Hombre tiene camara en su cuarto para grabar cuando lleva a una mujer para follar y poder vender el

Hombre tiene camara en su cuarto para grabar cuando lleva a una mujer para follar y poder vender el
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WARNING: This chapter contains rape elements. I, in no way shape or form condone the actual action of rape. It is a crime and I DO NOT encourage it. 57 Days Until The Concert Naruto was sitting on the couch watching TV with Hinata while Hanabi and Haku were out shopping for new furnishings for his house, when an envelope was slipped under the door. Naruto got up and picked it up, opened it and read aloud.

""Naruto, I know what you have going on at your little "Palace of Lust" and I plan to go straight to Hiyashi about it and he wont take this shit. Unless you bring 1000 ryo to the park at 10:00 I just might let this little secret slip out.

Ino"" Naruto looked up at Hinata, who was shaking with violent rage. "That bitch, how dare she try to end true love, I should meet her there and unleash the true fury of the Gentle Fist on her ass!" and with that she threw a punch at the wall nearly busting a hole in it. "It's okay Hinata, I have something else in mind." and with that he picked up a few things from around the house, put them in his pocket and walked out the door.

Ino was waiting in the park for Naruto to arrive with her cash. "Ino, I'm here where are you?" She stepped out from behind the tree to see Naruto standing there with a bag which she assumed was her money.

"Good to see you made the smart choice for once." said Ino. "Since when do you get off on ruining lives flower girl?" Naruto shouted at her.

"Since I saw you defiling innocent little girls, now hand over the money and I'll keep this whole thing private." Naruto smirked at her and said "I've got a better idea, you can say hello to my little friend." he pointed behind her. She turned fast but it was too late. The Naruto she had been talking to was only a shadow clone meant to distract her while the real Naruto came up from behind.

She tried to scream but Naruto put a knife to her throat and told her to put on the ball gag he had placed in her hand. He then took the kunai away from her throat for a moment to bind her hands together.

Ino began to cry as he put the kunai back at her throat and began to steer her towards an alley in an abandoned neighborhood. Once they reached the alley he tossed her to the ground. He looked at her, crying and whimpering pitifully. "I'm going to take off the gag, but if you scream I'll cut you so bad you'll have no chance of being recognized." She nodded in honesty and he removed the gag.

She looked up at him with tears overflowing her eyes and spoke in a trembling voice. "N-n-naruto, why a-a-are you d-doing this t-to me?" Naruto turned his back to her and said in a voice which indicated that he too, was crying. "Because, I loved you." Her tears calmed slightly and he continued. "I loved you, and when I read your note I could feel my heart break." He moved his hand to his face and wiped the tears from his eyes.

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"I didn't want it this way, but this is how it had to happen." He turned back to her and knelled in front of her and wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. "I'm not forcing anybody to be with me, those girls are with me because they love me and I love them." He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips causing her to moan.

Naruto took advantage by putting his tongue in her mouth and exploring her mouth lovingly. He pulled away and spoke again. "Now I'm going to show you what Hinata, Hanabi and Haku get whenever they want it." He cut the front of her clothes open with the kunai and then removed his own clothes revealing his solid eight inch cock.

She gasped at the size of it, which made Naruto smile. "So, you little slut are you ready to get fucked?" She looked at him fearfully and he winked at her letting her know that she was in no real danger. He moved closer to her and forced his cock into her mouth. He held the sides of her head and thrust in and out of her mouth. "Arent you a dirty slut, you look like youre enjoying yourself sucking my cock keep on and I'll give you a little treat." She relaxed her throat and took him into it.

She started moaning from around his cock sending spikes of pleasure to his system. He could feel himself getting close. "Are you ready for your treat slut? Here it comes." He thrust in one more time and came into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it started to seep from the corners of her mouth. He pulled out to keep from choking her and let the rest splatter on her face. He then moved lower to her decent sized tits and began to bite down on her nipple and pulled upward before moving to suck on the other.

The sounds she was making was nothing compared to the sounds she made when she felt Naruto put two fingers in her smooth, pink pussy to pinch her clit. He removed his fingers and licked her juices off of them.

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"Mmmm, you taste good slut. It seems you like what I'm doing to you." Ino didn't know what was going on in her head. She WAS enjoying it. Something about this was causing her to act irrationally, or maybe it was.


that she was being turned on by being dominated. No, it couldn't be, she was always bossy and spoiled. But, it was what it was, she couldn't think of any other explanation for this feeling. She was jerked out of her thoughts by something wet that was wriggling in her pussy. She looked down to see Naruto, with his face buried in her cunt, feasting on her sensitive womanhood. She moaned her pleasure to him in the form of his name, which she drew out until she began to spasm and release her sweet pussy juices into his face.

He drank what he could enjoying her taste, which reminded him of blueberry with a hint of what could be cinnamon. He raised himself up to kiss her letting her taste her own juices, which she had to admit tasted delicious. He positioned his cock at her pussy and began to push in.

