Molly jane creampie from son

Molly jane creampie from son
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They were nude, in Aunt Jen's kitchen, actually on her countertop, and Bobby was bring Linda to climax again. They were surprised when Jen stepped in and completely unexpectedly said, "Well, what do we have here? Looks like you are enjoying yourselves." Bobby said a little defensively, "You said we could come over anytime to play and that is what we are doing." "Don't worry.

I'm not upset. I was just surprised when I began hearing moaning from my kitchen. Are you two finished now?" "Not even close", Linda said smiling.

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"Would you like me to leave you two to your own explorations?" "No. You taught us how to have sex. You could watch and let us know if we are doing anything wrong" Linda suggested with a grin. "I guess I could watch for a little while. What's next?" Linda took Bobby's hand and pulled him toward the living room.

As he passed Aunt Jen, he "accidentally" poked her leg with his cock. "Oops, sorry", he said with a smile. Linda led him into the living room just a couple of feet from the love seat. She pushed him to the carpet and knelt between his legs and began stroking his cock.

The obvious place for Jen was on the love seat. It gave her a good view of all that was going on. Linda's hands kneaded Bobby's balls and stroked his cock.

She leaned over and licked the pre cum from the head of his cock. It wasn't yet time to begin sucking on him. She began licking his cock and balls. She saw that Aunt Jen was watching and not missing a thing. Aunt Jen was cute with nearly shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, and a constant smile.

She was 5'5" and about 110 pounds. She had a good figure with breasts about a C cup. She didn't wear a bra much so her breasts would sway and bounce to the enjoyment of the men around her. Linda could see the beginnings of a wet spot between Jen's legs.

Yes, she was enjoying the show, just as Linda and Bobby had planned. Linda's tongue slid up Bobby's rock hard cock and licked his purple head like it was a lollypop.


As with all lollypops, eventually it needs to be in the mouth and sucked on. That is exactly what Linda did. She didn't just suck a little in, she slammed it into her throat! Bobby jumped at the unexpected move, enjoying his sister's warm mouth and her sucking action.

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What helped him enjoy this more than the other times Linda had sucked his cock was that Aunt Jen was watching. She was watching and having a difficult time sitting still on the couch. This was her niece and nephew fucking right here in front of her and it wasn't right for her to do any more than just guide their efforts. She was only a teacher and observer. She had to maintain her distance but she was going to have to get off just as soon as she could.

There was that hard cock right there. All she had to do was bend over and reach out a little and it could be in her hand then in her mouth. She could ride him and would love every magnificent second of it but he was her nephew and it wasn't right to have thoughts like that but if only… Linda was noisily sucking Bobby's cock and Bobby was moaning his enjoyment. Then Linda stopped. "Get up on the couch. I want to fuck you there" Linda told Bobby.

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He moved up onto the couch right next to Jen and Linda promptly jumped onto his lap. She was facing him and she had aimed her pussy just right. He was deep inside her and his hands and mouth were all over her tits. With every rise and fall of Linda on Bobby's cock, she rubbed Jen's leg. Bobby had been ready to shoot his load when he was on the floor so it didn't take long for him to shoot his load.

Just before he let go, he said, "I'm going to cum. I'm soooo ready." Linda again jumped off him and this time grabbed his cock with her hand and stuffed his ready member into her waiting mouth.

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She sucked and pumped until he exploded in her waiting mouth. On his second or third shot, Linda backed off a little and he hit her face. The next and final shots were back in her mouth. As he finished shooting his cum into her mouth, she continued to suck.

She wanted all there was. Linda sat back on the floor with her legs spread giving Bobby and more importantly Aunt Jen a good view. She wiped Bobby's cum from her face and licked her fingers clean. She was all cleaned up. Jen said, "There is a little more by your ear." Linda wiped it and seductively stuck it into her mouth and sucked on it while staring directly at Aunt Jen.

