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Chapter 1 The bell rang and I gathered my belongings together, shut out the light and locked up my room. It was finally 2:30 on a Friday and I was very much looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. Those are quite rare in my field, and I tend to take full advantage of them whenever I can.

My name is Michael Jordan…yes, the same name as the basketball star, but no… I'm shorter, stocky, white, and the only basketball skill I possess is doing decently well in our school's March Madness pool. Although, I've joked with ex girlfriends telling them they can tell their friends they're "dating Michael Jordan" just to get a few laughs. I'm the high school band teacher in a relatively urban area of the northeast.

I mentioned before that I'm "shorter" and "stocky," well; I stand 5'8" and weigh about 220 lbs. I suppose I look like your typical teacher type of guy in his mid 30's. As I walk down the stairs and out to my car, I'm met by a staggered chorus of "goodbyes," and "have a nice weekend." I respond back to each student who takes the time to greet me.

I'm fairly well liked among my students, as I should hope to be considering how much time I end up spending with them. On a normal week I see them during school, after school for practice, and on the weekend for additional practices and competitions.

So this rare two days of freedom will be nice, but I did not know just how nice it would become. I had no sooner gotten home than I received a text from one of my students. Yes, we text, but its only ever about school related information as a way to better coordinate our crazy schedule. But this text was different. "Mr. Jordan…My parents locked me out, and they won't let me in the house. I don't know what to do. Help me!" I need to explain a bit. As I said, I teach in an urban area, and most of the students have lousy home lives.

I often find them coming to me for advice, for help with other subjects, and occasionally just to hear a comforting voice tell them that everything is going to be ok.

I text back, "Just take a deep breath, Brielle. Did they tell you why they locked you out?" "I didn't get home before 3" she responded, then continued, "They said I might as well find somewhere else to go this weekend, but I don't have anywhere to go." I took a deep breath and thought about what to do.

Brielle is one of my best seniors. She's a very sweet girl, and I won't lie.I've found myself looking at her and undressing her with my eyes at times, and fantasizing about the things I'd love to do to her. She's about 5'4" wavy brown hair just below shoulder length, deep brown eyes, and a smile that would like up the room. She's got a nice body too, not what you'd except from a Latina girl, rather she only has a slight curve to her waist and hips, flat stomach, small ass and tits that couldn't possibly be bigger than an A cup in a push-up, which is just what I like.

I certainly didn't want her on the streets for the whole weekend. Who knows what would happen to her… I decided to call her "Hello?" she answered, clearly sobbing. "Brielle, its Mr. Jordan. Are you ok?" "No… I &hellip. Have… no where to go&hellip." She replied between sniffles. I exhaled deeply, debating my next move, but I decided to say fuck it and cross a line I knew I shouldn't.

"Brielle, do you have any money on you, and can you walk to the train station in town?" "Yeah…I have $18 and I can…why?" Here goes, I thought. "I want you to go to the train station and get on the next train to Ridgecrest. I'll meet you when you get there." "Really?" she said sounding a bit shocked "Yes.

I'm going to look after you this weekend so you're not alone on the streets." "Oh, thank you!! Thank you Mr. Jordan! I'll call you when I'm two stops away" **click.** I put my phone down and quickly cleaned up my apartment.

I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and put them by the couch. I got an old T-shirt and gym shorts from my dresser so that she would have clothes to change into, and I made sure the place was at least sort of presentable. I took a deep breath and realized that I was going to have a sexy teenager in my house with me…alone…just the two of us…all weekend. The thoughts started racing through my head. Dirty, naughty things I knew I shouldn't think&hellip.but I couldn't help myself.

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I lived an hour from the school where I teach, and very few other people live nearby who work there&hellip.the chances of anyone seeing the two of us would be slim to none. Which is good, because despite my perverted thoughts, I WAS trying to do the right thing in helping her.

I made sure everything was fine and then I waited for her call.


Chapter 2 I must have dozed off because I awoke to the buzzing of my phone. I answered: "Mr. Jordan? Are you there? I've been calling you for almost an hour! Its pouring rain. Are you coming to get me?" Shit! I thought immediately "Yeah, Brielle. I'm so sorry, I fell asleep! I'm on my way right now!" Sure enough, she had called me over 15 times!

