

"I suggest you lay still now…" He held the needle mercilessly in front of her eye, swinging it from side to side as Klara started to cry again. He kept the needle steady again and mercilessly pierced the needle inside the right side of the right eye. Klara screamed loudly once more and fainted.

As Evan put the needle on a cabinet near him, he walked to Cassidy who still remained frozen. He stroked her face and walked past her, up the stairs without saying anything. The basement turned silent for the first time since that night. As Evan came back he found Cassidy to sit on the table. As he walked over Cassidy looked up and gratefully took the glass of water he brought with. In the other hand she noticed another odd object.

"Why do you need an icepick?" she asked while looking at the glass of water which didn't hold an ice. Again he didn't reply anything but went to the side of the room. Klara had woken up again and now followed his every move with wide eyes as Cassidy peacefully drank the water. "Nine inches…" he confirmed to no one in particular as he put a ruler down again.

He walked back swinging the icepick between his fingers playfully. He walked towards the front of the table, leaned on the edge with one hand and let the icepick turn circles in the air above Klara's face. As she started to sob again, Evan noticed that the tears from her right eye were mixed with blood leaving the eyeball at the place he pierced the needle before.

He laughed broadly and stood up straight again. "I won't hurt your face anymore, don't worry." he reassured her as he walked around the table. As he passed Cassidy he looked at her, then continued his journey to the other side of the table.

After a short silence he raised his voice. "Here's a little something to teach you, Cassidy. Did you know that the average distance from the entrance of the vagina to the cervix is about four and a half to six inches? Of course that is not always the case…" As he spoke in a dark slow voice he started to rub his dick again, which reacted immediately.

"Cassidy, be a doll and help me with this." Evan beckoned her over. "I'm not in the mood to fuck." she replied blankly. "It's not for you," he replied back, "how else could we measure her?" He swung the ice pick in front of her face playfully.

A smile formed on Cassidy's full red lips again and she dropped herself to her knees instantly, taking Evan's cock half hard cock inside a small hand and eagerly letting it dissapear inside her mouth. "Good girl…" Evan moaned as he tilted his head back in pleasure. As Cassidy continued sucking and licking Evan teasingly scraped the icepick over Klara's leg. When he punctured a small hole just under her knee she groaned in pain and fear.

Cassidy had started to massage his balls with her other hand, but Evan stopped her. "I'm hard enough." Cassidy stood up again and leaned next to Klara to watch the show up close. Evan took his now raging hard-on in his hand and positioned himself in front of Klara who wiggled her legs futily and started to scream again.

"Shut up bitch!" Cassidy yelled at Klara aggressively without looking up from the hard piece of flesh which now slid inside the girl slowly. Evan had trouble shoving the full length in, she was completely dry. He violently started to slam himself in, shoving his dick in inch by inch. Every push causing Klara to yell just a little bit louder.

He felt himself reach the end and leaned in with full weight to make sure. "Three quarters or so?" Cassidy asked. Evan slid out slowly estimating. "Abouts. So 75 per cent of 7,5 inch being…?" he grinned at he looked back at Cassidy. She gave him a hateful look, he knew maths was her worst subject.

"Well?" "Shut up, I'm thinking." she replied with irritation. "5,5 inches.?" Evan smiled. "Close. I'd say 5,6.

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Next one. 9 inches minus 5,6 inches is?" This took Cassidy a whole lot less trouble. "That would 3,4 inches of hell!" she answered happily. "Bingo." Evan picked up the ice pick again, but changed his mind and handed it to Cassidy. He walked to the front of the table.

"I'm going to turn her around, you make sure she doesn't'do anything she's going to regret." Cassidy nodded and held the icepick near Klara's face who was immediately silenced. Evan undid the knot of leather and iron handles, then flipped her around roughly. Klara let out a yelp of pain by her half-severed nipple which now slid over the rough iron surface of the table. Both Cassidy and Evan completely ignored her.

As he tried to reposition her arms the assaulted young girl on the table jerked her head to the side and bit down on the soft flesh of his arm. Evan yelled and hit his arm on her head hard so her skull hit the iron with a soft bonk. "I told you to watch her!" he yelled at Cassidy.

"What was I supposed to do, shove the pick in her neck and make her bleed to death?!" Evan threw her an accusing look and shoved Klara's wrists inside the bolts, locking them in place again. "Want me to do her legs?" Cassidy asked as she walked around the table. "No, that won't be necessary." Before Evan followed Cassidy he grabbed a hand full of a hair and jerked Klara's head up painfully. "Don't fucking pull such a prank on me again or I'll kill you." he hissed aggressively and smashed her head back on the surface of the table.