Linda looked directly between Aunt Jen's legs and said, "I see you enjoyed watching us. That is quite a wet spot you have there." Jen closed her legs saying, "Sorry about that but I just couldn't help it.

It has been 27 days since I've had sex." Bobby looked at her and asked, "Why don't we end that streak right now?" and he moved to unbuttoning her blouse. "You can't do that! I'm your Aunt and what would your mom say if she knew?" Jen said the words but her actions spoke volumes. She didn't stop Bobby as he finished unbuttoning her blouse or as Linda was working at her pants.

In just a few seconds, she was naked as the others. "Bobby, I have wanted your cock in me for several years now. I remember when I first saw you in your swim trunks and you were hard. I wanted you then and I want you right now!" Bobby pulled her onto the floor and crawled between her legs.

She had trimmed her bush but not much. It was neat and covered her lips. That was OK with him. He had Linda who had shaved her pussy clean except for the heart above her slit and now Aunt Jen who had a nearly full bush. What a choice. He could see the juices that had stuck to her hairs and hungrily went after them. Aunt Jen had a need and he wanted to meet that need or should I say meat that need.

He licked her clean then dove deeper into her love box which was still very wet.

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She tasted wonderful and he lapped at her as she squirmed around. When he moved his mouth to her clit, he inserted one, then two fingers into her. He finger fucked her and had to work to keep his mouth on her clit. At the same time, Linda didn't want to sit by with nothing to do.

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There was Bobby's cock and it still had the taste of her juices and his cum on it. What a treat. She had moved to Bobby's cock and licked it from balls to purple head working her way around it. She ensured it was completely clean then began working so it would be dirty again.

She wanted it hard and shooting. She loved the salty taste of his cum. The three of them were lying in a U shape enjoying each other's love toys. Aunt Jen reached over and pulled at Linda's leg, moving Linda's pussy closer to Jen's waiting mouth. Linda was really surprised.

She had never thought of another woman licking on her pussy but she was in the mood to try almost anything. While continuing to suck on Bobby's again rock hard cock, Linda moved closer to Jen's mouth and turned so she would have full access to her waiting, wet tunnel. Jen knew what she was doing and moved to Linda inner thighs, licking and kissing them.

She was in no real hurry, wanting to prolong the pleasure for Linda and her enjoyment as well. When Jen finished with Linda's legs, she moved directly to Linda's clit and worked it with her tongue. Two of her fingers entered Linda and Jen quickly and expertly brought Linda to orgasm. Bobby was having the same effect on Jen and she came at about the same time as Linda. While Bobby hadn't cum yet, Aunt Jen stopped the proceedings.

"Time to switch. We all turn around and get a new something to play with. I get Bobby's cock. Bobby, you get Linda's pussy, and Linda, you get my pussy." They all turned and began playing with the toys in their faces. Aunt Jen was enjoying herself with Bobby's cock. She was licking and sucking and playing with his balls, kneading them and squeezing them.

She would pull his entire cock deep into her mouth and her throat. It didn't take long for him to get ready to shoot another load. Aunt Jen could tell he was ready and just before he shot his load, she pinched his balls so hard it hurt. He jumped away in astonishment. "What was that for?" he asked.

"I know it was selfish but I want you to fuck me before we are finished here. " Bobby smiled. "I guess that is a pretty good reason. I take it you are ready." "Almost. I taught you guys about how to have really good sex and now it is time for you to pay me back. Here is what I want from you." Lying on her back on the floor, she moved Bobby between her legs ready to fuck her.

She told Linda to squat on her face so she could eat her while Bobby fucked her. Not a problem. Bobby was off to one side while Aunt Jen began working hungrily on Linda's pussy. Aunt Jen was enjoying the feeling of Bobby deep inside her thrusting mightily into her cock starved pussy. She was also working on getting Linda to just the right point.

