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This is the beginning of a series of stories. Please read them in order as the character development may be done in a previous story.

As always, please add constructive critisism and comments. Stop and go, stop and go. Enough with this Friday evening traffic already. I had a bad week at work and was ready to get home, get naked and enjoy a glass, no scratch that, BOTTLE of wine in the pool. Another traffic light! SHIT. As I made the turn into the neighborhood I began tossing articles of clothing off. Shoes, jacket, then the tie and blouse. As I hit the garage door opener I was twisting out of my bra and trying to use my toes to pull my stockings off.

I was suffocating under all those layers! I hated the dress attire at the office. I jumped from the car as the garage door was closing, nearly tripping over my dangling stockings while sliding off the skirt. I grabbed a chilled bottle of white zinfandel and the opener and tore out the cork. I didn't waste time with a glass; I put the bottle to my lips and turned it up. Cold wine dripped from the corners of my lips and ran down my neck and between my breasts.

The cold was refreshing, invigorating. I was at my wits end in that hot stuffy business suit and I could not take another second. I was able to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. I collected my thoughts and headed out the French doors to the pool. I walked straight into the middle, holding my bottle above my head to avoid spilling.

I pulled the last remaining stocking off my leg and tossed against the house. The cool water and what was left of the evening sun felt great on my skin. I made my way toward the beep end where I could float and relax. I could see under the gap in my privacy fence that there was a strange car at the vacant house next door and that the for lease sign was gone. Great, another crotchety old couple who will do nothing but complain to my parents that my music is too loud or I stay up too late.

I feel like I am the only one under 50 that lives in this edition. This was my parents old house before my dad made it big in the computer programming world.

They moved to the suburbs into a custom built castle of a house and left me this one, as long as I stay in college and work at the business of course.

The edition I live in is mostly professionals that work in the industry and most know one another somehow. Then there is me, the half Korean half Japanese only daughter with two older brothers that both work at the family software company. Being in the family business kills the chance to meet anyone in the area OR at work. My house and the next are the only two on the end of a cul-de-sac, and the last 3 tenants did nothing but complain to my parents about everything I did.

I swam around, occasionally looking to catch a glimpse of the new tenants as they took things from their SUV to the house.


All I could see was a small dog, yapping and jumping about their feet. The wine was doing its thing and I was feeling great. I finished the last gulp and headed inside as the sun set over the house. I left the French doors open to let the warm breeze in and grabbed another bottle and plopped on the couch, still dripping wet from the pool.

"Time to see what my DVR has in store for me" I murmured to myself as I flipped thru the nights offerings. I struck gold, the new Real Sex series had recorded. I sat at attention in anticipation of seeing some real kinky action.

I fast forwarded through the chatter to a couple who loved getting each other off in public places. As I watched, my fingers wandered my body, pinching and tweaking a nipple here, brushing between my legs there.

I find my self to be quite the naturalist. I hate clothes, the ones I wear on my own are thin and loose or minimal. The thought of being all dressed up makes me claustrophobic. Watching the couple on TV made me tingle. My fingers found their mark, slipping in and out of the wetness between my legs as my mind and the wine began to make their own fantasy.

My tranquility was shattered with the shouting of a name flooding through the open doors. ROXY! ROOOXY! The voices of a man and woman repeated. In frustration I leapt from the couch to close the French doors leading to the pool and as I was about to shut the last door, something in the pool splashed and caught my eye.

The sun had set so I stepped out to get a better look at what was making the splash in the dark. It was the yappy dog from next door. It was in the pool on the top step and could not get its self out. It looked panicked and as I approached I could see it was trembling. I reached in and scooped up the terrified pooch as it tried to shed the water off.

Dog water all over me! I set the pooch down, hoping it would run back home; instead it kept bounding up and down at my feet. I carried it to the fence and tried to push it under the gap from where it likely came.

