Cute boys anal gay sex movie Straight fellow goes gay for cash he

Cute boys anal gay sex movie Straight fellow goes gay for cash he
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When I was 13, my mom met her new boyfriend. I didn't like him much and mom knew it, but that didn't stop her inviting him to move in with us after only a few months. At 32, he was younger than my mom, but he was a heavy drinker and had a beer gut. He was kind of ugly and he didn't take care of himself very much. I didn't really know why mom was with him, she was way out of his league, but she had three children and not a lot of men paid her any real attention.

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She'd been single since Dad had left and I guess she had her needs and Jim was the best she could do. I have to admit, I never any problems with him until I turned 16. I guess he was waiting for me to be legal before making any suggestions. On a number of occasions he put his hands up my school skirt and fondled my pussy through my knickers.

I'd always managed to grab his hand and stop him pushing his fingers inside me. He'd squeeze my tits when no one as watching and this became a daily operation. Shortly before my 17th birthday he came up behind, pinned me to the sink and yanked my skirt up until it was round my waste.

He managed to get his hands down the back of my knickers a push a finger into my pussy and I could feel his hard cock pressing against the side of my leg through his jeans. "When you going to let me fuck that teenage pussy," he demanded. "Fuck off you pervert," I cried. "Come on. You know you want it. I wanna fill that pussy with hot spunk," he moaned and pushed a second finger into me. I tried to push him away from me, but he was much bigger than me. Then I heard a voice behind me.

It was my little sister Katie. "What are you doing?" she shouted. Jim pulled his fingers out of me and stepped away. "I'm just helping your sister with the washing up," he replied and walked out of the kitchen.

She asked me if I was ok and I said I was and sent her to her room. She was only just 12 and I didn't want her to be scarred. It actually worked out ok. After that Jim didn't touch me again and I hoped he'd learnt his lesson.

Almost three weeks later I was getting ready to go out to a club. It was a Friday night and my 17th birthday was on Sunday.


My boyfriend, Mike, wanted to take me out to celebrate and his brother was going to get us into a club where he worked. My boyfriend was already 20, but they had to sneak me in though a side entrance so that I wouldn't get carded. The night was going well, I'd had a few too drink and I was feeling a little bit drunk.

My boyfriend and I had found a concealed corner and we started making out. I opened my legs a little and he pushed his hand up my skirt, moved my knickers to the side and pushed two fingers straight into my wet pussy.

I started to moan and rub his hard on through his trousers. "Do it harder," I begged and moaned. He started banging his fingers into me as fast as he could, his knuckles hitting the inside of my legs with each thrust. My whole body started to shudder as I had an orgasm and I could feel my pussy juices running down my thighs. "When are you going to let me screw?" he asked. "You know I'm a virgin," I replied. "I know," he replied.

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"I want to be the first guy to cum in your cunt." I smiled and kissed him. "Why don't I suck you," I said and dropped to my knees in front of him. I pulled the zip down on his trousers and pulled his hard cock out.

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A waked it up a down for a few seconds and then dropped my head into his lap. I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck on it and run my tongue delicately around the tip. I bobbed my head up and down taking his hard on deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Ahhh, yes baby. I going to cum. Let me fuck you pussy baby," he cried out. "Let me cum in you." I ignored him and wanked his dick harder into my mouth until he started to grunt and flood my mouth with spunk.

I held it all in my mouth until he stopped coming and then swallowed it. I stood up while he put his cock away and I told him I was going off to the ladies. After washing my mouth out and went back to meet him. It was almost 2 o'clock and the music had stopped. I saw Mike talking to his brother as I came down the stairs.

He was only a few meters away and I could hear them talk. His brother was telling him that they'd all been watching me giving him a blow job on the security monitors. "She's a right little goer you got there bro," His brother said. Mike smiled. "She must be a one hell of good fuck. A right little whore like that. Sucking you dry in a club." "I don't know.

She won't let me fuck her." "You're joking." "No. She's still a virgin. I'd doing anything to tap that and fill that pussy with hot cum." "Bro. You're letting the side down. You gotta get between those legs and fuck her raw for the boys." They started to laugh and I continued down the stairs.

"Shall we go," I said. We left the bar and he drove me home. I didn't say anything on the way home and I didn't tell him I'd heard him talking to his brother. When we got to my mom's he walked me to the door and kissed me, feeling up my tits a little. "When you going to let me do you?" he asked.

"Mike," I replied. "We've been together for six months," he said. "We should be fucking by now." I smiled. He was right. Up until today he hadn't put any real pressure on me to fuck him. We'd done almost everything else and I wanted to. I think I was just a little scared how it would feel.

"Ok," I said. "It's my birthday on Sunday. If you can find us a place to go, you can be my first." "Can I come in you?" he asked.

"I'm on the pill. You can fuck me and come in me as much as you want." He kissed me one last time and ran to his car. I waved goodbye, smiled to myself and stepped into the house through the door.