He heard a loud crackle. Cassidy gasped."It sounds like you just broke her nose." Evan shrugged indifferently. "Oops." He walked around the table and took the ice pick from Cassidy. "You think it will go through her cervix easily?" Cassidy asked with genuine curiosity. Evan smiled. "You're assuming it won't get stuck in her vaginal walls in the first place." Klara started whimpering in agony and started pleading again, repeating an endless stream of "no" and "please".

Evan´s face was straight, his tone strict. "You shouldn't have said all those mean things just then, Klara. I don't like it when someone hurts someone very dear to me." He took a moment to estiate a good aim, then rammed the icepick inside of her forcefully without being exactly sure if it ended up in her vagina or next to it.

As he spread her lips he was glad to see it did go inside the small hole which now started to shed out blood. Klara didn't scream, yelp or pleaded. Her face had turned white as a sheet and her face was expressionless.

Evan figured she went into shock. He started to move the ice pick in and out in a slow motion, watching the blood drip down on the table and the floor. Cassidy watched with shock in the beginning, but as he carried on she began to form a smile. "Fuck her ass with it." Evan smiled. "I have a better idea" He left the ice pick buried inside of her.

It didn't slide out; it was probably stuck in a few layers of meat. He squatted down to adjust the table, pulling the bottom side down to flip the entire thing upwards, making Klara almost carry her full bodyweight on her locked wrists.

He heightened it slightly to put his new plan into action. He slid his finger under the opening of her pussy, letting the blood run over his finger. He moved the finger up to the puckered asshole. As he repeated the action a few times he lubricated the hole and placed his dick over it. "This should wake her up." Evan smirked at Cassidy as he pushed himself inside of her with one violent slam, impaling the limp body. As he withdrew, he smashed it back with the same amount of force.

He moaned, she was incredibly tight and he concluded she had probably never experienced anal sex. Klara squeeked and started to sob again. Evan moved one hand down and continued to fuck her with the ice pick at the same time.

To make sure he wouldn´t rip through the vaginal wall (again?) and damage his dick, he kept the pick at a steady angle towards her tummy. With his other hand he took a hold of her hair and jerked her head back, making her face the ceiling. Meanwhile, Cassidy had been messing around in a few drawers in the room and now came back to the table. As she stood next to Evan who looked at her curiously, while picking up the pace in which he fucked the now still weakly pleading creature.

Cassidy leaned in between Evan and Klara's body and revealed a stanley-knife. As the body jerked up and down by her teacher's rough movements she tried to hold a steady hand while carving something on her back. As the drops of blood rolled down over her ass Evan felt a jolt of horniness, whether it was the cutting or the fact Cassidy was cutting he was not sure, and started to ram in even harder.

Klara continued her pleading, which had turned into unrecognizable gibberish. Cassidy finished her carvings and walked away again. Evan tried to decipher the art work Cassidy had left on Klara and shook his head smiling as he read 'Prom queen'. "Teenagers…" A scraping sound disturbed the soft gibberish from Klara.

Cassidy dragged a wooden chair towards the other side of the table. She grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel's and climbed on the chair, leaning over the top edge to be able to face Klara from the other side. Evan heard her hissing as she whispered obscenities at her. "You're not so tough now, are you? Look what a little pathetic fuck you are.

Do you think your talents and awesome grades will save you now?" She spit at her face. "Here bitch, have a drink, it'll calm your nerves." She hissed as she poured the remainder of the bottle about half of it- down Klara's throat. Klara started coughing and screaming as she was forced to swallow it down.

The liquor couldn't escape her mouth as Evan kept a firm grip on her head, tilting her head painfully. Cassidy crossed her arms and put them on the end of the table, looking at the unfortunate girl with a smile. The right eye was a mixture of blood and some faint colour, because of the needle sting it now appeared to be ghostly white. Her left eye looked glassily at the ceiling. Evan's breath had sped up and he moaned with every thrust of both his cock and the ice pick.

By now he was wildly hammering inside the girl and the blood started to drip on the floor in greater amount as more and more of her vaginal walls were torn apart by the sharp point of the ice pick. "Fuck" he yelled every so often as he felt an orgasm built up slowly but steady. Cassidy had left her downward angle on the horrorscene and now stood aside Evan and watched. Klara's gibberish started to combine with a kind of gurgling.

