Amateur masseuse sucks clients bbc

Amateur masseuse sucks clients bbc
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I'm Sam, 43, divorced over 10 years now. I am 5' 10, 175 lbs, brown hair and eyes, and have been told I am easy on the eyes. I work as a supervisor in a large warehouse that handles medical supplies, all over the counter stuff. I also flip homes as a hobby.

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My dad was in construction and taught the business and trade. I make a pretty good living just from my normal job and I do pretty good flipping houses. I will, on occasion, do some remodeling too, but prefer not doing that. When I was married, I did flip a few homes, but the ex got pissed because I did not make enough to suit her. She was a bitch on wheels and very self centered.

Somehow we lasted 8 years, lord knows how, I know it wasn't because of the sex, because she could care less about sex and was usually one and done, with no imagination. Since the divorce, I vowed never to marry again, and if I felt a woman was getting to close, I would end it. But, finding pussy in this day and age is pretty easy, and many of the women now a days, just want a sex buddy, which is exactly what I like.

But recently, I haven't had time for women because I had put my off time into a house I was flipping and I just finished it up in December. That took about 8 months to handle. Then one day, I was at work and a guy that works with me, Jim, asked if I had any free time to look at his mother in laws master bath. Now Jim is 28, a good guy and has worked for me for 10 years now.

I have met his wife, Mary, who is 24 and a cute and definitely sexy girl. I was introduced to Ann, who is 48, 5'4, about 140 lbs. Not fat, but her ass is a little bigger than her daughters. She too, has a good 36 C size breast. She is not model gorgeous, but she is quite attractive, with brown, shoulder length hair, pretty hazel eyes and a great smile. This was the start of something new for me, a relationship with one of the hottest, most sexual woman I have ever met.

She is now like a business partner with me in my house flipping business, along with my lover and best friend. We are in the mist of remodeling an older farm house, which she thinks I am flipping, but, I am hoping it will be ours to share when we are finished.

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As I stated in the first installment, I purchased the house in April, and got right to work on it, with Ann helping me every step of the way. Mary, her daughter, and her husband Jim also helped out. And, like I said before, there was lots of sexual innuendos and flirting going on. One warm evening in May, Ann caught them out on the side porch, which had a swing on it, just fucking away like nobody was around. By memorial weekend, the whole upstairs was finished, with the girls doing all the painting.

We only changed two rooms up there. Combining 2, into one big bedroom, the master, along with the huge bathroom and 2 walk in closets. The other 2 bedroom just had their floors sanded and walls painted, and the other bath up there, had a few minor changes, like a vanity and new toilet. Jim and I took 2 days to demo the kitchen and take out 2 walls, to really open it up down there. One wall was load bearing, so I had to shore that up with a beam.

I had to ask a couple of friends of mine to help with that. I did have to have an electrician in to rewire the house to code. That was almost 5 grand to have that done.

While we worked on the downstairs, the girls were outside, sprucing up the yard, which was over grown with weeds and the beds needed lots of attention. But the girls were making great progress. Ann wanted to know what I wanted out there. I told her anything you think you would want, if this was your place. I had said that remark many times, but she has yet to catch on that this was going to be our place, if she'll agree to it.

What Ann did know was that I had sold my 2 rentals, so there was no money problems now, and I made a good profit on both, which rebuilt my business fund. Though I was going to need about 10 grand to finish this off. What she didn't know was that I had put my house up for sale. I had to keep her in the dark about that, until we finished this. I figured even if she says no, I had a new place to live in. Jim and I were putting in the cabinets, which were white, that Annie had picked out, asked me, "You're not selling this place are you?" I chuckled and asked, "What makes you say that?" "Only because of the comments you keep making to Ann about doing it the way she would want it, if this was her place.

Don't worry, Mary and I picked up on that. That's why Mary has been super perfect in painting and such, or any job you have given her. She knows you want this for Ann." "well, you are right, but I haven't asked her yet. She may say no, but I am still going to keep the place for me. But I hope she says yes to moving in with me." "Our lips are sealed only because Mary thinks it's so romantic and she doesn't want to spoil it for you." "Well, thank you.

But, could you two quit fucking in every room of the house. Christ, Ann and I haven't fucked that much here yet." Jim laughed and said, "hey I can't help your girlfriends daughter is a nympho. Of course, I believe she gets it from her mom." And laughed again. I couldn't argue with him there. Ann is a nympho and has taken me a few times here, when it was just us two. Just last week, after the bathroom was done, she called me upstairs and was in the bathroom naked, wanting to take a shower, which turned into a 2 fuck session, and damn near wore me out for the night.

By the end of June, most of the downstairs was done. The floor in the kitchen looked great. Ann picked out this slate tile that looked like wood planks, and was a medium to dark gray. The black granite tops came in and were installed. She hesitated on getting those tops. Her feeling was we wouldn't make good money when we sell. I said, you have to spend money to make money. They were sharp looking, and looked awesome against the white cabinetry and the gray floors. The only other thing we did not totally agree on was the sink.

We both wanted the farm style sink. Where I wanted black, but she said white, to offset the black counter tops. I really didn't care, but I had to make a show of it. Otherwise, we work really good together. In fact, we grew even closer doing this project. It was the Saturday evening, before we went camping the following weekend.

Just Ann and I were there. Jim and Mary had to attend a party for one of Jim's relatives. I have to admit, Jim and Mary did help a lot, and Jim has learned a lot. Ann was sitting on top of the island as I finished up with some trim work. It was almost 10pm now and we had not been together since Tuesday past.

She definitely had that come fuck me look in her eye. Ann said, "Mr. Reynolds, I think you need to stop and come fix something me nowas she took a finger and ran it up her pant leg of her shorts, and diddled her pussy.

Now who was I to argue with that. The curtain in the living room was already drawn, so I went and turned off the lights, but could easily see her because of the moon light coming in. She whipped off her top and shimmied out of her shorts. I stripped my shorts off too and t-shirt. I walked over to her and she put her legs around my torso and said, "mmmmmmmmmm I have been needing this for days." I looked at her and said, "I want you right on this counter top." She giggled and said, just wait to the new homeowners eat off of it" and laughed.

I parted her legs and dove in head first in to her soaking pussy. My tongue attacked her slit like it was on fire, which it was.

"OH fuck yes, tongue fuck me baby. I am so missing this tongue of yours." She put her legs over my shoulders as I ate her hard and fast. Her moans were electrifying and making her want her even more. She came with in 5 minutes of us starting, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkk Baby, I am cummingggggggggg" As she calmed down, I hopped up on the counter, which is 8 foot long and laid back.

Ann scooted around and straddled me, and guided my cock into that wonderful slit of hers. "Oh God Yes. I need this Baby. Fuck your Baby right here." I kissed her hard.

"Fuck Ann, you feel so tight tonight. God you make me feel like a teenager when I am in you." We fucked a good 10 minutes before we both came with such a force.

Ann collapsed on top of me, as our orgasms subsided. She laughed and said, "well I hope the new owners enjoy this top as much as we just did. But we'll know we were the first." "Oh I think who ever owns this next will have a go at trying this. And, I am pretty sure you and I did first, before that daughter and son in law got to it." "They have taken some liberties here, haven't they?" she giggled after saying that.

"Yeah, but I am glad they feel comfortable enough with us, that they know that they can do something like that with us around." Ann laughed and said, "well, remember last week when you 2 were in here working away?" "Yeah?" "and the bath water was running upstairs?" again I said yeah. "Mary and I showered and ate each other up there." I laughed and said, "Like mother, like daughter, and I love it" We kissed, got dressed and went back to her place.

That Tuesday, I got a call from the realtor, who said I had to bids on the house. Now when I bought the place, it was a 2 bedroom ranch and run down bad.


I paid 48 grand for it, but the houses around it were now selling in the 130's to 140 range. I added on to it. Another bedroom and bath and family room, which cost almost 35 grand at the time 8 years ago.

I took the bid that was higher for 144 grand. I was asking for 140, and made about 40 grand after the closing cost. I was super pumped now. I was told I had 60 days to move, as long as the buyer could get the loan, which the realtor didn't think was a problem.

That Friday, I was told their loan was approved and I would need to sign stuff in the next few weeks. It was hard to not tell Annie about this. We all met at Ann's about 1pm that Friday. Jim and I taking some comp time. The girls had already said they'd have no problem getting off. We packed up my truck, which had a camper top on it. I was taking my 12 person tent, and 2 blow up beds, which are queen size. We also had a couple of coolers for food and drink, which was water, beer and wine.

The campground was about 2 hours away in Pa. We got there around 3pm and were real lucky. The site I had picked was away from others, up on a hill, and no one was around us, at least not yet. The girls were dressed in halter tops and shorts. Mary's were real short and showed her ass off nicely. Annie was a little more conservative with her shorts, which hung a little lower, but not by much. If she bent over, her ass cheeks would be showing.

It was hot, even up in the mountains, like we were. Jim and I set up the tent and beds in about an hour. The girls busied themselves with the screen tent, so we could eat without bugs bothering us. I did tell them that we could not leave food out at all, because of the black bears that live here. Ann said, "Really? Bears?" "Oh yeah, but they won't bother us, but will steal our food if they can. That's why tonight, the food goes in the back seat of the truck." We then went for a hike around the area.

Our site was a good 100 to 150 yards away from others. Most people like to stay close to the bathrooms and showers. I wanted privacy for us. Only because tonight, I was going to give Annie the key to the house and ask her to move in with me. Plus give the kids their tickets for our trip in September. And, regardless if they are in the tent or not, tonight, I was making love to Ann, that is, if she says yes. We walked down by the river, that is pretty big here.

It's the Allegheny and it runs into the damn up here. The 3 of them were excited about that river and I said we could rent a pontoon for the day tomorrow, which got them all excited. We got back from our hike around 6 and decided to cook steaks. Nothing like steaks cooked over real wood. After dinner and cleaning up, Jim and I went and got some more firewood and got a nice bonfire going.

We were all drinking now and laughing and having a good time. It was pretty dark out now and I suggested we all head down to the john's for the night.

We did see one black bear, rummaging through one of the garbage containers. Ann and Mary were astonished just seeing it. Ann asked if I was sure it wouldn't eat them. I laughed and said the only one eating you is me. Mary laughed and said, "hey maybe I want some of that too." We got back to the site and the girls went in the tent to change.

Both emerged in these t-shirt style sleep wear, which were pretty thin too, because we could easily make out there nipple and areolas through the material. All four of us were feeling pretty good too. Jim and I banked the fire so it would go out naturally and then all 4 of us went into the tent. The girls had opened the sleeping bags and laid them on top of the mattresses and then put a sheet over that, to cover us up, since it was still pretty warm out. Jim an di both stripped down to our boxers only.

We were all sitting on the sheets when I went and pulled my go bag over close to me. I turned on the camp lantern I had. I pulled out this envelope and handed it to Mary.


"What's this?" she asked. "Remember when I said if I got a good tax return or sold this house, I would take us all on a trip, well get ready for a trip to Jamaica in about a month." Mary opened it and read it. "Holy Shit Jimmy, we are really going." She launched herself over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss, right on the lips.

