Dirty Broad Loves Bukkake on Her Face

Dirty Broad Loves Bukkake on Her Face
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Kat entered the room at 11:00am sharp, as she was asked. She walked to the window, and set her coat and purse down on a chair, and before she could turn around, he grabbed her from behind.

He told her not to be spooked, it was just him.

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He turned her in his arms to face him, and kissed her with so much passion, she became lightheaded. Tom asked her if she would indulge him today.

She asked what his wishes were, so he told her, "I want to tie you up, blindfold you and have my way with you. I can do anything I want, except for what limitations you set forth before we begin." She looked at him, and slowly agreed. She told him her limitations were no ass to mouth, no extreme pain and no humiliation. He agreed. So, he stripped her slowly, kissing her neck, arms, breasts, torso, ass, legs all the way down. After removing her clothes, he began to move back up and stopped to lick her pussy lips lightly…seeing her shudder in anticipation.

He moved her to the bed, tied her hands together, then laid her down on her back, placing her hands over her head. He tied her hands to another rope, which was tied to the two headboard posts. He placed a blindfold over her eyes.


The only sound she could hear was the music he had turned on. He hadn't touched her or made a sound that she could tell, for what seemed like thirty minutes. Suddenly, she felt him rubbing her legs, moving up towards her pussy. His tongue beginning to lick on her lips slowly, pushing them open to reveal her wetness. He began sliding in her, tasting her juices. Licking her clit and finger fucking her tight pussy, she began to moan louder at the pleasure.

He then slid another two fingers in and began finger fucking her more eagerly. She was very close to cumming and he stopped. He slid one finger back in her pussy slowly, and began to lick her clit slowly, then slid another finger in her ass. Once again bringing her close to a climax, just to stop short of allowing it to happen.

He raised up and slid his cock in her pussy, feeling how tight it was. He began slowly, tenderly, making love to her with all he felt. Leaning down, he began kissing her breasts, squeezing her nipples, lightly biting them. Tom moved up to begin more passionate kisses.

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He leaned to her side, by her ear, and told her to get ready because the fun was just beginning! He raised up, remaining inside her tight pussy, still making love to her. The next thing she knew, there was a cock being placed in her mouth!!! He noticed the surprised reaction, and told her "Kat, this is Scott. Remember our agreement, you must comply to everything!" She began sucking Scott's cock as instructed.

Watching her suck on that big cock really had Tom worked up! He began pumping harder and faster into Kat, causing her to cum multiple times. He pulled out and slowly entered her ass. Just a little at a time, allowing her to adjust to him. Once well lubed and all the way in, he began to slowly pump in and out of her ass.

He saw she was really beginning to enjoy, as he also added rubbing her clit with his fingers. She began to work harder at sucking on Scotts cock and taking it all in, down her throat.


Before he could cum, he pulled out of her mouth, telling her she definitely knows how to suck cock! Tom pulled out as well.

They both walked away and she was left alone on the bed. She could hear them talking, but couldn't tell what they were talking about.

As she listened, she felt another cock on her lips. She began sucking this cock as if her life depended on it. As she began to take it in her mouth, down her throat, she realized this was not Tom or Scott!

This guys cock was MUCH bigger than the other two! She started to pull away, when Tom introduced her to Dan, again reminding her to comply. So she began to suck hard on Dan. She felt a cock going back into her pussy, hard and fast, pumping in and out vigorously.

Tom asked Dan to pull out of her mouth for a few minutes, and he moved up to put his pussy juice covered cock in her mouth, making her taste her juices.


He untied the bedposts ties but kept her hands tied together, and rolled her over on top of him, remaining inside. He held her hips and began pumping her so hard and fast she came instantly.

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Dan reinserted his cock in her mouth and pumped away, almost choking her with his giant cock. Scott then slid his cock slowly into her ass, allowing her to get used to his girth. Once he knew she was comfortable, he began pumping away. All three cocks were moving in and out of one hole or another. She came time after time, loving the fact that she was completely full of cock!

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Scott pulled out of her ass, Tom pulled out of her pussy and Dan pulled out of her mouth. Scott moved under her, sliding into her pussy, Tom moved to her mouth, and Dan moved to her ass.

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After being fucked by Tom and Scott, regardless of Dan's size difference, she was able to take him in her ass with ease and he began fucking her with the same energy the other two had to fill her every hole and desire! She came several times, over and over, juices were everywhere, and the bed was soaked!

Tom was first, cumming in her mouth as she continued sucking him dry. Then Dan and Scott came at the same time. Both of their semen squirting and hitting pussy and ass walls at the same time, causing the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced in her life.

Dan pulled out, Scott rolled her to her back, and Tom untied her hands and removed her blindfold.

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Then he introduced her to Scott and Dan properly. Her reply?

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"When is our next rendevous?" crc1018