Curvacious MILF works on two cocks in DP threesome

Curvacious MILF works on two cocks in DP threesome
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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter16 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Male/Female, Wife, Written by women Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Posted Fri 27th of June 2014 Report No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal as editor working with Introduction: Continuing adventures of my life Remember I am not a professional writer so there may be grammar mistakes.

Now From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 16. I enjoyed fucking Paul's brother's Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark, Tony as well as his brother-in-laws Greg, George and Jeff. Let's just say it was a wild night. Not only did I get to get fucked by all my husband's brother's and brother-in-laws his construction workers had come over to help with the party and of course get it on with me.

In the mean time Paul was down stairs all night drinking, dancing and having a good time on his surprise birthday. I had lost all track of time when Greg, George and Jeff, Paul's in-laws came upstairs and warned me the party was over and I should be ready for Paul to come upstairs to say goodnight to everyone. I rushed into the washroom washing my face, putting my cum soaked hair in a bun, wrapping a large silk scarf around my hair and putting on my short transparent low cut dress.

I just got out of the washroom as Paul came up stairs to say goodnight to our guests. Everyone hugged Paul wishing him a happy birthday. My sisters-in-laws Jean, Annie, Grace, Lily and Cindy hugged Paul and politely shook hands with me they were never close to me and that was fine with me. Paul's sisters Sara, Tina and Maggie also hugged their brother and shook hands with me not feeling close to me as well.

Paul's construction workers all shook hands with Paul and hugged me, pressing their hard bodies against me making sure to press their hard cocks into me as well. We will definitely have to have a repeat some time.

You know my number slut." All of Paul's brothers and brothers-in-laws shook hands with Paul and one at a time came over to me. Jason hugged me first and whispered in my ear. "You were one hot fuck tonight slut. I'm going to make sure Jean takes her sleeping pill and is knocked out for the night.

I talked to my brothers and brothers-in-laws about dropping off their wives and coming back for seconds. Can you feel how hard you make me just pressing against you bitch?" "I sure can." I answered pushing my hips forward and feeling his hard cock through his dress pants. "Believe me I am still dripping the last load you filled my ass with Jason." Ted came up and wrapped his arms around me after Jason joined Jean and walking out the front door.

"I gather Jason told you we are all coming back after we put the wives to bed. To go to sleep that is. I can only speak for myself but Annie and I haven't gotten it on for a hell of a long time and even at the wildest time of our marriage she could never match your cravings bitch." Jason whispered also pushing his hard cock into me.

As soon as Ted moved away taking Annie's hand and leaving Sam approached me and wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and even manged to push his hand in the opening of my dress at the back. He pushed his hand down the back of my dress and pushed a couple of his large fingers easily into my cum filled ass hole. "That feels mighty good slut. I can't wait to come back for more. I know Jason told you we'd all be back for more of your hot cum filled holes bitch." Ted whispered pulling his finger out of my hungry ass hole before stepping back and joining Grace before they walked out the front door.

Next Mark wrapped his arms around me pressing his muscular chest against my large breasts causing my hard large nipples to press against my transparent low cut dress. "Fuck I can't wait to get my hands on those hooters again slut." He pulled one arm from around my waist and pulled the top of my dress down until my large breasts burst out from my low cut dress.

"Fuck this is nice I want to push my cock between these beauties." He whispered. "Hurry back big boy." I whispered in his ear pressing my hips forward against the big bulge in his dress pants pulling the top of my dress up covering my exposed nipples. Mark stepped back and took Lily's hand and proceeded to say good night and wished Paul a happy birthday before they stepped out side. "Thanks for having us over to celebrate your birthday big brother." Tony said hugging his brother.

"Your the best and you sure have one sweet adorable wife Paul." "I know what you mean little brother. I have one in a million with such a sweet, loyal, trusting wife.

I never have to worry about her cheating on me like a lot of husbands have to worry about their wife's sneaking around on them behind their backs." Paul said and smiled. "I just don't give her enough of my time with working out and making sure my construction company running properly." I stuck my hand out pretending to shake his hand when actually I wanted to feel his hard body pressed against mine. "Hey that's no way to say good-bye Joan is it big brother?" Tony asked looking over at Paul.

"Heaven's no Tony. Give my little brother a big hug honey. You sure aren't little any more Tony. Your taller than I am and you been doing a lot of working out by the looks of your body Tony." Paul answered. Tony walked over to me pressing his hard body against me but not wrapping his muscular arms around me. Instead with his body pressed against mine he pulled the bottom of my short shirt up to my waist as well as pulling the top of my dress down until my breasts burst out again. His body was facing away from Paul so Paul couldn't see what he was doing.