Jim gave Annie a kiss too, one that lingered a bit longer than a son in law should, but that was ok. Mary kissed Annie then, and I could have sworn I saw tongues as they did. "Oh my god. I thought you were just BSing us. I love you Sam." And kissed me again. "For all the help you 2 have given us at the house, it's the least I could do." Jim piped up and said, "Man, this is awesome and helping you guys was fun and I actually learned a lot from you." Next I pulled out a box, wrapped in gold paper.

I handed it off to Ann. "This is for you." "What is it?" "Well if you don't open it, you'll never know." She ripped it open and then opened the box, and saw a key. "What's the key for?" I stuttered a bit and said, "First, it's the key to my heart and 2., it's the key to the farm house and I want you to please move in with me, because I am so in love with you." Ann was speechless and didn't say a thing.

Her eyes filled with tears and as they did, mine did too. Since she hadn't spoken yet, it got me nervous, that the word No was going to come out of her mouth. Finally she spoke. "Sam, this all so much, but YES, I will move in. I am so in love with you but so afraid to say those words to you, because it might scare you off.

I Love You, so Yes." We kissed like to lost lovers, both of saying I love you as we kissed. We finally broke the kiss and looked over at those 2, who were still kissing, but Mary had her hand on Jim's engorged cock too. Annie spoke up and asked, "Did you 2 know about this?" Jim said that he did for a while now, and Mary said, "I just found out the other day. But we kind of figured it out a while back." "How so" Annie asked.

"Mom, how many times did Sam tell you to make decisions on color or what type of counters or anything really, as if it was your own?" "Oh Christ, was I that blind?" I laughed and said, "Apparently so honey." Ann kissed me again, this time with all the passion a woman can show a man.

As we kissed, she started taking off her top. "What are you doing?, I asked. "I'm going to make love to you, and if those 2 don't like it, they can exit here for a while." Mary took the cue and stripped too, then pulled Jim's boxers off. "Take me big boy, I need a good fucking." Ann did the same to me, and mounted my hard shaft. Now keep in mind, the light is still on, but neither mother or daughter could give a shit and didn't care that we would be watching each other make love.

I looked over at Mary, who was watching us, and she winked at me. I couldn't believe this was happening, and I don't think Jim could either. Both of our women were riding our cocks, right next to each other. Ann leaned down and offered her tits to me, so naturally I started sucking her hard nipples. She was so into this. Her head was next to my ear, tellingme she loved me, and this has her so hot.

I broke from her nipple and kissed her deeply, and then rolled her to her back. Jim and Mary did the same. Now Mary is quite vocal and we had to tell her a couple of times to keep it down. She talks just as dirty as her mom, but even uses the cunt word too. The four of us now had a good rhythm going. As I was pushing in, Jim was pulling out, and you could clearly hear the slapping of skin, continuously. Annie moaned out, "Oh baby, I am going cum, fuckkkkkkkk." I was close too. Mary mouthed, "Yes fuck me harder lover, fuck me hard now, I need to cum" We both pounded our women, reaching the ultimate goal of orgasm, almost together.

Ann was first, somehow muffling her moans as her body tensed up, hips off the mattress and washing my cock with her juices. I couldn't hold out any more and shot a huge amount inside her, washing her vaginal walls with my juice. Jim's ass pushed hard into his wife as he unloaded his cum in Mary, who was thrashing all over as she came. She let out a groan then "oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk" but softly.

Ann and I laid there exhausted but kissing, not wanting to uncouple. Mary giggled and said, "oh wow, this was so amazing. Why haven't we done this earlier?" Ann chuckled and said, "well, just never had the chance too before, but we've seen you two on a few occasions doing it on the porch." Mary laughed and said, "damn, we thought you 2 were too busy working to even notice." We all laughed.

I moved down then and started cleaning my wonderful partner up. "Damn Sam." Mary said. "he always cleans up his mess." As Ann started moaning again. Jim was still inside Mary when Mary said, "well lover, get down there and clean me up too." Jim hesitated a second, shrugged his shoulders and moved down and started licking her pussy.

"Oh Fuck Jim, this is so hot. Taste us baby." Leaving a big glob on my tongue, I moved up and fed to Ann's hungry mouth and we kissed for another minute, finishing with I Love You's. Jim must have liked what he was doing because he stayed down there, bringing Mary off again, although not as strong as her last one. Annie and I just watched, but I could feel it was turning her back on again.

After a few minutes, the girls said they needed to go pee. "you can go right outside the tent" and laughed. Mary piped up, "Hell with that, I don't want some bug biting my cooter. Walk us down to the bathrooms. We all put on clothes, Jim and I in our shorts and sandals, and the girls in the t-shirts they had on before and sandals. As we started walking, with my arm around Ann, and Jim holding Mary's hand, Ann asked, "are you alright with what just happened?" I smiled and said, "heavens yes.

I just made love to the woman I love and had the pleasure of watching 2 people also make love who mean the world to both of us. Life couldn't get any better." Ann hugged me tighter as we walked.

Mary asked, "is this how it is when swinging?" I laughed and said "Why? You 2 want to venture down that path?" Jim piped up and said, "yeah, we have discussed it and wanted to try it, before we started making babies." "Well, it is kind of like that, where you have 2 couples having sex, like we just did, but you are doing it with the other partner, and not your own.

Though you should always do the last time together, to bring you back down to earth, so to speak." After peeing, we headed back to the tent. Once all in, we all decided on being naked again. The girls pushed the mattresses together and laid down on their sides, facing one another. Jim and I spooned with them.

Ann spoke and said, "Look you three, what we did here isn't quite accepted by society, so we keep this a family thing. Kind of like Vegas. What goes on here, stays here." All of us agreed. Annie's ass was wiggling on my cock, making it come back to life. My arm reached over her and felt for her breast, and tweaked her nipple. She moaned, but it was a muffled moan, and I figured she was kissing Mary. Ann lifted her top leg, to give me better access to her hot snatch.

I took the hint and inserted my cock, into her slippery hole. Mary and Ann were kissing, Jim was doing the same as me, fucking his beautiful bride. Ann took my hand and pushed it towards Mary's tit. With her forefinger and thumb, she took my same two and we played with Mary's nipple. Jim and Mary were playing with Ann's tit as well. "OH fuck Momma" "Mary?, call me Ann when we are lovers for now on" and went back to kissing. Jim and I fucked our women slow and easy, and lasted a good 15 minutes before Ann said' Sam, I am going to cum, fill me baby." Mary moaned out, "Baby cum with me" And we all came together, and then said goodnight and fell asleep.

I awoke around 7am, to all these birds just chirping away. It was still warm out too, which is unusual for up here. Neither of us couples had the sheet over us. Ann was lying on her back, her chest rising and falling softly. I looked over at Mary and Jim, they too, were un covered and Mary was on her Back, with one leg up, bent at the knee.

She was a carbon copy of her mother, except her areola's were more brown than the dark pink that Ann's were. Her pussy is shaved as well, and she did look hot. I chuckled because Jim was sporting a woodie. I was only half hard, but I am sure that could change. Ann's eyes popped open and she smiled up at me. She curled into my arms and said good morning. We lay there for a few minutes and then she said, "I have to use the restroom." We quietly got up and dressed.

Both of us just putting on shorts, no undies, and t-shirts, grabbed some towels for a shower and headed down the hill. As we walked, she asked, "did I have a dream last night, or did oyu ask me to move in with you and then made love to you with the kids next to us?" I laughed and said, "No dream Babe, it all happened " She hugged me tightly to her. We showered and did our business, then met up outside the showers. We took a walk around the campsite, in no hurry to get back.

Ann asked, "When did you know how you felt?" I squeezed her hand and said, "Remember that Tuesday, after the snowstorm? I knew then, when you crawled into my bed. I kept thinking oh man, you cant say it, because she'll drop you like a hot potato. So I just kept those words to myself, but said them over and over again in my head." "I kind of knew that Sunday night when you made love to me, and not our hot fuck sessions.

But I knew for sure that Wednesday evening when I crawled into bed alone for the first time since Friday night. I cried myself to sleep, missing you next to me." "But, I was scared too, because if I mentioned those words to you, you would bolt. So I just bottled it up inside me until last night. Last night to me, was perfect.

I never felt so loved before" "Me too, but you did scare me a little when you hesitated at saying anything when I asked you. At that point, I thought for sure you were going to run out of the tent screaming, well until you kissed me and said yes, then got naked, not caring that the kids were there and made love to me." Ann giggled and said, "At that point, I could have cared less if the whole campground watched us.

But, I have to admit, that was a huge turn on, once we all got into it. Damn that was sexy, and erotic, and I won't lie, I hope it happens again." I asked, "Really?" "Oh god yes.

I told you my one fantasy is to swing, and who better than to swing with, then people you trust and love too.

Christ, I am turned on now just thinking about kissing Mary and us playing with her nipples." "Well, I have to admit, it did turn me on too, but I wonder what they are thinking right now.

Remember, that was fueled by alcohol, but now we are all sober, so there could be regrets." "Yeah, you could be right, but I doubt it. I wouldn't be surprised if they are going at it right now", and laughed. I did too, and said, "you are probably right." "you know, I have busting at the seams to tell you about the house, and the selling of my house, which I breathed a sigh of relief yesterday." "Sam?" "Annie?" "Promise me, no more secrets, no matter what." I agreed and said I would be an open book to her on anything, and promised to discuss anything.

"You know, we make a damn good team and this whole flip was special, and the funny thing is, we never argued about anything." Ann chuckled and said, "well, I never thought for a moment that the place would be mine, and you knew what you were doing, so no arguments needed.

But, I am sure we will argue and it will be over silly stuff, but let's never go to bed upset with each other." "That's a deal. I lived that before and never again. In fact, when we see an argument looming, let's just get naked then and try and argue. You know damn well, we'll fix it quick and then make love." "Now that sounds like a good plan, and we better hold up to it too." Ann got serious now, "What do we do with my house?" "Well, what do you owe on it?" "The mortgage is paid off, but I took a 2nd mortgage out for 30 grand 5 years ago, and still owe about 20 on that." "Do you know what the comps are for around your area?" Ann sighed and said, "not that great, 90 to 100 grand".

I then said, "Maybe the kids could buy, and sell their small place. We could pay off the mortgage using the business money, then sell them the place at a fair price and they pay you instead of a bank, and when it is paid off, or they decide to sell, then the deed is transferred to them." "Wow, you really thought this all out, didn't you?" "No, not this part.

I figured you would just sell yours, but this way makes better fiscal sense for you and the kids. After all is said and done, I will owe only 50 grand for the farm house.

I can live with that, if you can. When we finish and the bank says ok, both of our names go on the mortgage and deed. So rest assured I am in this for the long haul with you and the only way you get rid of me is when I finally kick the bucket." Ann stopped me and kissed me deeply. "I Love You Sam". We headed back up the path to the tent site. Mary and Jim were finally emerging. Mary, just wearing a t-shirt, Jim was in swim trunks and a T.

Ann spoke out, "Good Morning Sleepy heads." "Hi Mom, hi Daddy" and laughed. "Daddy?" "Please". "Just teasing Sam" as she giggled. Mary asked where we have been, since it was almost an hour since we left the site. We told them about the shower and then the walk we went for. Tons of things to discuss. Jim goes, "Shower sounds real good now. Kind of sweaty already." I looked at Ann and she just smiled. We knew they probably fucked the whole time we were gone.

