Yong adorable gals fucked from back striptease and hardcore

Yong adorable gals fucked from back striptease and hardcore
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The Truth About Nikki pt6 The next morning about 9 am there was a knock on our door and when Anna opened it we met Mitchel and Brian for the first time. Mitchel was a handsome man of 18, lean and well muscled.

He had a quiet easy going air about him, he knew that Anna and I were both going to whore ourselves for Kevin but he didn't treat use like most men would. Brian was also about 18 to 20, tall, slim, in good shape but not as defined as Mitchel was.

He was also a bit more outspoken than Mitchel and almost instantly gave us all a verbal breakdown of what he thought of our attributes. It was very plain that he took a liking to Anna. We invited the guys in and they instantly began hefting the few boxes that contained our every possession and carrying them down to a waiting pickup truck. I thought that we would have to take Trev's crib apart but they just snatched it up and carried it down the stairs with ease.

When Anna and I finally walked out of that nasty dump, it really felt like we had been freed from a prison. I couldn't wait to start my new life. Kevin arrived as Anna and I came out of the front doors of the hotel and told us to ride with him to our new place. Kevin gave me a big smile when he first saw little Trev in my arms; he took him from my arms for a minute before passing him back to me and telling me that I made beautiful babies.

I then introduced Anna and Kevin and could tell by the gleam in Kevin's eye that Anna was going to receive her interview very soon. As we drove Kevin directed the conversation toward Anna, trying to get a feel for her attitude and explaining the rules to her just as he had done me. It was evident to me that Kevin had been running girls for a long time; he had the whole speech down pat. He finally turned to me and told me that I had a date a little later, so as soon as we got to our apartment, I was to get dressed so Mitchel could take me there when it was time.

Then Kevin told us that Mitchel and Brian were allowed favors from us too, that it was a perk of there position as our drivers. I asked Kevin who these guys were and how they came to work for him driving girls around. Kevin explained that it was his form of community service; he took kids who he thought had a future, gave them a good job to keep them out of trouble on the streets and mentored them toward a real career.

Then he twisted around, looked straight at me and said that Ray had been one of his boys when he was growing up. Our new apartment was wonderful, not a two bedroom as I had expected, it had three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.

It was clean, the furniture was used but nice, and it even had some dishes and silverware. It was nicer than even my mom's house and almost as big. Anna and I picked our rooms and the guys brought our things in and watched as we put them away in the closets and dressers. Once that was done I closed the door to my bedroom and changed into my "work clothes". I picked a black tube top, black bra with a red mini and matching panties.

To top it off I slipped into a pair of two inch black heels.

With a little touch up on my hair and some eye shadow and lip-gloss, I was ready for another John. When I opened the door and walked back into the living room, Mitchel took notice and said "dammm girl you are looking fine". Brian and Kevin seconded this. Anna said that she would take good care of Trev while I was out which reminded me that I was going to have to find another baby sitter as it was way too fare to drive him all the way across town to my old one.

I mentioned this to Kevin and he said not to worry, he had just the lady in mind that would take good care of my baby. Then he gave me a little pat on the ass, passed me a cell phone and told me that I had better hit the road. I should have felt nervous about the whole deal, but instead, I felt a bit excited about it. During the drive Mitchel explained further how the operation worked. That speed dial #1 was his phone and that I was to call it if I had any trouble or when I was ready for pickup.

It was a simple system but pretty fool proof. Mitchel gave me the lowdown on the meet, where I was to go, room number and the guy's known likes.

It was a bit surreal being told what to expect from a guy ahead of time. Mitchel told me that this guy was a regular who had wanted to sample me as soon as Kevin had put the word out about me. I was still wondering how I should feel about that as Mitchel pulled into a motel and stopped the car. I went to the arranged room, knocked and was let in immediately by an older gentleman of about 45 or so.

He had a bit of a gut but was clean and polite. As I presented myself to him he cooed that I was everything he had been told.

