Maci mays asshole filled up by her boyfriend doggystyle smalltits pornstars

Maci mays asshole filled up by her boyfriend doggystyle smalltits pornstars
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Chris had been raised by a manly, gruff, mean hulk of a man. His mother left when he was young leaving him and his father to make due on their own. Even though Chris was very young when she left, it had been obvious that Robert, Chris' father, had contributed to her abandon. In order to cope with the ever present alpha male figure his father was Chris became a very aggressive man. It didn't help that at 6' 4" he towered everyone at school, it also didn't help that he developed much faster than the other boys and that by freshman year of highschool he had a full chest of hair and could grow a full beard.

All of these factors made him an outcast amongst the students and he was always alone. It was now junior year (he failed 8th grade so he's18) and his aggressiveness had grown so much he had to be removed from Aldridge High School and moved to one of those alternative programs for troubled teens.

His father was seldom around the house and when he was he had a hoard of women with him. This was too much for Chris and he only had one person to talk to, his name was Jack. Jack had been his closest friend since pre-k, it was thanks to this fact that Jack was not afraid of Chris. Jack had known Chris when Chris was just a small kid that was so shy it was painful to see. Now that Chris was a huge mean beast of a man Jack felt protected.

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Jack always compared himself to Chris he was jealous of how good looking he was and the fact that he was too paranoid to notice that stares he got from chicks.

Jack had a smooth lean bodyno facial hair, no trace of manliness this pissed him off. Yet, all of this didn't matter when he was with Chris because Chris made him feel he was just right.

Chris had been with a few girls in his lifetime, his huge member was the talk amongst the girls in school, but his luck with the girls wasn't much because they were too scared to go up to him and he was too aloof to approach them. The reality was that Chris only saw girls as objects, only pieces of meat to toss around bed and make his cock feel good.

That was all thanks to his dad. He got bored after he came, so he looked for a new pussy to entertain him every once in while, but aside from his one night stands he never had felt love. He enjoyed beer, he enjoyed football, he enjoyed all of the things his dad had set an example with. Once he got sent to this new school this would only get more intense. The girls in this new school were complete sluts, they were after men like Chris. Men who were tough, mean, and flawed; Chris had just been handed a free pass to a pussy buffet.

Chris became unstoppable, all the girls flocked to him and he would fuck them between classes and during lunch. After a few months of this though he was just too fed up with the routine. Jack had stopped talking to him, his father remained as distant as always, his life was too fucked. He experimented with drugs, he was up to a pack of smokes a day, and the booze had a steady flow to his blood stream.

All this, he thought, would have brought him happiness, but instead he felt empty. It was only when Nico carried him home after a particularly crazy party that he started to live. Nico (also 18) was just as gruff as Chris, he was one inch shorter, and his attitude stunk as bad. Chris had thought that he was destined to a life of being socially awkward but this new school proved his thoughts wrong.

From the moment he walked in through the front door of The Sidney Yates School for Troubled Teens he was the center of attention. His semi long black hair contrasted against his pale skin, he was wearing a Black Flag t shirt and a denim vest, previously a jacket, whose sleeves he had torn himself, faded skinny jeans, and some amazing red combat boots. His physique was exalted by his clothing and all eyes were on him.

He was introduced to class and sat next to Nico. Both hulking men were quick to befriend each other and by the end of the first week Nico had turned Chris into the party animal he was now known to be. It turns out that Nico's home situation was a mirror image of Chris', except for the fact that it had gotten so bad for him he now lived on his own.

This gave Chris a sense of freedom of his own since he now spent most of his time at Nico's. All his conquests after school were fucked right on Nico's couch. They were living the life. That is until the aforementioned month of obliquity passed. During this time Chris and Nico had known each other only on the surface but the night in which Chris got shitfaced their friendship's dynamic changed.

