Pretty gal is pounded so well hardcore blowjob

Pretty gal is pounded so well hardcore blowjob
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Ok. My story is about my own experiences, but first, a little information about me. I'm 25 years old. I'm 6'0" and weigh 240lbs.

I'm not thin but I'm not some bloated tick ready to pop either. I would call myself muscular. I have wavy black hair with just a couple grays in it.

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And I have hazel eyes. I'm not bad looking I don't think but I know I'm nowhere near winning any contests. I have a latin streak in me somewhere that gives me that telltale gap in my mustache and I'm a pretty hairy guy.

All in all not a bad looking guy. Now for the "other" stats. I've only measured myself once but a few of my girlfriends have also. When I was eighteen I measured right at 6 1/2" hard. Slightly above average so I stopped worrying. A couple months ago I was measured at just a hair under 9" and just over 2" across. Like I said, I've never been worried about my size since I was already above average anyways. My dick however isn't what I'm proud of. That would be the combination of my tongue and my deep resonating voice.

I enjoy giving oral more then receiving it, because I enjoy giving women pleasure. I've had women challenge me that I couldn't get them off because of one reason or another. Two of my favorite excuses are "I only cum when I feel like it, and, I've used a vibrator for so long that oral doesn't work on me." The reason why I enjoy my voice as you may have guessed is because it's so deep my entire body vibrates when I talk. Now let your mind wander to the possibilities of humming while giving oral.

Now that you know about me, I'll start the story. (Names have been changed) I'd just gotten off the phone with my friend, Raymond (24). He said he was just a few miles off and he'd be over shortly. I told him the last bit of directions to the house and hung up.

I was starting to feel a little nervous but I fought through it. My girlfriend on the other hand was pacing back and forth. "I really wish you'd stop that, Sue. You're making me nervous." I told her. She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry but I can't help it if I'm excited." Apparently Sue(28) and Raymond's wife Patty(32) had been talking more than I thought. This of course got me a little uncomfortable. I mean come on.

If your girl gets excited about sex and it's not from you then obviously there's something you're missing at the least. There's a knock on the door and I go to let them in.

As soon as the door opens I receive my customary shot in the arm from my friends fist. I nail him back and he gives me a hug. We both laugh and get in the house. Raymond is a big guy, about 6'2" and pushing the 300 mark whereas Patty is built more athletically sitting at about 5'5" and around 140lbs. Sue on the other hand is fairly broader at 5'1" and 180lbs.

She's also the oddball in that she has red hair compared to our threes brunette. They sit down on the couch and I take my usual spot in my recliner. We kick back and bullshit for a while before I decide that it's getting time to start dinner. I'm not a chef by any means but I definitely enjoy cooking.

I decided that I was going to make tacos tonight so I'm in the kitchen going to town breaking up the ground beef when Raymond wanders into the kitchen to give me a hand. "I'm really glad we came down. It's been a long time." He tells me. "Me too. I just can't believe you finally talked me into this." I said with a smirk. "Dude, later on you're going to be asking yourself why we didn't do this sooner." He says, grinning.

I nod in agreement while he hands me some tortillas. As I'm making the taco shells I glance past Raymond to notice that Sue and Patty are sneaking passed the kitchen to go into the bedroom.

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I just grin and go back to cooking. After a few minutes I tell everyone that dinner's ready. The girls come back into the living room grinning and go in to make their plates.

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I get my usual compliments about dinner and once finished I start cleaning up. I get done cleaning and putting up leftovers and pull a legal pad out of a binder of mine and sit back down in my recliner. I start folding a piece of paper into squares and tearing them up. Then I start writing on each square a dare for the upcoming game. We bullshit for a few minutes while I'm writing dares out.

I get the first batch done and let them know it's ready. I'm about halfway through the next batch for round two when I notice they're all staring at me. I look up and then realize that they're waiting for me to get the alcohol ready. "Oh shit. I guess that's my job too, huh?" I say, slightly embarrassed. "Well duh, baby. It's your drink." Sue says sarcastically. I head into the kitchen and mix up a gallon of Kool-aid. Then I open my mini-fridge and pull out a bottle of everclear and a bottle of tequila.