ROXXXY! The woman's voice shouted again. "She is over here!" I shoutedrealizing I was still sans clothes and calling to the couple, I shouted "I'll bring her over! Just a sec!" I retreated to the house and put on a long satin house robes I kept around the house. The robe clung to my wet skin, but I was just going to the door so no big deal. The dog followed me in, still leaping at my feet.

I scooped her up and headed for the front door. I opened the door expecting to meet the neighbors but the entry was empty. I could still hear them calling for the little bundle of fur from between our houses so I walked over to the corner of the house to get their attention, navigating between all of the ornate shrubs and plants. The motion security light came on as I rounded the corner I met up with two deeply relieved, younger faces.

They were not the typical tenants for this area. They looked late 20's early 30's tops. He was a fairly tall, sandy blond, strikingly handsome man and looked fairly built. His T shirt hugged his torso and his legs filled in his sweat pants bottoms well.

She was a bit taller than I, but since I am short is not saying much. She was in a baggy cut neck sweat shirt and PJ bottoms but judging from her neck and shoulders I could see she looked fit as well. ROXY THERE YOU ARE!

The woman shrilled as she ran towards me. Her fire red hair caught the light as she trotted. She held her arms against her ample chest as she ran the short distance over to me but as she got close she held her arms outreached to retrieve her obviously beloved pooch. I could tell by how her chest moved under the baggy shirt that she was well built and firm.

I often find myself looking at women; buy usually I just imagine having their bodies. Being short and Korean kind of limits ones dating options and working at a family operation really limits your options. She reached for the dog and it began squirming uncontrollably against me.

As it leapt from my arms into hers, it kicked open the top part of my robe momentarily flashing my new neighbors. I calmly fixed the top, not wanting to call attention. I scanned their faces for reaction and noticed both of their eyes were fixed on my chest. Yep, they saw. I didn't care but I didn't want the awkward moment to be out first encounter. Their eyes were fixed on my C cup chest still. It took me a moment for what was happening to register in my wine soaked brain. The wet dog on the pearl satin robe left it semi transparent.

I slowly crossed my arms in front of me, pretending to try and warm up. She politely adverted here gaze to the dog, he was still and quiet eyes fixed in my general direction. He stepped up behind her and I saw why. He had a bulge in his pants, hopefully because of me I thought to myself. As he took his place behind her, I saw a flash of delight wash across her face as she let out a subdued "ooh!" possibly from being jabbed in the back with his erection. "I'm Stephanie and He's Mike" she greeted me.

Mike reached from around Stephanie to shake my hand, and I was betting it was a ploy to get my arms from my chest. I obliged and shook hands and sure enough, his eyes were on target. So he wants a show does he? After our shake, I slipped my hands into the side pockets, acting completely oblivious to the fact that I was now wearing a see thru. Stephanie began to speak and as I looked to her I could see her eyes coming from the wet robe as well.

Thank you so much for catching him. How did he end up so wet? She asked. He somehow got into the pool.

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He was on the top step splashing about when I found him. I proceeded to tell her about the small gaps in the fences around the small wooded area between out two back fences and how at one time it was a small garden. We talked about the old tenants and how relieved I was that another old couple wasn't moving in. "Why don't you like old people" Mike asked. Its not that I don't like them, they just complain about everything, I drive too fast in the edition, they hear my radio by the pool or that my swimsuit is too small.

"Too small?" Mike blurted out to me as she gently bumped him with her rump as if to tell him to quit being nosy. Again her face lit with pleasure, I assumed she found his cock was still hard. "Yea, he must have been really blind because I usually don't have one!" I offered up in a joking manner, even though I was dead serious.

She gave me the eyes up and down, not in a mad way, but in the way like I was a dessert she wanted to eat but couldn't. I found myself sneaking peeks at her now wet ample cleavage, and she was sneaking glances at me.

