Busty mom Nikki Delano blows big cock

Busty mom Nikki Delano blows big cock
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My roommate's tongue was exploring the hole of my tight young ass with deep and wet tention. I stayed there on my stomach, my legs spread wide as he layed down between them. His big hands held my cheeks open and my hole was getting wetter and wetter by the second. His wide, rough tongue flicked up, then down, and then swirled all around my virgin butt.

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I was in the mood for anything. I loved it when he ran the tip of his tongue up my crack and then back down again. He grabbed my legs along the back of my knees and pushed, signaling for me to get on all fours.

I did. He got on his back and my dick dropped into his mouth. I lowered myselft into his throat and he gagged. I pulled up and whent back down again. I was fucking his face and I was enjoying it. While he sucked my dick he played with my ass hole with his thumb and I was shaking all over. My asshole started oozing a cum like jizz and I felt like I could take a dick now. Even his horse sized log.

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I kept my butt into the air as he slipped out from under my body. He walked over to my face on his knees and lifted his fat, long, black cock into my mouth. I never sucked a dick before and was troubled by what to do with it, once it was in my mouth. I remembered how he had suck me and tried my best to master most of his skills.

His dick grew wider and it was now stuck in my mouth. The head of it poked the back of my throat and I gagged. My jaw was hurting but his moans kept me going. His finger tips ruffled my hair and sent vibrant sensations through my mind. He was so big.

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He released a good bit of precum onto my tongue and it was good to me. I liked the salty flavor. He asked my to look at him while I sucked his dick. "Suck that big dick" he said. I looked up into his eyes and he was sexy. His sixpack flexed with every slow thrust he made into my face with his swollen, vain bulging cock. His face was sweating. As the sweat dripped down, it formed drops at the bottom of his chin before falling onto his chest as rolling toward his stomach. His dick slipped from my mouth as he back up and moved back towards my waiting tight ass.

When he got behind me I put my head down and clutched the pillow on both sided. The cool pillow comforted me as he slipped his finger into me.

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It wasn't as bad as I thought. He moved in deeper.

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the muscles in my virgin ass grabbed his thick finger as it caressed my young prostate. The sensation was becoming more and more pleasurable.

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I couldn't keep from dropping a tear due to the emotions that came over me. I was captured by his will and his will was to fuck me. And I was going to let him. His finger plunged my tight chute while his growing cock knocked against my nut sack. I was getting wet in the ass and he was ready get inside me. He lifted his dick and rubbed the tip of it along my crack and he moaned loudly.

I was submissive to the pain as his huge dick push against my hole. It felt much thicker as it penetrated the diamiter of my narrow chute.

He pulled it back and I released my breath. Through the pain that I was concertrating on forgetting about, so that I could please him, I forgot to take in fresh air to breathe. He spread me wide open and his dick pushed against me again and he allowed it to drop into my hole deeper this time. It hurt bad. I was biting the pillow at this point and his big, football-gripping hand spanked my ass and he told me to relax. I tried my best but just couldn't.

Once again he pulled out of me. I was relieved that he did.

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I was sparked by his strength as he turned me over onto my back. He was horny. His cock was throbbing. I caught the look on his face, it said that he wanted to fuck my ass and was not going to give up.

His hands clutched my feet and he pulled them up and held my legs in the air. he reached over and got a pencil off the bed side table. He placed it in my mouth, told me to bite down on it, and I did. He relaxed his sweat soaked body over mine. My legs were held up by the mid-section of his arms. He eased closer to my body and the tip of his swollen mass tapped my ass.


He inched up onto me and it wasn't long before I fell victm to his sex. His cock filled my hole and his eyes closed. They remained closed with the first couple of thrusts he made into my cherrio™ like hole. I nearly bit the piece of wood in half as his log fell further into my forrest.

I lifted my hands and placed them on his back. Every stroke he created took me past my mind and I was blinded by passion. Sweat was dripping onto my face and I just massaged and blessed his back with my touch. Our boddies were getting hotter by the minute.


My ass hole was now opened wide, and now loose enough to swallow his massive erection. He fucked me faster. His ass swung from left to right. I was free in my mind and was ok with this complete stranger hovering over me taking my virginhood. I gained control of my anal muscles and grabbed his dick with my rectum. He jolted and moaned. I kept doing this becaused I liked the way he acted. His fat nuts smacked my ass while he fucked me. I moved my hands down to his big ass and felt how smooth his cheeks were.

His butt opened and closed with every stroke. I tickled the crack of his ass with my finger tips. He drove into my ass fast and slid his arms from around my legs. He placed both his arms behind my head and kissed the side of my neck. He pushed his dick against my prostate and I felt as though I was cumming.

My ass tightened and he kept rushing my hole with his erection. I yelled out while he licked and sucked on the side of my neck and I came onto his dick. His arms pulled me in close. I was one with his beautiful body and he was rocking me into a dream. I spat the pencil from my mouth and I turned my head. My lips drushed his, I wanted to kiss him.

I lifted my head to his mouth and he grabbed my hair from the back of my head and yanked me back down into his arms. Then he did the kissing.


I gapped my legs open and threw them around his waist. His dick was bursting with excitment and needed to explode. I was ready for this big, strong, black, beast of a man to unload his nuts into me. He kissed my mouth with passion. Our tongues tangled and we traded turns biting lips. He shook his hips and tugged on my lip. I was ready. I knew he was about about to come. I yelled for him to come inside me as I did him ealier.

His fucked my tight ass with wild motions and finally he launched a big shot of hot cum in me. He fell onto me. The weight of him on me was a plus.

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Our naked boddies told a story of all we had done today. I had missed my last class of the day, but I did learn one lesson. and it was that I never wanted to leave this room as long as he was my mate.

He soon rolled over off and layed on his back. I wiped the sweat from my face. Threw a leg over him, moved in close, then I rested my head on his chest with my hand on the shaft of his cum sloppy cock and we feel asleep.