Besides their similar upbringing they had alot in common. It was as if they saw more in each other than anyone else had in their lifetimes. They were the epitomy of a bromance, they would drink til late, get high in the mornings, share their afternoons watching shows and playing videogames, and in between they had learned each others life stories in depth. Without noticing it their pussy mastering had diminished and more and more of their time was spent with each other, when Nico was out working Chris would wait for him in Nico's car and they would have the time of their lifes.

On one of their sleepless nights things got interesting. Chris started feeling an attraction to Nico's body. Nico and he were both back from jogging in a matter of seconds Nico removed his shirt and just like that something clicked in Chris' brain. Nico's blonde body hair glistened in the dim living room light, his blond shoulder length hair was damp and sexy, his musculature was so attractive and he couldn't understand why now.

Chris had been aware if his sexual openness since he was little, in fact he and Jack had blown each other in several occasions, but this was so strange. Chris hadn't felt connected with anyone like this before. This attraction he knew, he felt his blood boiling, his cock hardening. He allowed this with any gender, he knew sex was just sex, but this time he wanted more, this time he wanted love. Nico and Chris had been sleeping in Nico's bed for a while now, neither of them thought much if it, it was just two bros living life.

But Chris had continued to feel this strange sensation deep inside, he felt an unsettling in the depths of his stomach, a pressure that made him feel as if his guts where to burst forth from his body at any moment. His cock could only endure so much, he furiously jacked his cock, Nico right next to him, and then promptly fell asleep.

This routine continued for quite a while, that is until one night when he had gotten to Nico's so late from football practice he just fell into bed and passed out. Throughout the night Chris had slept like a baby, the pent up sexual frustration brought onto him one of the strongest wet dreams he had had in all his life.

In his dream Nico had grown a thick stubble on his face, he was a bit unkempt, and they were both listening to some black flag and smoking some weed. Slowly Nico began to remove his shirt, summers in New York were a bitch if you had no a/c, he was sweaty, the music was loud, the atmosphere was perfect.

Nico had closed his eyes and had started to rub his hands across his semi hairy chest, his blond chest hair a complete turn on, stopping in his perfect pink nipples and rubbing with fulgor.

Chris noticed the huge bulge in Nico's pants and immediately went to work on it. It was when he pulled Nico's pants down that Nico opened his eyes and flashed him a sideways smile. "You like what you see Bub?" Nico asked Chris with a whimsical reference to Marvel. Right when Chris was going to respond Nico overpowered Chris and laid him back on the couch and freed Chris' engorged member.

In a matter of seconds Chris' cock was deep inside Nico's hot throat. It was too much for Chris. Chris wanted more of this man, he went deeper into his throat and fucked with all of his might grunting harder with each thrust. The room filled with throaty grunts that became heavier with each passing second. Both men were on edge, if Chris didn't fuck Nico right now he would cum down his throat and miss the chance to take Nico's beautiful ass and claim it as his.

Chris slipped out of Nico's throat and flipped him on his back. "Now Mr. prepare for the fucking of your lifetime." Said Chris in his sexiest voice. And as if in payback he plunged his tongue deep into Nico's wanting ass before he could give a coherent response. Only a deep grunt escaped Nico's throat. Chris' tongue was deep inside this beautiful man.

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Chris slicked up Nico's ass and stuck a big thick finger into his tiny hole. Nico couldn't believe that this huge man was providing him the pleasure he thought only pornstars could achieve, this went beyond his imagination, and he was in heaven. Chris went at it like he had never done before, he slowly inserted a second finger into Nico's tight man pussy. Chris was slowly preparing Nico's tight entrance for his marking and they were both enjoying it.

Nico was ready, Chris slowly slipped his huge fingers out of his partner's ass and went up to his chest, sensually licking his way up to Nico's unshaven face and neck. Chris took Nico's nipples into his mouth and pleasures them like no one before him had, he made his way to Nico's Adams apple and made sure to bite all of his most sensitive spots before he reached his mouth. Their lips locked and so did their eyes. Nico's pale blue eyes were all that Chris needed in his life, well that and to be there with him, he wanted to be his best friend, he needed to be his naughty thoughts, he needed to be his partner in crime, he needed to be his flawed love.