"I'll get the grill out and get bacon going, and coffee. By the time you are back, the bacon should be done and I'll fix eggs." Mary said, "Yummy, camp cook too. You got a keeper mom." Eating breakfast, Mary wanted filled in on how all this happened with my house, the farm house and everything. So I told her what transpired, but neglected to say anything about Ann's house just yet.

Mary changed subjects then and said, "Sam, what you gave us last night was so super, but we think we should pay for it." I shook my head and chuckled. "No, I, no, make that we, want to do this. You kids are just starting life, save your money for more important things. To me, the tax money was a freebie, so no skin in the game on my part, or your mom's.

We'll all go and enjoy a great time." Mary came up to me and hugged me hard, then kissed me. Jim hugged Ann too, and kissed her, and then both thanked us. "You two are the best" Mary said. I suggested we all change into swimwear and go get the pontoon that I had already reserved. Ann and I went in first and changed. As we got naked, she walked up to me, folded into my arms and said, "God, I love being naked with you." I loved the feel of her naked body too, and told her so.

Ann wore a bikini, a grayish blue color. It was tasteful, but still showed off her body. She still thinks she looks fat, but I don't at all. We came out and Mary went in, since Jim already had his on. Ann was fixing up a cooler with drinks and some snacks to take. Jim walked over to me. "That was a wild night last night. I hope we didn't make you guys feel weird." "Hell no, plus I was to busy concentrating on Ann to notice too much, except the 2nd time we all did it.

Now that was quite erotic. You are a lucky man Jim. Never let her go, and please, never cheat on her." "No way would i. Why would I? she is a goddess in my book and trust me, there is no one more sexual than she is.

But she is serious about swinging at least once and I welcome it. To be honest, she wants to have sex with you, and if I am totally honest, I'd love to try on Ann, she is smoking hot." I just laughed and said, "well, looks like you two already have a couple picked out.

You should be lucky that we are understand Ing of this, and who knows, you just may get your wish one day. But remember, it is always up to the lady, and in this case, ladies, if and when that will happen." When Mary came out, she had on a thong style bikini. I mean smoking hot. Just a triangle patch to cover her pussy. The top did cover a lot of her ample breasts, but still showed enough to arouse any man. It was a teal blue color and looked great on her. The girls then threw on those shirt like covers, which is a blessing for now.

We loaded up the truck and headed to the marina. We headed out and up the river and just took in the beauty of the place. Ann stood up by me, as I navigated the river, and the kids were sitting in the back, some of the time, making out. I thought, "ah to be young again". Everyone was having a good time. As I headed back down the river, the girls broke out the wine. Ann got me a pepsi, since I wasn't going to drink, while driving this boat, and Jim had a beer.

It was close to 1pm when we came up on the marina again and I said let's stop in for lunch at the restaurant, which they were all game for. The girls got grilled chicken sandwiches and salads, and Jim and I got the pulled pork. After lunch we set sail again, this time down by the damn and then over to the reservoir.

I decided to let the boat just float over in the little bay area, across from where our campsite was. It was pretty hot out too, 88, and over here was some needed shade.

Ann said to me that she thinks it's time to tell them about our plan. Ann poured herself and Mary some more wine, and got Jim and I a beer, since we were parked now. We sat back with them, and Ann started. "Kids, we have a proposition for you two, but you are not beholding to accept it, if you don't want too." She then went on to explain about her house and what we thought they could do. She even surprised me when she said she would part with the house for only 80 grand, so it was under market value, but still gave her a profit, since her and the ex bought the place for 60 grand.

She said it would be like a land lease, where she would hold the title until it was paid off, or they floated a loan to pay it off, but this way, they wouldn't incur interest.


Ann later told me that when she took the 2nd mortgage out, it was because she knew the kids would marry someday, since they were together since Ann was a senior in high school, and then she helped, along with Jim's parents, put up the down payment on the house. I piped in and said, "yeah, doing this, then I won't have to remodel your bath." Mary was stunned and speechless. She looked at Jim, then her mom, then back to Jim, almost pleading with him to say something. Finally she spoke, after getting a nod from Jim.

Tears running hard down her face, she turned to Annie and said,"You are the best mom, any kid could ever imagine having. You have always been there for me, no matter what, and look, you still are there for me." Ann was crying now too, as she held her daughter close. "Yes, we'll take your offer and do our best to pay you off as soon as we can." They continued to hug and hold each other.

Jim shook my hand and thanked me, then thanked Annie. We sat around and talked how we could accomplish all of this. I was asked when we would have the farm house ready, and I figured 2 to 3 weeks, with just putting up molding downstairs and then paint the porch, since everything else was sided.

Once the bank goes through, signs off on the mortgage, we can move in, so say the end of august. The girls then polished off the one wine bottle, and started another.

I suggested we head back in and back to the campsite. No complaints from anyone. We all gathered up the garbage and threw it in a bag and Jim went over to Ann and hugged her. They held each other close and whispered something.

Mary came by me and put her arm around me as we looked on. Actually, they looked sexy together like that. I said, "you 2 want to get a room?" Ann smiled over at me, and said, "Only if you 2 are in there too", and winked at me. Ann leaned up and kissed Jim on the lips, that seem to linger for a few seconds.

When they broke apart, Jim was sporting some wood in his swim trunks. We took off for the marina and then arrive back at the campsite a short time later. Once there, Jim and I stowed away our coolers and other stuff. We looked over at Ann and Mary, who were holding hands. Ann just smiled at me, as she led her daughter into the tent.

I yelled over that Jim and I were going to run down to town and pick up some food and beer for later. On the way down, Jim said, "You know, I never had any intentions of setting you up with Ann, but I am glad it has worked out so good for you two. It surprised Mary and I a great deal, how close you 2 became in such a short time, knowing Ann's track record with other men." Then he laughed and said, "You know what they are doing right now, don't you?" "Yep.

That's why I suggested this run, so they could have some private time together. Don't worry, they'll take care of us later. " Jim laughed and said, "Oh I have no doubts about that. If I know one thing about Mary, sex is one thing I will never lack in. I have never seen a woman with such a high appetite for sex, like she does." "Branch doesn't fall to far from the tree then." I laughed as I said it.

I did ask if he ever met her dad, but he said no. She hasn't heard from him since he left, and to her, he is dead.

We got back to the campsite about an hour later, and found the girls sitting at the picnic table, sipping more wine. They both looked like they showered and had on shorts and polo shirts. We sat with them and went over how we could get everything accomplished, with moving and all. Then I said let's start dinner, since it was now getting past 6.

Jim got the fire going in the pit and I prepared potatoes for baking, by rolling them up in tin foil and putting them in the fire. That would take a good while, but those would taste awesome. Ann and Mary mixed up salads for us, and I got the pork chops on the grill, once the potatoes were almost done. As I cooked, Ann came over to me. I asked, "Did you 2 have fun while we were gone?" "mmmmmm, yes we did sweetie.

She made me cum twice. And, we decided that if you 2 are good boys this evening, we're gonna let you watch us later." I smiled and said, "I promise to be a real good boy mistress of the tent." After dinner and cleaning up, I suggested ice cream, and told them about this place a few miles from here that sells hand packed ice cream cones. What I didn't tell them was that around sunset, the bears come down to the back of the place and lick the 5 gallon buckets the ice cream came in, clean.

I had been coming up here for years, but this is a first with a woman for me. When we got there, there was quite a few cars already there, but the wait wasn't too bad.

Once we had our cones, I said, to follow me and went out by the picnic tables. People were already gathering and watching out. Ann asked, "What are the people looking back there for?" "Just watch and see. I think you'll enjoy the show." About 5 minutes later, a group of bears came down from the trees, and lumbered toward s the back of the store. Another group of bears followed them down. They came up the buckets and basically put their heads in them and just start licking away.

It is quite comical to watch. "Are you kidding me? Won't they come and bother us?" Ann asked. "No, and if they do decide they want what we have, just throw your cone to them and they'll then leave." The 3 of them sat in total fascination, as did most of the other folks with us. Kids get all excited when they see this. Mary said, "Wow, this is so awesome, and the ice cream is good too." We all laughed at that remark. It was now dark as we headed back to the campsite.

I dropped the 3 of them off at the bathrooms and went and parked the truck, so I could go too. Then we went up to the campsite. We got a big fire going and the girls went in and changed. They came out in t-shirts again and sat on the blanket. Mary was across from us, sitting next to Jim. Mary smiled over at us, and then spread her legs to show she wasn't wearing panty's.

"Damn", I thought. She does have a great looking pussy, and her lips were as puffy as Annie's.

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Ann looked at me and then did the same to those two. We were still lucky that nobody took the spots anywhere close to us, like they knew to stay away from this incestuous family. Mary got up and went into the tent, and was back out in mere seconds. Then she showed us what she had. A joint, and a lighter. She looked at all of us, and of course Jim nodded his head. Then Ann did too. I hesitated for a moment, then nodded, but said, "Make sure we blow the smoke into the fire, it will eat up that smoke and not leave a trace.

Hate like hell to get busted up here." We all partook in the smoke, which I had to admit, made me feel quite good. It had been 25 years since I smoked some. After we finished, it, we just sat back and watched the fire, with Ann leaning back into me, as did Mary to Jim.

Mary then stood up, reached her hand to Ann, who took it and stood. They walked into the tent, leaving Jim and I outside. Jim and I banked off the fire so it would go out on its own later. Then retired to the tent ourselves. Ann must have clicked on the lantern, for there was a nice glow going and we could see the girls laying together kissing. Jim and I stripped down and then sat back and watched. The naked women then decided on a 69 position, with Mary on top.

As the girls lapped each other's pussy, Jim and I sat there and watched, and stroked our hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of listening to the sucking and licking, moaning and groaning, plus both girls cumming once, Jim and decided to join them.

Jim got behind his wife's ass, rubbed his cock up and down her slit and ass, then pushed in. "God Yes"" Mary said. I lay down right in front of Ann's spread legs and watched Mary lick away at her twat. I then scooted up and joined her in eating my Annie out. Both girls moaning was muffled because of their mouths full of pussy. Mary and I traded licking her slick slit.

One of us high, near the clit, the other low, towards the taint. We even had battling tongues with each other. Jim was starting to fuck Mary pretty good, because her head would move with each inward thrust by Jim.

"God Baby, your cock feels so good in me" Mary whispered out. I then moved and put my legs under Ann's and scooted so I was 90 degrees to her pussy, with my cock. Mary took my cock first, and started sucking it. I groaned out, "Aghhhhhhhhh that feels so good Mar". Ann must have figured out that Mary was sucking me, because the fucking stop, and Jim moaned out" Oh yeah" the girls sucked us each for a few minutes, but now I needed to enter Ann.

I tapped Mary on the shoulder and she lined my cock up with the slit. I pushed in and heard Annie gasp "Fuckkkkk" Jim in the mean time, put his cock back into his wifes snatch and we both started fucking our women.

Mary gasped out, "This is so fucking Hot, watching this gorgeous cock go in and out of Ann like this." Because of the closeness of 4 body's, and the smell of raw sex, it did not take long before we all started cumming, with Mary first. It seemed like all of us were yelling out, but we really just whispered we were cumming. I was shooting rope after rope inside Ann, then pulled out and shot 2 more big globs on her pussy. Mary was gladly licking it up too.

