Französisch Hündin wird in ihr Arschloch cum

Französisch Hündin wird in ihr Arschloch cum
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I woke up very tired in the middle of the night.


All I could feel was another body thrusting and pushing against me. I had had a long day and just wanted some sleep.

Obviously my boyfriend had other ideas. He was naked; I was wearing a thin t-shirt and my faavourite blue stripe underwear. His cock was at full mast and I could feel it pushing between my cheeks, straining my underwear. A little annoyed at being woken, I rolled onto my stomach to get away.


he pulled me back, hands went under shirt to my hips and he continued. Every odd thrust his cock would go above my underwear and hit my skin.

I twisted away quickly this time, again onto my stomach but a little further away. I dozed off slightly before he lay on top of me and continued his hump. My hands were stuck under me and I had trouble trying to move. I squirmed slightly then realised it was no use when I heard a familiar groan and a second later my underwear became warm and very wet.

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He thrust a few more times, pushing out all of his seed. He rolled off me and went straight back to sleep. I was going to get back at him for disturbing my sleep cycle. I tried to move to get my undies off, but I was still tired from the long day and fell asleep, his cum soaking in and drying up on me.

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The problems had yet to begin. Below the loose planks in our wardrobe, the monster could smell fresh seed. As I had fallen asleep, it pushed the loose planks aside and pulled itself up into the wardrobe. It was an elusive thing, full of tentacles and a deal of slime. It sent a few tentacles softly between the wardrobe door to unlock it and reach for the bed. I woke up a second time, feeling my underwear was still very wet. I reached back to push my boyfriend off when a tentacle grabbed both arms and tied them back.

My scream was choked by the third tentacle. A fourth, felt phallic shaped as it entered my mouth and began to deep throat me. I gurgled and choked with each thrust as my boyfriend slept oblivious to the monster violating my mouth. The wet I had awoken too was from the creatures pre-ejaculate, its second cock-like tentacle, resting on my ass and still oozing semen through my undies.

I was pulled back to the end of the bed, my underwear now sopping with the wet evidence of the monster's increasing excitement. The creature pulled them down, its contents sliding all over my feet.

It then manoeuvred and sat down on my ass.


Part of it opened up and it began to push its main member into me. I cried out a muffled cry as it wormed its way inside my ass. It thrusted in and out, its body jumping slightly, making soft slap sounds against my ass cheeks. The passage filled with its thickening cock and I struggled to expel both the monster's invasion of my mouth and ass. After several thrusts, the monster spasmed suddenly and deposited an obscene amount of fluid into both my mouth and ass.

Its cum was thicker and in large quantity per spasm. Several tears went down my face as I choked on it, the ejaculate lightly burning down my throat. My ass felt hot and full of fresh seed. My boyfriend must have been disturbed by the activity as he murmured and rolled over.

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The creature moved its body gracefully out of the way and retracted out of my ass as he rolled onto me. The tentacle was still in my mouth! It continued ejaculating until my mouth was once again full.

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My boyfriend, half asleep and now very hard, pushed his hard wood into me and began his screw again, the monsters semen acting as a warming lube. I tried to scream now, the tentacle in my mouth pushing in continuing to force me to swallow. I choked and ingested it all, helpless to it all. The tentacle began to ejaculate again and once again filled my mouth. The tentacle flicked out as quickly as it came as my boyfriend half asleep, covered my mouth, unknowingly sealing the monsters seed in my mouth.

I struggled a bit as he continued to plunge his cock deeper inside me. I felt him beginning to spasm and tried to cough out the monster's fluid as I could feel it burning slightly as it neared my throat. "nuhh baby nuhhh pleashhh" I tried to convey my distress.

He squuezed his hand more tightly over my mouth, the monster's semen felt squirmy, was there something moving in it? "ohhh myyy gudddd-ohh myyy gudddddddd" I whimpered and cried, thrashing violently against my boyfriend.

Whatever thoughts were going on in his head, they did not help the situation. He pinched my nose, forcing my ingestion of the foreign substance down my throat as I choked and breathed through my mouth. Shortly after I felt him spasm deep inside my ass. Several things began moving quickly inside my ass, the monsters semen mixing with my lover's. Pulling his semi-erect cock out of me was the final act my boyfriend did before he went back to sleep.

My ass leaked semen all down and through my legs. I coughed up what I could of the monsters fluid onto the bed, and weakly, tried to wipe it away.

I could feel whatever was in the monster's cum I ingested now moving inside my stomach. I tried to vomit it up but failed. The moving things in my ass were swimming through all the cum, several pushed against the anal wall and applied pressure against the prostate. I cried out in shock and pleasure at the feeling. It was not the worst to come. A small group somehow passed through my internal layers and went for each teste, pushing gently inside it. I felt an errection grow as my balls filled with semen rapidly as the creatures accelerated semen repoduction.

My thoughts were no longer my own. I felt for my boyfriends ass and mounted him. He immediatley woke up. "Hey, what are you doing"?

He tried to push me off but I clung to him, pinning him down. "Im sorry handsome, the monster made me do it!" I pushed all the way into him, needing to get rid of the over production of cum.

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After three thrusts I reached climax and ejaculation. I felt the creatures exit with the fluid into my boyfriend. "What-what is down there, I can feel it moving, get it out, Get It Out!!" my Boyfriend cried, scared. The monster watched the whole spectacle, obviously pleased with its success. A tentacle then whipped my head and everything went black. Comments Welcome :-D Possible sequel?