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He gently pulled me to his chest and kissed me, which was a surprise, because johns rarely kiss whores. Being treated like this made me more and more eager to satisfy him sexually. We soon began undressing each other and as soon as my mini slid down my legs to the floor, I followed them. Kneeling before him I slipped off each of his shoes and socks, pulling his trousers and briefs along with them. His cock was of average size, uncut, and hard as a post as I cupped his balls and slid my mouth over him.

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As I slipped my tongue into his foreskin I could taste the musk of his pre cum and hear his soft moan. His body arched toward me, pressing even more of his sweet cock into my mouth. His pulsing cock, moans, and increasing grip on the back of my head told me that he was indeed enjoying my oral services. He began to tell me what a god cocksucker I was, and how he was going to enjoy filling my mouth with cum, but said that that would have to wait till later.

He then pushed my mouth from his cock and told me to hop into bed. It was a pleasant feeling slipping into a bed that had clean sheets, most of the flea bag motels I was used to only cleaned the sheets maybe every day, but rented the room a dozen times during a day.

I volunteered to put a condom on his cock, but he said the he had bought me bare and that was how he wanted me. So, I guided his uncovered cock into me as he slipped between my legs and even enjoyed a nice orgasm before he emptied himself into me.

As he rolled from me his hand guided my head to his soft cock. I began sucking his cock and fiddling with his balls soon bringing his manhood back to full erection.

The taste and smell of our combined juices made my juices flow and I dedicated myself to making him erupt into my mouth. I wanted to taste his pure seed, straight from his tight balls. His breath became increasingly labored, his grip tightened on my head, and I knew that He would soon give me what I wanted.

He told me soon after that he was going to cum and he wanted me to hold his cum in my mouth until he told me otherwise. With that he exploded into my mouth, his hot salty semen literally filled my mouth forcing me to breath through my nose.

As he released his grip on my hair I pulled away, opened my mouth and let him view his sperm coating my teeth, lips, and tongue. He smiled broadly, told me that I was a fine fuck, and a skilled cocksucker.

He patted me on cheek and told me to swallow his cock juice, which I did, before smiling at him and telling him how good it was. He smiled again as he slipped from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Without another word he closed the door and I heard the shower start. I sat there and reviewed this new life as a whore for Kevin. It wasn't super pleasant but it was worlds better than life across town.

I decided then and there that I could do this long enough build a nest egg and escape to a real life. I was still in bed; leaning back against the wall when the shower quit and my john came out and began dressing in silence.

As he stood up and headed toward the door, he turned and told me that he would see me again, and that I was a fine little bitch. He put some bills on the TV as he went out the door and as soon as the door clicked shut, I bolted from the bed and snatched them up. He had left an extra $50:00 tip for me. This told me that I had pleased this quiet man, until then I really had wondered if I had displeased him in some way.

I pulled out my cell phone and hit key #1.

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A few rings later Mitchel answers, I explain that my "date" has just left and Mitchel tells me to go ahead and take a shower and cool out in the room for a while because he was going to be a bit before he could get there. I was about to hang up when he told me not to worry about getting dressed while I wait for him. I hung up and headed for the shower too, fully convinced that Mitchel was going to sample me as soon as he arrived. After I showered I straightened the bedding and plopped down to watch the TV while I waited for Mitchel to arrive.

I didn't have too long to wait before there was a rap on the door. I slipped from the bed and opened the door while hiding myself behind it; Mitchel slipped in and pushed the door shut behind him. He stood for a moment looking me up and down before reaching out and cupping my breast. He said that I looked even better than he had thought I would, that I was incredible and that he wanted us to enjoy each other. His hand went to my naked waist and guided me to the bed where he stopped and pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

His hands caressed my body, rubbing my breasts and gently squeezing my ass cheeks. We broke our kiss but his lips began to explore my neck, then down my chest to my breasts, first suckling one then the other. His hands were busy too, exploring every inch of my body, finally one hand slipping between my legs and begin kneading my pussy.

His attentions were getting results, I could hear my pulse getting louder in my ears, and could feel the moisture and heat between my legs building by the second. My hands were working over his body with a mind of their own; they find the zipper of his jeans and release his wonderful cock into my grasp. Mitchel's cock was wonderful, not overly long, but was quite fat and got even fatter as he fully hardened in my right hand, as my left struggled to release his jeans from his hips.