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As Evan slammed inside of his student's ass one more time with all the force he had and jerked her head even harder backwards. He let out an animalistic growl as he came hard inside of her, pulling the ice pick out and letting it fall on the floor.

Klara's body started to spasm wildly for a few seconds and then settled down. Evan pulled out, his dick covered in blood. He watched the girl's genital area. Both her ass and pussy were ripped and bleeding. He stood still for a moment, breathing hard and looked at Cassidy who still leaned against the side of the table with a smile.

"So now what?" she asked. Evan took another minute to recover from his unusually heavy fuck session. "Hmm…" Evan eventually started. "I have a few acquiantances who can take her with. They've been blamed for enough missing, assaulted, raped girls, so one more shouldn't be too much of a problem." Cassidy looked at him curiously.

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"What kind of acquiantances do you have?" and after a moment of pondering "You don't actually mean those guys on the news right? The ones that have." Evan hushed her by putting a finger to his lips. "That's not important… and the less you know the better, sweetheart.

It'll be fine. They'll drug her up nicely, play with her some more and then let her loose in the woods or so. In the mean time we can figure out an alibi." Cassidy simply nodded, she didn't have a better plan. Klara lay still, probably too exhausted to move. As Evan went to the side of the table to check how badly her face was injured.

He found an odd reddish liquid in front of the expressionless face. As he turned her face towards him more of the odd liquid and slime left her mouth. He instinctively checked for a pulse, but there was none to be found.

Cassidy climbed back on the chair and faced Klara. Her pupils had gone wide and she didn't breathe. Her mouth was filled with more liquid which she now recognized by sight and smell to be puke and blood.

"Oh fuck… I killed her." Cassidy said with a hint of panick. Evan undid the wrist locks and the lifeless body dropped to the floor in the puddle of blood coming every side of her naked body.

He tapped his foot against her as if to double-check. "The bitch deserved it…" he shrugged indifferently. Cassidy stood next to him silently. "Don't worry, Cassy, my plan is still on. I'll get those friends of mine to pick her up and clean anything that can lead back to us. They still owe me a little something for a favour I did them so I'm sure they don't have a problem taking the blame for it." he comforted her.

"As you said, what's one more time on the news?" As he grabbed his clothes he went towards the stairs. "Clean up here will you? I'll make the call." he said as he exited his basement. Cassidy silently looked at the corpse for a minute, then smiled. ".as you all know, that didn't end too well for poor France." Evan laughed as he strolled through the rows of students who were ambitiously trying to write as much as possible down.

Obviously this enthusiasm would decrease greatly over the next weeks. Whatever happened in that basement now seemed a vague memory of the past, from the time before summer holiday started.

Things had settled down after a great uproar at the school and the entire community. Klara had been found in a river nearby, the police had mentioned it had been a cruel death. After several samples of DNA they established certainty that she had been the next victim of the gang which had been keeping California in a tight grip. A memorial was held at school, Cassidy, as head of the student council, held an emotional speech directed to the family and friends of the deceased.

Klara's photograph had been permanently added to the wall of memories which included the trophies won by the high school's cheerleader- and footballteam. Now, months later, everything seemed to have gone back to normal. "Well now, who has any idea why…" Evan started his new sentence as a vague knocking sound on the class room door.

As the door opened a petite figure shuffled inside the class room timidly. "Can I help you?" Evan asked kindly. "I'm… Emma.

I'm new here. I was supposed to come to this class room for history class…" the girl said while keeping a steady look at the floor.

Evan smiled at the girl as he appointed her a seat in the front row, next to Cassidy who had been playing around with her pencil for the past hour, but whom now decided it was more fun to make the shy girl as uncomfortable as possible within a limited time.

"So, Emma, where are you from?" Evan initiated a conversation to make her better acquianted with the rest of the class. "I'm from Ohio. My parents moved her because my father had some good business opportunites here…" she squeeked out. Emma wasn't a bad looking girl. She had a short blond bob and as she looked up to meet Evan's eyes once before looking back at her desk, he noticed her beautiful dark eyes.

He decided not to bother her with any more questions as she obviously seemed intimidated.

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The bell rang and most students shot out of their seats, sprinting towards the door. Evan was still in the middle of handing out their papers on the First World War which they had to hand in last month. He passed Cassidy indifferently, who was ready to leave as well.

She gave Emma a last foul look, just for the hell of it, and packed her bag. As she took the paper -she paid Carly van Eyk a good 200 dollars to write it- a small note fell out. As she read it on the way out a grin took over. "Next Saturday, my place at 6. Bring little Emma. Try not to kill anyone this time."