Mary whispered loudly, "Suck my pussy Ann, eat his cum". I moved so I was right in front of Ann's pussy, watching Mary lick away. I grabbed her chin and put my lips to hers and we passionately kissed, exchanging cum the whole time. Then Mary went back to get more.

Jim then roll off to the side, as I did too. Mary got up and covered Ann's body with her's and they kissed, exchanging our cum we so freely gave to them. It was the hottest scene I have ever been involve with. I moved to lay next to Ann, who panting hard. We kissed and told each other "I Love You". Mary got up and opened the tent flap and was moving it to bring in fresh air. It was still quite warm. "My god, that was totally amazing. I never knew 4 people could be so close to one another and enjoy sex like this." Ann said.

Ann got up and went outside with Mary, trying to cool off. Jim and I just lay there, catching our breath. "Damn Sam, these two women may just kill us yet." "Great way to go, if you ask me" I retorted back.

"Ann sucks a mean cock too, you lucky bastard." I laughed and said, "I think your wife does a great job too." The girls came back in and stared down at us.

Both Jim and me had semi hard cocks. Ann said, "Looks like we have to help the boys get hard again, cuz we're not finished yet." Ann sat between my legs, as did Mary with Jim. They grabbed our cocks and started stroking us. Within a minute, we both were back to full strength. I thought to myself, "maybe it was a good thing we didn't have much sex this past week." Ann got to her knees then, as did Mary.

They looked at one another, nodded, and all of a sudden, switched places. Mary was now straddling me, grabbing my cock, and lowering herself down onto me. Ann was doing the same with Jim. I looked at Jim, and he at me, in total disbelief. Once Mary was down all the way, she ground her hips around. "Oh Fuck Ann. No wonder why you kept him" Ann laughed as she ground her hip in a circle and said, "Yeah, but this man meat feels really good too." Then they stopped, got off and switch back.

So now Ann was riding me, and Mary riding Jim. "Sorry for the tease, but we just had to feel how you guys are in us. Hope you liked it" I pulled her head down to me and kissed her hard. My tongue shot into her mouth and explored every inch of it. We started fucking and forgot about those other two. She wanted to roll over but I said no, please stay up on top, I love you there. I was hammering her pussy and meeting every downward thrust she gave me.

There was plenty of skin flapping from both couples as the 4 of fucked hard. Ann started cumming first, her mouth attached to mine, moaning real loud into it.

I started shooting into her again. As she came, she stretched out her legs and her whole body went ridged. As her body relaxed, and my cock started to shrink, we continued kissing. Jim and Mary started to cum now, as Ann and I lay there watching and panting heavily. As they finished up, they too were panting, sucking in air.

"Holy Shit", Mary said. "If this is what swinging is like, then I am all in". Ann and I laughed, and I said, "Yeah, kind of is, but usually the other partner finishes you off". Ann spoke up and said, "well, we both knew you 2 wanted to know how we felt inside, and honestly, we wanted to feel you too, so we just thought, Ok, put it in, sit there a minute and get off.

But I have to admit, I'd love to ride him again some day, to the finish line too." "Oh god, so would I, with Sam. They say size doesn't matter, but that is bullshit. These two guys can really fill up a woman nicely" Mary then leaned to her mom and sensually kissed her.

Then leaned over Ann, and kissed me too and said good night. Jim asked Mary if she wanted the sheet. "Oh hell no, I am sweating like a 5 dollar whore right now." We all laughed at that one.

I was going to ask how she knew how a 5 dollar whore sweated like, but thought better of it. It was pretty hot in there, that's for sure, but well worth it. Annie just lay next to me, holding my hand, to hot to cuddle up, like we usually do. I woke up before 7 this time, and just lay there, replaying the nights events. My god, it was amazing, and even though most people would look at us in disgust, we felt no shame, at least not that I know of.

My cock was getting hard thinking of the things we did last night. Ann was still on her back, her one leg crooked to the side, giving me ample room to go down and lick her smooth pussy. Not sure why it popped into my head, but I finally noticed that Jim shaves his pubes too. Trust me guys, women love the smooth look, especially when giving head.

I slowly started licking her slit, which got a slight moan from her. I stayed down there until her other leg spread out. I moved up her body and slowly entered her tunnel of love, which was quite wet now. I kept my weight off of her as I moved in and out slowly. "Mmmmm, I love your morning wake up's lover" "I don't know if I want to cum this morning Honey, but I love how you feel." She said. "Not to worry, I am not sure I want to either, I just needed be inside you, and feel your love." She smiled up at me as I slowly worked her.

"You know, I love you more with every passing minute of the day", I said to her. She wrapped her arms around me tight and said I love You. We then got up and went down and showered. By the time we were back, the 2 sleepy heads were awake, but not up yet, because we could hear them talking.

They heard us milling about outside, and came out. They said they were heading down for a much needed shower. I got breakfast going while they did that. After we all ate, we cleaned up and loaded the truck up. Jim and I tore down the tents, while the girls did the same to the screen tent. After that, we went for another walk around the place, one last time.

We all agreed that this was fun and want to do it again next year. Maybe come back close to this date to celebrate what we had done as a family, with moving and such. We got back to Ann's in the early afternoon. The kids got their stuff and wanted to head home. I stayed for a short time and headed to my place, but told Ann I would be back later and stay the night. I did return about 6pm. Ann looked like she just got up, which she did. She said she was tired from the weekend and all the sun.

I laughed to myself and thought, "sun? I think more like sun and sex." We decided to go out for a light dinner at Applebee's, that was down the road. We discussed what furniture we would keep, and get rid of. I suggested what we don't want, we ask the kids if they want it, and if not, just get rid of it. My place is kind of Spartan, as to furniture. An old bed and dresser, a couch and love seat, and my favorite leather recliner. I do have a new 60" flat screen and sound system, plus a 40" flat screen in the bedroom.

She has beautiful furniture, which is on the newer side, especially in her bedroom. It's only ten years old. She said that she saved up for it, after the ex left, but the bed was thrown out immediately after he left. She wasn't sleeping anywhere that tramp was in, so she got a new box spring and mattress. We both were tired and retired to bed early. It was only 9:30. As we lay there, with Ann resting her head on my chest, and a leg over my waist. She asked, "any regrets or second thoughts about everything that has happened this weekend?" "Actually, none what so ever.

You know they say you will know if that one person in your life is right for you. I always thought that was bullshit, but, a while back, I come to find it is true.

You are it, no question about it in my mind." "Now, I thought I may blow it when I spoke those 3 words to you, knowing how you said you'd never let another man that close, but I figured it was now or never, and had you said no, I would have swallowed my pride and moved on.

Hurting yes, but at least I knew I could love someone again." "As for what happened over the weekend with Mary and Jim, no regrets at all. You and Mary shared something with Jim and I, that was special to you 2 alone, well ok 3, if you put Pam in the mix, but, you did not have to do that.

Sure, society would frown upon it not being the norm, but the hell with them. At least you are doing that with someone you love and will love the rest of your life. If that never happens again between us 4, I am good with that.

But, I don't expect, now will I ask you to stop enjoying that part of your life." "Plus, to be totally honest, viewing that and then watching you mount Jim like you did, was a total turn on." As I said that, Ann's hand gently started fondling my cock, which was now growing in her hand.

So I asked her the same, as she did of me. "I don't have one second thought about us at all. I really began to like you a lot a few weeks into you starting that bathroom. But you never showed any interest.

I thought, wow, he could care less about me, just come over and do his work and leave. Until that Friday night before the storm." "I will tell you that I tried real hard to fight those feelings that were growing. I figured that you weren't interested, and probably because of age, and that I am not some young Hottie, so don't press anything, and if something happens, great, we fool around and then end it, nobody gets hurt." "Wait", I said.

"Your age is nothing to me. You are so young at heart, plus, you are very beautiful, inside and out and put many young women to shame. And anyways, they say most women outlive their men 5 to 8 years. So when it's time for us leave this world, we'll go about the same time." She continued, "Once that weekend happened, and yes there was plenty of raw sex there, but when you made love to me, so slow and so passionate, I knew then, and started letting down my guard.

You have no idea how many times I just wanted to say I love you to you." "Over all these months, did you ever notice the way I put emphasis on love, when I would say, oh I love what you are doing, or how you feel?" "Yes, I noticed, but I still wasn't sure you wanted it said." She chuckled, "You great big dummy, that was my way of telling you, go ahead and say it, so I can finally tell you. I too was scared that you would run off screaming, and if all I could have was what you were offering then, then so be it, and be happy about it.

I was so tired of dating, or better yet, just finding a sex partner, that had no meaning, or feelings. I wanted to be loved and to love someone." "As for regrets?

Absolutely none, just like I had none when Mary and I had our first encounter. Do I know that it is wrong? Sure, by society standards, but what we have done hurt no one, and was for fun and feeling good.

And to be open and honest, I thought when Mary got on you, I would feel jealousy, but it never entered my mind. I too, thought it looked so hot, and now wish she would have finished you off, just as I wanted Jim to take me.

I thought it would be weird, or feel different with him inside me, but damn, it felt good." "After you left today, Mary and I talked for almost an hour.

She and Jim talked too, and they have no problems with what went on. She is scared that her and I won't get together anymore, but I assured her, that will not happen. She really likes you Sam, and wishes you had been her father growing up. She adores how calm you stay, no matter what is going on, and it has rubbed off on Jimmy. Jim can get kind of harried, when things don't go well for him.

But after working these months with you at the house, he has really changed." "And, like you, if what we had this weekend happens again great, but if not, that is good too, because to me, that was 4 people exploring all the fun things in life together, and no hard came from it.

But, I will never cheat on you, never. I hope, no I demand, that you never do that to me, for that would kill me inside." I kissed her head and said, "Babe, you will never have to worry about that, never. Once in your lifetime is more than enough. If we have problems, we need to talk them through, and then make decisions. But don't think I'd ever have any reason to cheat on you. Are you crazy? Most men cheat because they want that excitement in their sex lives. Most couples make it become routine, then let it fall off to the wayside to where it becomes a chore.

So if I felt that was happening, I will let you know, but, I don't think we have to worry there." She increased the pressure on my shaft and said, "Well good, because I don't plan on changing in that regard. I love our love making and I love our sex, and us being slutty. In mind now, everything I have is your now, especially my heart.

Please take care of it, as I will of yours." "Promise" I said. "hey?, I thought no sex tonight." Ann giggled, then said, "we're not having sex, I am just caressing my play toy, but when we are finished, I do want this inside me and fall asleep. I have cum so much this weekend." She then spooned with me, and guided me inside, said our "I love you's" and fell to sleep. The next 3 weeks were a blur. All 4 of us were there working to get things done. The last week, Jim and I finished the porch up and I had the girls go to each house and mark what we wanted to bring here, and what Jim and Mary wanted to keep.

I gave Ann a list of things I wanted, which was small. Mary said she'd take my 40" inch flat screen, since I forgot to mark it. So being the nice guy, I said Ok.

They had a small 32" older one. I also had them go and pick out the new appliances for the kitchen, since I had not done that yet. I told Ann, get good stuff, but something you like, since the kitchen was hers. As Jim and I were working, he told me how happy his parents were about what Ann and I were doing. I had yet to meet them, but Annie knew them quite well. I asked him, "How much do you kids owe your parents? He said, "About 8 grand now, from the 10 they loaned us." Ok, I said.

