Fucked hairy pussy big toy AnnaSexSniper

Fucked hairy pussy big toy AnnaSexSniper
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My mother was responsible for collecting all the Children's Society charity collection boxes each year, normally just before Christmas. They were distributed to various households each January in the hope that people would drop their small change into them during the year and I would usually pop round and collect them using a somewhat embarrassing shopping trolley.

This year I chose the first morning of the Christmas holiday, a crisp and frosty Monday morning, and within a couple of hours I had circled the Crescent. My last caller was at the top of the hill, a Mrs. Wilson, and the door was opened by a middle aged woman, about the same age as my mum. "I've come to collect the Children's Society box." I explained as I had done many times that morning. "Yes of course…come in." She beckoned me down the hallway and I followed her.

The house was lovely and warm and I rubbed my hands together. Mrs. Wilson turned to look at me. "It's David isn't it?" I nodded. "You must be frozen. Would you like a coffee?" "That'll be lovely Mrs. Wilson. Thank you." It was the first refreshment I had been offered that morning and I looked forward to it. Mrs.

Wilson told me to go into the lounge and make myself comfortable. The lounge was lovely and warm and I settled down on the sofa. I heard Mrs. Wilson moving about in the kitchen and after a couple minutes she came in with two cups of coffee which she placed on the table. She sat next to me and turned to look at me. "So…how old are you now?" I thought it an odd question but told her I was fifteen. She expressed surprise as she thought I looked older and I grinned self consciously.

Mrs. Wilson picked up her coffee and sipped at it. She seemed deep in thought. She put the cup down and turned to me again. "Well…I expect you've got a girlfriend now haven't you?" I felt myself blush.

"I mean you're a good looking boy aren't you?" She seemed a little flustered and we both quickly drank some more of the coffee, each hiding our embarrassment. I could not work out what she was getting at. I explained that I didn't and she expressed surprise. I'd also noticed an odd taste in the coffee which, although unusual was quite delicious and I felt myself getting quite warm. I sat back on the sofa having finished my coffee and suddenly realized I was feeling a little lightheaded.

"Are you alright David?" I nodded. I felt great! I did feel a little warm and I told her this. "Yes it is hot in here isn't it?" Mrs. Wilson said casually and then to my surprise undid the top couple of buttons of her blouse. She was wearing a white cotton blouse and denim jeans.

I had of course noticed as soon as she opened the door that she was one of the more attractive of mum's friends. I didn't recognise her but felt sure I would have remembered her. Her legs were quite long and slim and as she unbuttoned her blouse I couldn't help but noticed that she was very well endowed. In fact trying not to gaze too blatantly, I realized that she had quite an enormous pair of breasts! "I see you're staring down my blouse you naughty boy!" I quickly looked away, feeling myself going bright red and Mrs.

Wilson giggled. "Don't be silly David I don't mind honestly!" I turned to look at her and she grinned at me mischievously. Then she brought her arms together to emphasize the cleavage and glanced down.

"Do you like them David?" I didn't know what to say but followed her gaze and marvelled at the sight of these two large orbs of tanned flesh which were now bulging out of the top of her blouse. I licked my lips quickly.

"They're lovely Mrs. Wilson…" I stammered. What else could I say? "They're big aren't they?" I looked up at her helplessly. She was grinning back at me quite proudly. "Yes they are aren't they? My husband always loved them." I assumed she was either no longer married or her husband had died and I found out later that she was divorced. "He said they were my best point…or points as he used to say!" She laughed again and her breasts quivered before my eyes.

"It's still quite hot in here isn't it?" She said quietly. I hadn't noticed any significant rise in the temperature but nodded in agreement. "In fact…would you mind if I got changed?" Mrs. Wilson had an odd expression on her face and I was puzzled by this request. Why couldn't she wait until I had gone? Why didn't she turn the fire down? "Um.yes of course…if you like." I stammered. Mrs. Wilson grinned happily and then standing up, instructed me to wait there as she left the lounge and I heard her footsteps up the stairs.

I had finished my coffee but still felt a little odd and I reached for the cup, giving it a sniff. There was definitely something in this coffee and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps Mrs. Wilson had put some sort of drink in it? I was familiar with the smell of whisky from home and there was a definite whiff of whisky about this coffee cup!

As I was pondering this the lounge door opened and I turned as Mrs. Wilson came back in… One of the highlights of Christmas for me was the arrival of the mum's mail order catalogue because I knew that the women's pages would have a supplement with various items of lingerie in them.

It was as if Mrs. Wilson had stepped out of one of these pages! Her top was some sort of transparent material through which her enormous breasts were clearly visible, the darker areas of her nipples jutting out against the thin material. The bottom half appeared to be made of something similar, although not much of it!