I felt Tony undo the top of his dress pants as well as his zipper. He didn't have any underwear on and I felt his hard cock pressing against me.

He managed to lift me off the floor and push his hard cock into my cum dripping pussy. "Fuck your hot slut." He whispered in my ear as he wrapped his muscular arms around me and picked me up.

"Damn this is so hot fucking you right in front of my stupid wife and my stupid brother. I didn't get to pump my load in you the last round so it's not going to take a second to unload my load in that hot pussy." "Fuck me Tony. Ram your ten inch thick cock in my pussy." I moaned wrapping my arms around Tony.

"Your making me so fucking hot." I moaned as Tony's thick cock pressed against my hard clit as he pulled his huge cock out of dripping pussy and rammed it back inside me again. "Damn I'm cumming, Your making me spurt right in front of my husband and your wife." "Fuck I'm cumming as well slut." Tony moaned in my ear pulling his cock out of my pussy and I felt his cock spurting another load up and over the top of my dress. I managed to pull my dress down and the top of my dress up covering my hard nipples.

"Thank you stud. See you soon." I said trying to control my breathing. "My pleasure slut." Tony pushed his deflated cock back into his dress pants pulling his zipper up and doing the top button up. "You bet I'll see you soon." Tony whispered in my ear stepping back and walking over to his wife, Cindy.

"Let's get going so the baby sitter can go home Cindy." He said taking Cindy's hand and walking out the front door. He turned around and looked at Paul. "I really want to thank you for having me over on your birthday big brother and that goes for your lovely wife also." "No problem your invited over anytime little brother." Paul said.

"I guess we are the last to go." Sara said hugging Paul and walking over and shaking hands with me. "Thanks Paul for the lovely evening and happy birthday again." Tina walked over to Paul and hugged him then shook hands with me.

"Thanks little brother for the great party. "Thanks little brother." Maggie said hugging her brother and shaking hands with me. Greg shoot hands with Paul. "Ditto to what my wife Sara said Paul." Greg said and walked over to me and took me into his strong arms pressing me against his hard bulge. "This is for you as soon as I get back bitch. Jason passed on for us all to come back after I drop the wife off." He stepped back walking over to his wife.

The walked to the front door and walked out. Jeff walked over to me after shaking hands with Paul and wrapped his muscular arms around me. "I guess you know we are all coming back after dropping our wives off for some more of your hot body slut." Jeff whispered and stepped back. "Let's get going Tina before we have to pay the sitter for an extra hour." Jeff said walking over to Tina taking her hand in his and walking out the front door.

"Last but least my dear brother-in-law to leave your lovely birthday party." George said grabbing a hold of Paul's hand and shaking it. "You and your wife know how to throw a good party Paul." George let go of Paul's hand and walked over to me and rapped his muscular arms around me managing to whisper in my ear.

"Feel that boner.

It's all for you as soon as I get back slut." He whispered in my ear and backing up. He went to his wife and led her out the front door. Paul waved goodbye to everyone and then closed the front door. "That was a great surprise party you gave me Joan. Thank you so much but I'm sorry all the excitement wore me out. I'm heading up to bed. It will be nice to cuddle up to you on my birthday before we go to sleep." Paul said and winked. "That's fine with me Paul." I said taking Paul's hand and walking up stairs.

Paul stripped down in front of me for a change and I looked down at his tiny hard cock.

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I pretended to look impressed when I wasn't in the least bit impressed after fucking all the black, muscular teenage construction workers as well his brothers and brother-in-laws. He led me to the bed and helped taking my pale blue transparent dress off. He noticed my pussy dripping fresh thick cum down my legs. "Wow you are over flowing tonight." He said. "If I didn't know you better than I do it would almost look look like you got gang banged tonight but I know your dripping because you have been looking forward to making it with me after the party.

This is the best surprise of the entire evening." "You know my body like a book Paul. Yes I'm wet and dripping thinking about making it with you after the party and giving you a special birthday present." I said letting my dress fall to the floor and getting in bed beside Paul.

"You better take your sleeping pill first Paul before we make love though. You don't want to be getting up late because you cant' fall asleep tonight." "Thanks Joan." Paul said popping a pill in his mouth and swallowing it before doing the top of the bottle back on again. He moved over and pressed his muscular body on top of mine.

I still had to admire his hot muscular body just not his tiny cock and balls. He pushed his small cock into me and he must have ejaculated right away because he rolled off me and kissed my cheek. "That was great." He said rolling over until he faced the wall and before I had a chance to say goodnight I heard his quiet snoring.