I began to drop to my knees but he turned me toward the bed and laid me onto my back with him beside me. He continued to finger my pussy and suckle my breasts, making my hips begin to hump his hand automatically. He finally raised his arms and let me pull his "t" shirt over his head. Mitchel began kissing his way down my belly toward my pussy, my heart was pounding in my ears, I was fully aroused and wanting to feel his weight on my body while his fat black cock filled my womb.

But Mitchel had other ideas for me; he continued to lick and kiss his way down my belly, suckling my navel then kissing his way to the top of my clean-shaven pussy. I cupped his head in my hands and reminded him that I had just been with a man. He lifted his head from my belly and told me to relax and enjoy myself.

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Then he lowered his mouth to my pussy and drove his tongue into me and the mixture of my juices and my departed john's sperm. The flicking of his tongue in my pussy instantly drove me over the edge and I exploded into a huge orgasm. I found myself holding his face tightly against my pussy, grinding my used cum filled box against his lips. As I recovered from this huge climax, Mitchel rolled me up on top of his body, finally bringing his beautiful cock into my reach.

I grasped his open jeans and push down, and he lifted his hips freeing me to slip them down his strong hairy legs and off. Mitchel pulls my legs up beside his chest, exposing me fully to his gaze and attentions. His hands each gripping one of my ass cheeks, pulls my hips down to his skilled tongue again.

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He wasted no time once my pussy was in range of his tongue, he lapped at my clit and inner lips like a starving man, making my pussy begin to boil anew. I concentrated on the beautiful eight-inch cock bobbing in front of my face. It was almost as fat as the club that Kevin had, but was perfectly proportioned. It was so fat at the base that I couldn't close my hand around it enough to touch fingertips.

It gradually tapered down to a large swollen head whose tip was drooling a steady stream of clear pre cum from its gaping cum hole. I shoved my mouth over his swollen head, savoring the powerful taste of his fluid. He moaned loudly as I drove my own tongue into his cum hole, feeling his strong fast pulse through his steel hard cock. Before I could continue, I was pounded by another huge orgasm and was forced to pull my mouth from his manhood and gasp for breath.

As I thrashed around Mitchel had withdrawn his tongue from my pussy allowing me to take charge and attack his throbbing cock.

I gripped the base of his tool and drove my mouth over him until his girth threatened to gag me before pulling back and driving my mouth back down his beautiful brown cock. His grip tightened on my butt cheeks, his hips thrust up at me, and he began moaning and whispering how good my cock sucking felt. His cock was flowing so much per cum that I had to pause and swallow after every second stroke of my throat on his cock. Finally his strong hands rolled me from his chest and he slid between my legs, ready for the main event, as was I.

I wanted his cock within me so bad that I was trembling as I guided his drooling, throbbing cock to the entrance to my womb. As I placed his cock head into my pussy, Mitchel rolled his hips, driving his entire cock into me in one even stroke.

My body took control and I felt my hips heave upwards to him, pressing our groins tightly together. I could already feel the tingle of an orgasm building within my belly. I look into Mitchels eyes and see the depth of his lust for me; my heart skipped a beat as I realized that I had made a great decision joining with Kevin. Mitchel began stroking his rigid cock in and out of me with long powerful strokes, almost pulling from me before plunging fully back into my womb.

We fuck, we kiss, and I lick the sperm of another man from his cheeks and chin, all the while this heat and electric tingle builds to a crescendo within me, until it finally burst forth. It slammed me without warning and in pulled myself tightly to Mitchels strong chest as huge wave racks me, pulling the breath from my lungs, dimming my vision, and making me shudder uncontrollably beneath his steady pounding.

Mitchels nibbles and kisses on my neck and ears were driving me to the very brink of another orgasm, even as I attempted to recover from the first. I needed to feel this man fill my womb with his hot sperm and I whispered into his ear that I wanted him to cum deep inside me. His pace quickened and I knew that he was going to make me cum very soon again. I told him to hold me tight because I was going to cum and I felt his grip on my shoulder tighten just as another huge climax gripped me, making me zone out as the waves of pleasure washed over me one after another.