I pour the bottle of everclear in and then dump about three shots worth of tequila into it. I bring the pitcher and four cups into the living room with me and pour myself a cup. "Cowboy Kool-aid." I tell them taking a drink. It's just strong enough to taste alcohol in it but not strong enough to knock us on our asses at the first sip. " So what are the rules?" Patty asks. "It's pretty simple.

It's like truth or dare but you reach into the bowl and pick up a dare. If you don't want to do the dare then you take a drink." I explain. I explain further by drawing a slip of paper. It says, "remove one article of clothing." So I stand up and take my shirt off. "Easy as that," I say. Sue is to my left so she picks a slip of paper, reads it and immediately takes a drink.

"What did it say?" The three of us ask.

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"Rub/stroke the person on your left for 30 seconds." She said, blushing. We had a laugh and Raymond reached in for his. "Suck on the nipple of the person to your right." He said with a grin, causing Sue to blush a little more. "I think I'll go ahead and drink to that one." This caused us to laugh again and Patty reached into the bowl.

"Make out with the person on your left for 30 seconds," she read. She shrugged and took a drink. The first round ran rather smoothly with about half of the alcohol being drank. By the end of it we were all down to one or fewer pieces of clothing, me sitting there buck naked from one too many "strip" dares. The start of the second round added the more interesting dares. I pulled the first one which lost me my boxers.

Sue pulled hers and got "make out with the person on your right for 30 seconds." While we did our dare, Raymond pulled his and got "suck on the nipple of the person on your right." He leaned in right as we got done and started sucking on Sue's left nipple. She sat back and when he was done, her left nipple was sticking out like a pencil eraser and she was flushed. After that things, got a little heated up and we decided to end the game and clear out the living room.

While Raymond and I were cleaning up the papers, Patty and Sue wandered into the bedroom. When we got done and followed them in there we were awarded with the scene of two women making out and rubbing each other. We sat back and watched for a few minutes, enjoying the show they were putting on for us. Raymond got up behind Patty and started playing with her tits.

"Why don't you go over there and suck his cock for me." He told her, indicating me. Patty grinned and crawled over to me as Sue looked at me as if to ask what she should do.

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I motioned for her to do the same to Raymond and she went right to work. That's when I noticed for the first time what Raymond was equipped with and I had to keep from grinning.

He was a little under 6" and maybe 1 1/2" across. When Patty started sucking me I was only partially erect and she bottomed out on me. I couldn't help but let a groan escape as I became fully hard and she gagged a little before coming back up. As she withdrew she let out a little gasp herself and looked up at me before continuing. We kicked back on the bed being service by our respective partners for the evening.

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After about ten minutes of great head I started to feel my balls tightening up as Raymond let out a groan and Sue got a mouthful of his cum. Patty meanwhile, was continually stabbing her tonsils with my dick which was making me shake with pleasure. Another minute and Raymond is now returning the favor to Sue as she's groaning in pleasure.

I hit the brink and tell Patty I'm cumming and she practically swallows my dick as I shoot a good couple ropes of cum down her throat. I twitch a little as she continues holding my pulsing dick in her mouth until I've stopped cumming.

Now it's my turn as I sit up and get Patty to take my position. I get between her legs and get a good whiff of her already wet pussy when Raymond pops up from Sues' pussy. "You won't be able to make her cum like that, dude. I've tried for five years." He tells me and goes back to his snack. "He's right.


I've used my toys for so long that oral can't get me off any more." Patty says. I look at her and grin.

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"That's ok. I still like eating pussy." She tells me to go ahead but don't get upset when she doesn't cum. So I start licking at her lips to taste her before I really get into it. Then I move up to her clit, as is my usual spot, and as I'm licking away at her clit I start humming. Not loud enough to be heard but just enough to set my tongue in motion. She immediately tightens her legs around my head and I hear a gasp of shock.

I continue humming as I tackle her clit, meanwhile I take my index finger and begin rubbing her wet lips and slide it in. I search out, by feel, the rough spot on the upper side of her pussy walls and began stroking my fingertip against it firmly but gently. After about a minute of licking and rubbing I realize that she's holding her breath and her entire body has tensed up.

I pick up the pace and a few seconds later I'm rewarded with her pussy ejecting my finger and my mouth being flooded by her sweet juices. She must have came at least a cup of fluid, she was gushing that much. All I heard however, was her taking a couple deep breaths and Sue's loud cries of pleasure. Raymond was still lapping at Sue's wet snatch with abandon. I don't think he even realized his wife just came that hard for me.