"Well, Ann and I have discussed this, and we'll pay that loan off, since your parents aren't rich either and could probably use it for retirement one day. We think that since you 2 work well together and with us too, that we are going to expand in flipping homes, to 2 a year, and want you guys to work with us." "Oh wow" Jim said. I continued, "Yeah, it usually takes me 5 to 7 months to flip one, but I am by myself, but look how quick we did this one, albeit, we did more than I normally would.

So if we can keep it down to 3 to 4 months a flip, do 2 a year, while still working regular jobs, it would still afford us time to enjoy life too." "Makes sense to me." Jim said. "But, we won't be paying you two, well not in cash. You will be paying down the loan on the house. I will pay you guys a good wage, so to speak, but it will be in pay down. And, if we are successful at this, and the house is paid off, then we'll make you part of the profit structure." "Oh my god Sam.

This is so awesome of you guys. Did you ever think that this would even be happening, back when I asked you to look at Ann's house?" I laughed and said, "No, not in my wildest dreams. But, this is what I always wanted, a family, to share things with, do things together and live life.

Ok, maybe we shared more than a normal family, but what the heck." "I can't wait to tell Mary." Jim said. "Don't worry, Ann is filling her in as we speak. So here is the company structure.

I procure and act as general contractor. You will be the lead, especially when we have outside contractors in, but otherwise, a worker too.

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Ann is in charge of money. She will rule that a lot better than me and she is also in charge of design. Mary will help Ann with design and I am making her in charge of HR.

That way we can't be put up on sexual harassment charges. She'd probably be the biggest instigator out of all of us." Jim laughed at that one, then said, "Yeah, both her and Ann have this penchant for getting us aroused while working. I told Mary she has to stop flashing her tits to us, but Ann does that too, which I kind of like." The girls would do that during the course of a day we were all working hard. Say "Hey Boys", then flash us. We knew it was to break up the day, but I am glad they don't do things like that when I have other workers in there.

Both have a great set of tits. Not too big, and not too small, just right. It was about dinner time when the girls got back. Jim and I were inside cleaning up brushes and rollers. About 5 minutes after I heard the truck pull in, the girls came in. Mary ran right up to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me square on the lips. "Thank you so much. I can't believe everything you two are doing for us. God I love you guys so much." "It's our pleasure, and I am glad to help, plus you are now my family, and family comes first for me, so get used to it." Ann was getting the paper plates and napkins.

"Come on outside, before the food gets cold. And bring something to drink." Not sure what she has in mind, but there is nothing to sit on, on the porch, except the swing.

We went out to the porch and then to the side porch, where Ann had placed the KFC buckets on this white wicker table. Along with a bench seat and two chairs. "Where did you get that", I asked. "We were going through that newer neighborhood by my house and there was a lawn sale, and that was there. The people are moving out of state and wanted 150 for it, but I talked them down to 100." It did look pretty new and she did get it for a great price.

New would be close to 300 for them all. "Great buy huh?", "Oh yeah, and looks nice too, out here." We basically moved in the following weekend.

I would clean up my old house at a later time, but well before I had to be out. Ann and I decided to leave her living room furniture and get new for here. Plus we needed furniture for the Parlor, which was now our Family Room, where the TV was, which is over the fireplace.

Only thing in there now was my old loveseat and my leather chair. The kids helped us with it all and by Saturday evening, most everything was in place, except for boxes of non essentials. Although tired, Ann and I made some of the slowest, best love we ever did. Even the next morning, we made love. Although I adore her slutty side, I really enjoyed her love making side. The next weekend, which was labor day weekend, we helped the kids move into Ann's.

They had been shuffling stuff over all week, so it didn't take long. Jim's parents were there to help as well, so I finally got to meet them. Very nice people. Both are 50 and his mom is quite good looking.

Both also are very reserved and I doubt would understand the dynamic between us 4, and if they knew, probably would have a fit. It felt weird the first day or two, spending every minute with Ann, but soon felt natural. We even hardly ever wore clothes too, especially in the evening. I loved her naked and she liked me that way too, which lead to some steamy sex between us on many occasion. The week before our trip, Jim and Mary were over.

They brought over print outs of the place we would be staying. Mary asked, "Do you realize that this is a clothing optional resort?" Ann laughed and said, "Yeah, so what?" "Oh nothing, but I thought it was just the beach, but were cool with it.

I'd rather see some old fat guy naked than wearing a speedo, Yuck." That following Friday, we boarded the plane for a trip I'll never forget. We arrived at the place about 10pm, so not much to do, but unpack, see if we could find something to eat, then get to bed. They had a bar/grill area by the pool of the resort and there was many people milling about. Some were dressed, like they went to dinner, and many were in the pool, naked and having a good time.

The rules state, no sex in the pool area, but we did see one couple embraced, and her legs around him, so that rule must be pretty lax. We all had burgers and a beer, then headed back to the suite. The suite had 2 bedrooms, a nice size living room, and a small kitchenette. The bathroom was good size, but we'll need to share that. After eating we all headed back to the room, exhausted. Jim and mary went to their room, as did us.

Maybe it's because we are older, but sex was the last thing on our minds when we got in bed. About 10 minutes later, we could hear Mary yell out, "Oh Fuck, I'm cumming". Ann was hugging me tight and laughed. "Guess they weren't all that tired." I chuckled and said, "guess not". Ann said, "hope you don't mind just laying her holding me tonight." I kissed her cheek and said, "Nah, I just don't have the energy for it now, plus, I think we enjoyed that this morning." The next morning I awoke to a very warm sensation, and when my eyes opened, I had a beautiful sight.

Ann's pussy was above my face, as she licked and sucked me awake. She knew I was awake as soon as my hands touched her ass and my tongue made contact with her pussy. "MMMMMMMMMMM good morning lover. I hope you enjoy breakfast." "I have no doubt that this breakfast will be one of the best I'll eat down here." My tongue started exploring her wet slit.

Then I started licking her ass, which she loves. Her mouth was working my cock hard and fast. As I tongue fucked her ass, my fingers delved into her hot box and started rubbing her g-spot. She pushed her ass down hard onto my face, so I know I was doing good.

My tongue shot back up to her clit this time. Once I did that, she couldn't handle it any longer. She got off of me, then straddled me, and came down hard on my cock, which was soaked with her saliva. "OH fuck Baby, fuck me, fuck me good. Your tongue in my ass set me on fire. So put it out with your hot cum." I grabbed her hips and started banging up into her.

She was moaning loud now. "Yessssssssssssss, right there." I pulled her head down to me and kissed her, letting her taste her juices from before, then flipped her over onto her back.

I grabbed her legs and placed them on my shoulders and drove in. "Oh Christ Yesssss. Fuck me good Baby, Fuck this slutty pussy." All you could hear in there was grunting and moaning then and skin slapping skin, as I drove in hard and fast. A few minutes later, I could feel my balls tightening up and my cock grow bigger.

So could Ann as she said. "Oh Yesssssssssss, give that cum baby, shoot it deep inside me." She beat me to cumming but I let loose right after hers started. As we calmed down, I slid down and cleaned her leaking pussy up, then came up and fed her some of it. "Mmmmmmmmmmm not that's what I call a good breakfast baby.

God I love how you fuck me so good." I chuckled, "It takes two sweetie to make it this good, and you are the best, bar none." "Don't be to shocked nor disappointed this week, but most of the time I want to be slutty with you.

We'll make love too, but this is vacation from everything and I just feel real slutty for some reason." "Not to worry, I like the slutty Ann.

Like her a lot. Fuck you turn me on so much." After showering and waiting on the other two to get their day moving, we went to the resort restaurant and had breakfast, where we made plans for the day.

Of course the ladies wanted to hit the beach and work on their tans, since we didn't get a lot of time this summer to do that. Then they wanted to go in town and check out the shops. We noticed that many of the people there were either naked, or damn near naked, walking around or at the pool.

Everyone on the beach was naked. We went to the beach, and like novices as we are, we wore trunks and the girls had on summer like dresses. Once we found a place we liked, we did remove our clothes. Having 2 beautiful, naked ladies with us, it was hard not to get hard, especially when they decided to apply sunscreen to us. Ann laughed as she applied it to me and my member started growing. Jim was even worse because he was hard almost immediately, but then just laying there, things calmed down.

To help us guys out, the girls applied lotion to each other, which was still sexy to watch. We did go into the water and play around out there. Of course the girls could not resist trying to make us excited. Ann was stroking my cock, while we stood in almost chest deep water and I noticed Mary was doing the same with Jim. I tried to take advantage of the situation but any time I got close to Ann, she would move away from me, and then remind me, sex out here is frowned upon.

After being out on the beach a few hours, we decided we should go dress, and head into town for lunch and some shopping. Lunch was quite good as we experience the local cuisine and washed it down with the local brew. Next was shopping. Now I am not one who enjoys shopping. Know what you want, get it, then get out, is how I like to shop.

But, with the ladies along, that wasn't going to be the case. We stopped in many of the shops that was on the main drag. Ann and Mary bought a few sarongs to use as cover-up's. Not sure what they would cover up because they were very see-through. Ann bought a wicker style hat too, that did look good on her. We then perused a couple of jewelry shops. I was informed by the front desk, to watch yourself in some of these places, for they sold cheap knock offs, but if you stick with the big name places, like International Diamonds, you'll be fine.

Once in one of the International shops, I saw so many pieces at prices I could not believe. Both girls were oohing and awing over many pieces.

I found a ruby and diamond mothers ring for Ann. It said it would cost 2 grand in the states, but here, a mere 400 bucks. I also got her a tennis bracelet that was 2 carat for a couple of hundred and a gold chain for her ankle.

Of course she said no to spending like this, but I said, "oh stop. We are on vacation and you deserve some nice things. Jim also bought Mary a gold ankle chain too, and a smaller tennis bracelet.

I also spied a couple of engagement rings too, but wasn't going to let Ann see me buy something like that. We left that shop and the girls found another women's boutique and were having a field day in there. I told them to stay around this area while Jim and I would go down the street to this one shop for guys. We made an agreement to meet up in an hour. Jim and I went back to the jewelers, where I picked out a beautiful engagement and wedding band set. I already knew that Ann likes white gold or platinum, so I picked the platinum.

Jim laughed and said, "Oh shit, are you asking down here?" I chuckled and said "No, I am thinking Christmas time, but the prices are so good, why pass this up." I found what I was looking for.

A 2 carat center diamond, with another carats worth of diamonds around it. The wedding band also had diamonds in it, and I got a matching one for me. I am guessing on size for Annie, but Jim thought a size 7 would work, since that is what Mary's is.

I then asked the clerk to send it Fed Ex to my work address, since Ann now lives with me, it would be hard to explain what was in the package. My total came to almost 3500 grand, and the clerk assured me, it would retail out at around 10 grand.

Jim was looking at rings too. He said that Mary only has a half carat diamond in hers, but would love to give her bigger. He told me he was saving for quite a long time now, and at these prices, it was too good to pass up.

The one he picked was only 800, but he was short a couple of hundred. So I said let me spot you the rest. Of course he argued and said he would pick the smaller one, so he could stay within budget. "Oh Bullshit Jim, just get it and don't worry about the price. She deserves something like this. But, you really need to promise me, that you will never hurt her, cheat on her, and always work out any differences you have.