Just as my climax released its initial hold on my wracked body, Mitchel shuddered, gasped and drove his erupting cock to my very center as I felt his pulsing cock pump load after load of his thick sperm into my womb until it could hold no more and began dribbling out of my pussy and running down the crack of my ass, forming a puddle underneath my ass.

Mitchel lay upon me covered with sweat, whispering into my ear how wonderful I was before kissing me several times before lifting his strong body from mine. He hovered over me for just a moment or two before lowering his mouth to my sweaty breasts again and began suckling them before moving further down my chest again. I asked him to turn around and let me suck his cock again and he told me that he loved the way I swallowed his meat as he turned around and placed one of his knees on either side of me, leaving his beautiful semen coved cock swinging just above my face.

I pulled a pillow under my head rolling my head back and guiding his fat gooey cock into my mouth. As soon as he felt his cock slip into my mouth his hips rolled into me, forcing his cock deeply into my throat before slipping it back out and into my mouth again. I caressed his ass and hips as he begins to slowly fuck my mouth, all the while watching his large balls swing back and forth over my face. Mitchel dropped to his elbows and pressed his face into my twice fucked pussy and began lapping up the salty mixture of two men's sperm mixed within my pussy juice.

I was in pure heaven; having a man lick my pussy was a new and wonderful experience, as few men would ever touch a hoes cunt with anything but their cock. This new feeling of a man's tongue flicking my clit directly, then driving into my hole had me panting and squirming within minutes. I was having a hard time breathing around Mitchels rock hard cock fucking my throat and was finally forced to turn my head and gasp for breath as he brought me to a shuddering orgasm.

Just as soon as I was able, I gripped his cock, clamped my mouth over it, and drove my throat to and then past my gag point.

I gripped Mitchels hips and pulled his hips down to meet my waiting throat, gagging as his cock departed my mouth and slid further and then further down my throat. His balls were at fist just brushing my forehead and nose as I pulled him into me ever deeper, but then I realized that they were pressing against my nose tighter and tighter with almost every thrust into me.

Mitchel had lifted his face from my used pussy and told me that he was going to cum in my fucking throat. Within moments of his outburst I felt his cock begin pulsing between my lips, and the hot flood of his cum way deep down my throat.

I was gagging but was intent on finishing his cock off so at every pulse of his cock I would force myself to swallow, making room in my throat for his next load of sperm. When his cock ceased spewing sperm down my throat I rolled my head free of it and gasped for breath.

As I was regaining control of myself Mitchel lifted from me and started the shower. By the time I had regained my breath and was feeling ok, the shower was nice and hot.

Mitchel and I showered together, washing each other's body and kissing softly. As we drove back to my new apartment Mitchel asked me not to talk about him eating me out, he said other men wouldn't understand. When he dropped me off, he told me that he would call in the morning with my schedule.

We said our goodbyes and he drove off into the darkening sky.


As I walked down the hall to apartment 3 I realized that I had found whore heaven, if there was such a thing.

Anna was sitting on the couch watching TV when I walked in, there was something about her that made me ask her what was going on. She got this sheepish grin on her face then told me that she had just finished her interview with Kevin today and had loved every minute of it.

Instantly I asked her if she had taken Trev with her. She saw that I was on the verge of getting really pissed so she quickly countered that Trev had been dropped off at his new babysitter before Kevin took her to his place.

It upset me a bit that I hadn't been able to meet this woman first, but at least they hadn't taken Trev with them, I wanted to keep him completely away from my business. I checked in on Trev and found him sleeping soundly and covered properly so I returned to the couch to hear Anna's tale. I sat and told her to spill her guts about everything that had happened so she recounted the whole tale, making sure that I fully understood that she had never had any orgasm that even matched the ones Kevin had given her.

She was absolutely glowing and we talked about our new position in life and I told her about my first john and what happened afterwards with Mitchel. We finally decided to head for bed and I headed down the hall but Anna called me back and reminded me to plug in my cell phone, I had already forgotten about that thing, I had another new thing to remember.

