Latina Amateur With Tanlines Pounded

Latina Amateur With Tanlines Pounded
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Chadi was light brown in color with a height of 4'4". He had a nice smooth skin and fluffy black hair. ----------------------------- It was 6 pm in the dark streets of Manila. Chadi, a young poor 10 year old boy, prepares to set out for work by picking up garbage. Ever since he was 5 years old, he lived alone wherever he can find shelter, and beg for food and money.

His parents also abandoned him at an early age since they cannot afford to care for their child. Nevertheless, Chadi still continued to live his life. Chadi went to meet his friend Owie who was also the same age as him; Owie was just shorter by an inch and had a much lighter skin color.Both boys met each other as they scavenged through garbage two years back.

Since then, they became best friends and helped each other out. Today, Chadi and Owie are excited to work in a new location where the trash is worth more. What they didnt know is that this pace is the sanctuary for clubs, bars, strippers, and pedophiles. This place is called the Hive. Once they arrived in their new picking area, Chadi sensed the different atmosphere, "Hey Owie, ya sure this place is safe? There are so many bars and girls here.


I think we shouldn't be here too." "Don't worry! We are just going to be in the alleys. Im sure nobody will be there. How dangerous can this be?" As they entered an alleyway, Chadi and Owie heard a loud scream comming from a window.

"Hey Chadi! Lets go see whats happening! We can climb us this garbage bin." As the two boys let their curiosity lead them, they couldnt believe what they saw.

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Chadi and Owie's eyes popped out seeing a woman being fucked by this good looking, wealthy man. The girl was yelling "AAAAaAHhHhH.

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Harder! Fuck me!" "Owie, what the hell are they doing? Whats fuck?" Barely able to comprehend what was happening, he replied "I have no idea. I never seen a girl naked." "Me too. What was the stuff that came out of the guys penis? The girl looked like she was enjoying it too."the two boys crept away and didn't even notice their tiny erections.

A few minutes later Owie said "Hey, I got to get something at home so we can grab more trash. You stay here." Chadi protested, "No way!

We just saw the weirdest thing in our lives!" Convincingly, Owie said "Ifyou stay here, I will give you all what we earn today. And thats going to be around $10. You will have enough for tomorrow if you just go with my plan.I will be back ." "Fine." Chadi found a pace to urinate after his friend left. He did not notice that the man he saw who had sex was watching him by the corner while smoking his cigar.

He decided to speak "So did you enjoy the show kid?" Chadi jumped in surprise and faced the man with his little cock out. The man said,"your dick is out haha. Looks like its something good to suck on," while staring at it with feasting eyes.

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Chadi covered his manhood and said "I didnt mean to look! I didn't do anything wrong did I?" The man replied, "Call me Santi. First of all, you are on private property.

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You kids shouldnt even be here collecting our trash." Suddenly, with a thought of blackmail and abuse he added, "I will bring you to the police for doing something bad." In panic Chadi said "no please!

I will do anything!" Santi replied "Its ok, I see that you live alone? How would you like to be my "child" since Im not married. Im not gonna hurt you. I got a big house and you can be happier.

What do you say? And whats your name?" Chadi answered with hesitation "Im Chadi, 10 years old. Well if I follow you my friend wont get into trouble right". Santi said yes. This convinced Chadi to go with Santi. Santi brought Chadi into his mansion. Chadi couldnt believe that he will temporarily be staying in a grand place with paintings, carpets, LCD TVs, swimming pools, and servants. Santi broke the silence, "okay, since you are filthy.

Im giving you a bath before we do anything else". On the way to the bathroom, the servants gave Santi Chadi's new shirt, shorts, and underwear. In the bathroom Santi said take off all your clothes kid and get into the tub. " "but." "No buts Chadi. Im gonna be your new father, so do as I say".

Santi can feel the erection growing in his pants just as Chadi removed his shirt. The child's soft nipples and skin turned him on already. Santi helped removed Chadi's raggy underwear revealing his 4 inch cock. Santi scrubbed Chadi top to bottom feeling every corner of the kid's body. He rubbed Chadi's nipples continuously and noticed the small erection. "Well someone is getting hard. Let me wash that part for you." Chadi's face turned boiling red as Santi grabbed his tiny cock and started rubbing it.

Chadi started to moan and he couldnt understand what he was feeling. Now with another hand, Santi rubbed Chadi's asshole. Chadi said "are you sure this is ok? Isnt this also bad?" "Of course not.

Plus, you are mine until I say so." He started stroking Chadi's cock harder until he climaxed with warm piss streaming down his legs." To Chadi's surpeise, he liked it. After bath Santi said, "Chadi you wont be needing clothes in the house. Its summer anyway. Lets eat." Chadi finally spoke and said "Can I at least tell my friend where I am?" While covering his penis while walking down the stairs. Santi lied and said "my friends already contacted him. I might bring him here soon." "Thats great!" forgetting that he was waling nude in front of Santi's maids.

As Chadi sat and started eating, one of the maids went under the table and started sucking on the childs 4 incher.

Chadi completely dazed with the soothing feeling forgot about his hunger and moaned "ooooohhhh". Not long after he fainted as he peed in the maids mouth. When Chadi woke up, he realized that he was sleeping on a bed.


He never knew how it felt like. Just then, Santi came into the room naked too. "How was your sleep bud?" "It feels nice. Arent you going to put on some clothes? Oh. Im still naked. Your thinggy is huge." answered Chadi. "No im not wearing clothes. How would you like to know what sex feels like? The one you saw me do earlier, thats what its called." Chadi nervously repled, "yeah i do. But aint i too young?

And didnt you do it with a girl?" Santi replied wisely while rubbing oil on his body and his 6 inch cock "no age is too young, and anybody with an ass or a hole can have sex." Santi pulled Chadi closer to him as he rub oil onto the child's body.

He brushed the child's nipples and rubbed his cock. He then went for the ass. "Hold on Chadi this might hurt a bit," as Santi inserted his finger into Chadi's butt hole. Chadi moaned in pain as Santi pushed and pulled his finger in and out.

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He then inserted two fingers, and that made Chadi scream louder. When Santi felt that Chadi's hole was ready, he made Chadi suck his cock. He grabbed the defenseless boy by the head and pushed it down his cock. Chadi choked and gagged for air. Chadi licked Santi's balls and sucked his shaft until he cummed into the young lads mouth. There was a while streak of cum flowing out of Chadi's moth.

Santi then plopped Chadi on his belly and slowly inserted his cock.

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Chadi stated to feel uncomfortable znd started to weep. Santi told Chadi, "tonight you lose your innocence.

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Your virginity. Your mine," as he thrused his cock into Chadi's ass. Chadi yelled in pain, but he cannot do anything. Santi went doggy style and his balls started going "fap fap fap" colliding with the soft Virgin ass.santi changed position as he neared his orgasm by putting Chadi on top of him. Chadi's eyes were tightly shut in pain. Finally the last hurrah! Cum ejected into the boys ass and both fell asleep with cock still in the hole. To be continued.