Rap xxxx storys by force

Rap xxxx storys by force
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It's been awhile since my last posting due to a tradegy in our family. I was taken aback when my wife, Suesuddenly came down ill, and died in front of Amanda, Keith, Drew and myself.All four of us were really torn apart, and had crossroads in life staring us directly in the face. The kids' dad was local, but not in their lives enough to know what any of them wanted.

The boys were adament that they wanted to get to know their father, and go to live with him. No problem I thought, and I understood.What boy, ages 13 and 15, wouldn't want to get to know his dad?


Amanda was my main concern. What did she want? Amanda and her dad never knew each other, and she was not ready to get to know him at this point in her life.

She wanted to stay with me.Lucky day. Keith and Drew packed up their belongings and headed to their dad's house.

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"You two always have a place to come if things don't work out." I told them. We all have always gotten along like a "Family", so they appreciate me being here for them.


Amanda was a little down when her brothers left, but we settled into a way of life that seemed to fit both of us. I tried to encourage Amanda to date, and see boys her own age, but she wouldn't hear of it."You are 19 years old, go date" I told her. She still wouldn't hear of it. One night while I was watching a movie, porn of course, on my TV, in my room, I thought I was alone,it was late and I thought Amanda was asleep.

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The movie had a young daughter coming home to catch her father masterbating in front of the TV.The young girl looked nothing like Amanda, but I was still hot and horney listening to this girl yell at her Father to "Jack it off good!!" I slid my boxer underwear down, and got into the young hottie yelling at her dad."Stroke it for me Dad". Wow, what if Amanda would catch me I thought. Just then my dream became a reality, and Amanda stepped out my closet.

"Jesus Christ!" I yelled out."What the fuck are you doing in there?" Well, she said " I was curious to see you naked again, so I hid in here, waiting for you." "when you started watching the daughter-father porn it got me real hot" "Can I watch with you?" she asked Like another dream come true.I thought.

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Amanda climbed up into the bed with me, and we proceeded to watch the young daughter yell at her dad and tell him to jack off for her. "Do you want me to do that to you Paul?" Amanda asked. No.Not at all, I just want you to watch me do it for you, and then I want you to practice what you saw me do. Ok she said, and pulled the sheets down to watch my hand wrapped around my 8 inch cock.do it she said.

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My hand went real slow to teach her how a man likes to get masterbated, taking particular attention to my cock head and to the rim around my helmet. Amanda watched in amazement as my hand went up and down on my shaft, up.down.up.down, just as I thought she was going to try and take my cock in her hand, she reached down under her side of the covers, and started to stroke her own pussy.

Watching me jack off and stroking her own pussy was driving me crazy.I had to slow this down. Amanda, I said.Take your sweet little hand and practice stoking me off.She is so smart, she said, one sec, and ran to the other room.I started to go soft, but had a feeling she might be surprising me with something special.

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In walked my sexy step-daughter with a bottle of body oil. "We need to lube you up first" she said. And lube me up she did.My cock was soooo well oiled that her hand squished and squished as she continued to pump my shaft.

"It feels like modeling clay in my hand" she said. Amanda was so good at working my cock that she kept squeezing my shaft and stroking it up and down, then she blew my mind when she quit stroking me and pinched, lightly, the skin on the bottom side of my cock head, and kept rotating her thumb and finger with my skin.just under my head, near the underside of my helmet.damn.She told me to lie still, but this was next to impossible.Her little fingers just kept rolling and piching, rolling and pinching, and I thought I was going to die.The lube, and her magic fingers, had me moaing and getting ready to blow in no time.

She had me flat on my back at her mercy.My cock was staring ME straight in the eye while she squeezed and rolled and pinched my fore skin.


Before I was ready to shoot my load all over my self, I asked her, "Where did you learn this my lady?" She said she "picked it up somewhere" and told me to relax, and let things come naturally. Well, I couldn't contain my self much longer and she continued this torture, and started to rub my cock against my belly.

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Friction and the oil were really heating up and Amanda kept up her assult on my cock. "give it to me" she said just inches from my belly button.I want to watch you cum. She laid her head on my stomach and kept rolling and pinching with one hand, and Frictioning up my shaft with the other.

OMG.I couldn't contain myself anymore, and asked her if it was ok if I came, and she giggled and said I was hoping you would sooner or later.

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She increased her pace on me and positioned herself so that her mouth was at the head of my cock, and pushed my cock against my stomach, long pushes and grinding with her hand had me ready to blow my wad all over my little step daughter who obviously wanted my load in her mouth. "I'm cumming Amanda, pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseee don't stop!!!!!" I screamed. "Never Paul, never until you give me what I want from you" Down her head went until I could feel her breath on my sensitive cockhead, and THAT sent me over the edge.I erupted like I never have cum before in my life.

My first shot hit her right where she wanted it, in her wide open mouth, and the next pulses from my hard cock with the help of her friction burn on my stomach hit her square on the forehead. Amanda rolled her face on my stomach, in my wet sticky cum for the next few minutes and asked me if we could do this every day now that she was totally mine?

"Only if you clean all of me up with that sexy tongue of yours", and Amanda proceeded to clean my cockhead, my stomach, my nipples and my chest with her gorgeous tongue, she licked and swallowed and licked and swallowed, and sent me right back into a full blown hard on, ready for another round as soon as she was ready for more of me.

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" I love you Paul" was the last thing I heard before we both fell fast asleep with Amanda on top of me.