Film gay sex fuck china penis men and party boy Horse Hung Bobby Hart

Film gay sex fuck china penis men and party boy Horse Hung Bobby Hart
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The Parking Lot Lady I had just finished putting my few groceries in the car, few because there's just me that sets at my table. I lost my wife to cancer a year ago and am very much alone. I'm mid 50's but haven't been able to convince myself that it's time to get on with life. As I closed my trunk a lady came by pushing a big cart full of stuff and stopped at the car next to mine. Just as she started to put stuff in her car a box of peaches fell off and spilled, rolling peaches everywhere.

"Here, let me help you," I said and reached down to pick up some.


As I did I noticed a little more about this lady. She was probably in her 40's, somewhat attractive dressed in a man's shirt and shorts. Her shirt was tied under her very ample breasts and the cleavage was very awesome. "Do you like what you see?" she asked with a big smile. "Oh, I'm sorry, I am so ashamed," I managed to blurt out. "Not to worry, I get a lot of stares," she replied. "I was so reminded of my late wife. She had beautiful breasts like yours and I so enjoyed time with them." I couldn't believe what I had just said but having said it there was nothing I could do except be more embarrassed.

"My husband enjoyed his time with mine also," she said. "I take it you have lost your love." "Yes, cancer," I replied. "About a year ago." "My husband was killed by a drunk driver two years ago and I still haven't got over it. I want to thank you for your help and would buy you lunch if you would join me." "That would be great," I replied.

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"I need to stop at my place and unload this stuff, then we'll have lunch. What food do you like?" I replied, "I usually just have a bowl of soup. Not much of an eater these days." "Well I just made a batch of chicken noodle yesterday. Would that be OK?" "That would be great," I told her. "Follow me, it's not far." The next hour was most enjoyable. We unloaded her stuff and she put it away.

Then she heated the soup and we have a great conversation over lunch. We more or less put our life on display and I revealed things about me and my life that I had never told anyone. And she did the same. We finished lunch, she cleared the table and then what she did completely blew me away. She came around to my side of the table, untied her shirt releasing her beautiful breasts and rubbed the nipples on my lips.

Holding tightly to my head she kept them on my face until I reacted and began massaging, kissing, licking and sucking.

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Then she stepped back and took my hand. "You are the first man since my husband died that I have felt completely comfortable with.

I want you to do to me what you used to do to your wife. And I'll do to you what I used to do to my husband." I was led to the bedroom and before I could help her she was completely undressed. "What are you waiting for?" she asked with a big smile. I was out of my clothes in a second. One thing I haven't mentioned is that when I was in college I was called the fire chief because I had the biggest cock in the frat.

It is about 10 inches long and about the size of the average banana. When she saw it, hard as a rock she was speechless.

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"What am I getting myself into," she asked softly. I laughed and replied, "Not what you got yourself into but what you are about to get in to you. I promise I'll be careful." She dropped to her knees in front of me and began stroking and licking and sucking my tool.

It had been so long I was afraid I was going to cum too quickly so reached down and lifted her up and onto the bed. "I so don't want to cum to quickly but it's been so long." "OK, you take over and when you want to cum do so then I'll take over and get you back in the mood," I was told. While we kissed I began gently squeezing her beautiful breasts.

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I flicked the nipples with my fingers and then kissed down and licked and sucked on each one. Holding them together I worked on both nipples at the same time with my tongue and lips. They were hard as rocks and my efforts brought a strong reaction from my lover.

Then while using my mouth on her tits I slid my hand down towards her love zone. Before it got there she put her hand on mine and stopped it. "You did notice that I don't shave my pussy didn't you? Actually I hadn't so I said, "No." "Does that make a difference?" "Absolutely not, I actually and honestly prefer it natural." She released my hand and it continued it journey. And a bush she had. I could hardly wait to feel it on my face as I devoured her.

I ran a couple fingers around and up and down and into her love hole and then pressed them to her lips. She sucked them like she really enjoyed the taste. So I knew I was going to. I moved down without further delay and tasted it myself. I was amazed at how much my lover reacted to my efforts in a similar way my wife used to.