There was a triangle of frilly material at her groin, but as she did a quick twirl, I noticed there was nothing at all at the back. (This was my first experience of a G string!) "What you think David?" Mrs. Wilson asked in an odd voice. Her face was staring at me and she looked decidedly nervous. I swallowed hard. "Lovely… I mean fantastic…you look fantastic!" I quickly regained my composure and grinned stupidly at her. She looked relieved.

"I'm glad you like it. It's very comfortable I must say. I often wear it when I'm by myself in the house." Then to my surprise she came and sat down next to me. I immediately noticed quite a strong smell of perfume which she had obviously applied while she was getting changed and she arranged herself on the sofa so that she was facing me, her legs tucked up underneath her and her arm draped along the back of the sofa.

Her right arm was resting casually in her lap. She stared at me. "Now what were we talking about?" I had completely forgotten and then she suddenly seemed to remember. "Ah yes…you were telling me you didn't have a girlfriend and I was thinking how surprised I was as you're such a good looking young boy." No one had ever called me that before and I felt myself flush.

Mrs. Wilson quickly reached out and put her hand on my arm. "But you are David. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're a gorgeous young lad!" I noticed her hand was now stroking the bare flesh of my arm and I found the contact quite arousing. By now I had of course worked out that Mrs. Wilson was interested in far more than my collecting her charity box!

However I didn't want to take anything for granted. I allowed my eyes to casually wander up and down her body and close up, her breasts looked even more wonderful. "I see you're looking at my breasts again…" Mrs.

Wilson whispered. "You can touch them if you like…" she looked up at me nervously and I returned her gaze. I looked back at her breasts again and then carefully reached out with my left hand and cupped her right breast in my hand. "That's it David…don't be scared…" I carefully ran my hand over the soft flesh, marvelling at its size and weight as it rested in my hand.

"You're nice and gentle David. I like that in a man." I felt a surge of pride at the fact that she had called me a man. Mrs Wilson leaned forward slightly so her breasts were now hanging down and I quickly brought up my other hand to cup her left breast. Both breasts were now resting in my hands and I luxuriated in the feeling of their soft warmth and weight in my hands.

I glanced up at Mrs. Wilson's face and saw her eyes were closed and her mouth was partly open. I started to squeeze the flesh of her breasts lightly and casually brought my thumbs up to rub them across the nipples. She gave a little sigh as I did this and I felt her nipples harden under my touch. "That's it David…that's lovely…" she muttered. I felt myself getting warmer as I now unashamedly squeezed and caressed Mrs. Wilson's breasts, and I noticed that she was fidgeting about on the sofa.

Suddenly she pulled away. Had I gone too far? I looked at her guiltily. She smiled back. "It's alright David…we don't want to go too quickly do we? You're mum isn't expecting you back for a while is she?" I shook my head dumbly. What did she have in mind?

"Why don't I slip this off so you can see them properly?" With that Mrs. Wilson sat up and taking hold of the hem of her top she lifted it up over her head, shaking her long brown hair free as she did so. This had the effect of shaking her breasts and they lolled sleepily against her chest. Mrs. Wilson lay back against the arm of the sofa and gazed at me. "Why don't you come closer David?" She held her arms out to me and I shuffled along the sofa, not quite sure what she wanted me to do.

However she took hold of my shoulders and guided me closer to her so in fact I was almost lying on top of her, my head nuzzling her breasts. "That's it darling…" she murmured as my head disappeared into her wonderful cleavage.

Her hands brought the warm flesh up to caress my face and I curled my hands around her waist to bring myself closer. I began to kiss the soft flesh of her breasts and she seemed to like this as she guided my head to her nipples.

I began to kiss and nibble at the stalks. "Oh David…!" her hands were now clutching my shoulders quite firmly and I brought my own hands up to cup the breasts and guide her nipples to my mouth.

I switched between the pair of them and Mrs. Wilson started to moan softly as I nibbled and chewed on the firm nubs. "That's nice David…that's really lovely…" she murmured. Suddenly she moved her hands to my head and lifted me up to stare at me. "Kiss me!" She demanded and I fastened my lips to hers. We kissed passionately, noisily and wetly. Her tongue darted into my mouth and searched for mine and we continued like this for some minutes. We parted to catch our respective breaths and gazed at each other.

My cock was now rapidly stiffening in my jeans and Mrs. Wilson was bright red, her chest rising and falling as she breathed heavily. "I want you David! I want you so much it hurts…" She grabbed hold of her panties and swiftly pulled them down her legs, kicking them off. She lay back against the arm of the sofa again and spread her legs. I gazed down between her thighs where her pubic hair glistened in its wetness.

She was certainly ready! "Quickly David - get undressed! I want you now!" She exclaimed breathlessly. I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled it off and I noticed that Mrs. Wilson was idly rubbing her fingers up and down her pussy as she gazed at me. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them down, kicking off my shoes.