Thankfully, I only live about a mile from the train station, so I sped over there fast as I could. I found Brielle standing there, soaked to the bone in the rain. I got out of my car with my umbrella and hurried over to her. As soon as I got close to her, she ran toward me and embraced me in a huge hug, getting me absolutely drenched. We stayed that way, under the umbrella, both her arms wrapped firmly around me, my free one holding her close. When we finally let go, she looked up at me.

Neither of us said anything.

Words weren't needed. The relief on her face was as much of a "thank you" as I needed. I walked Brielle to my car and drove her back to my apartment. We stepped inside and Brielle looked around, as if trying to gauge how her bachelor of a teacher lived.

I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and started shivering. "Here," I extended my hand, "Come with me. I'll help you get warmed up." She just nodded and took my hand.

I led her to the bathroom, handed her a towel. I reached into the shower and started the water, making sure it was nice and warm. I looked at Brielle and said, "I'll leave you be. Take as long as you need." "Thank you, Mr. Jordan." She replied I smiled at her and said "Please. Call me Mike." She blushed a little at this, then sheepishly replied "Ok, Mr. Jor-&hellip. I mean Mike." With that, I left the room and closed the door behind me. I heard the shower door open and close and I knew that right on the other side of this door was the object of many of my fantasies&hellip.standing in my shower&hellip.

naked&hellip.wet…… I felt my cock stirring in my boxers… I was tempted to open the door a crack and peek in. But I decided against it. Instead, I quickly ran into my bedroom and started to rub one out. As I sat there stroking, I thought about Brielle, wondering what would happen this weekend, if anything. I was almost about the finish when I heard Brielle's voice from the bathroom. "Mr. Jordan, I don't have anything to wear!!" she hollered.

I bolted up, grabbed the shirt and shorts I had put aside for her and ran to the bathroom knocking on the door. "Brielle, I have clothes for you. I'm going to leave them here." I no sooner finished the sentence than the door opened, and I was met with the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Standing in front of me was 18 year old Brielle, soaking wet, wrapped only in a towel, which clung to her form perfectly, showing off the small swell of her tits and the mini curve of her waist.

Her long dark hair curled and stuck to the side of her face and her bare shoulders. My eyes followed her hair down her neck, to her collarbone, protruding outward, leading to the beginnings of her breasts, which is where the towel began.

She must have caught me staring. "Um… Mr. Jordan? Mike? Hellloooooo!" I shook my head and looked back up at her face "What, Brielle? I'm sorry." She smiled a little coy smile and replied, "I said, thank you so much!

I really appreciate this.

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It means a lot that you would do this for me. I don't know how I can ever truly thank you." I smiled back at her and said "Don't worry. Are you hungry? I'll order pizza." She gave a little yelp of happiness as she nodded to me and reached out for the clothes. Then she turned around to close the door, letting her towel drop a second before the door closed, giving me the brief glance at a small but beautiful round ass…just perfect and smooth looking without a single imperfection.


I thought at first it was completely accidental, but I realized that as the towel fell, she turned her head to look at me with a coy smile. What was this girl up to? I shrugged and went to order the pizza.

Chapter 3 About 20 minutes after I called, the doorbell rang with the pizza. I paid the delivery boy and put the box on the dining room table, grabbed some plates and a couple sodas and sat down on the couch waiting for Brielle to finish her shower.

The water was still running. "This girl must not have had a good shower in a long time." I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door before calling out to her. "Hey, Brielle, pizza's here." "I'll be out in a sec!" she replied followed by shutting off the water. I went back to the dining room to wait for her.

About a minute later, she came out of the bathroom wearing only the T-shirt I left her. It was big enough on her that it looked like a dress.

She handed me back the shorts along with her wet clothes and said "thank you for lending me your shirt. Could you dry these for me?" I told her I'd throw them in the dryer while she helps herself to pizza.

She semi-skipped into the dining room and I took her clothes into the laundry room. Her soaked jeans were so tiny I could barely fit my wrist down the leg as I went to turn them right side out.

Her small shirt went in the dryer next, leaving only her bra and panties. As I went to toss them in the dryer, I stopped.

