Busty Twerking Lesbians Having Fun

Busty Twerking Lesbians Having Fun
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I couldn't barely believe my eyes: Being self-employed I work long hours and travel extensivelyit is not at all out of the ordinary to be called away on business thru the week for one or two nights at a time. On this occasion it was a Wednesday and been asked to deliver a vehicle to a client some 200 klms away, so I closed up the shop and headed off home. It had started off an unusual day and it carried on from there.

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The wife had told me that her younger sister was coming but I'd forgotten until I got home. I noticed that May's car was not in the drive way, so I assumed she had gone to the shops. I let myself in and went upstairs to get my overnight bag. Well, I could hardly believe my eyes, when I pushed open the bedroom door and there was a half-naked fox with long brown hair and totally suckable tits, spreading her pussy lips in the big wardrobe mirror.

For a second or two she didn't notice me. Her mind was totally absorbed in the fact that she masturbating her clit, and as she worked at that vibrant pink love button, her head was looking towards the ceiling moaning sensuously.

Well as you can imagine, my cock was jerking up to attention inside my jeans and starting to throb, I mean who would have expected to see such a sight on a rainy Wednesday? Suddenly, as if tipped off by some sort of sixth sense, the girl turned around and fell back onto the bed in some type of panic.

I hadn't seen her since the day May and I had got married, but thru the clouds of lust clogging my brain, I realised that this was her sister, Sarah.


"Sorry to interrupt," I said. Fucking pathetic I know but I could hardly think, much less make small talk as she tried to cover her juicy pussy and her naked tits at the same time. It was when she rolled off the bed and started to grope about for her discarded knickers that I became aware that she had discovered my store of horny magazines. She'd only arrived today and she'd found 'em.

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I have been married to May for four years and she had no idea they even existed! "Well very nice to see you Sarah …" Very nice actually. Her face was red and she was almost weeping with frustration at not being able to find her panties. She was down on her hands and knees, with her lovely arse up in the air and, by moving a fraction, I was able to get a super view of her perfectly shaved snatch with the puffy pink pussy lips slightly parted and the love juice glistening her large pink clit "May's gone shopping, I suppose.

Can I help at all? "I can't find my knickers, "She yelled. I knelt down beside her and ran the middle finger of my right hand over her mound. Her body shivered and she turned quickly, staring at me with amazement. "No hurry is there?" Something danced in her eyes. It wasn't anger or I would have had my face slapped by now.

I gently rubbed her right tit and felt the nipple harden as I did so. Almost on cue her hand snaked down to my crotch and rubbed the stretched out jeans. "May told me you were a randy fucker, "She said in a hoarse voice. "With a big cock" she added, almost as an afterthought.

"That makes two of us then … unless you were practicing yoga when I walked in" Her hand remained where it was and her fingers moved around it in a very pleasant way. "A very big cock," she said huskily. I was going to get a cramp if I stayed in this position so I got up and stood there looking down at her. She pouted and got to work on my zipper.

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I could hardly believe it when she eased out my aching cock and started to suck it with all the expertise of a seasoned pro. "&hellip. Er&hellip. May?…" Sarah eased her head out of my crotch and licked her lips. "She's gone to get her hair done and then she's going to do the shopping.


She only left 10 minutes before you arrived." I bent down and helped her up to her feet. She was in my arms and sliding her tongue half way down my throat in less than two seconds. I put my arms around her and held her tightly while we kissed. She simply throbbed with passion and was pretty soon pulling off all my clothes and shedding what was left of her own before falling back onto the bed and spreading her legs good and wide in a pretty obvious invitation to fuck.

I wasn't quite ready for that. Instead I got my head down there and began to explore her magic box with my tongue, lapping at her juice and opening her up with my thumbs. All the while she kept up a continual sobbing and sighing which was very arousing indeed.

Her clit was hard and slick as I ran my tongue over it. She gasped, jerked her body and began to thresh about as the spasms of climax ripped through her luscious frame. "FUCK!" she screeched &hellip. It was a comment, not a request, but that was next on the agenda, anyway. I climbed aboard and slid my seven inch love muscle all the way into her creaming pussy. Another gasp, louder and far more shrill &hellip.

This one must have carried for miles. I just hoped May had her head under the dryer……"Yes &hellip.yes &hellip.give it to me &hellip.deeper &hellip. Deeper…oh &hellip.oh &hellip.Ugghh&hellip." Her legs were locked behind my back and her arms were around my neck.

I thrust in and out of her, the strokes becoming faster and faster until I couldn't hold back no longer. I recall suddenly that we should have used a rubber, but it was way too late now to worry about that now.

My head was spinning and the world seemed to tilt off its axis as I emptied myself into her, wad after wad of come emptied into the silken depths of her womb. We lay there, staring at the ceiling both reeling at our hot coupling. Thankfully Sarah was taking the pill, so at least there was no worries on that score. I felt a little guilty at having screwed her whilst being married to her sister but I don't know of many men that would have turned down such an opportunity and, being something of a fatalist, I'm inclined to think that everything we do is pre-ordained anyway.

That was my argument for suggesting to Sarah that she finish off what she had started earlier and give me a proper blow job.

She was such a horny little bitch that she was down on me before I could say deep throat. Boy, was she good? She was absolutely terrific&hellip. Fucking sex mad, to be honest. She sucked, she wanked me, and she massaged and licked my balls I had completely forgotten about my trip &hellip.

Hell, I had even forget I was married, a job and a mortgage. My face was twisted into a contorted mess as I finally shot my load down her throat as the thrill hit me. She took most of it in her mouth and swallowed it although when she turned to me, her lips were white with spunk. "Good," she said, breathlessly &hellip.

"Better than good&hellip.terrific." I assured her that I thought it had been bloody terrific too. That was the moment that I remembered why I had come home at eleven this morning. "SHIT!" I jumped out of bed and back into my clothes before hastily flinging some things into the overnight bag.

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Sarah was a great help, all she did was lay there, giggling, and passing comments about my shrinking down member to its non-erect size at a great rate of knots. I got out of the house in about 10 minutes flat, back out onto the freeway to the work shop "fucking traffic" I yelled at anyone who was interested, then set up for my trip. The drive was a long one and I thought of Sarah constantly … In fact my cock was hard most of the trip. I even stopped at a service area to have a wank I was so worked up.

Two nights later I was lying in bed with May, feeling up her tits and attempting to get her into the mood without a great deal of success. Shit I thought she had twigged to what had happened, or that randy little sister had been shooting her mouth off.

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Suddenly May pushed my groping hands away and turned her back to me. I took a long deep breath and asked "what's the matter, love?" "Shut up!" she snapped back "Oh, come on &hellip. If you didn't fancy it, all you had to do is say so&hellip." She turned around and pushed herself up into a sitting position.

"You bloody Pervert" she hissed. I just stared at her "pervert?

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Just because I wanted a bit of the other…&hellip.?" "Yes &hellip. I mean… If Sarah came in here and seen the state of those sheets&hellip." "What?" I exclaimed "You may well ask what. Stiff with your cum, they were ……I suppose you've been having a crafty wank with those dirty magazines that you didn't think I knew about." I sunk down in the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't barely believe it.