She moaned and wiggled and grabbed my head with her hands and pushed and held her pelvis against my face. Her love juice was flowing freely and I was drinking every drop that I could. We kept this up for a while and then in a very begging voice she whispered, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me now." I didn't have to be asked twice. "Do you want to be on top so you can control how much cock you take?" She thought this was a good idea and moved up and over me.

She just laid there on me and we kissed for a bit then she sat up and lowered her pussy down on my cock. I was amazed because it only took 3 or 4 times up and down before her pussy had accepted the whole thing.

Then the fucking began. Up and down, back and forth, side to side and round and round.

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Once again I was amazed because this was so like my wife used to fuck me. I guess she could feel I was getting close to climax because she told me, "When you get ready to cum tell me so I can take it in my mouth. I love the taste of my man's juice." It wasn't long before I told her to get ready so she moved down and just in time because she no more then got her mouth over the head when I began shooting.

And it was probably the best climax I have had since the last one with my wife. My lover swallowed every drop and then moved up beside me.

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"This is the best lunch I've had in a long time," she whispered, "And the best part was the man soup I just drank." Then she added, "You don't have to leave for awhile do you?" "No, I have a week or so," I said with a laugh. We just cuddled for awhile and although my cock was not in the mood the rest of me was so I asked my lover to try working my mouth like she had worked my cock.

She was most willing and lowered her wet, hairy pussy down on my face. I had both hands up by my mouth to assist my tongue in working on her cunt. And with her working her pussy around and my tongue licking up and down and in and out it wasn't long before I was rewarded with a big squirt followed by several smaller ones.


When it stopped she collapsed beside me and all was quiet again. During this oral assault my cock had come back to life. It wasn't long before her hand discovered this and I was told that I was going to be on top for this round.


She told me she wanted my meat in and out of her using every position I had ever used to fuck my wife. And so I did. We first fucked missionary and then I straddled her thigh and lifted the other leg to my shoulder and fucked her sideways and then rolled her over and banged her doggy.

It was a great half hour before I pulled out and pushed my cock down her throat. My load filled her mouth but she swallowed without wasting a drop.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and we sort of slept for awhile. I was brought back to life when she rolled over and put her head on my shoulder and wrapped a leg over me. "Do you have any fantasies?" she asked me.

"Like what do you mean?" "Things you would like to do sex wise that you and your wife never got around to." "Not that I can think of," I said. "My wife and I are both bi and we have another couple that is also and I think we probably did about everything to ourselves and each other that could be done." "What did you particularly like to do?" "Probably when I got to lick his cum out of a freshly fucked cunt.

I love the combination of juice." "Would it be anybody I would know?" she asked. "I don't know dear, but I'm not going to tell you who they are anymore then I'll tell anyone that I fucked you.

Would you be interested in getting together with them?" "I don't know, what happens if I can't go thru with it, if I decide I can't?" "That would be no problem except you would have to wait until we finished before I took you home." We just cuddled for awhile and then I asked her, "Have you ever thought about kissing another woman and feeling her breasts and rubbing her pussy?" "When I was in high school my girl friend and I used to kiss and play around but nothing real serious.

I never licked her and she never licked me but we fingered each other." "Didn't you ever wonder what it would feel like to lick her pussy?" "Well, yes but I never did." We talked some more and then I asked, "Do you know what a glory hole is?" "No," she replied. "It's a place in an adult book store where a guy sticks his cock thru a hole in the wall and someone on the other side gives him a blowjob or backs his ass in to the hard cock and gets fucked.

Neither party ever knows who the other party is." "Really?" "Really, would you like to visit one?" "Oh, I don't know whether I would or not." "Just think about it, you bent over sucking a stranger's cock while I'm behind you fucking you hard in both holes.

And no one will ever know except you and me." We cuddled and dozed for awhile and I was just about to move down and give her pussy a good licking when her phone rang.

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She got very upset talking on it and hung up with an Oh Shit. Turning to me she said she was sorry but had to get ready and go into work. Someone didn't show up so they were short handed. I kissed her and told her I would call her and we exchanged numbers. She headed for the shower and I headed for home. Chapter 2 will be about our visit to Clancy's Book Store.