Thank you dog! We stood in the yard for several more minutes chit chatting. He just finished school to be a pharmacist, and was just starting in pharmaceutical sales. They were aerobics instructors during college and still did weekend classes. Every time the conversation would wind down, Mike would throw out a question to keep it going but alas, my wine buzz was gone and I was getting sleepy.

My see through robe and her milky white cleavage had dried and I had fantasized enough of them fucking each others athletic bodies crazy and needed to go inside and do something about it so I bid them a good night. She stepped to me with one arm outreached to give me a hug, the other clutching her prized pooch and I reached one arm out to do the same.

She pulled me tight and pressed her chest into mine. WOW! The feeling was electric! She pulled me tighter, getting every inch of her body next to me as she could as she put her head on my shoulder.


She let the pooch slip from her arm and wrapped that one around as well. I couldn't tell if she was just relieved to have her pooch back alive or if it was something more. I reciprocated the motion and as I went to wrap my other arm around her it sent under the baggy sweat shirt and found flesh.

She was incredibly toned and firm. I froze for a second, not knowing what signal that was sending I went to withdraw my hand, but I couldn't help my self and slowly let it slide down her back. Mike made his way beside us, wrapping his hands around both of us, pinning my hand to her lower back. I knew deep inside he was working an angle to get his hands on me. I snapped to reality I bet it's just the wine. These folks are probably just happy to have their pet back.

I was overcome with sensual tension that probably only existed in my mind. I relaxed my hug, slipped my hand from her back underneath Mikes arm and stood straight. Stephanie lifted her head from my shoulder and peered into my eyes. She had these incredibly beep green eyes. I froze, not knowing what to do next It was another awkward moment for me.

I have always appreciated a good body, but never had one in my arms. You could cut Mikes tension with a knife. This was every mans fantasy about to come true, or not. I could tell his head was about to explode in anticipation and that drove me crazy to the point I wanted to reach out and grab his cock just to see how hard he was.

We were on the verge of calling it a night, or breaking out into an orgy right here on the lawn. I was petrified, not in fear, bit of making the wrong move and bringing this all to a screeching halt or of doing something I could never take back.

Her gaze was intense. She kept stealing small glances at my lips, as if to gauge my willingness. Her chest was still firm against mine.

I could feel mike pulling us together as if we needed to know his take on the situation. He slid his arm down my back, working that large hand of his to my ass. As his hand slid down the silky fabric, I couldn't help feeling like we were in a standoff.

And wrong twitch or movement would set off a chain reaction. His hand found its mark I gasp and reached back to grab it. She felt my gasp against her chest and swiftly planted her lips against mine.

I stood still frozen.

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Mike took his cue and slid behind me and pulled Stephanie into me. I could feel his massive member stabbing my back. I didn't know what to do. I was a mixed bag of emotions and sensuality. Their bodies, the night sky, the feeling of being with someone new times two. The uncertainty of what I was doing with a woman and if it was here first time too all raced in my head. I became aware of hands all over my body, and that they had already removed my robe.

She began sliding her tongue inside my lips. I raised my arms to brace myself against her body in fear my trembling knees would not hold me. They slid inside her baggy shirt, up her firm body and wrapped them around the sides and top of her tits. Mike was kissing and sucking my neck and his hands ran amuck over my body. With every move of her touch, his faded into the background until I felt him bend down and slide his shaft between my legs. He slowly slid it against my clit.

He was well hung and his tip was an inch or two in front of me. I felt Stephanie's arm reach down and caress his rod and rub it against me. I was so sopping wet down there by now as he began slapping his meat against my clit you could hear it. Stephanie began slowly licking her way down my neck, chest and stomach until it found the tip of Mikes cock.

She rolled her tongue around its head and shaft that was exposed from between my legs. I instantly fantasized I was her man and she was pleasing me.

