Mexican guy on Grindr makes me premature cum inside his ass

Mexican guy on Grindr makes me premature cum inside his ass
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Note: Where we last left off, Sonic was accidentally outed by Amy. Tails comforted him and reveals that he is also gay and wants Sonic. The two went home and began having sex, going down on each other and passionate kissing. Tails is now on his knees, waiting for Sonic to fuck him.

My name is Miles Prower, but everyone knows me as Tails. I just learned that my best friend, the love of my life, Sonic the Hedgehog, is gay. And right now I'm offering myself to him, desperate to fulfill my desires. "Are you sure you want me to fuck you Tails?" Sonic asked me.

I knew he meant well, but at that moment I just wanted him to fuck my brains out. "Sonic, I'm bending over to you, I've wanted to do this for over a year. Please, just fuck me as hard as you want." My voice was cracked as I said this. I was so close to my biggest fantasy, yet so far from all 9 inches of it. "If you say so." Sonic whispered this into my ear in a sexy voice, reaching for a condom and lube as he was saying it.

Sonic put lube on his fingers and began massaging and fingering my ass with his hands. Feeling his fingers inside of me felt good around my hole, and I knew to expect something much bigger and painful in there soon enough. Sonic quickly stopped to put on a condom before he positioned himself at my ass. The heat from his cock was driving me crazy and I loved it. He started to finger me roughly before asking how I wanted him to fuck me. I sexily replied with "Be gentle, it's my first time.".

"If you say so.". Sonic replied.

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He leaned over and kissed me before he began to enter me. It felt so good to feel him inside of me, but it hurt like hell. I tried to stifle a moan but Sonic heard me when he got halfway into me.

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"We can stop whenever you want, Tails." I could sense the sincerity in his voice, but that wasn't what I had wanted. I managed to lean back enough to reach his face, and I began to passionately kiss him before I shoved my ass onto the remainder of his cock. I nearly screamed out as the remaining 5 inches went inside me, but it was with pain and pleasure that made me screech.

Before he could say anything I told him that I was fine and to do anything he wanted to me. "But you said. " Sonic tried to talk before I began kissing him again, encouraging him to fuck me. I could feel all 9 inches of him inside of me and it was the best feeling I've ever had. Sonic was starting to fuck me faster, not insanely fast but it was amazing as he shovd his dick in and out of me in less than a second.

"Oh God Sonic there's so much of you inside of me, I want all of it!!" By this point I started sounding like a slut but that's what I wanted, what I needed. Most of what Sonic said was white noise to me. At most I heard him say things like "Oh Damn Tails you're so fucking tight!", or felt the impact of him slapping my ass, but mostly I just felt his cock ripping my ass apart like its life depended on it.

We had been fucking for about half an hour, and by now he was taking his cock out of me and showing it completely back into me twice a second, and I loved the feeling of Sonic fucking me at supersonic speeds. Later on Sonic took his cock out of me and laid on his back. He told me to ride his dick and I quickly positioned my ass over him.

Gone was the concern and sincerity from before. Both of us were focused on pleasing each other and ourselves. This was the best night of our lives, and we never wanted it to end. I decided to quickly slam my ass onto Sonic's cock, and the combined pain and pleasure felt amazing.

I quickly got the hang of riding him, and soon I was bouncing my body on Sonic while he jacked me off. I always pictured him as completely dominating me, and the control of me riding his glorious dick turned me on so much I'm surprised I didn't come at that moment, but that doesn't men it was any less amazing. Soon he began thrusting himself inside of me as I rode him, and we matched our movements so that he thrusted when I slammed my ass down his cock,making his dick slam into my sweet spot every time.

We were moaning loudly, but we didn't care if someone heard us. All that mattered was each other. "Sonic. .


are you close?" I manages to ask this between bounces and he nodded. "Take off. . your condom. . I want ALL of you inside of me." Sonic pulled me off his cock and I landed on my back onto the mattress. He ripped off the condom and entered me Missionary style, and my legs rested on his muscular shoulders and he fucked me harder and faster than before. We were breathing in synch with each other as Sonic began to completely dominate me, ripping my ass apart as fast as he possibly could, thrusting into me about five times a second while he played with my cock.

I knew that at this rate we would both cum soon, and I managed to pull myself up to Sonic and we began to passionately kiss each other while he tore me apart.

"Oh yes Sonic I'm cumminng!! Yesyesyesyesyesyeeesssss oh God keep going!!" I ten had the best orgasm of my life as seven ropes of cum covered me and Sonic as I screamed in delight. Soon after Sonic told me he was cumming and I told him to cum in my ass.

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He screamed on pleasure as he came in my ass. It felt so warm and good inside of me as Sonic let rope after rope of cum fill my stomach. Slowly he took his cock out of me and I felt some of his come starting to leak out of my ass as we collapsed into each other's arms and kissed each other.