I quickly bent down to pull off my socks and then straightening up I slid my briefs down. My cock sprung into view and Mrs. Wilson gasped. "Wow! David he's lovely! He's absolutely beautiful!" She stared at my cock which was now jutting out from my hips and she held out her arms to me. I quickly joined her on the sofa and she drew me to her, reaching out to grab my cock and guide it swiftly between her thighs. "In here David…quickly!" I felt the head of my cock nuzzle her pussy and as she pulled me closer my whole length slid in, in one swift movement.

She gave out a grunt as I fell on top of her. "Fuck me it's enormous!" I was shocked to hear one of mum's friends using such language but if, as always, I found it incredibly arousing. She thrust her hips up at me and I took the hint and began to fuck her.

There was no other word for it. This was not lovemaking with any sort of tenderness this was a pure hard fuck. "Yes David that's lovely… that's just beautiful… Jesus that is so nice!" Mrs. Wilson was muttering in my ear as I continued to plow into her. I could hear the slapping of our bodies as we rode together, my balls banging against her and my chest sweatily crushed against her enormous breasts.

Her arms were wrapped around me, pulling me closer and her left leg was resting casually on the top of the sofa while her rights was spread eagled on the floor. This meant I was able to go into her incredibly deeply and the feeling was quite wonderful. Suddenly she began to moan. "Jesus I'm coming already…fuck yes I'm coming! That's it David…harder…fuck me…fuck me harder! Quicker! That's it! There! Just there…yes…yes!

Fuck yes!" Then with almost a primeval scream Mrs. Wilson came, her legs wrapping around my hips and clutching me to her. She grunted as she spasmed around my cock, her hips thrusting up at me. I was unable to move, unable to continue my thrusting as she came. After a while she suddenly gave one last low growl before collapsing back onto the sofa.

I wasn't sure whether I was expected to stay inside her or pull out. I hadn't come yet and I half wondered whether I should carry on. I tried a couple of slow thrusts.

"No David… It's a bit sore you're so big…here let me finish you off." She pushed me away and I carefully withdrew, sitting back on the sofa and feeling a little let down. However Mrs. Wilson then quickly jumped up and knelt on the floor between my legs. My cock was now bobbing about in front of her face and with a quick wink she opened her mouth and enveloped it.

My erection disappeared into her mouth and I was astonished at how much she was able to get in. I swear I felt it hit the back of her throat and to my continued amazement I suddenly realized that her throat muscles were working on the head of my cock.

I had never heard of deep throat but I now know that this was what she was doing. I gazed down at Mrs. Wilson's head and her lips were now nestling in my pubic hair. The entire length of my cock had gone through her mouth and a couple of inches were actually down her throat! She was swallowing hard, the action of which massaged the head of my cock and brought me swiftly to orgasm. I cried out as I came and Mrs. Wilson continued to swallow hungrily the juice that erupted from the end of my cock.

I had never known an orgasm like it and threw back my head and cried out as spurt after spurt of spunk jetted down Mrs. Wilson's throat. Eventually I felt the last few drops ooze out and Mrs.

Wilson, obviously sensing I had finished, carefully extricated my cock from her mouth. I looked down at her as she sat back on her haunches and coughed a few times, but then grinned at me red faced. "I bet no one has done that before have they?" I shook my head dumbly. "That was fantastic Mrs.

Wilson!" "Call me Margaret you daft bugger! It's the least you can do now that you've fucked me!" I grinned. "OK then Margaret." I paused. "Sorry if was a bit big for you. You're not too sore are you?" Margaret shook her head and smiled. "It'll take me a while to get used you but I'm sure I will!" She grinned at me mischievously.

I suddenly realised what she had said. This wasn't going to be a one off occurrence! "Can I come round again then?" I asked nervously. "If you want to David." Margaret looked at me seriously. "You realise you mustn't tell a soul about this. No boasting to your friends!" I nodded. "I can teach you so much David…" Margaret said quietly as she leaned forward and rested her arms on my thighs.

My cock had now wilted. Margaret looked down at it. "He's big even when he's soft isn't he?" She murmured and leaned forward to give it a gentle kiss. It twitched. "Not again David…not today anyway!" She looked up at me ruefully. I smiled back. "Don't worry Margaret… I can come whenever you like!" We both laughed. "I bet you can David!" Margaret then carefully stood up and looked around for her underwear. We both quickly got dressed and chatted generally whilst we were doing so.

Margaret once again stressed the need for discretion and although she would not be able to see me again before Christmas, once January came she would look out for me as I walked past her house on my way home from school. I should look towards her window when I went past if I wanted to see her and she would leave a red vase in the window if the coast was clear.

I told her I normally passed her house at about 4.15, and this would give us a good ½ hour before I had to get home in time for my parents to arrive home from work. For once, I couldn't wait for Christmas to be over! ------------------------------------oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo---------------------------- For the first couple of days of the new school term I checked Margaret's window but did not see the vase.