Mike slid his hand through my hair and cinched it shut, grabbing a handful of it. The pain contrasted the pleasure and made both more intense. I had never been manhandled before, but I liked it. He spun my head around and planted his lips on mine. Everything about him was big I felt so tiny in his arms, helpless. I shuttered at the sensation of Stephanie's lips on my abdomen. I broke lip lock with mike to look down just in time to witness her lips and tongue caressing my clit.

I wasn't ready for it and tried to step back. Everything was moving really fast and I wasn't sure I wanted to go any farther. I fell into Mike who held me from moving. I began to panic WHAT WAS I DOING. Stephanie pushed her head in my crotch and wrapped her arms around my knees to immobilize me. I wiggled and squirmed, but the sensational lashing she was giving me was like no other I had ever had.

My judgment was impaired by the wine and by the overpowering sexual desires flowing through me. I doubled my efforts to free myself, flailing my arms and legs in attempt to get the horny couple to slow down. I began breathing heavily in the struggle.

I didn't want them to stop, just to slow down. A flash of light from headlights down the street caught our attention and they gently lowered me to the ground. I thought that would be the break I needed to slow things but nothing of the like. My laying position gave Stephanie complete access to my dripping pussy. She overpowered my legs with her strong arms and plowed her face deep into me.

I let out another gasp of pleasure, and Mike mad his move and blindsided my mouth with his enormous dick. My gag reflex kicked in and he retreated from his attack with a apologetic look on his face. I reached and grabbed his member and pulled him into me with more controlled movement.

He was completely shaved and totally hairless. I licked and sucked on his baby smooth sack as he knelt over me. My vision went blurry, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I was startled at first but realized it was the beginning of a massive orgasm I had experience only once before. I bucked, writhed and grunted in the agony of the pleasure. OMG, what just happened! Wait hold on everyone slow down I thought to myself as I let go of his meat and began pulling at Stephanie to get her off of me.

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I was able to sit up and collect my thoughts and catch my breath. Their eyes were on me like wild animals at their prey. "Surely you don't expect us to go unsatisfied do you?" Stephanie said as she got to her feet, extending her hand to me. "Nn.No" I stuttered as I rose to my feet, knees still weak from the intense orgasm.

At that moment all I wanted to do was to get her naked. She was hiding that beautiful body underneath those baggy cloths. "I, I need to catch up for a minute" Stephanie reached to mike and grabbed his cock and took my by the arm and lead us to the rear gates of their house. The house sat vacant for a while and the yard was overgrown but we were able to find a path to the patio in the darkness.

As he walked, Mike stepped out of his sweat bottoms and shed his form fitting shirt. As we entered the patio door into the house she released her grip on his cock and my arm and stood there with her arms raised and striking a sassy pose. "Go ahead, do it!" she taunted. I hesitated for a moment, not exactly sure how to proceed. "You have been stripping me with your eyes since we met." She said with a coy look on her face. I stepped to her and began lifting the baggy sweat top from her, running my hands up her torso and across her chest.

I let the shirt fall to the floor as our lips met again she pulled me against her, skin on skin felt soooo good. I had the urge to lick her nipples, hell I wanted to lick things off her nipples! She slowly pushed my shoulders down to where my face was buried in her cleavage.

I couldn't move my tongue fast enough. I must have looked like a virgin boy getting boob for the first time. My hands found the waist band of her PJ bottoms and I began to pull them over her wide firm hips. They fell to the floor, and I found my hands exploring her luscious ass and thighs. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught mike sitting on a bar stool next to a pile of moving boxes.

He was stroking his cock and playing with his balls with his other hand. I couldn't help but to wonder if they had done this before with another. My thoughts were derailed as Stephanie continued the pressure on my shoulders, guiding me lower on her body. Holly shit, this is it. I have wondered for years if I would ever go through with it or chicken out. I occasionally had fantasies about it but never knew if I would given the chance. I was on my knees; face inches away from her well trimmed laser thin strip of hair that seemed to be pointing the way to me.

