Two mature lesbians wrestling and making pussy wet

Two mature lesbians wrestling and making pussy wet
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My perfect little life I wake up early,it's 6.30am monday morning.I glance out the window,noticing although it's sunny,there's a few dark cloud'creeping over.I stretch my body and my arm's out to have a big yawn.

I feel some faint twinges from my little pussy,just letting me know not to be too brutal today,from the stretching my uncle gave it yesterday! I throw the duvet back and slide out of bed,i get a strong whiff from my nether region's.yes it's time for a shower i think! I grab hold of some clean white panties from the top drawer in my dresser,and head off to the bathroom. I put the water on in the shower,then clean my teeth while i wait for the water to get nice and hot.I swill my mouth out and step in,feeling the hot steamy water falling onto my head and shoulder's running down my little body.oooooooo it feel's so nice!

I get some shampoo out of the bottle and rub it into my hair,i then get some sweet smelling gel and wash around my face,shoulder's and little titty bump's.I wash my leg's then stand up,rinsing all the soap and shampoo off.I fetch the shower head off and spray it between my leg's,gently rubbing the dried cum and juices away,i open my dainty pussy lip's and give it a spray inside just to freshen it,but not get rid of the sacred smell!

After doing the same to my little asshole i replace the shower head and turn the shower off.I step out and grab the towel from the rail drying my hair and body,i finish drying myself off and drop the towel into the wash basket and head back to my room.

As i get out onto the landing my father's coming out of his bedroom,followed by the little lad 'daniel' who's got a hard-on,about 5" long.mmmmmm quite tasty! I saw him last night for the first time when my uncle steve and i got home,he's cindy's son,one of my dad's girlfriend's kid's.She's got another older son too,matt,who i have been pissed on by before he fucked me hard up my ass.hav'nt seen him for some time thinking about it.

dad: "morning lisa" me: "morning sir" dad: "how you feeling today then?" looking at my pussy me: "fine thankyou sir.a little sore but not that bad" dad: "good.but don't let those teacher's give you too much shit for a couple of day's!" saying with a stern look me: "i won't sir" dad: "go get yourself ready then.i'm just taking daniel in the shower with me to give me a good wash.i think i'll use his tongue and mouth!" laughing and roughing daniel's hair up,daniel looked back at him smiling,placing his little hand on my dad's now semi hard cock.

I smile at them both as they go off into the bathroom,thinking twice about going in with them!

I get into my room and fetch my uniform out of the wardrobe,lyeing it on the bed.I go over to my dresser and sit down and plug the hair drier in,dry my hair,then put some of my sparkly pink lip-gloss on.I go over to the bed and start to get dressed.My uniform consist's of a shortish tight dark red skirt,white blouse,red and white striped tie,black shoe's,knee length white sock's,and a tight fitting dark red cardigan.I put it all on,then put my hair into two ponytail's,one either side.I stand in front of my mirror and do a twirl round,stopping when i get to my bum,picking my tight skirt up a bit,showing the bottom of my white cotton panties.yes lisa that will get there cock's and pussy's ready!

i say to myself.I pick my school bag up,chucking a spare couple pair's of white panties in (because the teacher's alway's nick em!),and go out to the landing. dad: "take my cock up your dirty little little fucker!" daniel: "AAAAAAAAAA!!" Is what i hear coming from the bathroom,my dad is obviously fucking little daniel.hard! I smile and get real turned on listening to it,i put my hand down onto my pussy,and start to rub it.then i think,ive got to get some breakfast yet and make everyone a cup of tea!