I worried at first that perhaps she had changed her mind but then on the third day I glanced across and I saw she was actually sat by the window. She grinned at me and waved and after a quick look round I nipped through the garden gate and trotted up the path.

The door was opened as I approached it and Margaret quickly beckoned me in. Luckily the front door was protected by hedges so no one would see us. She gave me a hug and a kiss as soon as she had closed the door and as I dropped my briefcase and coat on the hall floor she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.

"In here David…" she said breathlessly as she pushed the bedroom door open and led me in. The bedroom was at the front of the house with large bay windows which made it very light. She had a large double bed in the middle of the room with the usual furniture around it, and she quickly let go my hand and turned to gaze at me again.

"I'm sorry I couldn't see you before Christmas…I was busy and then I was away. Mind you I couldn't stop thinking about you!" She kissed me once again, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close. I returned the kiss, running my hands up and down her back and clasping the cheeks of her backside. "Ooh feels like you can't wait either!" She broke away and grabbing the sides of my school blazer quickly pulled it off.

I struggled out of my jumper and she started to unbutton my shirt, taking off my tie at the same time. I got into a bit of a tangle and Margaret laughed. "Tell you what; I'll let you undress yourself and I'll catch up!" Margaret stepped away and quickly pulled her sweater over her head, revealing, once again, her mountainous breasts encased in a lacy black bra.

She was wearing a black skirt which she quickly unhitched and unzipped, allowing it to drop to the floor. To my delight she was wearing a black suspender belt and stockings.

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I also noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. "Do I look as good as you remember?" Margaret stood before me, her hands behind her head and posed provocatively. I told her she looked fantastic, and I was once again reminded of the lingerie pages in my mum's catalogue.

"Shall I keep these on then?" "Yes please!" I nodded quickly. Margaret smiled. "You're just like most men David they do like the old stockings and suspender belt!" By now I had managed to divest myself of my shirt and I quickly unbuttoned my trousers and pulled these down. I kicked off my shoes and socks and before I had a chance to take my pants off, Margaret quickly set down on the bed. "Let me David…" I dropped my hands to my side and stood in front of her as she sat on the bed, her head level with my crotch.

She then took hold of the waistband and pulled my pants down, so that my cock slowly unfurled and flopped out. It was not quite erect yet, although very close, and Margaret gave a small murmur of appreciation. "I was thinking about this all over Christmas…thinking how wonderful it looked. So big and menacing and yet so sweet and tasty!" She grinned up at me and slid her hand under the shaft of my cock, raising it up. With her other hand she gently cupped my balls and jiggled them about in their sac.

This was exquisite! "Is that nice David?" I nodded. "Mmmm that's gorgeous Margaret…really nice…" I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Margaret's hands around my groin. "Are you ready to fuck me now David?" I opened my eyes and grinned down at her. "Yes please!" I tried not to sound too much like an excited child but I couldn't wait. She laughed at my exuberance and quickly stood up and lay on the bed. She spread herself across the whole bed, her arms stretched out wide and her legs provocatively splayed.

I could see her pussy almost winking at me between her legs. "Ready when you are!" I laughed and then climbed onto the bed, positioning myself between Margaret's legs. Once again she took the lead as she grabbed hold of my cock and guided it towards the warm entrance.

I felt the soft wetness of her pussy around the head of my cock and she guided me in a few inches. "All the way in baby…all the way in…" Margaret muttered in my ear as I nestled down on top of her and the full length of my cock slid into her waiting pussy.

"Mmm lovely…" she whispered. I began to move in and out of her, slowly at first but then she started to wriggle underneath me.

"I want to feel you coming in me David! I want to feel it this time. I want you to come as quickly as you can!" I speeded up and as I did so I felt her hands grabbing at my backside. "You've got a fabulous arse David!" I didn't know what to say but suddenly felt her fingers sliding along its crack and I suddenly realised she was actually starting to stroke the opening! This astonished me but I suddenly felt a spasm of pure pleasure jolt through me.

This was fantastic! "Is that nice David?" "It's lovely… keep doing it…" I gasped in her ear as I felt my orgasm approaching. My head was buried in the pillow as I pounded away at her and then suddenly to my disappointment her finger moved away.

However a couple seconds later it was back again and this time I realized she had lubricated it, probably from her mouth, as she probed at my backside insistently until I felt a small relaxation of the muscles and suddenly the first inch of her finger was sliding into my backside! This was a new and incredible experience for me and within seconds I came. I let out a grunt as I suddenly exploded inside Margaret's pussy, sending jet after jet of spunk deep into her.

"That's it David! That's it darling…yes I can feel it baby, I can feel it darling…" Margaret continued to mutter in my ear as I came inside her, not thinking of the consequences. After a while I felt my orgasm die down and I rested on top of her, enjoying the warmth of her soft breasts against me.