Bright and early the next morning both of our cell phones rang. We both had "dates" and were told when to be out front and basically hoe to dress for them. I had to leave first so I cleaned Trev up from his breakfast, got him dressed and his bag packed for the day.

Once outside I found Brian already sitting there in his car at the curb. He told me to hustle my ass up as we had a ways to go and still had to drop off my "crotch rat" at the sitters. His whole tone pissed me off and especially the way he referred to my son. As soon as I slammed the car door I told him to chill out and not to ever call my baby a "crotch rat" again.

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Brian just laughed and gunned the gas into traffic. As soon as we were up to speed he turned and told me that I had better chill my bitch ass out, because I was nuthin but a hoe an my baby was nuthin but a bastard. It was starting to look like a bad day to me so I just shut up and watched the world go by.


Brian pulled into this little houses driveway, stopped and told me to take my "baby" into the sitter then get my ass right back. I slipped out of the car and walked to the front door with Trev, the door swung over even before I got to the top step and I was face to face with a rotund black lady of about 50ish. She smiled and reached for Trev as soon as she saw him, cooing to him the whole time. As I passed Trev over I introduced myself to her and was surprised when she turned a stern look on me and said, "We need to talk girl".

Before I could even begin to answer Brian pounded the horn for me. The woman whose name I didn't even know yet just said "later girl, well talk" and closed the door in my face, leaving me no option but to turn and go back to the car. As Brian drove I sat there wondering what this woman needed to talk to me about and why she seemed a little bit familiar to me.

I finally pushed these thoughts aside as Brian began giving me the dope on my date. Unlike the day before I was dropped off in an alley between some businesses and told which door to knock on and when he would be back to pick my ass up, then he was gone, splashing water on my legs in the process of gassing his car. I found the door and knocked on the gray steel door marked for a men's ware store.

As the door opened I found myself looking up at a huge man of about 6'5"or more. He told me to come in and he quickly closed the door and locked it. As he turned to me he beamed and remarked that I was exactly what he had been told. He put his huge hand on my lower back and led me through a storeroom to a cluttered room, which could only be his office.

As soon as he had closed and locked the door he turned and told me to show him my wares. I put my bag on a table holding TV monitors and stripped off my clothes for him, hanging each piece over my bag as I went. I had just added the last item to the pile when he rolled toward me in his swivel chair and rubbed his massive black hand up my hip and gripped my ass firmly pulling me towards him.

He looked up at me and told me that I was "one sweet little bitch" then told me that "I was gonna make his customers real happy, but not until I made him a happy nigga boy". He spread his legs, which told me exactly what he was wanting so I dropped to my knees between them, and reached for the snap on his trousers as he leaned back in the chair smiling down on me. When I opened his pants and released his cock, I was surprised to find that it didn't match the proportions of the rest of his body.

He had a normally sized cock of about 6", uncut, and already hard. I looked up into his eyes as I gently rolled his foreskin down over his cockhead and slipped my lips over his cock. His hips rolled up forcing more of his cock into my mouth and I took this opportunity to slip his pants down his legs to his ankles.

His pre-cum was strong and salty, the smell of his crotch was musky, and his balls were already pulling up tightly against his crotch. I slipped my right hand under his balls and rolled them back and forth while I sucked his nice hard cock and listened to his moans and words of encouragement.

His big hands gently petted my head and rubbed my shoulders while I swallowed his entire cock with my mouth then while he was still deep in my throat I would force a swallow. Every time I would do this he would moan deeply and thrust upward at my face. I was enjoying this, as much as he was I think, I love it when a man appreciates my efforts and tells me so. This man was telling me exactly what he liked about my cocksucking and it made me want to please him even more. I hadn't been working on him for even five minutes when I felt both of his hands slip around my head.

I knew from experience that this meant that he was close to his orgasm, so I decide to make him cum big for me. I took a deep breath and buried his cock in my throat, holding my nose flat against his belly and began forcing myself to swallow over and over. His response was wonderful, his grip tightened on my head and his hips humped my mouth as his cock spewed cum down my throat over and over. His hips settled back into his chair and his hands slipped from my head, but I didn't quit right away, I continued to gently suck up and down his sweet cock, wringing out every little dribble of his sperm into my mouth.