I hesitated to long, she reached down and guided me to my feet and walked me to the still wrapped in moving plastic couch and gently pushed me onto it. She looked over to Mike and whispered "Why don't you come over here and show her how it's done." Mike got a cocky smile of his face slowly stood and strutted over like he was "The Man". It struck me as silly almost giggled aloud. Stephanie sat on the couch and turned to me and lay back across the arm of the couch, spreading her legs, placing one foot on the floor, the other across the top of the couch.

The view up her thick calf and silky smooth thigh to her almost completely bald pussy was amazing. Mike wasted no time moving in to assert his tongue against her clit. I sat in amazement. Mikes tongue was equally as large as the rest of his appendages. He worker her over and over with it, and I leaned in closer for a better look. After a moment, I noticed there was no reaction from Stephanie at all to his effort.

I looked to her to find her eyes fixed on me, her eyes piercing right through me; I could tell she wanted me down there instead of him. A devilish thought flashed in my head. I joined in her stare as I turned to lean against the arm of the couch, placing my legs in the same position. I stuck my index and middle finger in my mouth and got them all wet. I wanted to see if I could stir a reaction from her.

My hand slowly made it's was down my body, leaving a wet saliva trail behind. I parted my lips with them, then made slow circular motions with them over the hot wet mess.

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I kept reliving the orgasm she brought me to outdoors. I wanted that again. We were at a staring standoff, who would move first? Calmly Stephanie asks "Would you like to join in now?" She gently brushed mikes head to the side and repositioned her legs to make room for two faces to play. I sat up and got on all fours on the couch. I just had to stop at those gorgeous legs to feel them.

Silky smooth, so smooth they reflected light from the table lamp. The angle of the light showed every curve and cut of their sporty bodies. I ran my hands up her thigh and over his tapered back. Her inner thigh was begging to be kissed, so I started there, trying to work up my nerve to take the plunge.

As my caressing kisses reached their destination, I paused. Mike had slipped out of the way, running his hands along my back. He gently pushed my legs open, and I could feel his hot breath flow over my ass and clit. Stephanie reached forwards and placed her hand behind my head and waited for Mikes immense tongue to slip in and simultaneously pulled my gasping mouth to her. I must have stopped too long; Stephanie began grinding her slit on my mouth as if to hint at what I should be doing.

The tip of my tongue went exploring, poking and lapping. I didn't know what to think, I was actually doing it, no turning back now. I began thinking of ways to please a woman that only another woman would know. I looked up to make eye contact with her, her head was laid back and she was pushing her mounds together. I must have been doing it right. Mike began circling my anus with his thumb, then pressing against it. The sensation drove me wild and I did the same to Stephanie.

Abruptly Mike stopped eating me out. I turned to see what he was doing, there was no way he was going to fuck me with that thing without a condom. He moved up and began slapping his cock against my inner thighs and abdomen I let him play until he tried to penetrate me and I leaned forward and placed my hand back there to guard against its attack.

"No. not without a rubber" I was hardly able to resist him, but no way was I getting knocked up. I buried my face back into Stephanie's steamy box. Mike began rubbing his cock around my clit again, brushing it back and fourth. His thumb was again applying pressure to my ass again it wasn't before long before he was trying to plunge his meat sword into me again and again I moved out of the way.

Stephanie came to the rescue. She pushed me to the side and stood like an angry drill sergeant.

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Mike sat up on his knees and placed his hands behind his back like a soldier at attention. "Mike, what did the young lady say?" She calmly but firmly asked.

Mike replied with a soft "No". "NO!" she echoed loudly as she slapped him across the cock with her hand. His shaft swung wildly with the force of the impact. I jumped, startled at what I just witnessed.

I slowly eased up on to the couch, confused and almost panicked. "WHAT DID THE LADY SAY MIKE!" She commanded even more sternly. "No" Mike replied between gritted teeth. "NO!" She shouted again accompanied with another slap to the other side.

