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Kinky nympho was taken in anal assylum for uninhibited treatment
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It was Carly Shays birthday and Spencer her older brother had a big day planned for her. Sending Carly and her friends off to school that morning Spencer contacted the people that ran the mobile petting zoo and arranged for them to bring the zoo to the apartment that afternoon.


Spencer rented the zoo for the day so the pets would be his from 2 PM until 2 PM the next day. That afternoon Spencer set up the animals in the apartment putting the smaller animals into the rooms upstairs with some of larger animals. He put the goat in Carlys bedroom goats were Carlys favorite animals.

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Once the animals were settled he waited for CarlySam& Freddie to get home from school. When the three arrived at the apartment Gibby turned out to be with them as Spencer sprang out yelling surprise with party items falling down around the them.

Then he told them to explore the apartment for surprises. Searching it didn't take long for them to find the animals and fall in love with all of the small cute creatures and even some of the bigger not so cute ones. The five friends partied with the animals and food and then they did an episode of ICarly. After the show Freddie set the camera down still actively broadcasting and they started cleaning up the mess in the apartment retrieving the pets and putting them back in their portable cages and cleaning up the party mess until only Carlys room was left.

They all joined Carly in her room where she was petting the goat and they started cleaning up the confettiballoons and other party items when Spencer decided to start popping the balloons. Unfortunately Spencer being the idiot he was had filled the balloons with a gas that knocked people out. The five of them soon started passing out. Spencer went down first laying unconscious in the corner of the roomthen Freddie slid down into the bean bag chair with Sam laying on top of him.

Gibby bit it next passing out in the comfortable chair he had been sitting in at the time and finally Carly collapsed on the end of her bed. The camera pointed right at the end of Carlys bed filmed everything that happened next broadcasting it to the internet.

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The goat started eating Carlys skirt slowly chewing it off of herthen started on her panties then her blouse. After a few hours he had her completely naked and at that point he noticed that during that time Carly had been dreaming about making out with a cute boy and had become wet and aroused.

The goat started licking Carlys now exposed cunt and she started moaning and rising up to wakefulness just as she was waking up the goat mounted her in full view of Carlys internet fans who had been watching all night their numbers slowly increasing until it was up to two million viewers. The viewers watched captivated as the goat slid his penis into Carlys lubricated love canal holding her in place with his weight and listened as Carly started screaming for someone to help her that she was not ready to lose her cherry especially to a goat.

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No one was there to help her as she felt the goats penis slide into her pussy deeper and deeper until it reached the slim barrier her hymen made and with one mighty thrust breached ithis balls slapping against her pure white thighs. Three million viewers watched as the goat kept humping her filling her pussy with his dickhis spermand pleasure as she screamed her orgasm to the apartment.

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They continued to watch as the goat brought her to orgasm four more times. The goat finally spent rose off of Carly and she could finally move but she only had enough energy to turn over showing her fans her gaping well fucked cunt with goat sperm slowly flowing from it down her ivory white inner legs.

Now laying on the end of her bed her body fully exposed showing her small breasts with the hardened nubs of her nipples.

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Gibby waking up and seeing Carly vulnerable and wide open knew he would never get another opportunity so moved over to Carly stripping as he went and slammed his impressively large cock into Carlys vagina thrusting quickly and wildly until he emptied his sack deep into her womb. I'm next said Freddie as Gibby moved out of the way and Freddie finally partially realized his dream of fucking Carly Shay. Which he did doing her pussy and then since he couldn't do it to that orifice took her anal cherry pounding into her asshole unmercifully.

By that time everyone was awake and Freddie realized the whole thing had been watched on the internet he checked the web site. Oh my God keep it goingwhat Sam saidthis is the best show we have ever done our viewers are up over six million and still rising.

I don'tI shouldn't but she looks so hot and it's been so long Spencer said as he stripped and entered Carlys cunt and Sam said well I'm not going to be the only one to not get any of Carly as she stripped and straddled Carlys face shoving her pussy down onto Carlys mouth facing Spencer so she could watch him fuck his sister and her best friend. Carly ended up getting fucked by four males on her birthday not counting repeat fuckings so it was no wonder when she ended up getting pregnant and giving birth to twin girls nine months laterwhich Icarly showed on their web show.

Thankfully when tested it turned out Gibby was the father and the two decided to give it a try for the sake of the kids. It turned out Gibby was a great boyfriend and they fell in love much to Freddie's consternation.


They raised the two girls together starting a second web show called "Gibbys girls" which also became popular just not as popular as Icarly. They also started a second version of Icarly called ICarly X. A very popular x-rated porn version of ICarly watched by many types of people but mostly by her fansand young adults that wanted to be educated about sex.

Of course these shows cannot be found on the internet and unless you were lucky enough to be watching the original broadcast of Icarly even that showing cannot be found except deep into the dark web.