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So i head off down the stair's. I get into the kitchen,have my breakfast and hear everyone come down.I make them all a cup of tea,take it in the front room on a tray and hand them all out,there's my dad,uncle,cindy,and her son. dad: "i'll take you into school today.might aswell cause ive got to take cindy and her cute assed little boy back home" uncle: "first though before you lot get off!.you can come over here and take care of me you sexy little school i dare say (looking at my dad with a sly smile) your dad here will give you some of his hard cock before you get there!" me: "yes sir!.no problem" me: "wow!.you've got a strong smell sir!" uncle: "i hav'nt had a shower yet cause of you lot!.and don't fucking complain to me!

you usually love it!!" he say's angrily me: "oh no sir.sorry.i love the smell of's my most favourite thing!.sorry sir" i say grovelling as i don't want to get him upset! uncle: "good! use your tongue and mouth and clean me up young cumslut!" he snap's at me I lower my mouth down to his big sweaty ball's licking and sucking them,with his big semi hard cock now lyeing stretched out across my face. dad: "get your face under there daniel and lick her pussy and asshole!" daniel: "yes sir" I open my leg's and he slides himself underneath,he pull's my panties to the side and i lower myself onto his little face.oooooooo nice!.i can feel his little tongue busily working away at my pussy,i start to rock my hip's,rubbing my pussy and ass all over him!.with a face full of my uncles sweaty ball's and cock,and little daniel's face to ride,what better way is there to start a monday morning off!

i think to myself.My uncles cock is now rock hard,so i slowly lick up the shaft,smelling and tasting yesterday's outing,i get up to the end and lick all round his big bulging cockhead,licking the pre-cum off right on the tip.I start to rub myself harder onto daniel's face,making him gasp for air,and notice my dad and cindy next to us,with my dad banging away at her ass.

cindy: "fuck it!.fuck it fucking HARDER!" I stretch my mouth over my uncle's cock and close my little hand's round it,pumping them up and down as quick as i can.mmmmmmmmmmm the smell i was getting and the feeling of little daniel's face being the thing i cum off on was fucking EXCELLENT! My uncle then pushed me off and turned round on all four's on the sofa,pushing his ass into my face.I said the smell was strong from his cock!.nothing compared to this!.i knew it was'nt going to be long before i flooded little daniel's face,i opened my mouth and licked and sucked like mad on his asshole!.going quite demented for a little sweet innocent thing like me.not!

I felt my leg's and tummy start to tingle.then my body started to jerk like i was beingelectrocuted! me: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.FUCK!" I screamed after wave after wave of tremor's went through my little body,all i could here from down below was little daniel trying to get some air and plenty of squelching noises!

My uncle turned round quick and aimed his big thick cock at my open mouth,erupting stream's of gorgeous thick tasty cum into it.i gulped down the lot.not missing a single bit.which was quite some going as there was a river load! As he was letting out the last few dribble's i closed my mouth over the end again,giving it a few final suck's,then he just slumped back down onto the sofa.

I knelt up higher so to let daniel out,he just slid a foot and lay there getting his breath back,i bent down and kissed him swirling my tongue around his little mouth,tasting and smelling myself all over him,i lay down next to him,head to foot,playing with his little ball's and rock hard little cock,he started bucking his hip's,wanting me to wank him i thought fuck it,he had all my juices all over him and in his mouth.i'll suck him off quick,when i had the whole of his cock in my mouth and a couple of inches of it down my throat.

We all heard cindy and my dad coming to the final,with her screaming and my dad shouting so many foul word's!.if anyone could here outside they would think there was a massacre going on!

Just at the end for them,little daniel shot his cum down my throat,with me thrusting one of my little finger's up his asshole and swallowing the lot! After we had all lay there for 5 min's catching our breath. dad: "fucking hell come on!.your going to be late if we don't fuck off now!" There was a mad scramble of everyone getting there stuff together and pulling there clothes straight.and then we where ready uncle: "see you later cum queen.and hope to see you two soon!" uncle: "and see you in a bit mitch" to my dad We all said bye and left and got into the landcruiser dad: "don't think we'll have time for me to give you my cock lisa.but i'll pick you up from school and fuck you good then!" me: "ok sir.i'm looking forward to it already!" rubbing my pussy and smiling at him.

