Toy private from blonde teen

Toy private from blonde teen
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This is a slower paced chapter with very little sex, you can probably skip ahead to chapter 11 (coming soon) if you're not interested in what's going on in Tegan's mind.

As always, please comment with feedback on the parts of these stories you like and offer suggestions for anything opus like to see. Returning home from the supermarket without further incident, consensual or otherwise, Tegan set about putting the groceries away and tidying up the kitchen before putting on a load of laundry.


She estimated she still had at least an hour to kill before Sam was likely to get home and decided for now to simply pop on Netflix and relax on the couch for a bit.

Of course it was hard enough for her to knock something off her watch list at the best of times, let alone when she was aggressively, overpoweringly horny and she blindly scrolled through the list of movies and TV shows she'd probably never watch trying to think about anything other than playing with herself to take the edge off.

As she reclined sideways to take the pressure off her plugged ass she reminisced about Trevor's large package, not to mention everything else about him. She imagined going back to the gym for a lesson and having him throw her around and pin her down. She didn't even know if judo involved throws and pins but her mind was fuzzy with sexual frustration. She turned off the TV and tossed the remote aside in frustration, lying on her back on the couch to stare at the ceiling for a bit.

On reflection she had in the last four days tripled the number of men she'd slept with. Granted, two wasn't a huge starting point but adding four to that in less than a week was probably downright reckless, especially given one had been a stranger. Of course given the alternative… she couldn't say for certain if those boys wanted to do anything more than have a peek at her when they realized she wasn't wearing underwear, but she couldn't be sure that was all they wanted either.

She'd take the car shopping in the future, if only for a while until she felt safe again. But why fuck Trevor? Sure, he was good looking, muscular, and had saved her from would-be rapists but that didn't mean she owed him anything and he didn't even seem to expect it. Maybe that's what drew her in, the fact he was unassuming and just genuinely decided to get involved in a bad situation when really he didn't have to. She tracked back to wondering if she would see him again.

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The gym was right next to the supermarket so it wasn't like she might never bump into him. She didn't remember seeing him around before but then again before today she had no reason to remember him either. She wondered if their brief encounter would become a piece of locker room lore, a story passed around between bros after a training session. The slut who wandered in off the street and spread her legs on an old gym mat. She was ambivalent about whether she'd want any part of such a legend.

The whole incident was inexplicable and she tried again to push it out of her mind for now. As she lay there she head a door open in the back of the house and Brandon emerged from the hall into the living space en route to the kitchen. "Oh hey Tegan." "Hey!

I didn't realise you were home already." "Yeah, I only have morning lectures today. Just getting a drink, you want anything?" An orgasm would be great. Tegan thought. "Just a diet coke? Thanks." She took the can from him as he returned from the kitchen and cracked it open, sitting up to take a sip and set it on the coffee table then leaned on her elbow on her side. Brandon sat down in the recliner across from her and they sat in silence for a minute.

"So… have a good day?" Tegan queried. "Yeah. well, you know. Classes. Studying." There was another prolonged silence. "Wanna have sex?" Tegan ventured. Brandon nodded, absently at first then with enthusiasm as his brain caught up with his ears.

"Yes, absolutely." Tegan smiled, sliding onto her feet and reached out to take his hand as he stood, leading him down the hall into her room, kicking the door closed behind them. She turned her back to him and lifted her hair out of the way, suggesting he unknot the neck strap of her dress, which he took the hint and did.

She let the dress fall and pool at her feet as Brandon wrapped his arms around her from behind and started kissing her neck, his hands roaming up her torso and gently cupping her breasts. After a minute she turned in his arms to face him and started unbuttoning his jeans and stripping him out of them while he peeled off his t-shirt and dumped it on the floor. Then they were standing naked before each other, and he soaked in her nude form with rapt appreciation.

"Tell me what you want to do to me, Brandon." Tegan urged softly. "I wanna fuck you." "How? Tell me how you want me. Tell me exactly." "I… I want you to get on your knees and suck me." "Mmm, ok." Tegan sank to her knees running her hands down his torso and took his hardening dick in her hands, caressing it gently as she took it in her mouth and began to bob her head. She stroked his lower stomach with one hand and held the base of his shaft with the other as she slowly took him into her mouth, feeling the swelling head nudge at her tonsils.

She felt him rest his hand on the back of her head as she moved back and forth and stopped sucking him for a moment and used her hand to stroke him as she looked up at him. "What next?" "Take it in all the way… deep throat me." "Make me." Tegan countered as she took him back in her mouth, only bobbing her head a little bit and swirling her tongue around the head. She felt Brandon trying to urge his hips forward, desperate to take ore in her mouth, but she kept pulling back, teasing him with the promise of more.