I kissed her lightly on the cheek and then lifted myself up on my elbows. She gazed at me with her beautiful blue eyes and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "There how was that?" "Fantastic Margaret - it was absolutely brilliant. Especially what you did with my bum!" She grinned. "Most men enjoy that!" I licked my lips and then kissed her again. "Do want to make me come now?" Margaret gazed at me.

"Gosh yes! Sorry…" I felt I was neglecting my duty! "Have you ever fucked a woman from behind?" I shook my head. "Would you like to?" "Yes please!" I replied enthusiastically. "Come on then." I pulled out of Margaret with a wet plop and knelt up on the bed. She carefully turned over and then got up on to all fours, her backside pointing towards me. It was an incredible sight, framed by the black suspender belt and the black stockings. She wiggled her backside at me.

"Help yourself darling!" I grinned and shuffled forward, reaching out to take hold of her backside. Her bum was gorgeous. I gently stroked the cheeks and squeezed the flesh. "I see you're teasing me you naughty boy! You learn quickly don't you?" I smiled to myself as Margaret exclaimed into the pillow. I slid my right hand down between her legs and she obediently parted them as I felt for her wet pussy.

This was the first time I had touched her between her legs and I was surprised how large her lips were. In fact my middle finger slipped quite quickly and easily into her pussy and Margaret gave a little moan. "That's nice David…that's nice. Slide it up a bit towards my clit…do you know where that is?" I reached round with my fingers and soon felt the small swelling. "Ooh good boy! Top marks…" I rubbed my index and middle fingers around the nub and Margaret began to moan appreciatively.

She began to thrust her hips back at me. "That's enough of that now David…put your cock in me! Now!" I quickly withdrew my hand and grasping my cock in my right hand I shuffled forward and positioned the head against the opening of her pussy. It slid in like a hot knife through butter and Margaret gave a little cry as my body slammed against hers.

I withdrew and slammed in again. "Fuck yes that's nice! I love it when you do it like that!" I began to thrust in and out of her, my body slapping against the cheeks of her backside. I had a firm grip of her hips so I was able to pull her back on to me as I thrust into her. All the while Margaret was moaning and grunting in time to my thrusting. "Tits…play with my tits…" I kept up my rhythm but leaned forward and brought my hands underneath where Margaret's enormous breasts were swaying about and I quickly grabbed the large handfuls of flesh, massaging them in my hands.

"That's it David…squeeze them… I love it when you do that!" Her breasts felt wonderful in my hands and I squeezed and massaged them as I continued to pound into her. Then she started to mutter again. "I'm going to come David…I'm going to come! Squeeze my nipples when I come please… grab them and squeeze them!" I obediently reached round and grabbed the stalks of Margaret's nipples.

They felt about half an inch long and as instructed I squeezed them with my fingers. "Ouch yes! Again! Harder…!" Margaret was now almost crying out as I pinched her nipples and continued to pound my cock deep into her pussy. Suddenly she gave a wild cry and her body collapsed on to the bed, crushing my hands underneath her enormous chest. I fell on top of her and she gave an almighty grunt as my cock slammed even deeper into her pussy.

"FUCKKKKK!!!YESSSSSSSSSSS!" Margaret emitted almost a growl muffled by the pillow as she came and I could feel her pussy twitching and jerking around my cock.

She moaned softly, breathing heavily as she gradually came down and then gave one last deep sigh. -------------oooooooooooooooooooooooooo----------------------------- It was after this second session that I just had to tell my best mate Colin what had been going on. By now, of course, he too was masturbating on a regular basis and although only 14 as opposed to my 15, he was almost as big as me and keen to expand his sexual horizons.

Of course, as soon as I told him what I had been up to with Margaret, he begged me to suggest to her that he go and see her as well so after our next session I casually raised it with Margaret.

"That was brilliant as always David…" Margaret lay next to me, her chest rising and falling as she recovered from her third orgasm of that afternoon. "Glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too!" I pause for a few seconds. "Margaret…?" She turned to look at me, knowing from my tone of voice that I was going to ask an awkward question. I turned to match her gaze. "I was just thinking…I've got a really good friend called Colin. He doesn't know anything about us." Margaret raised her eyebrows but then she relaxed as I reassured her.

I continued, "I expect he would like to come round here as well and it would make a change for you and he's a really nice boy and only a year younger than me." I gabbled all this out in one breath and then stared at Margaret who was trying not to laugh.

"So what you're saying David is that you want to know if your friend can come round as well?" I nodded hopefully. "You won't be jealous then?" This hadn't occurred to me but I shook my head reassuringly.

"Not at all. You'll still see me though won't you?" "Of course I will David! You're my favourite!" She looked thoughtful for a few seconds and then grinned. "What would be really nice would be to have both of you at once!" "That would be great!" I exclaimed enthusiastically. The plans were laid and Margaret confirmed she would be free the following Saturday afternoon.