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Someone grabbed my, turned my ran and slapped me across the face. I looked up into Jim's eyes. "What the fuck do you think you're doing," I demanded.

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He squeezed my face to stop me talking and looked me in the eye. "I've been waiting a long time to fill that cunt with spunk.

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Do you really think I'm going to let that little bastard pop that virgin pussy?" He pushed me into the kitchen and kicked my legs out from under me. I fell to the ground and hi the back of my head on the floor. Jim climbed on top of me and forced my legs apart, pushing my skirt up around my waist.

He put his had down and started pulling at my knickers until they ripped. "Please. I don't want to," I cried. "Shut up slut," he replied. I begged him again not to hurt me, not to fuck me and he slapped me across the face.

He yanked on my knickers one last time and pulled them free, wrapped them into a ball and forced them into my mouth. I realised then that he was only wearing a bath robe. He pulled it open and I felt his hard cock slap against my leg. He repositioned himself and I felt the tip of his dick brushing against my pussy lips. I knew then that he was going to screw me and take my virginity. I started to wish I'd let Mike fuck me at the club, but it was too late now.

My virginity was going to be raped away from me and I'd remember it for the rest of my life. I was still wet from the fingering Mike gave me in the club and Jim slipped the first couple of inches into me easily. "You're enjoying it aren't you. I knew you were a little tart. You're nice and wet for me." He pushed harder against my hymen and I felt it rip. He kept pushing until he was all the way in and then pulled it out before ramming it back into me hard.

I could feel tears pouring down my face and I tried to scream as he pumped me harder and harder, slamming his hips into me, his balls slapping between my legs.

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"That's nice pussy," he said. "Ahhh yes, that's nice teenage pussy." He kept repeating it over and over. He started fucking me harder. It hurt far more than I was expecting. "I knew you'd have a pussy made for fucking. That pussy belonged to a whore and a slut in its last life." The more he spoke the more I cried. "Take my cock. Take every inch of my big fat cock in your sluty pussy," he mumbled and then started groaning.

A few seconds latter I felt him spunking inside me. I didn't know I would feel it. It was hot and he spurted inside me five of six times. He slowly pulled is shrinking cock from my blood covered pussy and stood up. His dick was covered in a mixture of spunk, pussy juice and blood and it glistened in the light. "You're a really good fuck darling," he said. "Your virgin pussy just sucked every drop of cum from my balls." I pulled the knickers from my mouth.

"Why did you do that to me?" I cried. "I'm your step Dad. It's my job to pop that virgin cherry and to be the first fill your pussy with cum. Why do you think I moved in with your Mother. Three Daughter. I'll fuck you till you little sister turns 16 and then I'll pop her teenage cunt as well.


When little Jenny turns 16, she'll get some cock as well." You're not my step Dad you dirty bastard. He left me in the kitchen and I just lay there with cum and blood dripping from my pussy. I don't know how much time went past, but when I opened my eyes I found my sister standing there. "Katie," I said. "Are you ok?" she asked I closed my legs painfully and sat up.

"I'm sorry," she said. "What for?" "I knew he was going to do it. I heard him talking on the phone to his poker buddies." "What did he say exactly?" I cried and whipped the tears from my eyes. "He said, he was going to pop your virgin pussy and fill your cunt with cum.

Then in a few weeks time he said he'd pop your virgin arse." "Is that all he said," I demanded. "No," she shook her head. "He said that once he had you slut trained that he'd bring you to poker night and they could all take your pussy for a ride." I closed my eyes and started to cry. Katie came up and put her arms around me.

"Is he going to do it to me as well," she asked.

"Not until you're 16. You're safe for now," I replied and hoped it was true. I lived in fear for the next few weeks. I stood Mike up on my birthday and we got into an argument. We broke up when I told him I didn't want him touching me. What else could I say, 'Sorry but my mom's boyfriend raped me and filled my pussy with his cum.' A week later I heard the door slam and I jumped up when I realised it was mom going out to do the shopping. I'd done everything I could not to be alone in the house with Jim since he raped me.

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I ran towards the door to ask mom if I could go with her, but I found Jim waiting for me. He grabbed me round the neck, forced me back into the living room and pushed me onto the sofa.

He straddled me, knelt up and undid his belt. His cock sprang out in front of my face. "Suck it bitch," he said. I kept my mouth closed. He looked at my. "Suck my cock or I'll fuck your pussy." I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked him the same way I sucked Mike in the club. It didn't take very long and he sprayed the first tow squirts of spunk into my mouth and then pulled his dick out and spayed my face and neck so that his cum dribbled down between tits.

When h finished he said, "Go get yourself cleaned up. Your Mother's going away for work at the weekend. I'll have to days and night to fuck that pussy. Then I'll fuck you in the arse and make you cum." I started to cry and went upstairs to get cleaned up. Then I started packing and I slipped out of the house in the dead of night.