Finally I let his cock slip from my mouth and stood up before him, looking down into his broad smile as he rested in the chair.

He began to laugh then told me that he had intended to fuck me before he put me to work, but I was such a talented little cocksucker, he just couldn't help himself. But that he was going to take a rain check for a later piece of my ass. Finally standing up, he fumbled around in a box beside his desk and handed me a robe. I slipped into the robe while he buckled his pants and straightened himself up, and then he led me from the office to another small room, which held a double bed, toilet, and sink.

He explained that I was to service any brother who came in who presented a black poker chip to me. He went on and said that I was to give each customer one nut, and only one nut.

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If anyone gave me shit, I was to pull the cord that hung beside the bed, and he would handle it. He told me where there were condoms, but said that if the brothers didn't want them, so be it, that I was to do them bare.

With that, he just turned and left, closing the door behind himself. I stowed my stuff under the bed and sat down, waiting for the men to arrive. I didn't have long to wait.

The door swung open and a man of about my height walked in, latching the door behind him. He flipped me a black poker chip as he whistled at me and shucked off his suit coat. He told me I was a cute little bitch but that he was between meetings so he needed to cut to the chase. He told me to get up on my knees and expect a good hard ride.

As this guy pulled off his trousers I turned and got on the bed with my ass facing him. Looking over my shoulder I watched as he kicked off his pants and boxers revealing a nice 8"+ cock. His belly was flat and the ripples of his muscles surprised me. He had looked like such a wimpy guy when he came in the door.

He instantly slipped up behind me and began rubbing his growing cockhead up and down my crack while telling me what a fine looking little white bitch I was. After only four or five strokes between my legs he entered me and began slowly stroking his swelling cock into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and just let myself feel that cock fill me a little more with each stroke. I could feel my heart rate climb as his cock finally buried itself inside me, his balls pressing tightly against my clit, and his hands gripping my hips. He moaned that I had a tight little gash as he began steadily fucking me with hard fast strokes. The bedsprings began squeaking to the rhythm of our fucking and my pussy began tingling within minutes. He was fucking me like a crazy man grunting with each powerful stroke into my wet pussy.

His fat cock was hitting all the right spots and I knew that I had only a minute or so before he would make me cum. I felt the need to feel him cum with me so I began begging him to cum in me, that I wanted his hot cum in my pussy. This seemed to be working as he began pounding me even harder, bringing me to a huge orgasm very quickly. It hit me like a tidal wave, making me buck and quiver with each hard stroke of his cock.

As my climax began to ebb he moaned, buried himself inside me and spewed his warm semen into my womb. It felt so good that I just remained there, ass in the air, head on the mattress as he pulled from me and began washing his cock in the sink. I finally stirred from the bed as he pulled on his trousers and sat to tie his shoes.

I sat and watched in silence as he finished dressing and turned toward the door. As he left he gently remarked, "see you later sweet meat", and that was that. I repeated this same basic act five more times that day, fucking two of the guy's missionary style and the other three doggy. Finally the guy who let me in that morning came in and latched the door. I glanced at my watch and knew that I had just under an hour before I was due to meet Brian out back, and I knew that I was about to give this guy his rain check.

As he began stripping in front of me, he asked how I had enjoyed myself. I had to admit to him that it had been pretty cool, but I wanted to know who all those men were. He remarked that they were all just busy men who normally didn't have time to meet and date ladies, so they reserved time slots to empty their nuts in sweet little sluts like me. Without going on further he pushed me onto my back and slid between my legs. I guided his hard cock into my pussy and locked my heels over his back.

He began fucking me with slow but firm strokes, pausing against my belly with every thrust. I realized that I was still enjoying this fuck even after servicing those other men. The feel of a man on top of me was so nice, his cock moving within me, his balls slapping against my ass, his breath on my neck.

He whispered to me that I was still nice and tight, that he was really going to enjoy busting his nut in me. The thought of him pumping his sperm inside me excited me even more and I gripped his hips and bucked against him, doubling the power of his thrusts.