I rushed home and told Colin that evening. He was wildly excited and I told him not to play with himself too much over the next few days to save himself up! So it was that Colin and I, after checking that the coast was clear, tapped on the front door of Margaret's his house the following Saturday afternoon.

The door opened very quickly she was obviously looking out for us and she quickly beckoned the two of us in. Colin looked Margaret up and down he seemed impressed with what he saw. It helped of course that she was obviously looking forward to our arrival as she was wearing a long white house coat when she answered the door and quickly took it off once the door was closed to reveal she was completely naked underneath!

"Wow!" was all Colin could say he and I could not help but agree with him. She looked stunning!

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"This is Colin." I said unnecessarily, pointing to my friend and Margaret leaned forward to give him a quick peck on the cheek. "Pleased to meet you, Colin. I hope you'll enjoy yourself this afternoon as much as David normally does!" She looked towards me with a grin and I smiled back. "He's told me all about you!" Colin said nervously. I think he did still not quite believe what I had told him about Margaret. "Do you really…you know…" Margaret laughed. "Do we have sex you mean?

Does he fuck me? Yes he certainly does Colin! And hopefully you'll be doing the same soon…" she smiled sweetly at him, cocking her head to one side. Colin went bright red and looked at me for reassurance. "Shall we go upstairs then?" Margaret led the way up the stairs and I followed with Colin eagerly padding upstairs behind me.

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Margaret pushed open the door of her bedroom and the big double bed was all ready, the sheets thrown off and the mattress lying there invitingly. This was swiftly followed by Margaret herself who lay on her back, legs spread wide and looking even more inviting!

"Who wants me first then?" She grinned up at us expectantly. I glanced across at Colin who nodded. We had more or less agreed that I would go first to give Colin a chance to relax a bit in her company. I quickly pulled off my clothes. I noticed Colin was watching me, and of course although we used to masturbate together in the past, it had been some time since we had done so and I was pleased he was still okay seeing me naked! "God David I could never tire of seeing that cock of yours!" Margaret was now leaning up on her elbows and gazing at my cock which was swinging between my legs.

She looked at Colin. "He's a big boy isn't he?" Colin nodded. "I know what you two used to do when you were younger so don't worry.

It's quite natural!" Colin grinned sheepishly. "Why don't you get undressed, Colin? Join us on the bed." I had climbed onto the bed and was lying next to Margaret and the two of us were gazing at Colin who seemed nervous to follow Margaret's instructions but then started to undress.

I hadn't seen Colin naked for some time and was impressed with the tightness of his body. He obviously worked out. He quickly took his jumper and shirt off and kicked off his shoes and socks before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down. He was now stood there just in his briefs and he was already starting to get erect. "Come on Colin, all the way!" Margaret exclaimed with a laugh and Colin quickly slipped down his briefs.

His cock sprung into view and I noticed he had a grown since I had seen him last although, I was pleased to say, it was still wasn't as big as mine! "Very nice Colin…bring it over here!" Margaret demanded and Colin quickly lay down next to her on the other side. I decided to take the lead and leaning towards Margaret took her face in her hands and guided it towards my lips. I kissed her passionately, sliding my tongue into her mouth and she in turn put her arms round my shoulders. I wasn't sure what Colin was doing but Margaret was moaning appreciatively and glancing across I saw that he was tentatively stroking her body up and down her side and thighs.

I broke off and looked at Colin. "Why don't you give her a kiss?" I suggested and Margaret quickly pulled Colin down to her. I watched as Colin and Margaret kissed and I must admit I found it quite arousing watching the two of them. Colin was running his left hand up and down her side and legs again but then Margaret quickly guided him towards her breasts.

Colin needed no second invitation and began to squeeze and caress Margaret's large breasts. I could see her nipples springing to attention. I slid down the bed slightly and started to run my hands up the inside of Margaret's legs which she parted for me. Her pussy was already starting to glisten and I stroked my fingers through the pubic hair and circled her pussy. She gave her a low moan and wrapped her arms around Colin who was kissing her with renewed vigour.

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His hands were pummelling her breasts as my fingers worked along the lips of her pussy and then I carefully inserted my middle finger up to the knuckle into the warm wetness. Margaret gave a moan and turned onto her back, as Colin pulled away and gazed down to see what I was doing.

I grinned up at him as he gazed at Margaret's crotch where my finger was sliding in and out of her wet pussy. "Do you want to take over for a bit?" I asked and Colin eagerly slid down the bed.

I pulled my finger out and Colin quickly replaced it with his, as he tentatively started to slide his finger in and out. "Do it a bit harder darling…" Margaret muttered and Colin quickly obeyed.