I was sure glad Paul's brothers and brothers-in-laws were coming back because my body was on fire for nice hard pounding even though I had gotten my pussy, ass and throat fucked for hours in the living room while Paul was in the basement with his sisters and sisters-in-laws as well as his brothers-in-laws, brothers, construction workers when they weren't up in the living room fucking me that is.

I lay beside Paul listening to make sure Paul was sound asleep before I got out of bed and headed down the hall, closing the bedroom door behind me. I took out a beer and poured it before I sat down at the kitchen table waiting for Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark, Tony, Greg, George and Jeff to arrive.

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I began to fear they had either changed their minds about coming back or their wives had clued in and made sure they didn't come back to my place. I emptied the last of the beer from the bottle into my glass when I heard the door knob turning. I took a nice big gulp of my beer and sat my glass down the same time Ted followed by his brothers Jason, Mark, Tony, Sam, George, Jeff and Greg came in.

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"Wow you still look hot bitch." Jason said walking over to me and pushing his crotch in my face. "Get busy and undo my pants. I'm going right to the construction site after I leave here. I left a note for Jean telling her I left early to go to the construction site. Thank goodness your husband told us we could come in late." I looked up into Jason's brown eyes then around the room at his brothers and brothers-in-laws.

I didn't need to be asked twice to begin to unbutton this jeans and pull the zipper down. In the mean time Jason pulled off his T-shirt and kicked off his sandals. I stood up and swirled around the bottom of my pale pink nighty rising up revealing my cum dripping pussy and ass hole. "Like what you see boys?" I asked as if I needed to ask what they thought. I leaned forward allowing my brothers-in-laws and my sisters-in-laws husbands to see my exposed huge breasts.

I wanted to put on a show before getting it on with all the hot muscular studs. "Take it off, take it off." Jason, Ted, Mark, Tony, Greg, George and Jeff chanted all at the same time. I didn't disappoint them as I pushed the top of my nighty down until my huge breasts burst out swinging side from side my nipples sticking out erect. "You guys have me so turned on ready to give me a good fucking while my husband's just down the hall." I said pushing the nighty over my hips and letting it fall to the floor and standing totally nude.

I went to my knees grabbed a hold of the top of Jason's jeans and pulled then down over his hips and watched as his thick long cock popped out needing immediate attention. I pushed his jeans down to the floor and allowed him to step out of them one foot at a time the same time I got on my hands and knees making sure I pushed my ample ass in the air. "One of you studs strip down and get behind me and fuck me like the bitch dog in heat I am." I moaned leaning forward taking a hold of Jason's thick cock and holding it in my hand.

I opened my mouth wide and took his huge mushroom shaped cock in my mouth. "Mmmmm that feels so good. Jason moaned from above me taking a hold of my shoulder length hair in his fist and twisting it pulling my head forward until I had no choice but to swallow more of his thick long cock.

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I felt his cock pushing at the beginning of my throat. My throat had become accustomed swallowing thick long cocks and when Jason let go of my hair and took a hold of my head in his large hands I was ready. He pushed forward and I felt his cock enter my throat enjoying how it felt against my throat as I swallowed. In no time Jason's big low hanging balls slapped my bottom lip.

"Now that feels great." "I'll take that hot pussy." Ted walked behind me and slapped my ass cheek just before he spread my large ass cheeks wide open. "That is one fine looking pussy slut" Ted said pushing a couple of fingers into my cum dripping pussy. I wanted to tell Ted to quit fingering my hot pussy and just ram his big cock in my hungry pussy but of course my throat was stuffed with Jason's huge cock.

Then Jason pulled his cock out of my throat until only his huge cock head remained in my mouth filling my mouth completely.

Thankfully I didn't have to say anything anyway as I felt Ted's huge cock pressing against my pussy and his hands on my hips. Then he pushed forward with his huge cock pushing against my hard clit at the same time. At the same time Ted shoved his huge cock in my pussy he had pushed my head forward and I swallowed Jason's entire thick long cock.

"Damn I love the way your neck expands when you swallow my cock and your neck takes on the look of my cock. It's fucking great." Ted moaned still holding my head between his huge hands. "Take my cock bitch. I love fucking your hot pussy." Jason moaned from behind me removing his cock from my pussy and ramming it into me again. "Hurry the fuck and fuck the bitch you two." I heard Greg saying standing beside Jason stroking his own thick hard white cock.

Fuck her throat nice and hard Jason. I can't wait to take your place and fuck her throat." "I want the bitches ass." George said sanding on the other side of Jason holding his thick cock in one hand while massaging his muscular chest with his other hand.