My curiosity got the better of me. I examined her bra closely. It was a lovely shade of blue, with lacy frills, underwire and clearly a push-up. I looked for a tag and a size to see if my guess about her chest was correct. I found the tag and looked at it. "32A… I knew it!" I said to myself…probably a little too loudly because Brielle called out from the dining room "Did you say something?" I felt my face redden slightly and called back "No.

I'll be there in a second!" Into the dryer went her bra and I was left holding her panties; a very lacy thong the same shade of blue as her bra. I've heard the stories about what it meant when a girl wore a matching set of bra and panties&hellip.

Suddenly that little slip of her towel in the bathroom before seemed much less of an innocent accident. I must have stood there thinking too long. I heard a knock on the doorframe as Brielle stuck her head into the laundry room and asked "Mr. Jordan… You coming?" I nearly jumped and quickly threw her panties into the dryer, closed the door and started the machine.


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Sorry Brielle, lets go." She turned around and walked to the dining room in front of me, and I swore she was swaying her little ass more on purpose. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the view, and thought to myself "Hell, she's 18. Lets just see where this goes." We sat on the couch together eating pizza and drinking soda, and just talking. Well, it was mostly Brielle talking and me listening. She talked about her home life, how her mom was always strict because she was the youngest.

And how her dad moved out when she was 4 and got remarried, and her step mom hates her and refuses to allow her in their house because she thinks she looks too much like her mom, and her step mom gets jealous about her dad's former life&hellip.yes she said that all in one long sentence and in one breath. She talked about some of my other students; who is sleeping with whom, about a couple of girls who were sleeping with each other, etc.

As she talked she shifted positions, lifting her feet off the floor to sit cross-legged on the couch forcing the t-shirt of mine she was wearing like a dress to slide up slowly revealing more and more of her smooth legs.

I couldn't help staring at her legs. I wanted so bad to just reach out and touch them, to rub my hands up her calf to her thigh. Wondering if I did that, how far she'd let me hand get before&hellip. "Mr. Jordan?" My thought process was interrupted. I looked up at Brielle with a blank face…"Huh?" She just smiled at me and said "Mr. Jordan…are you still listening to me? Or are you too busy staring at my legs?" I looked at her again and stammered over my words " I was.uh.

just." She giggled. "It's ok! I don't mind. I'll be honest with you… I like to stare at your arms while you're leading the band. Wondering what your arms would feel like hold…ing…" she trailed off probably realizing what she was about to say.

I looked at her and smiled… her long wet hair beginning to soak the T-shirt she was wearing…revealing to me the outline of her nipples. I did purposely give her a white shirt afterall. She must have caught me looking because she blushed and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

I shifted my position on the couch to attempt cover up the fact that my cock was now hard as a rock. Brielle must have noticed because she looked down at my crotch and said "Well then&hellip.should we watch something on tv?" She reached across me for the remote purposely placing her hand on my upper thigh for balance.

She turned her head and looked at me, our faces inches apart. I could feel her breath on my face. She said, "Mr. Jordan&hellip. errr, Mike. There's something I've been thinking about for a while." I swallowed hard and said "Yeah? What's that?" "Well… I was wondering what& would feel like& do…this." She leaned in and placed her lips on mine. It was a moment. Her lips were soft and warm. I was happy she made the first move.

I decided to push it further. I opened my mouth and our lip lock became a full on tongue kiss. Her hand on my thigh squeezed a bit tighter. I reached over and put one hand on either side of her waist and pulled her on top of me straddling me. I could feel her t-shirt riding up higher, and I slid my hands down from her waist to her smooth and firm ass.

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She moaned softly into my mouth as a squeezed her bare ass. I opened my eyes and saw that hers were open too. We held the kiss while we stared into each others' eyes.

Her hands moved to the hem of her shirt and began to pull it up over her head. As she did, I noticed her flat stomach, her cute belly button was pierced.

Her ribs were semi-visible, but not in an emaciated way. Her shirt slid up over her breasts, and for the first time I saw her beautiful 32A tits. Small mounds barely protruding from her chest, each capped with puffy areola and nipples that looked hard as diamonds.