For better or worse, she is your life partner." "OH Christ Sam, you don't think I know that?" "But, I do promise that she will never be hurt by me. Plus, why would I have too, no one turns me on like that girl does." I had to laugh at that.

She is quite the minx, and he simply worships the ground she walks on. We left there and went across the street to this novelty like store and Jim bought some rub on tattoo's. They will wash off in about a week, but it beats getting a real one and hating it after a while.

I found some too that I think Ann would get a kick out of. Jim only went in there so he could hide the ring in the bag. He picked out one that had this evil little devil on it, for himself, and then a fireball with the caption, "this is on fire for you", for Mary. We eventually caught up with the ladies, and of course they has a few bags. Each of them bought new bikini's and then some summer clothes. Ann actually bought me a couple of shirts and shorts, she said, "would really look good on you." My thoughts then were, "well, bachelor life is definitely over for me.

We decided to head back to the resort and caught a shuttle there. On the way back we all decided to do the snorkeling excursion the next day, that also is a party boat. When we arrived at the lobby, Jim and I booked us for that, then went back to the room. We all agreed it was too early for dinner, so we all decided to take a nap. I thought, "Yeah, right, time for sex." We got in the bedroom and Ann stripped, as did i. I opened the bag that had her jewels and placed the ring on her right ring finger, and then the bracelet on the same wrist.

She sat there and admired it. "Sam, you did not have to get me this stuff. I love it, but I don't need stuff like this." I was on my knees now, placing the gold chain on her ankle and said, "Honey, I have never seen any jewelry on you, except for a necklace or two, and that is only when we go out, so I think you deserve all of this, and more, especially for putting up with me during this whole remodel." "OH Sam, I do love it and I do love you" As she was saying that, my tongue was working its way up her one leg until I found her very wet slit.

"mmmmmmmmmmmm, someone is in need of some lovin." "Oh Babe, I have thought about making love to you all afternoon. Get me on that bed." We fell onto the bed and started kissing, and then Ann moved down my chest, licking my nipples before proceeding to my aching, hard cock. She did not tease at all, but engulfed it into her hungry mouth. "Oh damnnnnnnnnnnn", I moaned out. "Baby, I am hungry too", and she got the hint and swung her leg over my head and put her pussy down to my mouth.

Damn I love tasting her. We were just getting into our exploration of each other, when the door suddenly burst open. "Mom, Mom, you have to see this." Ann lifted her head and asked, "What's wrong?" Tears were in Mary's eyes, as she brought her hand up to Annie's face. "Look what this sweet man got me today." Ann oohed and awed over the ring. "Oh my god Jim, you have great taste." Annie got off of me, letting my cock slap against my belly as she and Mary hugged. I looked over at Jim, and he just shrugged his shoulders, like saying, sorry man.

It finally dawned on Mary what Ann and I were doing, and she looked at me and said, "Sorry Sam, but I just had to show mom. But go ahead and continue on stud man." I just laughed and said, "Mood killer." She giggled and said, "Who are you kidding, we won't be half way across the living room and you'll be right back at it." She looked at Jim and said, "Baby, take me to bed show me how much you love me", and with that, they left, and didn't even bother closing the door.

Ann lay next to me and said, "you helped didn't you?" "Yeah, but just a little. Jim said he has been saving for a year now, and knew from friends you could get a great deal down here, but the one he got, was a little over budget." Ann shook her head and said to me, "for a guy who swore off any type of a relationship, you really are a romantic softie at heart", and then kissed me passionately.

I rolled on top of her and my cock did not need any direction to where it needed to be, and slowly founds its way into her amazing pussy. Her arms were around my neck, holding me tight, my arms were extended to keep my weight off of her, and for the next ten minutes we made love, with most of the time, our lips locked together. It was about that time we could hear Mary, who must of let their door stay open, scream out "cum with me Baby, shoot your hot love deep inside me", then yelled out, "Fuckkkkkkk I am cumming".

That did Annie in, as she broke our kiss and said, "please baby, make me cum, do me faster". Always one to follow directions, I started pounding into her. Ann just moaned, with no dirty talk at all, but saying, "Yes, Yes, Yessssssssssssssss.

Shit, I'm cumming" I could feel the heat and liquid pouring from her wet slit as I began to cum right after her. "That's it Baby, give me your love juice, fill me up" I collapsed on top of her, then rolled off, panting away, as she was too. "Wow, that was so intense Lover." "It's always intense when I make love to you Sweetie. My god, I could spend all day inside you." I somehow said aloud, between panting.

We laid there for a good while, just basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking. "Oh Damn", I said, "I forgot something that I got us both", then chuckled. "What's that Honey?" I said we'd have to shower and also shave each other first. So off to the shower we went. We took our shaving supplies with us and did our normal ritual, except this time, we didn't have prolonged oral, just a little kiss on each other's sex.

We went back to the bedroom after showering and drying each other, and I showed her the press on tats. She started laughing when she saw it. "Really? We are going to do this?" "Sure, why not. We'll never see these people again, and who cares, it's about fun and a good time." I read the directions and applied her tats where I wanted them.

It was just above her clit, on the mound. It now said, "Sam's Treasure Chest", in black and red lettering. She then did the same to me, but hers read, "Ann's Toy" and she placed that just above the base of my cock. "MMMMMMMMMM, I kind of like that. Maybe we get it done permanently." I had to laugh and said, "No way, no one is sticking a needle anywhere close to that thing, or yours." "Yeah, I guess you are right there.

Not sure I could handle that as well. Maybe when I was younger." We then went out to the living room and sat on the couch and checked out all the other things we could do here this week. About a half hour later, Mary and Jim came out of their room and said they were going to shower. As Mary walked by, she saw Ann's tat. "Oh cool Mom, when did you get that done?" Then she laughed and saw mine and said, "Wow, you 2 are something else." Ann went on to tell her that I got them at some shop and they will come off in a few days.

While Ann explained, Jim went back to their room and got theirs. "See Honey, we have them too." I laughed, and Mary said, "Ohhh, you naughty boy," Ann told them to shave really close, and read the directions. About 20 minutes later they came out and showed off their works of art. Annie remarked when she saw Jim's, "Uh huh, that is a devilish cock you have there." Jim laughed and said, "And your daughter does have the hottest love box known to man." We then sat around and looked at some more things to do, then decided on dinner.

After dinner, we strolled down the beach. The kids were in front of us, holding hands and acting like newlyweds, which being married for only a couple of years, I could understand. Ann said they really didn't have a honeymoon, except for 2 days up in Niagara Falls, so to them, this was their honeymoon. Ann was holding my arm as we walked and said, "let's come back later tonight and make love out on the beach". I kissed her and said, "great idea. I bet we're not the only ones with that plan." The resort rules state no sex in public places during the day, or when many guest are around.

Later, when it was almost 11pm, we came back from the pool and bar area. We weren't drunk, but we all had a little buzz going.

Ann and I went into the bedroom and changed into something to cover us up and grabbed a blanket. Ann was wearing a new sarong, lavender in color, but you could easily see her areola's and nipples, and could make out the tat below. God she looked sexy. I donned my swim trunks. The kids asked where we were going. Ann chuckled, "well, I have always wanted to make love on the beach, and stud here, is going to make that happen." Mary giggled and said, "You go Mom".

We found a nice little spot, not to far down the beach. There was another couple with the same idea as us, because you could see her riding her man in a nice rhythm. Ann watched for a bit, while I spread out our blanket and got naked. "Damn, that is so hot to watch", as she stripped down. We were just starting to play around, when I could hear voices close by us.

I stopped kissing Ann and looked behind us. Jim and Mary were coming towards us and laid their blanket down next to us. Mary said, "This looked to inviting not to join in the fun.

Hope you don't mind?" Ann smiled and said, "Not at all. As you can see, others have the same idea." Mary looked down the beach and saw the other couple really getting into it. "Oh wow, now that is super sexy to see in person. Lot's better than a porno." They lay down next to us, and Mary said, "come on stud muffin, I need some Devil Meat in me soon." The 4 of us got into making out and revving up our engines. Ann mounted me, as Mary did the same to Jim.

As they started to ride, Mary looked at Ann and said, "Ann, give me some sugar." She leaned over and they started to kiss. I bet that other couple would be shocked had they witnessed our little 4some going on. The girls continued to kiss, as they rode up and down on our cocks. I played with Ann's breasts as she continue to kiss Mary passionately.

This caused Ann to moan real loud, but with the waves crashing to the shore, no one would hear her pleasurable moans. Ann broke away from Mary and leaned down and kissed me. Her pussy was gripping my cock hard with every thrust and was super hot now. Jim and Mary were really getting into it, moaning a great deal, but Mary was not into talking dirty, just moaning and telling Jim how much she loves him.

"Oh Damn Lover, I am going to cum, I Love you." Ann exclaimed. Ann started cumming. She pushed down on me hard as she did. My cock was already twitching to cum for her, and I let loose a big load, deep inside her. Those two weren't far off from their mutual orgasm. We lay there for about 10 minutes, just listening to the waves, as they washed up on the shore. I could have easily fallen asleep, and with the love of my life with me, who could ask for anything better.

As we lay there, the other couple walked past us the lady said, "great night. Hope you enjoyed watching us, as we enjoyed watching you guys.

This was so hot." Ann smile up at them and said, "Hot doesn't even come close to describing this, and thank you." "Good night and have a pleasant stay." They had a British accent, so they knew for sure, we wouldn't ever see them again. We then got up and headed back to the room. Once inside, Ann excused herself to go use the restroom.

Mary came up to me and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. "Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done of all of us.

We love you both so much." I smiled at her and said, "My pleasure sweetie, and truthfully, I do love you guys too." She giggled and said, "Oh yeah, I cant wait to see mom's face when you give her that ring." I looked over at Jim, and he chuckled and said, "Hey man, we have no secrets." I laughed and said, "well keep this one this time, please". Mary laughed and said, "No worries daddy." With that, I smacked her bare ass.

As Ann and I lay in bed, she said this has been the best vacation she has ever taken. Nothing could ever match this. This was only the first full day, so who knows what will happen the other 6 days we have left. The next morning, after another round of love making, we did breakfast then the beach for a while. We needed to be at the dock for snorkeling by 1pm.

So we grabbed a light lunch and headed off to the dock area. The boat was crowded, but not too bad. The booze was flowing, but we all agreed to go light on that until we finished swimming with the fishes. The views were amazing. The water so clear, nothing like Lake Erie, back home. The vast array of fish, the coral reef, and I will admit, many of the women who wore skimpy bikini's was just amazing.

The boat offered light items to eat, like cheese and crackers, and also assorted meats, along with tropical drinks, wince and beer. As the afternoon wore on, and people finished swimming, the drinks were now flowing.

Both Ann and Mary were drinking pretty good, and feeling the buzz. Jim and I were pacing ourselves, but were also catching a buzz. We did see a few people from our resort on there, but most were from other resorts on the island. As we were riding back to shore, ending the 4 hour trip, Ann was sitting in my lap, all happy and quite horny. "I need to fuck, once we are back in the room Lover." I kissed her neck, which she loves having done, and said, "My pleasure, me lady.