I could now hear the slurping of her pussy and the slap of Colin's hand against her. She had her eyes closed now, head thrown back and as Colin was sliding his finger in out of her pussy I was running my hands along the inside of her thighs and over her breasts. "Kiss my tits David…you know how I like it…" I quickly leaned down and grabbed the flesh of her breasts in my hand, bringing her nipples to my mouth.

I sucked and nibbled at the firm stalks and Margaret grabbed my head pulling her closer to me. "That's it baby! Oh yes that's it!" She was now thrusting her hips to meet Colin's fingers and squeezing my head against her chest. Suddenly she gave a cry and spasmed several times as she came, her body trembling with the force of her orgasm. She stiffened for a few seconds and then collapsed back on the bed.

Her face was red and her eyes were still closed as I glanced at Colin who had now taken his finger out and was gazing at me with a broad grin.

I smiled back. "That was fabulous boys! I'm glad you brought your friend along David!" Margaret grinned up at me and Colin looked pleased with himself.

Margaret glanced at my erection. "Looks like you're ready David - get on your back and I'll ride you shall I?" I quickly lay down on the bed and Margaret got on to all fours before straddling me. She glanced at Colin. "Can you guide it in for me?" She asked quietly.


Colin looked at me and I nodded as Margaret arranged her hips over my crotch and Colin snaked his hand between our bodies and took a firm grasp of my cock. I closed my eyes.

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It had been a long time since Colin had done this and it brought back fond memories. It obviously did the same for Colin as he gave my cock a gentle squeeze and a few strokes before guiding it between the lips of Margaret's pussy where it nuzzled at the warm opening. As soon as my cock touched Margaret she lowered herself on to it and the full length slid into her. She gave a long sigh. "For however long you come and see me David I shall never tire of the feeling of your thick cock deep in my cunt!" She muttered.

I noticed Colin grinning at me enviously and he gazed at Margaret as she began to raise and lower her hips on to my cock. He lay down next to us and watched as Margaret began to ride me and it occurred to me there was not great deal he could do. However Margaret had other ideas. "Colin…in the drawer over there…" Margaret gasped, indicating her bedside cabinet. Colin jumped up and opened the drawer.

"A tube of KY jelly." Colin held up the tube for inspection and Margaret nodded. She flicked her head backwards. "Get behind me and smother your cock with that stuff. You can slip it in my arse!" I almost laughed at the expression on Colin's face as he stood there dumbly holding the tube.

He stared at me and I widened my eyes giving him a "why not?" sort of look. He shrugged his shoulders and quickly uncorked the tube and squeezed some of the lubricant on to his cock. He smoothed it in and then went to the end of the bed, leaning forward and climbing on to it directly behind Margaret. "Can you see where to go Colin?" I watched Colin as he peered between Margaret's legs. She had stopped moving now and was spreading her legs wide.

He shuffled forward and Margaret gave a little squeak. "Shit that's cold…but it's the right place…slide it in slowly." Colin had a look of studied concentration on his face as he took hold of Margaret's hips and wriggled about. I glanced at Margaret who had her eyes screwed tight shut but then her eyes shot open as I felt Colin ease forward. He was in! "Christ that's lovely Colin! Just lovely!" I caught Colin's eye and winked, and he grinned back with a nod.

Margaret caught this look. "OK you two, fuck me!" She grinned at me and I began to thrust my hips up so my cock carried on sliding in and out of her. In the meantime I could feel Colin starting to rock backwards and forwards. After a few seconds we were able to match rhythms and I could actually feel the thrusting of Colin's cock against my own inside Margaret.

The feeling was quite unusual but quite wonderful. I lay my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the wonderful feeling and keeping the rhythm up, thrusting my cock as hard as I could into Margaret's wet cunt.

"Jesus Christ yes, that's lovely! That is so fucking lovely!" She turned to look at Colin. "Is it alright darling? Not too tight?" Colin shook his head.

"No it's fine…" He continued to pound into her and I could see from his face that he was close to coming. I must confess I wasn't far off myself. Colin started to speed up and I tried to match his rhythm but suddenly he stiffened and let out a grunt. "That's it Colin! That's it! Pump it into me! Jesus I can feel it filling up my arse!" Colin was obviously coming into her and his face was contorted, his eyes closed tight. Soon he had finished and I felt him carefully pull out.

He staggered back on to the bedroom floor and I could see his cock still waving about, a few drops still oozing from the tip. "Don't stop baby I'm almost there!" Margaret grunted and I realise I had stopped thrusting at her. I started again and this time Margaret was able to bounce up and down on top of me. She lifted herself up until she was kneeling astride me and grabbing my hands she pulled them to her chest.

The soft flesh of her breasts overflowed my hands as I squeezed and caressed her boobs, tweaking her nipples which I know she liked. "Oh yes David! That's it! Keep doing that! Oh that is so fucking lovely! I'm going to come! Here I go…yes…yes…fucking hell yes…YESSS!" Margaret almost screamed as her orgasm hit her, and her body trembled again as she came for the second time that afternoon.