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"Are you ready for this bitch, are you ready to lose your virginity to me." The last thing he said brought her to her senses a little bit and she half yelled at him. "NO, PLEASE DON'T!!!" But it was to late he forced himself all the way in, but met no resistance from the barrier that was supposed to be protecting her virginity.

He looked at her to see tears forming in her eyes again. "I-I-I lost my virginity to s-someone else. I lost it to Choji, we were drunk, one thing led to another and I-I gave myself over to him." She was expecting him to pull out and leave her there alone in the alley to cry, but he began to thrust into her hard and fast. She looked at him in pleasured surprise as he spoke. "So, I've never had a non-virgin before and I think it would be pretty enjoyable for us both." She smiled at him and started crying tears of joy as she began to feel like an explosive orgasm was building in her pussy.


He cut the binds on her wrists so she could wrap her arms around him and pull him deeper into her. "Oh Ino, for a girl who already lost her virginity, you're so damn tight I think I'm going to cum." "Yes, please Naruto fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Unload your precious cum in my dirty slutty pussy!" As Naruto made his final hard thrust, Ino wrapped her legs around his waist as they began to cum simultaneously, moaning their release into each others mouth as they kissed with a white-hot passion.

Naruto helped Ino to her feet as she looked to the ground. "Whats wrong Ino?" She got her thoughts together and said in a confused tone. "Isn't it illegal to practice polygamy?" "Normally it would be, but I qualify for the Clan Resurrection Act, it allows me to have multiple partners for the sake of reviving my clan, which I see as just an added bonus compared to my true dream of starting a family." Ino was surprised by his maturity, the only dream she ever heard him talk about was to become Hokage, but here he was revealing his true hope.

"Naruto." Ino began. "Yes?" replied Naruto. "Do you have room for another in your family?" Naruto smiled and tossed Ino his jacket to cover her ripped clothes with before handing her his second layer pants.

He patted her on the back and said in a loving tone, "There's ALWAYS room for one more." He kissed her and led her back to his house under a beautiful starry sky. 56 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE CONCERT "I told you, I accept your apologies Ino. You don't have to do anything for me." Naruto was at home with Ino, who was desperately pleading with Naruto to forgive her for the blackmail. "I'm still sorry though, I was a total bitch, even before you began fucking those girls. I just want to make sure you know just how sorry I am for all of that shit you had to take from me all those years." Naruto kissed her full on the lips.

"I Forgive you Ino, I dont know what else it'll take to get you to believe me." She grinned, this was what she had hoped he would say. "Well, I did get you a little sorry present, but it's at the training field all wrapped up and waiting for you there." A twinkle came into Naruto's eyes as he practically jumped all around her.

"Oooh, what is it, what is it, what is it!" She grinned again at his enthusiasm and spoke in a teasing tone. "Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise for you, now would it?" Naruto crossed his arms and pouted a bit, his eyes closed and head turned to the side.

"No fair Ino, you're mean." She giggled and spoke to him again. "Just go down to the training field and see what it is for yourself." He said okay and walked out the door nearly tripping on his own feet in excitement. After a short sprint through town, he found himself at the training field he often still used for his daily exercise.

There was just one difference, a big box sitting in the middle of the clearing. His eyes grew wide, this box was big enough to fit four of himself into it. His eagerness getting the best of him, he headed to the box and untied the ribbon holding on the lid. As soon as he lifted the lid, however, he was knocked off his feet by a figure which had pounced onto him from out of the box.

He looked up into the face that hovered over his own. A brown haired goddess of beauty with a cat's ears. It was someone he knew well, but never expected to be in this predicament with her. "Tenten, what were you doing in that box?" Tenten cocked her head to the side, rolling her eyes. "Isnt it obvious? I'm Ino's present to you." She got off him and allowed him to stand. He looked her over, finally able to register just what she was wearing now.


It was an alluring black vinyl one-piece suit. The suit covered her intimate areas, but judging by the locations of the zippers on the outfit, that could easily be changed by the slightest tug.

She continued to explain. "Ino wanted me to watch the transaction between you two last night, but I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't really perform my duty once I saw what you were doing to her." She turned her head and blushed all over. "I-I-I sat there where I was and masturbated while you fucked her." Naruto's mouth fell open as he heard the last sentence. "I know I should have helped her once I saw what was going on, but I guess my hormones took me over.

But, I see now it's a good thing I didn't or she never would have offered me the pleasure of being your little fuck pet." Naruto put a finger in his ear and twisted it around. "Ehem, I'm sorry but what was that last thing you said?" "I want to be your SEX PET." she said putting emphasis on the last part. "Thats what I thought you said. I gladly accept your offer, but are you sure you don't mind being demeaned like that?" " People have different fetishes Naruto, it just so happens that mine's being humiliated." He shrugged, "Well if thats how you like it, who would I be to deny you youre pleasure?" She smiled and gave him a gentle hug.