You always come first with me." "Mmmmmmm, I like when you make me cum first." Jim and Mary were seated just a few feet away, with Mary in Jim's lap, and they did look like newlyweds. I swear, if they were naked, Mary would have done him, right then and there.

Lots of giggling and innuendos were made on the trip back from the dock area. Once in the room, Ann made no secret what she wanted, and stripped right there in the living room. Mary, did the same, and Ann grabbed her and pulled her in tight for a long, passionate kiss. Jim looked over at me, and shrugged, and I did the same back to him. Ann then pushed Mary to the couch, fell to her knees, and spread Mary's legs wide. "God, you have no idea how horny I am right now. But viewing so many hot looking women on board today, only made me even hornier.

I want your cum Mary." "Well then, who am I to say no to you Ann. Lick away." Ann buried her head between Mary's sweet thighs and started licking her snatch. Jim and I took seats on either side of Mary. Jim leaned over and started kissing Mary and I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth.

Jim saw what I was doing and decided the other nipple needed attention, and started sucking it into his mouth. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, you 3 are driving me nuts." The moans were so loud, even Ann was moaning while she lapped up all the pussy juice that was flowing from Mary. I loved off the Couch and was next to Ann. I spread out Mary's leg even farther and asked Ann if she would like some help.

"Oh God Yessssssssssss. I have always wanted to do this with you. Let's make her cum so hard Baby." We both began to lick her swollen vulva lips. Her clit was extended and quite visible to us and Ann took time to lick and suck it, as I tried to place my tongue inside her sweet tasting slit. Jim, I noticed, was back up kissing her passionately, as her hand was wrapped around his swollen member. A few minutes of this and Mary yelled out, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I am cumming." She actually squirted a little bit, but the flow after that squirt looked like a river of cum flowing from her.

Both Ann and I licked up as much as we could. When Mary was coming down from her orgasm, Ann and I kissed, exchanging her sweet juice.

Ann then said, "I'm next, you kinky people." I chuckled and said, "No", and pointed to Jim. I whispered to Ann, "Let's do him together." Ann's eyes got big, then a huge smile. "My god, you really do want to fulfill my fantasies." "That's one of the reasons we are here Love" We backed away from Mary, and closed her legs.

Ann grabbed Jim's cock from Mary's grasp, and started stroking it. Ann moved to the farthest side of Jim, keeping his aching cock in her grasp, and I moved over to the other side of him, and also wrapped my hand around his cock.

Jim's eyes got big, not knowing if he should say something or not. Mary looked down, smiled and said, "Oh Fuck, do it. I always wanted to see this. Suck his cock you two" Ann started licking the head, and as she did, released her hand, and moved mine down. Ann's mouth engulfed his cock head now. Her tongue swirling around the tip, tasting his pre-cum.

Then she started moving her mouth up and down. I finally started moving in to lick his shaft. Both Jim and Mary moaned out when I did that. "Oh Fuck Baby, I am so turned on by these two.

My god, this is so fucking erotic to see." Mary cooed out. Ann and I started licking up and down the shaft, and when our mouths met at the tip, we kissed, then went back down. I even sucked on his head too, as Ann licked his smooth ball sack. Ann looked at me, and said, "Oh god Babe, this is so wonderful, but let's not make him cum.

That cum deserves a pussy." We worked Jim a few more minutes and then could feel his balls starting to rise.

His moans getting louder, even with Mary's mouth over his. Ann pulled down on his sack, to stop the impending rush of cum, that was no doubt, ready to explode on us. Then Ann tapped me and said, "Ok, let's stop for now." Jim let out a groan, almost like we were killing him.

After a few minutes, Mary patted the couch and told me to sit up here. "One good blow job deserves another", and giggled. She got up and pulled Jim along with her and said, "Please babe, do this with me", as she batted her eyes lashes at him. Jim chuckled and said, "Oh what the hell. This stays here though." Ann laughed and said, "What goes on in this family, stays in this family." "Sweetie, just do what I do, and just think about how you like it done, and all will be great.

Trust me" Mary explained to Jim. They pretty much did as Ann and I did to Jim. With Ann sitting next to me, kissing me, and rubbing her hands over my chest. My fingers found her extremely wet pussy, and rubbed on her. "Oh Sam, I love you for making my dreams come true. I have to admit, getting double teamed is an awesome experience and has happened to me once before, but this was better, only because it was with people I know and trust.

They were taking turns now sucking me. Mary deep throating me, only because of many years' experience, and Jim giving it the old college try, but could only go half way down my 7 inch shaft.

Then Mary took back over, and I felt, Ann being moved away from me. I opened my eyes to see Ann, sitting back, her legs spread wide, and Jim's head between hers, licking her pussy. "Oh Yessssssssssss, lick me Jim. Taste my pussy." Ann moved her hips down some, so her pussy was right on the edge of the couch.

Jim was tongue fucking her now. Ann's moans were loud too, as he attacked her wet slit. Mary decided to stop giving me head, and moved over and spread out Ann's leg's farther, and joined her husbands attack on her pussy.

"Oh Shitttttttttttttttttt, suck me you 2. Make mama cum. I turned myself to take in a nipple of Ann's and started sucking it. Ann's hand found my head and ran her fingers through my hair, and then pushed my head harder into her tit.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Fuckkkkkk." Ann's head was snapping back and forth. Her hips came off the couch, as they continued to suck her clit and lick her slit. She was cumming so hard, I really thought she would black out.

Both of them lapped up all of her cum she was giving to them. "Baby, I really need some cock in me. Please fuck me now." Ann panted out. Mary grabbed Jim's arm and pulled him away from Ann's legs. Made him lie back and said, "I need you to fuck your slutty wife's cunt, NOW" Mary swung her leg over Jim, and came down hard on his shaft. They started fucking hard then. All you could hear was skin slapping together and groans and moans from them both. I have come to realize that Mary loves her sex hard and fast.

I positioned Ann so she was laying on the couch, with one leg off the couch and on the floor, and then drove my cock deep inside her. "Yes Baby, Fuck me hard.

Fick me so good and hard", she groaned out. I don't think I put it in her 3 times and she was cumming again, and basically stayed cumming for the next 5 minutes of intense fucking. I couldn't hold out any longer and shot cum deep inside her. "Give me that fucking juice baby.

Let me wash your dick with mine" as she started cumming harder. I have never seen her this possessed by sex before, but she is truly amazing. Jim and Mary were starting their round of orgasms, and I am sure half the resort could hear her. Mary collapsed on top of Jim, who was holding her tight to him. Ann was holding me on top of her, my cock deflating now, after that workout.

If she wanted it again, I would have to rest some. Next thing I knew, I was waking up next to Ann. Somehow, I moved to her side and was holding her sleeping body close to me. I turned my head and saw Jim and Mary in a spoon position, sleeping as well. Alcohol had finally took over.

It was almost 7:30 when the other arose from their slumber. Ann and I sat up on the couch and held hands, as the 2 in front of us, on the floor, sat up. Jim laughed as he looked around the room, thinking back to what happened about an hour and a half before. "Wow, alcohol can really make you tired." I laughed and said, "Yeah, that's it buddy." Mary had a far away look on her face, like something was bothering her.

Ann noticed it too and asked, "What's wrong Mary?" "OH, Oh nothing. I just can't believe what we did early. This was something I have wanted to do since that weekend in the tent. But you know, I am glad Sam I didn't do it, you know, fuck." Ann nodded, and Mary continued. "I mean, I really thought could do that with him, but the more I am thinking about it, that is one thing I don't think I could go through with. Everything else we did was awesome, I am super glad we did that, and I want to experience it again.

But, I think I want to have only one dick going into me down there. I hope you are not disappointed Sam, because I can see you are a super lover, but this hole belongs to stud boy here", as she placed her hand on Jim's shoulder. Ann then spoke up. "I think we need to set some ground rules.

No intercourse, unless it is with your spouse, even though we're not married, I still view Sam as my mate, husband, or whatever you may call it." "All other playing is allowed.

MMMMMM, especially the bi play. That was so hot to be involved with. And, always in front of each other." "Oh yeah, and by the way, nudity at home is going to be the norm at our house. I love being naked like this, especially with two hunky guys, and a gorgeous woman to view." We all laughed but agree to the rules.

Ann then said, Let's go shower and go out to eat in town." Mary said, "Yeah, for some weird reason, I am famished. Mom wear that new outfit, and I will too." We did shower, and Ann then handed me a new pair of gray, khaki style shorts, and a pink polo shirt.

I wasn't to keen on pink, but wore it anyways. Happy wife, happy life, even though I haven't married her yet. About 30 minutes later, Mary and Jim came out of the bedroom. Jim had new stuff too, though his wasn't pink. Mary had on this mini dress. Black and white, and the top part was a halter. If she bent over, her ass definitely would be on display.

Ann came out of our room with a similar outfit. Hers was pink and white. "My god, you two are stunning looking." I walked up behind her, slid my hands under her halter and squeezed her tits. "mmmmmmmm, don't start something we can't finish right now big boy." "The hell with eating. God you look so good right now, I just want to eat you instead." She slapped my arm and said "Later".

We caught a shuttle to the downtown area, and it dropped us off in front of that jewelry store I bought her ring at. I noticed a beautiful gold herringbone chain in the window. 18 inches long and would look so good on her. I took her hand and said come on. It was almost 8pm now and the place was going to close. I asked the salesman to get me that chain. Now it showed a price of 100 bucks, but I haggled with him and got it for 70. He took the tag off and I placed around Ann's neck.

She kissed me and said, "will you stop buying me this stuff. You are going to spoil me." "I like spoiling you. No, I love spoiling you and you might as well get used to it for the rest of our lives." The guy pulled me away as the 3 of them eye'd other jewels.

He said he has my package ready to go and confirmed to ship it Friday. I nodded in agreement. Of course, Ann was nosy and asked what that was about. I said, "Oh nothing, he just wanted to know how you liked the other gifts." I had to admit, when we entered the restaurant, many men's attention shifted to our ladies, and it did make me feel really good. We all opted for steak this evening and it was quite good.

Jim and I nursed beers, while the ladies enjoyed Long Island Teas. After dinner, we were walking around the town and spotted a horse and carriage and decided to take the trip around town in that. The girls absolutely loved that. Jim and Mary sat across from us, facing the back of the carriage. Mary, being Mary, would give Ann and I a shot of her bald pussy, since she decided to go commando tonight.

I, being the pervert that I am, let my hand roam up Ann's thigh to see if she did the same, and found her the same, sans any panties.

As my finger slid up her slit, I found it extremely wet. She cooed in my ear, "I'd love to fuck you right now, but that may just give some locals a heart attack", and giggled. After the 45 minute ride, we decided to head back to the resort, which we asked the driver if he could do. "Of course", he said, but I knew it would cost extra. I paid him another 25 for the short 10 minute ride it took. The girls wanted to go strip down and head over to the party pool and bar. It was hopping when we walked by it.

Most everyone was naked there, and if they weren't naked, they sure didn't care the rest were. As Ann and I were undressing, I told her, "My god lady, you looked so sexy and beautiful tonight". Ann giggled and said, "hmmmmmm, I think someone is trying to get into my pants tonight. And, I think it is going to work", and then kissed me. We all then left the room and headed towards the pool area. Jim and I got some drinks for us all. Mary and Jim decided to go wading in the pool, while Ann and I opted for the hot tub.