I told him that I wanted him to cum deep inside my pussy because his cum had tasted so good that morning. He groaned into my ear and said he loved white sluts who loved swallowing his cum. We continued to fuck until I burst into a huge climax under him. As I was wallowing in my bliss I heard him grunt and begin slamming into me over and over, mixing his seed with that of the other six men who had been between my legs.

He slid from me and went straight to the sink and began cleaning up while telling me that he looked forward to the next time I would be able to drop by for a day of good fucking. Once he had cleaned up, dressed and left, I cleaned my self up, got dressed and brushed my teeth again (for like the seventh time) and walked out the back door of the building five minutes late, but just as Brian turned into the alley.

I slipped in the car and off we went to pick up my sweet baby. Brian looked at me and told me that I didn't look to fucked up after my day at the "shop" as they called it. I didn't say anything, but it had been a piece of cake compared to some of the days I had endured just across town.

I just looked out the window at the rain and counted my blessings that I wasn't out their on the street in this weather getting fucked behind dumpsters. Brian pulled into the driveway of the sitter's house and I hopped out to retrieve my baby boy. The lady came out even before I got half way their and told Brian to take off, that I would call when I was ready to go home.

Brian started to give her some shit but she cut him off with the remark that if he didn't like it "call Kevin", that shut him up and he drove away, squealing his tires in the process. She looked at me and told me to come on in, that we had some serious shit to talk about.

I was way confused about this whole thing but I followed her inside without another word. As she closed the door behind us I saw my little Trev on a blanket in the middle of the floor and scooped him up and kissed my sweet baby. I turned back to find this heavy black woman giving me and intense examination with her eyes.

As our eyes met she motioned to the couch and asked me to sit down. I asked why she was acting so pissed at me and she said she wasn't pissed, but she was upset and needed answers. I told her I would try my best and she jumped right in by asking if Trev was my baby. I told her that he was absolutely my baby and asked her why she would ask suck a question.

She came over and sat down beside me, lifted Trev's "T" shirt and pointed to his birthmark on his right arm. I told her that it was just a birthmark and she said that it was much more than that, that it was the mark of their family. I didn't know what to say so we sat there for a few long moments before she looked me right in the eyes and asked who the baby's daddy was.

I took a deep breath and told her, that the father of my baby was a man named Ray, a student down at the college in Corvallis. I expected to see her sigh in relief that Trev wasn't from her kin, but I saw immediately I had struck a big nerve. She sat there for another long moment before asking if he knew about his child.

I told her NO he didn't, and that I wanted it to stay that way. She met my gaze and said that Ray was her son, that my son was her grandson, and that like it or not that I was now family.

She wanted to know what had happened that made me decide not to tell her son about his son. It was such a hard question, I didn't want to hurt her feeling toward her son, especially after knowing how much Ray loved her, but I couldn't think of a good lie to tell her, so I told her the basic truth, leaving out as much as I could.

I told her that we had met, I had thought we had something going until he began "sharing me" with who I initially thought were his friends, but later found out that he was selling me as his whore. We sat in silence for a few minutes before she remarked that I was a whore because all of Kevin's women were whores, she had known that ever since Ray had worked for him. I admitted that I was now a whore, but I wasn't when I had met Ray.

She kept pressing for more information so I finally dropped my head, looked into the beautiful brown eyes of my son and told her the whole nasty story of my life, meeting Ray, our week together, my getting kicked out by my mother, and finally becoming a whore again, just like Ray had made me a year before.

I ended the whole tale with this new chapter of working for Kevin now and how much better it is compared to my life so far. When I finally looked up, her eyes were full of tears and she pulled me to her and held me for a long time.

When we finally separated she insisted that I stay for dinner and talk things over some more. We talked late into the evening and she finally agreed not to ever tell Ray about his son as long as she and I always kept in touch and she could see her grandbaby. Much later I called Mitchel and asked for a ride home, my head was spinning, my baby needed to get to bed, and I was exhausted from everything that had happened today and I might have to work tomorrow.