Finally he took the hint and used both hands to pull her head towards him. She swallowed reflexively as the head of his cock entered her throat and let him force his way down until her lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft. He held her there for a long moment, groaning and she wondered if he were about to come already, but apparently he was just enjoying feeling her throat muscles squeezing him. Eventually she started to struggle for air and tapped on his thigh a few times which prompted him to let her up to breathe.

She was red in the face and some saliva had drooled out of the corners of her mouth as she looked up at him, kissing the tip of his cock. "Again?" Brandon took the suggestion and slipped his cock into her mouth again. She let out muffled moans as it pushed down her throat again, causing her to gag and she held him there as long as possible before pushing back, wiping the drool from her lower lip as she looked up at him, stroking his glistening shaft with her hand.

"Now?" She asked. Brandon just nodded and she sprang to her feet, throwing herself backwards onto the bed as he followed after her, crawling between her legs as she spread them with her knees up. He lay on top of her and used his hand to guide himself between her pink lips. Tegan felt his tip probing around for a second until it found her opening and moaned as it slid inside. She was still on edge from her earlier impromptu session with Trevor and her muscles gripped eagerly at the new visitor as he sank inside her warmth.

She arched her back and lifted her hips to meet him as their groins met, biting her lip with an impish grin as Brandon loomed over her, supporting himself on his arms and taking a moment to adjust to the feeling. When he was ready he returned the smile then began to hump her. His movements were steady and rhythmic, inexpert but determined. Tegan tilted her head back, taking deep breaths and holding them as Brandon worked her tight but slippery hole.

This was the better fit for her. As exciting as Trevor's cervix-bashing monster had been, Brandon's length fit her snugly and without discomfort, especially since her backdoor was still plugged. "Fuck me, B. Fuck me hard." Tegan moaned as she pinched her nipples, sending ripples of pleasure down to her throbbing clit as Brandon pistoned in and out of her.

She didn't expect him to last long his third time, or even his fourth, fifth or tenth time… but he'd get there, and she looked forward to guiding him every step of the way. She locked eyes with him again, her green irises glazed with lust as she studied his intense look of concentration. Brandon picked up the pace, his response to "harder" being to slam his pelvis against hers, his pubes grinding against her clit.

His breathing was growing more ragged and so was hers as she felt herself teetering on the brink. She moved one hand down to her crotch and started using her middle finger to vigorously circle her clit, her jaw slack as she concentrated on pushing herself over the edge. "I wanna cum on your tits." Brandon whispered, a note of urgency in his voice.

"Yes B, do it." Tegan moaned, her voice vising with tension as her breath caught in her throat, her pussy muscles clenching as Brandon withdrew before she hit her peak, her letting out a groan as she stopped frigging her slit and arched her back to present her small breasts for Brandon's big finish. Brandon knelt on the bed next to her and she reached out with her hand to gently caress his balls, feeling them contract as he pushed out a load to grace her chest.

He seemed to be aiming directly for her right nipple but he aimed a little high and instead decorated the upper part of her chest above her tits with a shower of watery semen. After about twenty seconds his shoulders sagged with relief and he seemed to be done. She rolled onto her side and gently sucked a small droplet from the eye slit of his slowly softening rod, then gave it a light kiss of gratitude before flopping back onto her back with a frustrated but relaxed sigh.

Brandon lay down on his side next to her, her eyes scanning over her naked body, just casually appreciating the view and the evidence of his orgasm on her skin. For once he seemed to be quietly contemplating and didn't seem to be full of questions about what they'd just done or things he wanted to do with her in the future and Tegan was content to just lie there and be stared at while she tried to ignore the fading fire between her legs.

After a few minutes Brandon sat up and slid off the bed to collect his clothes and get dressed. "I should probably get some study done." "Let me know if you need any help. I'll probably be useless with the material but, you know, stress relief." "For sure." Brandon answered with a laugh then left, closing the door behind him. Tegan let out another sigh and stretched her arms and legs, then reached for a tissue to clean up. Glancing down at her chest she was able to remove the coagulated strand of goo then used one of her makeup wipes to polish and remove any trace from her skin.

She struggled to remember if Brandon had finished on her chest before today, or if this was the fulfilment of one of his porn fantasies. Well, it didn't matter. She wondered if she should try and sneak a peek at his browser history and work out of he had any particular habits and decided that even if that wasn't a breach of his privacy, it was more fun to be surprised.

Just then there was a knock at the door and she heard Sam's voice on the other side of it. "Tegan?" Tegan hesitated a moment. Sam had left on bad terms this morning after she got emotional following what she perceived to be some liberties taken with her standing consent with regards to sex, but after speaking with Angus and having had time to reflect on it she had decided she wasn't really angry with Sam and now she wasn't sure how to address to awkwardness of the situation.

Presumably he'd just gotten home from work and wanted to launch into their follow up talk, and probably expected that to take place in a neutral, non-sexual setting. Fuck it she decided as she sat up and curled her legs to one side, leaning on her right arm.