His cock was now bright red and so erect I thought it was going to pop. She knelt beside him and began softly stroking his cock. "You want something to fuck baby, don't you?" She asked softly in a full 180 from her drill sergeant demeanor. I was in complete shock. I didn't know what to do next. This was some hot shit going down right in front of me.

"Yes please" he asked of her. "If I give you something, what are you going to do with it?" She asked. "I am gonna fuck it" he said angrily. "What are you going to do with it again" She teased ."I'm gonna fuck the shit out of it!" He looked enraged, but he sat there with his arms to his back, like a dog on a leash.

She maneuvered in front of him and dropped to all fours and looked back at him over the top of her ass. "Come get it!" She challenged, and in a flash he was on her, slamming his cock deep in her. "Ugggg!" She let out a deep groan as he relentlessly began pounding het cunt, their flesh slammed together in a heated fury.

Oh My Holly Shit! They were fucking like animals. I laid back in the couch and began fingering my pussy. "Come ON!

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FUCK ME!" She shouted. The scene was incredible. His pounding increased as she kept commanding his actions. He was about to blow his lid, and right before he blew his load, she leapt from his cock and stood. He was panting like a lion, with this intense look in his eye like a crazed man.

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"You haven't worked hard enough yet, you don't deserve it yet" she challenged. He leapt to his feet and lunged towards her, she dodged but he caught her arm and brought her crashing down to the carpet. He flipped her to her back and tried to mount her. She brought her knees to her chest and began pushing her with her hands.

Mike pried her legs apart and grabbed her wrists. They were really fighting this out and both had worked up a sweat. I was back to being panicked; I began to look around for a phone to call for help if I needed to. She reared back and slapped him across the face he grabbed hold of her fir red hair with both hands and pinned her to the floor with it while he stabbed at her pussy with his dick.

His relentless pounding shook her entire body as her chest bouncing in unison with each thrust. She raked her nails down his chest and across his head. She grasp his neck and clutched it tightly squeezing, her muscles rigid in her arms. He kept his rapid pace, though his breathing was labored. He was on the verge of exploding. He pounded her with all his might several times and then buried every last inch of his shaft deep in her as he gasp for breath as his face turned bright red as he collapsed onto her.

I needed to get that phone but I couldn't, I was petrified in fear of what was happening. She began laughing uncontrollably and patting him on the back after a moment of dead silence.

He began to softly chuckle too as he slownly made his way to his elbows. They both turned to look at me. I was sitting with a stupid open mouth expression of disbelief, fingers still buried deep in my cunt from when I froze. Realizing what I witnessed was just a dark exploration of kinky sexuality and not a homicide or rape gave me great relief.

"You OK over there? Mike whimsically inquired as he made it to his feet. "I don't know, you OK over there?" I quizzed back. "Aw he's alright, He's had worse than that" Stephanie assured as she rose as well. I stood as well, feeling perplexed, aroused and somewhat frightened at the same time.

She came to me and pressed her tits to mine and gave me a soft kiss on the corner of my lip as if to assure me all was OK. "Ah CRAP! The damn dog is still outside." Mike rummaged through one of the boxes and grabbed a pair of shorts and rushed out the front door. "I'll go check the pool" I announced as I made my way to the rear door. Stephanie grabbed a long leash off the counter and followed. I took her through the path that ran behind the little garden area that separated, the tall grass tickling our naked bodies.

"I got her, I'm going inside to shower" Mike shouted as we were almost to my gate. "OK! Be back in a minute!" She shouted back. I used the moment to excuse my self for the night. "Well, looks like I will be getting back home, It is getting late" I said to her as I reached for the gate. "Why so fast? You still haven't got what you wanted yet." She said in a deep sultry voice as she looped the dog's leash around the back of my neck and pulled me to her.

I could not imagine the role that leash would play over the course of the next few hours.

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'Till next chapter……