We get to the school gates and i jump out,arranging with my dad where he'd pick me up and me blowing kisses to daniel and his mother sitting in the back. Ive got into school and i'm now sitting at the back of my classroom,with my four best friend's.who are all also 13 year old cock-loving slut's! ha.i fit in then! As a matter of fact although i'm really dirty and the most sought after amongst our little gang,i'm not the dirtiest and kinkiest!.let me tell you a bit about my friend's,teacher's and school life to put you in the picture.

First there's chloe,she's the school bike.bit like me! but she fuck's mainly the other boy's around school.which i don't.just the teacher's!


Then there's becky,she like's mainly the female's.and my uncle! Then emma.i think we're falling in love!.i LOVE her pussy and ass,she help's me out with alot of the teacher's,as she takes mainly the same classes i do.


And then there's TRISH,i love her to bit's,but her dad and 3 uncles are real cruel to her.they beat her.leave her tide up,sometimes all over the weekend,while they piss and shit on her out to other dirty families.sometimes for week's!.last year she was'nt seen at school for 2 week's!

Ive said to her countless times,although i know i come from a very strict famiy,i'd ask my dad and uncle if they could help her out,but she just smiles to me and tell's me she enjoy's it!.and ive come to the belief now.she does!

So that's it really on my friend's,and as you have probably guessed they are ALL into total submission of being fucked by there myself from an early age,that bring's me onto the teacher's.


There are 23 teacher's at our school,1 headmaster and 2 deputy's,out of that little lot i satisfy.with help from my friend's,9 teacher's,one is a vicar!,1 headmaster and both the deputy's,they all know who's doing it and so far it has been kept very secret,with only one close shave when i was in a book cupboard (tiny room at the back of most classroom's where the excercise book's are kept) with my history teacher sitting on my face,while he fucked my pussy with a banana he had bought with him,and then one of the 'straight' teacher's came into the classroom with her class.and fucking stayed there for an hour and ten minutes!.fucking lucky she never came into the book cupboard!

other than that we've all found it quite safe. My general day at school usually involves 2 or 3 different sex act's,in some wierd places.and another thing i'll mention is that teacher's in general are dirty minded and dirty down there ive found.but with my kink,it does'nt bother me too much.just turn's me on!.i'll say again,i'm only a little 13 year old,so fuck know's what i'll turn into!

We finish the register and are told to go off to our first lesson.Chloe,becky and trish all go off to different classes,while emma and me head off to R.E (religious education) with father eddie as we call him,(the vicar,and a dirty one too!) We go in,in single file and sit at our desk's. Emma's and mine are at the front so he can see us better! We sit down,get our book's out of our bag's and open them on our desk's,he goes on about something in the book,then scribbles something on the blackboard,then tell's us too right an essay on it and use the book to help.He then sit's down at his desk which is right in front of mine,smiles at me and look's down beneath my table.I open my leg's as far as they can,pulling my skirt up so he get's a good view of my white pantie covered little pussy,i see his hand go down to his cock, (which i will tell you is a beautiful one!) and start's rubbing it.He keep's on looking away answering question's the other children are asking,but alway's return's his gaze back under my desk.I pull my panties to the side so he can see my pink little pussy lip's,easing my finger in and running it along the length,i bring my hand to my face and suck my finger looking down at his cock,which is now making a fucking great big tent in his trouser's.fuck i wish i could just go over in front of everyone and pull it out and suck on it!.one day i'll try that!.probably get expelled.but hey fuck it!

me: "sir.can i go to the toilet please?" f'eddie: "yes lisa" I leave the classroom,with emma looking at me with a smirk,knowing where i'm off too,and go into the chapel.His office is at the back through a door,so i go in and go into his toilet.

I know it won't be long before he comes,giving the class an excuse that he's got to go and fetch something. I sit down on the toilet and start rubbing my pussy through my panties,then the door open's and in he comes.

f'eddie: "come on lisa,we've only got about 5 min's.i'll fuck you later in the week when ive thought of a better excuse!" He tell's me undoing his trouser's and pulling out his semi hard cock,he step's toward me and i take it into my hand's,i move my head forward,and as i alway's do take a good sniff.mmmmmmmmmm yes it has'nt been washed for a couple of day's.just how i like it! he know's this,so he must of done it specialy for me,i look up at him and give him a big smile,then open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth.