I knew I was close myself and before Margaret had a chance to subside I came. It almost crept up on me and I jerked my hips upwards as I climaxed, sending spunk gushing into her hungry cunt. As I did this Margaret collapsed on top of me and squeezed the walls of her pussy around my cock, as if milking me for every last drop. After the two of us recovered Colin rejoined us on the bed and we lay together, this time me in the middle, with Margaret and Colin either side of me.

"That was wonderful…there's so much more you can do with two boys!" Margaret turned to whisper to me.

Colin also turned to gaze at Margaret. "Thanks ever so much! That was brilliant!" Margaret grinned back. "So…you to use to play with each other did you?" Colin and I exchange glances and I nodded. "What did you used to do then?" "Well sometimes we would play with each other and sometimes we would even suck each other's cocks." Colin seemed quite happy to confess to these activities.

Margaret raised her eyebrows. "Wow I'd like to see that!" Colin and I exchange glances. I turned to look at Margaret. "Really? You'd like to see boys do that?" Margaret nodded her head eagerly. I turned to look at Colin. I was not sure I could if I could do that but Colin had an odd expression on his face. "Would you like me to suck you?" he asked nervously. "God yes, go on David! Say yes!" Margaret nudged me. I thought for a few seconds. "OK then…" Colin was now rather more enthusiastic than I had thought he would be and he quickly shuffled down the bed and gazed at my erection which was now starting to stir are once again.

He leaned down and gave it a quick lick. "Is that what's your pussy taste like?" He glanced up at Margaret who nodded. "I guess it must do!" She grinned." Colin returned his attention to my cock and then suddenly opened his mouth and swooped down on to it. I closed my eyes.

It had been a long time since Colin had sucked my cock but he was still very good! His left hand cupped my balls as his head bobbed up and down slurping at my shaft, his tongue rasping up and down and twirling around the helmet. I glanced up at Margaret who was gazing intently at what Colin was doing.

She glanced down at me realizing she was being watched.


"Is he good David?" I nodded. "Is he as good as me?" She grinned mischievously. I didn't say anything and she laughed. "Unfair question!" she giggled and then returned her gaze to Colin. Then she quickly climbed off the bed and I wondered where she was going. She went to the other side of the bed and climbed back on and I suddenly realized that she was going to join in. Colin didn't miss a beat as Margaret arranged herself on the bed and casually took Colin's cock in her hand.

His eyes glanced across to where she was nestling in his lap, her lips running up and down the shaft and then suddenly his cock disappeared in her mouth. Colin's eyes closed, as he experienced what I had often experienced, Margaret's skill at oral sex! Colin continued to suck me off as Margaret was sucking him, and I found it hard to choose which particular one to watch. The only thing that did occur to me is that if Margaret made Colin come whilst my cock was still in his mouth, I might feel the effects of his teeth on my shaft!

However the problem was solved by the sudden feeling of Colin's fingers searching between my legs. I remembered he used to do this before, and his middle finger probed at the opening to my backside. We both knew that this was almost guaranteed to bring me off immediately and, sure enough, I suddenly came, pumping into Colin's mouth. To his credit, as he always did, he swallowed the juice as it spurted into its mouth and Margaret briefly stopped her work on Colin gazing at him as his cheeks worked on my shaft.

She glanced at me. "Is he swallowing it all?" I nodded and she looked at him with new admiration. Colin gave one last suck before removing his head from my cock and he slumped back onto the bed, which made it easier for Margaret to continue on his cock.

I watched as her head bobbed up and down Colin's shaft and I could see he, too, was close to coming. I knelt up on the bed and looked down at Colin who was lying spread eagled on the bed, Margaret's head busily working at his cock. He glanced up at me and grinned. Then I could not resist it. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

I had only done this once or twice when we were younger and I hadn't felt the urge to do it again. However for some reason it seemed right. Colin seemed initially startled but then took my head in his hand and returned my kiss.

Soon our mouths open and our tongues searched for each others. I could taste my spunk on his tongue, and it was oddly arousing. Then I suddenly felt him start to twitch. He pulled his lips away from mine and hugged me closer to him. I nuzzled my head into his neck as suddenly he started to thrust upwards and with a grunt he came. I gazed down his body to see his cock stabbing in and out of Margaret's mouth, and I could imagine his spunk flowing down Margaret's throat.

Her eyes were firmly closed and her throat was working on Colin's cock, swallowing every last drop. Eventually she pulled away and slumped back onto the bed the three of us were spent! For the next few months I saw Margaret off and on, occasionally with Colin but more often by myself.

Margaret occasionally suggested that I might like to see friends of hers, but I was a bit worried about being discovered and turned her down.

Then suddenly it all stopped. No vase, no wave, nothing. Once or twice I knocked on the door but no answer. I never saw her again.