I continued for a little longer before letting Patty off her high. Then I got back to my knees to show that I was hard as a rock again. I got off the bed to grab a rubber and let Patty put it on. Raymond on the other hand grabbed two of them, put one on and unwrapped the second one. I looked at him curiously before I figured it out. We bent the girls over the bed and slid in.

Patty was tight as hell, but slick with the mixture of her juices and my saliva. I worked into her and let her adjust. By this time Raymond was already grunting and groaning as he plowed away on Sue.

After about a minute Raymond had popped his first load and replaced the condom with the fresh one. I began grinding into Patty to get her worked up a little. When Raymond slid back into Sue, Patty started bucking against me so I began sliding in and out of her at a good pace.

Within minutes Raymond had Sue coming again, meanwhile Patty was moaning and screaming now but I hadn't felt her clench down on me like she did with my finger yet.

I pick up the pace and change the angle of my hips a little and Patty can't stand it any more as her pussy once again clamps down so hard that my dick is ejected from her along with a gush of liquid, soaking the bed sheets. She turns red and nods as I ask if she wants more.

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By this time I'm nowhere near my limit yet, so I flip her over and put her legs over my shoulders. I slide back into her and start pounding her pussy. Within ten minutes I feel her clamp down two more times but I manage to stay inside her with some difficulty. I look over and Raymond and Sue are fucking like mad, we're all sweaty and I look over at the clock to realize that we've been at this for over an hour already and I'm nowhere near finished just yet. I pick Patty up while I'm still inside of her and switch places on the bed so she can ride me.

She sits all the way up and I start playing with her nipples as she bucks back and forth on my dick. I grab her hips to keep her steady for a few minutes. I see her trying her hardest not to scream out as she bites her lip. As she gets used to my size in her, she starts bouncing on me. This feels great and I'm pretty sure a few more minutes of this would lead me to blow my load.

As she starts bouncing a little rougher I feel myself start to bottom out on her cervix. As she pounds her cervix with my dick she starts moaning and clenching her inner muscles so that now it feels like I'm fucking a clenched fist.

I feel my balls start to tighten again, signaling I've only got a couple minutes left when Raymond blows his third load at the same time Sue starts screaming in ecstasy. I put it in high gear, flipping Patty back over and giving her two more squirting but silent orgasms in the next five minutes as I fight off cumming as long as I can.

Then, I can't hold it in any longer, and with a final thrust I bottom out in her again with a grunt of pleasure. She screams in pleasure as she tears two handfuls of skin off my back forcing me even deeper into her pussy and I shoot rope after rope of my cum into the condom.

We steady each other as we get done with our climaxes. I pull out and pull the condom off noticing that it's a lot fuller then it generally is for my second squirt of the night.

We look at each other grinning. Raymond looks over at me and pops off, "I told you she wouldn't come to oral dude." I just nod and lick my lips tasting Patty's orgasmic juices still on them. As we clean up from our little game, Patty makes the suggestion that we shower with our sex partners for the evening. Raymond, Sue and I nod in agreement and head to the bathroom for a shower leaving patty and me in the bedroom.

"I'm sorry," Patty says quietly, drawing a confused look from me. "For what?" I ask not quite understanding what she meant. "For covering you like that. I've never squirted that hard before, much less from oral. Please don't tell Raymond, I don't think he'd let me live it down." She explained. "That's ok. I'm not that conceited that I can't take one for the team.

Although hearing you say that does give me some personal satisfaction." I say with a grin, showing her that I knew about the orgasms she claimed she could never have. She sucked on me for a little bit until we heard the shower turn off and we went in to take our turn. While washing ourselves off I got hard again and we had a little quickie in the shower with her just bending straight over and me taking her from behind.

With it being just the two of us and me not having another condom I just went as far as bringing her to another clenching orgasm before stopping. We kissed and finished cleaning ourselves up before leaving the shower and going back to our respective partners. I gave my girlfriend a peck on the lips before heading to the bedroom to lay down.

This was going to make one hell of a swinger out of me and I can't wait to get a hold of another couple as soon as possible. Raymond was right. Why hadn't I done this sooner? I hope you enjoyed this story. I know I enjoyed the experience personally and comments are always welcome, both negative and positive.