His cock start's to get harder as i move my little hand's up and down it,then i pull his cock out going lower sucking and biting his ball's.getting the intoxicating aroma in my nostril's.fuck i'm getting wet in my little pussy! I pull my head away and wank his now rock hard cock in front of my face,it look's beautiful as ive said,it's about 7" and thick,but not to thick.i think i'll get him down my little throat!

and he's got gorgeous sticky out vein's all over,making it look like those perfect dildo's you see for sale at the adult shop's.which ive been into MANY times! ha. I take his cockhead back into my mouth and ease it to the back,i place my hand's on his ass so i can pull myself,i get his cockhead just entering my throat then i pulled hard on his it is quite big and makes me gag,but it feel's good! f'eddie: "fuck lisa!.you've been training!.it feel's fucking wonderful having my big cock down a 13 year old little schoolgirl slut's throat!" He grab's hold of the back of my head and start's fucking my's a great picture,a vicar with his collar on,fucking the face of a pretty little schoolgirl with his big cock in his office toilet's at the back of a chapel.wonderful!!

He carry's on pumping my face,with my nose banging into his pubic bush f'eddie: "lisa put your hand under and feel my asshole!" I put my hand's to the back,opening one cheek with on hand so i can get my other in,furiously rubbing it up and down over his tight hole.then my face is thrust into his pelvis,as i feel gush after gush of his holy liquid being released down my throat!

he gives out some fairly loud 'yes's' then comes to a rest pulling his cock slowly out of my throat,i can feel as it inches out f'eddie: "right lisa.wash yourself as you've got tear's all down your face,then come back to class.i'll say ive sent you to fetch say you could'nt get it.right?" me: "yes sir.and thankyou!.i loved that!" i say giving his cock a few goodbye kisses f'eddie: " did fucking i.oh and leave your panties in the top drawer in my desk in the office.and rub them all over your pussy and ass so i get a good smell of you,while i'm wanking with them later!" me: "ok sir.will do" He leaves and i get up and go over to the sink,turn the cold tap on and splash myself all over my face,i get the towel and dry myself off looking at myself in the mirror.haha my eyes look rather bloodshot,but no one'll notice.

I put the towel back down and go into the office,pulling my panties off and rub them good and hard over my wet little pussy and asshole,i lift them to my nose and have a good sniff.mmmmmmm yes he'll like that!

i put them in the drawer and set off back. I walk into the classroom.

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me: "sir.mrs thomas has'nt got them" f'eddie: "ooooh never mind i'll see if i can find some later.sit back down lisa" he say's as. I go back to my seat,as i sit there i open my leg's again and show him my bare bald pussy,he smiles at me and then carry's on looking at a book he's got on his desk.

I get some paper out and start to right down the essay we've got to write,thinking of what just happened,i can still smell him faintly on my face,then go to scratch my nose.and mmmmmmm lovely!.ive still got a lovely strong smell of his ass on my hand,when i was rubbing it.So for the rest of the class i sit there,writing down with one hand and constantly sniffing my other,with my pussy getting even more wet!


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The bell goes and father eddie stand's up. f'eddie: "leave your essay's on my desk and i'll see you all on wednesday,where ive arranged for us all to go on a little outing to the church in town"giving me a sly wink. Obviously that's where i'm getting my little young pussy and ass pounded!.looking forward to that!