Chris positioned himself just right and aligned his cock with Nico's wanting ass, and just as he inched forward. "Chris! Chris! For fuck's sake, Chris!" Shouted Nico.

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"Chris! Wake the fuck up!" Screamed Nico as he tried to push Chris away from him.


Just then Chris woke up with a jolt, his cock was wedged deep inside Nico's ass, only separated by the thin fabric of Nico's boxer shorts. Chris let go of Nico's shoulders and managed to pull his dick out of Nico's ass, but not before a moan escaped his mouth.

Upon further inspection Chris had ejaculated ,what seemed to be, gallons of cum onto Nico's boxers. "What! The! Actual! Fuck!?" Shouted Nico on the top of his lungs. "Did you just fuck me in your sleep?" Asked Nico, disbelief in his voice.

"No, no, no, no." Chris managed to say. "You had boxers onno actual penetration." "Your cock was in my ass! I felt it up there! You came on my boxers for chrissakes!" Nico was livid. "I am soo sorry, I must've been having a wet dream!" Chris was beyond embarrassed, he didn't know what to say.

"That is just so fucked up man! Get outta my house now!" Managed Nico as he walked away. "Nico! Nico! Wait!" Shouted Chris as he put his pants on and followed Nico out the bedroom. "I didn't mean to, please don't do this! I don't want our friendship to be over because of my fault!" Chris managed these last words before tears welled up in his eyes. Chris grabbed Nico and stopped him. Nico turned around and punched Chris squarely on his jaw. Nico fell backwards, straight onto a small sculpture made of a mirror like material shattering it, a huge gash formed on his right arm, glass was everywhere.

He was more in pain by the fact that this best friend laid a finger on him than by the physical pain that shot through his face and arm.

"Don't fucking touch me, Faggot!" That last word was said with so much hatred that Chris had no choice but to grab his things and leave before things got worse. The heap of blood stained glass a reminder of what had happened. As soon as he had said it he regretted it, Nico was so conflicted by his own feelings that when he had enjoyed the compromising position Chris had him in he flipped out.

Nico saw Chris, the man he had become so close to and who stirred so many emotions inside him, walk out his apartment door with tears in his eyes, a bloody shirt covering his arm. A pang of regret travelled through his stomach, it was too late Nico couldn't do anything anymore. He was devastated, he had been thinking of Chris as more than a friend for a while now, but his homophobic thoughts didn't let him process his emotions properly. As a matter of fact one of the reasons why he had left the room so quickly was because he didn't want Chris to see he had come as hard as he had.

Nico slumped down into his couch and cried. He looked at the shards of glass on the floor but he was too messed up to care now.

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He grabbed some of his vinyl and played some Velvet Underground, he smoked up a joint, and fell asleep as he continued to cry. When he woke up the area on his couch where he had rested his head on was damp with the tears he had cried out all afternoon long. He was awakened by Chris' favorite song "Pale Blue Eyes". As he listened, he noticed his own eyes on a piece of glass he had picked up from the floor. The color was the same one the song described, this realization only prompted anger to rise within him.

He flung the shard across the room, it shattered into millions of smaller pieces and the particles fell across the room. Just then he received a text message.

"Chris?" He thought. He read it with disappointment, it was his boss asking him to cover a shift at work. At least he would have something to keep his mind off of Chris. He had already blown school anyways might as well get ready.

He walked towards the shower, pain in his stomach, sadness in his heart. Chris was devastated. "How could I have lost control like that? How could I fucked up my friendship with the guy I enjoyed being with the most?" He kept asking over and over in his head. To be honest, besides the way it all ended, it was a pretty hot experience. When he woke up and felt his cock buried in his friend's ass he didn't think it was real, he thought he had still been dreaming.