As Bobby began to stiffen, Aunt Jen increased her pressure and sucking of Linda's clit. It took only a couple of seconds and because of Aunt Jen's timing, all three of them came at the same time. Linda's juices flooded Aunt Jen's mouth while Bobby's seed shot into her waiting pussy mixing with her fluids. Seconds passed and all three moved back to rest. Linda moved to Aunt Jen's pussy and began cleaning her up.

She loved the taste of all the mixture of juices. When she finished cleaning her, she saw that Aunt Jen had cleaned up Bobby's cock.

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While they are lying around, enjoying the aftermath of their playtime, Jen says, "I know you are both taking care so Linda doesn't get pregnant. That is good. There is another way you can enjoy sex and not have to worry about getting pregnant or wearing rubbers." Both Linda and Bobby seemed interested. "Have you thought about sticking your cock in her ass instead? It guarantees she doesn't get pregnant." Linda and Bobby looked at each other not really liking the idea of anal sex.

"We don't think so. At least not at this time." Well, Aunt Jen had planted a seed for further exploration at a later time. "So, are you heading home now or would you like to watch a movie?" Aunt Jen asked. "Do you have Live Free or Die Hard?" Bobby asked. Aunt Jen turned, pulled the movie from a stack on the TV and popped it in.

Linda and Bobby moved to the love seat. Linda had her back to the end of the seat and with one leg on the love seat and the other on the floor. She motioned for Bobby to come sit between her legs with his back to her chest. Bobby sat down and rubbed his back against her ample tits. The movie came on and Linda reached around Bobby and was slowly, gently stroking his semi hard dick. Bobby was enjoying the ministrations of Linda and decided to help her along.

He reached behind him and began rubbing Linda's pussy.

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He wasn't attacking it but slowly stroking and sometimes sliding a finger or two in her. Aunt Jen had moved to the recliner. She had put her feet on the close part of the foot rest and had her legs spread wide apart.

Her fingers were gently rubbing her slit and clit. Nothing much changed during the movie but as soon as it was over, Aunt Jen asked, "Linda, do you mind if I suck the cum from Bobby's cock?" "I was hoping to taste a little of that before we left for the night." "Tell you what. I'll suck him off them we can share his load. Sound good to you?" Aunt Jen didn't wait for Linda's answer of "OK". She moved to the floor and crawled to the love seat.

Bobby's dick was semi hard so Aunt Jen didn't touch it but began licking it. It didn't take long and Bobby's cock began to rise. Aunt Jen continued licking his dick from his balls, slowly up to the engorged, purple head. Bobby was leaning back enjoying Linda's tits on his back and her hands rubbing his chest.

Aunt Jen then licked her way back up and then popped his cock head in her mouth. Slowly she moved down until he was in her throat. Her eyes were on his as she rose back up. Up and down she moved while playing with his balls and he began to tense. Aunt Jen decided to give him a new thrill and slid a finger into his brown hole, as far as it would go.

Splash! Splash! Bobby shot his streams of hot, thick cum into her mouth. She was holding it in her mouth, not swallowing. As her mouth slid off his cock, she left a small trail of his cum on his dick. Aunt Jen moved behind Linda and pulled her head back. Aunt Jen then let the cum flow from her mouth into Linda's. She finished by kissing Linda and using her tongue. Bobby had moved away from Linda and turned so he had a great view of the two of them kissing and swapping his cum.

A little oozed from Linda's mouth as she swallowed the load of cum. Aunt Jen licked Linda's face clean. Bobby's cock had some cum on it still and Aunt Jen licked him clean. Then she moved up and kissed Bobby and using her tongue, let him get a taste of his own cum. He'd tasted it before when he licked Linda clean after fucking her. Aunt Jen said, "It looks like Bobby's cock is dead for the night.

Guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning." Linda smiled and replied, "Not really.


We'll get home, shower then just before going to sleep, I'll let him fuck me one last time tonight." The slowly got up, got dressed, and headed home. To be continued…