We all stand up and put our essay's on his table and leave the classroom. emma: "have a good time then?" me: "yes.i sucked his lovely cock again.sniff!" holding my hand up to her nose emma: "mmmmmmmm that's fucking hot!" with ecstasy on her face me: "yes.that's his ass.and i can deepthroat now" emma: "wow that's good.does it hurt?" me: "no not if you just try and open your throat a nd hold your breath.i'll show one time" emma: "mmmmmmm.ok" We where now in the cloakroom,with me hanging my bag up,emma was looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was around,she slid her hand up my skirt and felt my bare pussy.

emma: "where's your panties?" me: "oh.left them in his office.he want's to wank over them later" me: "that remind's me to go put some other's on and go see mr mellis the headmaster.for my ritual monday morning fuck" getting a pair of panties from my bag emma: "ok lucky cow!" me: "oh.don't fret!,you and i have got to take care of miss reynold's and mr richard's the gym instructor's this afternoon's lesson!" emma: "yehhhh,can't wait!" I knock on the door to his office.

headmaster: "come in!" me: "morning sir" headmaster: "oh morning lisa.nice to see you.have you seen to father eddie this morning?" me: "yes sir.but it was rather quick" headmaster: "never'll have half an hour to pleasure me!.lock the door lisa" locking the door and closing the blind's headmaster: "right then,get your panties off and get on all four's on my desk" me: "ok you want me to pose for you again?" headmaster: "yes.ive got my camera here.and a few thing's" I get on the desk on all four's,and splay my little leg's.He then grab's a bag and open's it,i glance in and see an assortment of dildo's,his camera and a strange looking metal thing.

headmaster: "right then,we'll start off easy first.just play with yourself and i'll take a few shot's" me: "ok sir" I put my face down on it's side on the desk,i can get easy access with both my hand's now,i reach back with one hand over my back,and one hand under under my tummy,and start to massage my ass and pussy.I then slip a finger into my tiny pink pussy lip's and run it down the length real slow,licking a finger of my other hand and easing it into my asshole,pushing it in and out slowly.

All i can hear is numerous click's and seeing flashes,i start to get that feeling in my tummy and my pussy start's to tingle,i slip two finger's into my ass and two into my pussy,getting more turned on!

headmaster: "FUCK!.i could get thousand's for these photo's.showing a sexy young cock-hungry little girl in her school uniform.just waiting to be told what to do!" while wanking his cock headmaster: "push this up your tight little asshole slut!" me: "yes sir" wetting a dildo in my mouth I place it on my tight little hole,pushing the end till i feel the head plop in,i let out a contented sigh turning to the camera and smiling,licking my lip's.He click's about 10 times headmaster: "oooooooo that's lovely you dirty little horny slut!.push it in as far as it'll go!" me: "wish it was your hard cock sir" headmaster: "you'll be getting this very soon you fucking whore!" I gently ease the dildo in until i can feel it won't go anymore,i start pushing it in and out,getting faster and faster,obeying the order's the headmaster's giving me.He then comes behind me and start's pushing another dildo up my fucking hurt's!

i let out a little scream of pain. headmaster: "shut the fuck up!.just fucking enjoy it you little bitch!" me: "aaaaaa.ok sir.aaaaaa.i'm sorry sir" He get's it in.and fuck!.i feel so full.Just for punishment for me moaning,he start's ramming the two of them in hard.fuck! this hurt's.i don't like this.This carry's on for another 5 minutes with me biting my lip and my face all screwed up.He then stop's and tell's me to hold them both inside me while he takes some more photo's.Then he tell's me to take them out and lick and suck them clean,there's blood on the one that was in my pussy.i carry on till there both spotless.

headmaster: "get into the toilet!" me: "ok.sir" headmaster: "kneel down.and bend your head over the bowl!" me: "ok sir.i'm ready" He then kneel's down on the opposite side so he can get his hard cock into my mouth,then start's pissing!.taking stack's more photo's. headmaster: "look up to the camera.slut!.let some drip out for the pic's.but i want you to drink the most of it!" I let some out,splashing into the water in the bowl.then gulp after gulp i drank his piss.what was it my dad said to me.'don't let the teacher's give you to much shit!'.what about piss!!