A pang of sadness washed over him. He looked terrible, his only clean shirt was now soaked in his own blood, he was wearing his denim vest with nothing underneath, he walked around New York until he reached a subway station.

His heart was still in pain from the morning's events, he didn't want to go to school, so he decided to visit Jack. He put his earphones on and immediately played "NYC" by Interpol. "I had seven faces Thought I knew which one to wear But I'm sick of spending these lonely nights Training myself not to care" He thought of Nico as he boarded the subway. "Subway it is a porno The pavements they are a mess I know you've supported me for a long time Somehow I'm not impressed" He thought of his dad, the bastard had passed down his fucked up genes.

"The New York cares (Got to be some more change in my life) New York cares (Got to be some more change in my life) New York cares (Got to be some more change in my life) New York cares (Got to be some more change in my life)" He stared out the window, the darkness of the tunnels downed on him.

They made him feel insignificant, and yet at one with this huge city. " It's up to me now turn on the bright lights Oh it's up to me now turn on the bright lights" And just then he understood that there was more to be happy about. Chris got down at the familiar station and walked to Jack's house. He hadn't been here in quite a while and was wondering if this had been a mistake. It was noon already and he wasn't sure if Jack would even be at his place or if he would even want to talk to him.

He decided he would wait all day if he had to. As soon as he walked up to the doorbell he knew he wouldn't have to wait much. Jack had been watching through the window and ran down immediately to open the door. "Chris? Long time no see!" He exclaimed with obvious excitement on his voice. "Jack." Managed Chris, a desperate sadness was evident in his voice. "What's wrong Chris?" Jack asked concerned. Whatever realization Chris had had earlier melted into tears as he poured everything out to Jack.

Jack's heart shattered into pieces as the man he had learned to love recounted his story. "Oh Chris, I wish I knew what to say." Said Jack. "Don't say anything." Said Chris as he leaned into the smaller mans frame and wept.

Jack took it as an unspoken signal and embraced the bigger man in a protective hug. He rubbed his hand down his back and wept along with him.

"Now come on Chris, let's get you cleaned up. You must be hungry I'll cook you something while you change into something else." Said Jack in the most caring voice he could muster. Chris moped toward the bathroom and took a long hot shower before going out to the most amazing smell he had ever smelled before. He and Jack ate a huge meal of oven baked chicken that was smothered with herbs and butter, along with the creamiest mash, and heavenly fettuccini Alfredo.

A weird combination that tasted amazing. "Wow Jack! This is amazing!" He exclaimed. "Thanks Chris, I've been taking a few courses outside of school." Said jack with a broad smile. It was past 3 in the afternoon when they finished washing the dishes.


Exhausted they went up to Jack's room to watch some TV. Chris had been through so much he fell asleep. When he woke up Jack's mom was home, "what time is it?" He asked Jack. "It's 9:17" replied Jack. He was taken aback by the time. "Shit!

I gotta get going." Said Chris as he reached for his stuff. "it's too late already, why don't you stay? My mom won't mind, you know how much she likes you." Said Jack with a chuckle. "You sure? I wouldn't accept the invite, it's just I don't wanna see my dad right now." Said Chris sheepishly. "Yeah Chris, it'll be like the old days." Replied Jack, they both smiled.

Jack was not expecting the way things had turned out. Out of nowhere his old crush turns up in his door and opens up a world of possibilities. Jack had to be honest to himself, he had been jacking off to the idea of Chris being inside of him for the longest time.

He even bought a dildo to play with as he fantasized about the bigger man mounting him like a bull in heat. Chris and Jack talked for a while before Jack took the opportunity. Chris had started to mope again but before he could even start to talk about this Nico guy Jack grabbed Chris' inner thigh and rubbed through his pants.