The next morning we had to take a shower, come to terms with our new relationship, and face the hell that is Amy, but that night was the first of many. We layed in each other's arms before gently falling asleep. I heard him wish me good night before drifting off to sleep, and I nodded off I whispered to my best friend: "Good Night, Sonic The Hedgehog." ---- ----- -------- ---- -------- ----------- ----------- ---------- ------ ---------- ----------- ------ ----------------- ---------- ------ --------- * The Next Day * When I woke up the next morning I saw that my alarm hadn't gone off yet.

I also saw the naked body of my Sonic lying next me, and the I was wrapped around his body. I quietly unwrapped myself from Sonic's beautiful body and went to the shower to clean my body from last night's adventure. I spent most of the shower reminiscing about last night. I finally slept with Sonic the Hedgehog, and I loved every minute of it. Last night was better than I could have ever imagined, ever dreamed, and the best part was that Sonic cared for me too, even if my ass was paying for it.

I never said or thought the word Love last night.

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I was scared that it would taboo everything, but I knew that if I used it today that it wouldn't hurt me or Sonic. And then Sonic joined me in the shower, grabbing my body and kissing me. "What dd you think of last night?" he asked me.

Sonic was grinning from ear to ear and I knew he loved it as much as I had. "Take a wild guess." I kisses him again and massaged his nipples. I heard him moan, but he stopped me from getting to far.


"We don't have time for this, remember? Work?

Ringing a bell at all?" "Ring my bell, Sonic." I tried to go down on him, but again, he stopped me, and I knew he was right. "Never thought you'd be the voice of reason, Sonic." I told him this and he laughed. "I guess you're learning a lot lately." I kissed him and left the shower to get ready for work. I got dressed, laid out breakfast forthe two of us and waited for him.

He arrived soon after and we quickly ate before running out the door, running back to get me, and head to work together. The whole way he carried me like a damsel-in-distress, which I honestly didn't mind. I felt loved. On the way we talked about the thing with Amy and last night, and we decided to be honest with everyone.

They were good people that way, we knew that after Blaze had stopped by with another girl a few months ago. Ever since the Chaos Incident I had remodeled most of Station Square's transportation systems and was making a killing off of it.

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My workshop was now the HQ for my company, The Emerald Company, and I had a ton of building around town. The workshop is exclusive in that all of my friends work there, and that we're the only ones who work here.

The job was more fun because of it, and we enjoyed ourselves. But as of last night, it was probably going to be really awkward. When we got there everyone but Any has arrived. When Cream saw us she quickly began apologizing for last night. "SonicI'msosorryIdon'tknowwhatthefuckhappenedtoherpleasedon'tbetoomad!!!!" She managed to say all that in one breath, and we gave her a few seconds to recover her breath. As soon as Cream stopped panting Sonic started talking.

"Don't worry Cream, it's okay.

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Besides, she was right (for once)." Everyone looked surprised. Shadow was the first to speak up. "You're really gay?" I decided that I might as well speak up now. "Yes he is, and so am I." Cream decided to put two and two together and asked the now-obvious question.

"Last night. . did you two. . Oh God." We nodded in unison. "Oh no. . ." she muttered. Knuckles went on the attack. "I'm sorry, is something wrong with that?" He looked really mad at her, which surprised me since I was honestly most scared about his answer. He wasn't a bigot, he just scared me when he got mad. "You misunderstand me. I'm really happy for two. I think you two make a great couple, but I'm scared for you." "Of what?

Are we more vulnerable as a couple or something?" Sonic asked her this, and ten it hit me who Cream was worried about. "Amy." I said. "Of course. Did you see her last night?

That was from a glance, image what she would do if she learned you were a couple now, that you did it together!!" Shadow tried to say something but Cream cut him off. "You didn't see her last night. She was beating everything she had of you, Sonic. But she never broke anything, because she still had faith in you and her. But this. you don't know what she's done over the years.


She's paid people, hurt me whenever I even mention you in private, Hell, I think she put herself in danger at one point. Sonic, she's not in love with you, she's obsessed." All of us looked scared. Everyone knew Amy wanted to be with Sonic, but not like this.

"What should we do?" I asked her. "The best thing you could do," Cream said, "Is to tell her in private, with us by your side. Wait for the right moment, but until then just don't do anything public with each other. Just, distance yourself from her. Keep stringing her along and it'll make it worse. She's taking a sick day, but I'm pretty sure she'll stop by after lunch and put on some act, so tell her then before it gets worse." "Thank you so much Cream. Thank you all for accepting us." I said this with tears of joy in my eyes.

"Now let's get working and brace ourselves for Amy."