After he'd finished he told me to stand up,put my hand's on the toilet with my ass in the air,then he thrust his cock straight up my sore little asshole. me: "aaaaaaaaaaaa.fuck!" headmaster: "shut the fuck up bitch!" slapping my arse HARD! me: "sorry sir.give me your big hard cock!.please sir" headmaster: "fuck.this feel's fucking good!.keep pushing back with your ass!" pumping his cock in and out fast me: "ooooooooh sir.your cock feel's soooo nice right in my little ass.fill me up with your hot cum.please sir" headmaster: "aaaaaaa fuck!.aaaaaaaa fuck fuck feel and look so fucking hot you little fucking slut!" me: "mmmmmmm that's it sir.i'm your young little slut girl.give me all your sexy cum.feel's soooooo nice sir!" headmaster: "ooooooo fuck that feel's better!.you've got everything i had in your cute little ass slut.let's have a look" pulling his cock out headmaster: "(laugh) it look's like a mini black hole,all open and dark inside.wait here" He goes out to his office to get the metal thing from his bag,then return's.

headmaster: "right then my little cum queen,this is a ass and pussy opener.i want to open your ass up and take some photo's of what my cock has just left you!

(laugh)" me: "ok won't hurt will it?" headmaster: "shut up." positioning it in headmaster: "can you feel it getting wider?" twisting the two turn screw's with his finger and thumb me: "wow!

Horny white chick take control feel's painful sir!.really stretched!!" headmaster: "right.that's about it.(laugh) i could nearly get my hand in there! (laugh).hold still now while i take some pic's of my cum lyeing inside" taking several photo's headmaster: "sit up straight now and let's get all my cum into this" holding a cup under my asshole with his cum dripping into it headmaster: "drink it!" me: "ok sir" swallowing it all and wiping my finger all around the inside to get everything out headmaster: "well tell me then.?" me: "that was beautiful sir.very tasty sir.thankyou!" headmaster: "good.i'll give you plenty more in the day's to come!" headmaster: "right then.i think ive had and got what i needed,get yourself washed and cleaned up and get to class.your 15 minutes late so tell miss selfridge you where helping mr mellis with something!

(laugh)" me: " will do sir" The headmaster took his metal contraption out of my ass and left.I washed myself all over,leg's,face,pussy,and my very sore cauliflowered asshole!

I put all my clothes back on and straightened myself up and set off to class.

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I knock on the door and give miss selfridge my excuse,of helping the headmaster carry some boxes into his office,i then sat down and carried on with the work she set until the end of the lesson. After the lesson i met up with all the other's for lunch,and we went off to the dining room.While sitting down eating,i told them all of my encounter with the headmaster,with plenty of 'aaaaa's' and 'bet your sore now'.just a bit! When we'd finished and had a chat,emma and me decided to bunk off next lesson,as the gym lesson was'nt until last period,so we could have 1 1/2 hour's chilling out somewhere before.

We set off to this old railway line,which had lot's of wood's and a little field by the side,with benches on.We sat down.feeling a bit sore for me,so i lay on the grass,and emma came and lay by my side,we chatted for some time,then emma just kissed me,so i returned the affection,which led to the two of us sucking eachother's little mouth's and tongue's,giving the people who where walking there dog's a good show!

It got no further than us kissing quite passionately.i said before that i think i'm falling in love with her.well i can now say.i know i have!,and her me with what she tell's me,i feel sooooo safe with her! After spending the rest of our time there snogging,i ask her to have a look at my asshole before we set back.I get on all four's and she flick's my skirt up onto my back,then pull's my panties down enough to reveal my asshole.

emma: "aaaaaaaah lisa it look's all red and sore!" me: "is it still all puffy?" emma: "no it's gone back to it's normal tiny little star shape.but look's really sore!" me : "good.just have to be tender with it until my dad get's his hand's on it.or should i say cock in it later! (laugh).come on we'd better get back for the two sexy smelling gym instructures!" emma: "yeh.hang on let me just give it a little soft kiss before we go" placing her little mouth over my sore little hole and really softly brushing her little tongue over it me: "mmmmmmmmm em.that's beautiful.thank's baby.i love you!" emma: " too.all of you!" planting a final soft kiss on my asshole We get back to school and head for the gym changing room's,meeting chloe there too,my other good friend 'the school bike'.We all go in,there's 20 to 30 of us in this class,and see miss reynold's and two assistant gym instructor's,who are final year college student's.