"Damn I've wanted a go again at that pussy since I fucked that hot pussy in your living room earlier." "We should take this to the living room where its more comfortable." Mark said.

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"What could be hotter than fucking the fucking bitch in the kitchen Mark?" Sam asked. "We take this in her bed room and gang bang her in bed beside her husband and my brother.


Now that is what I would call hot." Mark answered. "That sounds like a great idea." Jeff said. "Fuck yes take my load all over your hot body bitch." Jeff said and I felt his huge load splashing across my face. "Okay as soon as I shoot my load down her throat we can take this in the living room." Jason moaned. "Wait until I shoot my load in her hot pussy as well.

I'm almost ready." Ted groaned from behind me pulling his cock out of my pussy and ramming it in my pussy again. He gripped my hips holding his huge cock in my pussy and I knew he was shooting his load inside me.

At the same time Jason's cock was down my throat. I could feel it vibrating and knew he was shooting his big load directly into my stomach. He pulled his cock out of throat and could taste as he shot another load all over my tongue.

"Okay lets take it in the living room now." George said walking ahead of everyone into the dinning room and then the living room. Everyone followed behind George. I didn't even bother standing up choosing to crawl through the dining room into the living room. No sooner was I in the living room than George went behind me and grabbed my hips and pushed his thick cock into my ass without saying anything. Greg walked in front of me grabbed my head between his huge white hands and said.

"Open your fucking mouth bitch. I see how you're eyeing my thick cock. " I didn't need to be asked twice and without saying a word I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around his huge cock head.


"Fuck that feels good." Greg moaned pushing his cock into my mouth until it entered my throat and then he pushed again pushing his thick cock further down my throat. "Swallow my entire cock, cock sucker." Sam, Mark, Tony and Jeff were standing around me jacking their huge cocks the same time Greg was fucking my throat and George was ramming his hot, hard cock in my hot ass. "Take my load bitch." Greg moaned still holding my head between his hands as he rammed his cock down my throat and didn't move.

I knew he was shooting his load down my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth with my mouth still wide open he shot another load in my mouth. I swirled it around my mouth before I swallowed it. I was already for another cock to be shoved in my mouth. I didn't have to wait long before Tony walked up taking a hold of my head and pushed his cock head in my mouth. "Shoot your load in the slut George.

I know I just shot my load but damn it I need to fuck the slut in the worse way." Jeff moaned. "She's all yours Jeff." George answered pulling his cock out of my hot pussy. "Give it to her but good. I can tell she needs another good fuck." "George was behind me in a flash spreading my ass cheeks wide open.

"I think I want fuck the sluts hot ass instead." George moaned. "Damn it looks so hot dripping with cum." "Sam I need more cock to suck." I moaned looking at Sam standing to the left of Greg who had just shot a big load all over my face after shooting a nice load down my throat. "Greg stepped to one side allowing Sam to take his place and push his huge cock down my throat.

He grabbed my head between his large hands and pushed his cock head into my open mouth. At the same time from behind me George had pulled his cock out of my ass and rammed it into my hot ass again. He shoved so fast and hard I had no choice but to swallow Sam's entire cock. Not that I minded one little bit. I loved the feeling of Sam's cock going down my throat. "Take my cock bitch. I know you want my load. You're going to have to work for it though because I just shot a big load all over your hot body." I wanted to yell, but of course my throat was full of his huge cock.

"I'll work for it all right Sam just keep pounding that big cock in and out of my throat stud." Sam eventually shot his big load down my throat the same time George shot his big load up my hot ass.

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It ended up being an all night fuck with Jason, Ted, Mark, Tony, Greg, George and Jeff. Each of them giving me their nice big loads down my throat, ass and pussy. I was covered in cum by the time they got dressed and ready to leave for the construction site telling me they would shower when they got to the site.

I was soaking wet covered in cum when I heard Paul getting up and heading for the shower. I knew I had to think fast to come up with an excuse for the cum on the living room floor as well as all over myself. I thought about hiding heading down stairs but just as I was heading for the basement door Paul walked into the living room.

"What on earth happened to you Joan?" Paul asked as soon as he walked in and saw me. "It rained during the night Paul and when I went out back to see what the damage was I fell in a huge mud puddle I hadn't expected to see. I walked in dripping with mud all over the floor. Sorry I'll clean it up after fixing breakfast for you Paul." I answered holding my breath wondering if Paul would believe me or not. "I'll grab something on the way to the construction site Joan. It looks like you've been through enough for one morning." Paul said kissing heading for the kitchen and back door.

I let out my breath as I heard Paul closing the back door behind him as he headed out. That was sure close. This is the end of Chapter 16.