"But there's just one thing, are you totally serious about this whole 'pet' thing?" She strode to the box, making sure to shake her ass as she walked. She reached into the box and pulled out a bag and handed it to Naruto. "Take a look in here and ask me that again." He obeyed her and opened the bag finding an arsenal of pet supplies most recognizable being a food dish with her name on it and a several lengths of leashes.

"Okay I guess you're serious then." She leaned in and started to lick around on his face. Naruto moaned and asked in a voice little more than a purr. "So what do you want to do?" "Let's go for a walk to your house." Naruto turned and began to walk in the direction of his house until Tenten stopped him.

"You know Naruto, it wouldn't be fair to other pets if they have to wear leases when they walk and I don't." She handed him the leash and he fastened it to the collar she wore around her neck. With that she got on her hands and knees and followed Naruto down one of the busiest streets in konoha. Sure she got a lot of stares from the people they passed but this only made her even wetter.

He opened the door to find Ino on the couch watching TV. "Thanks Ino, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou." He led Tenten into the dungeon of pleasure in a hurried pace as he didn't think he could wait much longer.

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Ino smiled and yelled after him, "Have fun Naruto!" He closed the door behind him and unhooked Tenten's leash.

She threw herself at him and kissed him deeply, finding it impossible to restrain herself any longer after all the pleasure she gained while being led around town. They broke away just long enough to tear each others clothes off.

Tenten got on her knees and stroked Naruto's engorged member and drew out a long groan when she lowered her fist to the base and shoved it into her mouth. "OH, God Tenten you're so good." She smiled with her mouthful of cock at his comment and started running her tongue along his dick.

Naruto was spinning out of control. She let it slip from her mouth and began to rub her face up and down the length, pausing her actions every few seconds to lick it from base to tip. She put it back in her mouth, relaxed her throat and suppressed her gag reflex so she could take it into her throat. Naruto had found the gate to Heaven as his cock hit the back of her throat. He began thrusting into her mouth loving the feeling of her mouth on his cock.

"Tenten, I'M CUMMING!" She took it out of her throat and kept only the head in her mouth and curved her tongue in a U shape around the bottom side of his cock to use as a tool to guide the cum down into her stomach. She, by some miracle of God, was able to swallow his entire load without need for air.

She released his cock and licked the tip to make sure she got every last drop of the bitter-sweet treat he had given her. He then flipped her back to the wall and began to trail kisses down her neck before reaching his goal, her erect nipples.

He took the left one into his mouth to suck and nibble, while he pinched and pulled on the right one. He could feel her dripping onto his leg, which he had been using to rub her slit. He continued his trek south to one of the most beautiful pussies he had ever laid eyes on.

He rubbed clit with his thumb and trailed his tongue along her sweet slit. He reveled in the taste of her pussy, it was like he had put his tongue into a packet of sugar. She was screaming as he lapped at her soaking hole, but it paled in comparison to when he lightly bit down on her sensitive nub.

As he continued, she knew it was useless to fight back her rising orgasm and she released her sweet love juices into his mouth, which he greedily drank up. After she recovered from her thunderous orgasm, she led him to his comfiest armchair and pushed him into it. She gripped his cock tightly and stroked it before placing it between her luscious tits and pressed them together and used them to jerk him off. "Tenten, your tits feel soooo goood." She was now licking the tip which poked out from between her melons.

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He was yowling in pleasure as she moved her tits along his cock before she felt it tighten up between her breasts. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. He erupted once again, shooting a few globs into her mouth but most landing on her face and tits.

She couldn't hold back anymore and jumped on Naruto's lap, lined his cock up with her slit and forced herself down onto it. She had no barrier to stop his cock due to the time she had spent with her ex, Neji. She began to bounce up and down on his cock. She could feel it rubbing the walls of her cunt and she loved it. Naruto too had began to thrust upward into her tight, warm sheath. Tenten reached her peak first and came all over his cock, constricting it as her puss tightened around it, causing Naruto to shout out and release his seed inside her hungry cunny.

She recovered quickly and got on all fours and shook her ass for him. "Naruto, you still have one more hole you haven't pounded yet." He shrugged, he had never done anyone up the ass before, but it was someething he couldn't help but fantasize about. He positioned himself at her back entrance and gently pushed it into her. Her pussy as tight as it was, was nothing compared to the tightness of her asshole. He pounded her harder and faster as he gripped her hips.

They were both screaming in total bliss as Tenten lost all control and came onto the floor beneath her as Naruto also lost his senses and came pouring his essence into her tight little passage. The family was assembled in the living room, awaiting Naruto's big announcement, which Ino already knew.

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Naruto's voice came from the next room. "Now, let me introduce you to THE NEW FAMILY PET!!!" He then walked in leading a completely nude Tenten, who was still covered in his cum. Hinata, Hanabi, Haku and Ino came over to her and began to lick up all the cum he left on her silky smooth skin. Hinata then kissed him and spoke.

"Ive always wanted a pet Naruto! I think this will bring us all closer, if at all possible.