reynold's: "right then you lot.we're going on a run today down the old railway track" I look at emma and we give eachother little smiles. reynold's: "the boy's are doing the same run too,so they'll be with us with mr richard's and his two assistant' there'll be plenty of us to keep an eye on you!" looking around at us all with a foreboding look. reynold's: "get youselves ready and come out to the playground" giving a sly glance to emma and me with a wink.

We all finish getting our gym gear on,which consist's of short dark red pleated skirt's,dark red t'shirt's and jumper's,knee length white sock's,and trainer's.We all leave heading for the playground.When we get there we have to split into two group's,boy's and girl's,so we can be counted,54 of us in total. richard's: "right.ok.the course is the same as we've used before,but i'll say it again.down to the old railway track,right the way down it till you get to compton,go through the gateway in the fence,and head back along mr pleat.the farmer's field's to the school ground's.then back to the playground for a count" reynold's: "mr richard's and myself will be staying at the back,you two (pointing at her two assistant's) stay at the front please,and you two (pointing at mr richard's two) stay somewhere in the middle please,hopefully then there will be no problem's" richard's: "right then off we go!" Everybody set off running across the football pitch to get to the old railway.By the time we had got onto the railway and run a short way down,mr richard's,miss reynold's and emma and me where quite some way back.The only people we could see far ahead running,where chloe and three boy's.

richard's: "come on through here" pathway in some bushes reynold's: "mmmmmm back to our favourite place!" Both the gym instructor's and us had been here several times.Before miss reynold's and mr richard's got us doing what they wanted us to do,emma asked mr richard's.very nicely.if he would be careful if he fucked my asshole,as it was very sore.Mr richard's laughed and asked me why.

me: "mr mellis the headmaster did some unusual thing's this time sir.he fucked me with two big dildo's in my little pussy and asshole.then he fucked me hard with his cock up my asshole.then he put this metal thing in my ass and opened it right up sir" richard's/reynold's: "(laugh) we know we've seen the pic's!" reynold's: "that's nothing to what he's got in store for you next time!" richard's: "i'll keep my fucking to emma today then.but you better show your love to miss reynold's and i.little slutty lisa!" me: "i will sir/miss.anything you tell me!" Miss reynold's took off her jogging bottom's and panties,and got on all four's,with emma and me licking her pussy,and her well!

fit ass.Mr richard's was behind me pulling my tight little white panties to the side,and sticking his finger into my asshole,with everytime i flinched.laughing!

He stopped and moved over to emma,fucking her dainty back end,with two finger's from either hand up her little holes,emma gave out some scream's,and was quickly slapped hard on her asscheek to 'shut the fuck up!'.

Miss reynold's got me to lye on my back,and squatted over my face,opening her pussy right open with her hand's from either side,then smothering my eager little mouth with the soaking wet inside of her pussy,all you could hear was loud squelching noises,as my little mouth and tongue where busy at work.fuck she tasted good! Mr richard's then got emma to stand spread legged across me,so miss reynold's could kiss her,and he could get his cock up her from behind.Emma let out another scream,as he pushed his cock as far as it would go,up her tiny little asshole.

Miss reynold's was now rubbing her pussy and asshole quite furiously over my face,french kissing emma.Everyone was in a frenzy,moving there body's about and noises of satisfaction.except me!.although i was really enjoying pleasing miss reynold's,the only noises from me where squelching and gasp's for air!