She finished pulling the shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. I just stared at her. She looked at me and said "Wait. Don't look yet." And she got up from my lap and stood before me. It was at that moment I realized I was so focused on her chest that I hadn't looked below her waist. What I saw was the most amazing sight. A beautiful smooth mound topped with a narrow landing strip of trimmed dark hair.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked me, standing with her hands on her narrow hips. "Brielle, you are amazing! So incredibly beautiful." I stood up, but didn't walk toward her. "What are you doing?" she asked. I started to take my shirt off and said "well, you're standing there naked, I figured its only fair that I joined you." She laughed and stepped closer to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. She then helped remove my clothing, pulling my shirt up over my head, then undoing my belt and pants, sliding them down leaving me standing in just my boxers.

I moved to take them off but she stopped me. "Not yet. I want to try something." I nodded and wrapped my arms around her as we kissed again. She pressed her body against mine. I felt my cock straining against my shorts. She reached down and rubbed me through my boxers. I moved my mouth to kiss her neck causing her to throw her head back eliciting a breathy gasp that was almost a moan.

I clearly had found a sensual spot. I decided to keep at it, kissing licking and sucking the spot on her neck where her clavicle begins. I could feel her legs start to tremble as her moans started to sound louder. She began to press her pussy against my member and grind. I felt her hips moving in slow circles…her breathing starting to get shallow and faster.

I pushed her away slightly, which earned me a pout from Brielle, but that changed as she saw what I was about to do.

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I kissed my way down her neck to her collarbone. She inhaled sharply and I noticed goosebumps start to appear on her skin. There is something just really amazing about a sexy pair of breasts covered in goosebumps. I continued to kiss down her chest until I reached her left breast.

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I took it in my hand and began to softly caress it and play with it. I watched as her puffy areola gave way to a hardening nipple. I leaned down and gently took the nipple in my mouth, flicking it softly with my tongue. This sent fireworks down Brielle's spine as she threw her head back and let out a raspy, lust-filled moan. "ohhhh god&hellip.

that's SO good, Mr. Jord&hellip. Mike. Oh yes, you can suck a little harder its ok. My nipples are just REALLY sensitive." I looked up at her, nodding "ok" as I returned my lips to her hard puckered nipple. I licked and sucked it a bit more forcefully than before, now that I'd been given the green light. My left hand slid up her body and cupped her right breast, gently massaging in rhythm with my licking and sucking of her left nipple.

It was when I decided to push that things started to get crazy. As I licked and sucked her nipple, her breathing began to get faster still. Every exhalation was accompanied by a louder and louder moan. I was thankful that I lived alone and had no neighbors, because she was getting to the point where her moans would have been audible through the walls.

She began gasping for air and moaning more than just sounds&hellip. Words… "please," "yes," "Oh god," "just like that," among others. I decided I had teased Brielle enough. I started to nibble gently on her…while at the same time I pinched her other nipple hard between my thumb and forefinger.

The moment my teeth applied pressure to her nipple, her body convulsed violently, and she let out this guttural scream that only faded when she ran out of air. Her knees buckled and I used my body and free hand to guide her to the couch.

I didn't dare release either of her nipples from my grasp. Her body was shaking as though an earthquake that only she could feel was tossing it about. Her face turned beet red and the only semblance of breathing I could notice were these sounds that most closely resembled gurgling. Her body suddenly went rigid, and she gasped loudly as she inhaled, similar to someone who had nearly just drowned. I released my vice grips from her nipples and looked up at her, concerned she was in trouble, but when I saw the look of pure euphoria on her face, my worry faded to happiness.

She looked at me groggily, as though she only just woke up. "Holy&hellip.shiiiiiit." she barely managed to say, hoarsely. "I've always known my nipples were sensitive, but I had no idea I could cum just from that&hellip." I looked down at her and smiled "Well, if that's how you cum from nipple play, I can't wait to see how you'll react a little later." She gave me a naughty look with a wry smile.

Seeing her lying there, hair matted, body covered in a sheen of post-orgasmic sweat, her nipples still rock hard (the left one sporting teeth marks thanks to my biting). I just looked down her body and really took in the beauty of her form.

Her flat stomach and sexy belly button. The way her pelvic bone protruded just at the beginning of the flare of her hips. Her rising mound decorated with that narrow landing strip, leading down to her smooth legs and cute little feet and toes. She must have caught me admiring her body because she laughed a little. "So you're gonna be remembering this image everytime you look at me in class now, aren't you?" "Yeah… pretty much." I replied with a smile.

———————- More to come. But I want to see what you all think first.