Thankfully, the water temp wasn't all that hot. We were in there with another couple, John and Heather, as they introduced themselves to us. They were from upstate New York, Syracuse. John looked to be about 50 or so, and Heather was around Ann's age. They said this was their 5th trip to this resort. They have been married over 25 years, with 2 kids, which are now in college.

They are nudist and have been for 20 years or so. They usually come down with the kids, or another couple they are good friends with, but this time came alone. Heather asked, "We have seen you guys with a younger couple. Did you meet them here?" Ann answered, "No.

That is my daughter and her husband. We decided it would be fun to come to this place and they wanted to come along, so here we are." "Well I hope it has been fun for you guys. Many family's would never think to be seen naked in public, let alone in the comfort of their own homes either. Our kids were brought up as nudist, so this is nothing to them", John explained.

We made some more small talk with them, and John said he was going for more drinks. I asked Ann if she wanted something and she said, yes to another tea. As John and I walked up to the bar, he said to me, "your wife is very pretty. Do you guys also indulge with play with other couples?" I chuckled and said, "well, Ann is not my wife. We just started living together. Although I do plan on asking her to marry me in the coming months.

As for your other question, we have talked about it, but want to see how we are as a couple, in an environment like this, before we venture out into the swing lifestyle." "I can understand that.

Heather and I started swinging about 10 years ago, and it has proved to be a lovely lifestyle for us. It brought us closer together, and added some excitement back into our marriage. It's not for everyone, that's for sure." Now John and Heather were an attractive couple. He is 6' and about 190 lbs., light brown hair that he keeps short, but you could see some gray in it.

All in all, in good shape and very tan. Not sure how big he would be when excited, and to be honest, didn't really care. Heather was about 5'6, 130 lbs., 34B in the breast department, but more than enough to play with. She too, tanned nicely, and had bleach blond hair, and a shaved pussy.

On our way back to the hot tub, I noticed Mary and Jim in a lively conversation with another young couple, so they were having a good time. By the time we got back to the hot tub, Ann and Heather were chatting away, like 2 old friends.

About a half an hour later, we had finished our drinks, we decided to go hit the beach for a moonlight walk. John and Heather bid us a good night and hoped we could meet up again, during the week.

As Ann and I walked on the sand, I asked Ann what Heather had to say. She told me basically what John had said, even the swinging part. I guess Heather told Ann that they had noticed here the first day and were drawn to us as a couple who they found attractive. Would you like to indulge?", I asked Ann. "Actually, not this time. Maybe if we ever came back, yeah, I would like to try it. But this week, is totally about you and me, and a little with Mary and Jim." "Good. Because I really would not like to share you with any couple this week, well, except what we have done with those 2 already", I explained.

Then Ann asked, "Any regrets so far?" I thought for a second and said, "Yes". Her smile left her face in an instant, until I continued on. "My regret was not meeting you years before, so we could be into this new life of ours. In my mind, you supply all the air, and food I will ever need to survive life.

I don't ever want to spend another minute without you in it." She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply, "God, I love you. I am yours forever Lover" We walked a bit longer then decided to head back to the room. As we were walking back, we saw Mary and Jim strolling on the beach too, with the other couple from the pool.

We just nodded at them as we passed. Once back in the room, we went straight to be and made love for the next hour. She said she was looking forward to this all evening. Even though we performed oral on each other, and fucked slowly for a long time, we both only came once, at the end, and fell asleep.

The next day, after we showered and awaited the other 2 to get up, we started wondering if they were even there. Ann peeked into their room and said, "shit, they aren't even here. Quiet for no reason", and laughed. We found later that the kids went with the other couple for a walk, and they said they had a fantasy of watching another couple do it, while they were doing it. So they went back to the couples room and got it on.

They said the couple had some weed, so inhibitions were way down, and the girl wanted to try girl sex. So Mary obliged her. They ended up passing out then with them on the bed. Ann and I got good laugh out of it. Mary said they were like them. Have fun, but not swap partners, and it was fun. The rest of the week was like the other days there. Some shopping, island tours, jet skiing, and of course, lying on the beach.

We did have one more encounter with Jim and Mary. Jim and I eating each others partner, and the girls doing the same to us guys, then fucking our own partner. That Friday morning we left, and we saw John and Heather at the airport too, exchanged phone numbers.

The next few months Ann and I settled into a very nice routine. We shared chores, so no one was ever stuck doing all the work around there. The only thing I wasn't allowed to do, was the clothes washing. Jim and I took down the old deck that was outside the back door, and put up a newer, bigger one. We built a Gazebo on the one end and housed a hot tub in it.

It would hold 6 people. Had all the lights and even a stereo system built in. The first weekend we had it, we enjoyed it with Jim and Mary. Even though it was quite cool out, somewhere in the 40's, you'd never know it sitting in the tub. Of course, sex was also on the agenda that evening. After lots of oral out in the tub, we moved inside and Ann asked me to finally do her from behind while she enjoyed tasting Mary. Just another fantasy she had. Pam had started coming around more now.

When we first moved in together, Pam became somewhat stand offish, which hurt Annie. Come to find out that Pam was just jealous that Ann had found her one true soul mate, and she had nothing.

Ann told her nothing changed between them and said that I encouraged Ann to see Pam and still play together. So they were starting to play again, about once every 2 weeks or so. One evening, Pam was coming over. Now I usually go out to the big garage we have, and mess around in the little shop I set up in the 3rd bay of the 3 car garage.

This night though, Ann asked me to join them. "Why?", I asked. "Honestly, I want to see you fuck her. She has been dying to do you at least once, and it would turn me on to be truthful." Ann exclaimed.

After some more cajoling, I gave in to her. She kissed me and said she would text me when to come join them. "I'll need a condom, if I am going to do this", I said. "Already bought a couple for you" she said. "You little minx you. Devious dear, very devious". She just smiled and walked back to the house. I did get the text about an hour later. It said to join them in the hot tub. So I went inside and went upstairs to undress and get the condoms, which Ann had placed on my dresser.

When I arrived out by the tub, Pam was sitting on the edge, legs spread, and Annie's face buried between her legs, making Pam squirm quite a bit. It was about 45 out, so quite chilly on naked skin, when standing away from the tub.

I had to admit, Pam looked pretty good naked, though her tits are rather small. Ann looked so sexy eating her and her ass was pointed towards me.

I got in the tub and Pam oohhed when she saw my hardened cock coming their way. I squatted down and rub the head over Ann's slit and up her ass, then back down until it found the opening and slid it.

Ann gasped when I was fully inside her. We only fucked a couple of minutes like that, but it was enough to get both ladies very hot. Ann was hot because it reminded her of the time, during that snow storm that I sort of gave this scenario to her. Ann backed away, and told me to sit. Then she grabbed Pam's hand and guided her to me. She told Pam to face away from me, and then sit down on my cock. I had just got the condom on when her pussy was lining up with my engorged member.

She slid down my shaft. My god was she tight. "Oh my fucking god.

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You lucky slut." I reached around and held her tits in my hand as she rode me hard for the next 5 minutes. She came twice in the short time, but she did feel good. Ann sat across from us, with one leg bent and up high because her foot was on the bench. She was playing with her pussy as we fucked, smiling away at us. When Pam came the 2nd time, her body tightened up, then went limp.

I had to hold her pretty tight, or she would have slipped off of me and into the water. After a few minutes, she regained her composure and said, "Oh Fuck, I haven't felt this fucked in a long time. No wonder why you are with him. Christ, if you let me have him once a month, I'll swear off other men for good." We all laughed at that. I then got up and let the girls to themselves.

Later, when Pam left, and Ann and I were in bed, the hugged me tight and thanked me. She has always wanted to do that with me and it was what she thought it would be, very erotic. Then we made love, since she knew I had not cum with Pam. That thanksgiving, we were invited to Jim's parent for dinner, which also included Jim's sister and husband and their 2 kids. Mary loved playing with those kids, and Ann said to me that she thinks Mary will be a great mom someday.

A couple days after that, the 4 of us went and checked out this one house that was for sale, about 5 blocks from Annie's old place. It had a lot of neglect, but it was all superficial and easily repaired. The comps around there were about 130 grand, and this house was for sale at 80 grand. I have a buddy who does inspections, and had him go look at it.

He found no surprises and said it would be a steal. We put a bid in of 70 grand and bought it for 74 grand. I figured another 25 grand in remodeling and if we could close by January, we could finish it up by late march.

4 days before Christmas, a Friday, the house closed and was ours. Ann and I were laying by the fireplace, on this soft rug she found. We were just drinking wine and enjoying our company, naked of course.

When we got back from the trip, most of the time we would go naked. Only the light of the fire and the Christmas tree was on in this room and she did look sexy as hell laying there. I got up and said be right back.

I went upstairs to my closet, pulled out a box and retrieved the ring. I was going to wait until Christmas eve, but this just felt right. Palming the ring, I came back to the room, got our glasses and refilled them, then sat down next to her.


Ann sat up and looked at me. "You have a funny look on your face, so what's wrong Babe?" I smiled and said, "Any regrets Lover?" "Heavens no Baby, I love you more now, than I did a minute of ago." "Good, me either." I said. "Ann, remember when we were walking on that beach, and I said that you are the air that I breath and don't want another minute to go by without you in it?" She looked at me and I could see some hesitation in her eyes.

"Yes, I remember that well. Do you have 2nd thoughts?" "Nope, but I do need to know if you would accept this ring and become my wife, until death do us part?", and slipped it on her finger. She held up her hand and looked at the ring, speechless, then put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. She broke the kiss and said "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" and kissed me again.

I broke the kiss this time and asked her, "Any clue I was going to do this?" "Kind of, but not tonight. I was thinking maybe Christmas" "Yeah, I was going to do it then too, but felt this was right tonight. I love you Annie and I don't want to be without you, ever." I pulled her on top of me and lay back. My cock had grown to its full erect state. She felt it and grabbed it and guided it in and we made love.

No dirty talk, just moans and groans coming from each of us. We even spilled a glass of wine onto the hardwood floor, but didn't care. "this is the best Christmas I have ever spent Sam. I can't think of a better person to spend my life with." "Now take me to bed, so we can make love again and then fall asleep in each other's arms.

God I love you Sam." After making love again, she was admiring the ring and took a picture of it. I said, don't send that to Pam just yet. It is only fair that Mary knows first. She agreed, and would tell her tomorrow, since the kids were coming over for dinner that evening. "When did you buy this Lover?" Ann asked, with a huge smile on her face. "Remember that day Jim and I went shopping at other stores, while you and Mary shopped at all the clothes places?

Well we slipped back down to the jewelers and I picked it out then, and then had it shipped by Fed Ex, to my office at work." "In fact, when I bought you the gold chain and I was talking to the rep, he just wanted me to know he had it ready for shipment that Friday." She laughed and said, "Hey, I thought no secrets between us?" "Well, one little one, but this was it honey", I said.

"Does Mary know?" she asked. "Not that I know of. I told Jim he couldn't say a word to her. But, you know him, he tells her everything", then laughed myself. We settled into bed and cuddled for a bit, then fell asleep. Life is so good now, and for this family, it was only going to get better. Part 3????