Miss reynold's started to shout,and her beautiful body went into a spasmodic fit,shaking and bucking,she alway's squirt's loud's!,so there was a stream pouring out of her,running down the side's of my face,i swallowed as much as i could,then mr richard's started letting out some gasp's.

richard's: "you two sit here with your faces together!!" pointing to his feet We got where he said with our faces together,with our mouth's under his big swollen cockhead,we licked the underneath with our little tongues.i could taste and smell emma's ass and his horny smell.mmmmmmmmmmmm! His first jet sprayed across emma's face with him letting out a big "AAAAAAAAA!" then between us we caught the rest in our mouth's. richard's: "kiss eachother!!.little cumslut's!" reynold's: "and keep some for me!" Emma and i put our open mouth's together,mixing all the cum with our tongues,swapping it from one to the other.

We roughly halved it between us and i stated with my head and eye's for emma to give her's to miss reynold's. She stood up and walked over to miss reynold's,who was already sitting on the floor with her head back and mouth wide open,emma leaned over and let it out with her little pursed lip's,miss reynold's caught it and swirled it round her mouth for a while,then swallowed it.

Emma came back to me and started to kiss me again,wanting to share the other half i still had in my mouth,we kissed for a while,then swallowed the last of the tasty cum. richard's: "come on then.let's get ourselves together and get to that little shortcut,and get back to them all" That was a good thing about doing this out here,the 'shortcut' was a 5 minute jog through some wood's,then we could watch the straggler's go by,give it a couple of minutes then join back in!

They would of done about 6 miles,as we,when we rejoin can see the school! We head back out of the bushes and down this windey dirt track to the wood's. Halfway through the wood's we see a group of people on the's chloe and those three boy's.with her sitting on one with his cock up her pussy,one behind her up her asshole,and the other wanking his cock onto her face.

They all stop suddenly when they see us,scrambling to get up and get there clothes.

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richard's: "what the fuck's going on here?." one of the boy's: "sorry" richard's: "fuck the's,i can fucking see what your doing.but why the fuck are you doing it here!?" reynold's: "do you fucking realise how much trouble we could get into.having a group of 13 year old's caught fucking in the wood's" chloe: "we're really really sorry sir/miss.we'll do absolutely anything!!" all the boy's: "yes sir/miss we're all so sorry.really sorry" They all obviously thought they where in deep shit!

richard's: "your fucking right you'll do anything,miss reynold's and i will come up with an apt punishment in get all your gym kit back on straight.and let's get the fuck back to the rest" We all go to the edge of the wood,hiding behind a big bush waiting for them all to come past,there's obviously alot already gone past,as we can see the two male assistant's,who where in the middle someway past.

Then we see the straggler's come past,wait 2 minutes then rejoin. As we're jogging back i have a chat to chloe. me: "(laugh) chloe.fancy getting's not like you!.and poor boy's,they still hav'nt sown there seed! (giggle)" chloe: "(laugh) they did!.that was round 4!.me twice and eachother once.we where just going to make it an even number and head back" me: "oh!.lucky little bastard's then.thought you where slipping for a moment chloe!

(giggle)" chloe: "how did it go for you lot?" me: "real good!.i did'nt get fucked though.i was still too sore from the headmaster earlier,but i had a mouthful of miss reynold's tasty pussy,and shared some of mr richard's tasty cum!.still got some of the lovely smell on my hand's.smell" giving chloe my hand to smell chloe: "mmmmmm very smell those three horny little fucker's" me: "mmmmmmmm i'm getting even more wet!!.i'll have to take it out on my family later!" chloe: "they don't know how lucky they are yet to have such a horny young slut coming home from school!

(laugh)" me: "(laugh) they'll soon find out!.my dad first on the way home!.come on i'll race you back!" We all get back to the playing ground to have our count,then go into the changing room's,have a shower and get changed.

We all then say our goodbyes and head of for the school-gates. My dad's waiting outside,waving his arm at me through an open window.right then! i think to myself walking up toward's dad first.then my uncle.or them both together!.and i suppose anyone else they've invited round for the night.believe me i'm feeling very horny and dirty tonight,for a young little schoolgirl.?