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"Come in, Sam." Sam entered, and she definitely saw his eyebrows go up, surprised to find her in the nude. "I hope this is a good time." "No time like the present." Sam nodded. "Alright then. Look, I just wanted to apolog-" "Don't worry about it." Tegan cut him off.

Sam paused, searching her face for any signs of dormant anger. "You're sure." "I thought about it all day, and you were right. I didn't say no, and I could have. I forgot that I had that right, and you didn't do anything wrong." "I've thought about it too and we can't ignore the fact there's a certain power dynamic here. Three guys, one girl. Implied consent at all times. I don't want to abuse that." "Duly noted. But that… 'power dynamic' you're talking about?" "Yes?" "I don't want it to change.

I'm not going to expressly go into detail about what is and isn't on the table with the exception of some very hard limits, but beyond that… I've decided I'm open to anything." "Anything?" "Like I said, with some limits. I'll write you a note later. But beyond that, use your imagination." "You're serious about that." "The way I'm seeing it, I'm getting three relationships in one. I'm learning about myself too, as well as you guys. You're all pretty different. Different from each other and different from what I expected.

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So maybe having you all share me is like some kind of high intensity training and I'll come out the other side of it with a whole new understanding of sex and sexuality. Or maybe I'll discover there's a bunch of stuff I really don't like.

Either way, call me Alice, because I want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes." Sam remained silent in thought for a long time, and she thought she saw a smile tug at the corners of his pursed lips. "Alright. You've given me something to think about. I'm going to go wash up after work before I start dinner, maybe we'll catch up after?" "It's a date." Once Sam was gone and she heard the shower running Tegan lay back down and took out a journal from her nightstand drawer.

It seems prudent to start taking notes about what she was learning in this experience and started retroactively chronicling the last few days.

She assumed that Angus would be home shortly and want to pick up where they left off this morning so she didn't see the point in re-dressing and was content to lie there in the nude with her door ajar as she put pen to paper and unleashed a stream of consciousness. It was strangely freeing to be able to do that and not even feel like she should keep herself hidden or covered out of some notional sense of propriety. She wondered if she had ever really felt embarrassed if someone saw her naked unexpectedly, or she only reacted because it was the social convention to do so.

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In any case, she very quickly became comfortable with the fact she didn't have to be self-conscious about nudity anymore. Not that she necessarily wanted to wander around in the nude, but gone were those daily fears that someone might get a peek at her in the shower, or an errant nipple might escape from her blouse, or one of the boys might see her underwear up her skirt if she sat the wrong way. Somehow she doubted she'd feel that way outside.

This afternoon was a perfect example. She'd been mad to walk around outside in a dress and no underwear and not expect something like that to occur, though it was more the fact she had the buttplug in when it happened that had made her so embarrassed. Not that she thought the youths that accosted her had seen anything other than her butt cheeks anyway, and being approached like that was obviously a worst case scenario.

Or it could have been, if Trevor didn't step in. She shook her head and put the thought out of her mind. Setting aside the implied threat of sexual assault if she runs into the wrong people in public, what was the big hangup about nudity anyway? In some of the more risqué party games at university she felt like guys tried to goad girls into flashing them because they felt like it gave them something over the girls, like by seeing their tits or asses it gave them some kind of power.

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Realistically, Tegan reasoned in her completely silent mental argument with herself, the girls were the ones with the power. The guys were the ones begging and pleading and manipulating and cajoling just to get a glimpse of areola. For some reason this worked even on the girls they'd play act that they were shy and go red in the face when they lifted their shirts or finally lost their bras during a game of strip poker or truth or dare, and this only encouraged the guys who got off on their vulnerability.


She wondered, if girls just walked around topless all the time, would guys eventually get bored with it? Maybe the act was all part of the game, the girls pretending they're losing out so the guys keep trying to win. Well shit, she'd just convinced herself she should actually put some clothes on after all. She wondered if the same logic applied to sex.

The last few days had resulted in a fair amount of fucking, not to mention the kinky stuff. She wondered how much of that was driven purely by sexual frustration, three single guys living with a single girl, probably thinking about her with their hard dicks in their hands every night for months, never even trying to make a move until suddenly she makes the mother of all moves and says "hey boys, here I am, come and get it". If she kept being available would they get bored? Surely not. With her last boyfriend they'd been going at it like rabbits for months.

Granted in a relationship sex wasn't exactly free there was a certain emotional component you have to maintain to keep the other person interested. Here there was no such requirement… what would they replace that with? Increasingly kinky sexual experimentation, probably. She secretly hoped.

On that topic she had the opposite of a shopping list to write. She flipped to a fresh page and wrote "NO-NO LIST", dotting the I with a little heart, then underlining it twice.