Chris was speechless, he had known Jack for sometime they had even blown each other but he had caught him by surprise. "You don't have to say anything Jack just follow my lead, im tired of hearing about this Nico guy." Whispered Jack into Chris' ear. Chris had a sizeable erection by then. Jack continued whispering things into Chris' ear, he continued stimulating him through his pants, he would occasionally lick his neck and bite him here and there.

Chris was at the point of no return, Nico was still in the back of his mind but anger and hurt took over. Chris started removing his shirt.

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"No, not here Chris. My mom might overhear us, follow me." Commanded Jack. He led Chris out of his apartment and up a flight of stairs that led to the building's roof. The night was amazing, the stars where bright. He lived in a place that had not that many buildings and the smog had cleared up a bit.

Jack laid down a few sheets and laid down on top of Chris. Chris had removed his shirt, his muscles rippled under the hairs on his chest that had called Jack's attention since it had sprouted. Jack was hypnotized by Chris' amazing body he wanted it all. Jack traced every detail on the bigger man's body as if he was going to map it out later.

They went through several stages of undress until they were both nude. Both bodies glowed im the moonlight. Chris noticed Jack's hairless body in the moonlight, it had an eerie glow that engulfed him in an aura that made him look hauntingly beautiful.

His own cock had grown to sizeable proportions, he was ready. Chris began exploring the familiar crevices on Jack's body, tiny bumps, moles everything vaguely familiar. He began trailing a path across his body, he grabbed the smaller man firmly and he let his body take control.

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Chris was an animal, he swallowed the smaller man's member and let him fuck his mouth without restrictions. The sex driven Chris was back, he dove straight to the smaller man's ass as he tongued him deeper than anyone else had previous to him. He was sending wave after wave of pleasure making sure to stick a finger after another to expand his pussy. He slicked the smaller man's pussy with his hot saliva, there was no regards for Jack he was just plunging his fingers right in.

One, two, three fingers in and out ima rhythmic motion. Jack was shouting with pleasure by now. Chris' cock was way beyond hard, he couldn't resist another moment without feeling Jack's tight ass around his cock. He grabbed jack by his hair and forced his cock down the smaller man's throat as he fucked it without restraint.

The smaller man gagged and spewed saliva everywhere. His cock was ready, Chris positioned Jack on his back and centered his penis on his opening. He pushed hard and in a matter of second half the length if his cock was inside. He was very tight, but Chris was too horny by then. He plunged deeper into this man's ass and he fucked like a man fresh out of prison. His considerable member stretched Jack's ass to the limits.

Jack's legs now rested on Chris' shoulders as he plunged deeper and deeper until he bottomed out. Nobody had ever ground against his prostate the way this man was doing, he was beyond ecstasy.

Jack decided that it was now his turn to take control. He grabbed the bigger man and flipped him so he was laying in his back, his monumental cock was standing talk and proud. Jack sat on the bigger man's dick and rode it like there was no tomorrow. He made Chris grunt as he took control. Jack miscalculated his movements and ended up having the most intense orgasm in his life without even touching his cock.

Chris on the other hand was far from finishing.

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He bent the smaller man over a chair that was lying around and fucked him into a second orgasm that Chris caught with his hand and scooped into his mouth. Chris was so very close to orgasm. He sat on the chair, positioned Jack on his cock, and grabbed the smaller man's hips as he ground him down on his cock. Chris fucked him hard and as he orgasmed looked into his eyes, it was all wrong.

"linger on your pale blue eyes." it was his phone, he had just received a text message. "Hey Chris, I am so very sorry for how I reacted this morning. It was terrible, I hope your arm is better. Anyway, I hope you can forgive me, it was just such afucking strange situation. You are always welcome into my home, I wanna talk this out I've figured something about this morning, I want to define the dynamic of our friendship.

Hope to see ya soon." A wisp of hope was ignited in his heart, and just like that he remembered he was still inside Jack.

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