Real son caught real mother in shower

Real son caught real mother in shower
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Brief Summary of Part 1 -Jimmy was told he was going to move to Boston -He comforts Ashely(his Best friends childhood Friend) and it leads to them giving each other oral -Jimmy spends 3 years in Boston but moves back to Lowell -A day after coming back he rekindles a romantic relationship with Ana and they end up giving their virginity to each other Part 2 Begins My eyes fluttered open when I felt a nudging at my side.

I let out a large groan and had it followed by a sigh. "Jimmy my parents are coming back soon, you need to go." She stated bluntly.

I didn't want to leave the warmth of the bed and Ana but she was right, I had to leave. As soon as I uncovered my naked bodyI could feel the cold wind. It seemed to dig deep into my body and seep into my very soul. The low temperature from her air conditioned room was a large contrast to the warm air outside and the hot velvet pussy I had just been inside. This just reminded me that I couldn't lay down with this goddess for the rest of the day, let alone the rest of my life.

My thoughts were jumbled and very influenced by the incredible experience I just had but I do think that somewhere inside of me I actually yearned to spend the rest of my life with her. I quickly searched for my clothing as it had been scattered across the floor. Hurriedly I put all of it on. The scent of what we had just done still lingered in the air and on both of us. I was just about ready to leave but I just had to steal one more glance at the girl who had just took my virginity.

The blanket barely reached her knees, leaving her bald pussy and soft breasts out for my viewing pleasure. I slowly made my way for to her bedside and grabbed the blanket to lift it up to her neck. her right eye opened a tiny bit but shut after I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and caressed her cheek with my thumb.

I knew that if I had stayed any longer I would've ravished her tight body at least a dozen more time. with that thought in mind i scampered out of her house. A warm gust pushed into me as I walked to the car. I was in no rush to get back home so I took my time and slowly drove to my house.

As I walked into my house I heard my mother call my name. "Yes?" I said looking around for her. I heard her say something about going out to dinner with a friend. I just replied with a monotone OK and headed to my room. I remembered the smell of sex and sweat that had stuck to me and decided it would be best to wash it off.

I walked over to the bathroom, stripping my clothes as I walked. I set the water to a mildly warm temperature and stepped into the stream of water. I just stood there for a while, feeling the liquid flow through my hair and trickle down my body then splash onto the bottom and spiral down the drain.

After lathering and rinsing by body from head to toe I stepped out. I ran the towel across my entire body and wrapped it around my waist. I placed my palm onto the fogged mirror and wiped the condensed vapor away. I was now staring at a handsome mug.

I took a step back to have more of my body reflected back at me. It still astonished me how I turned the doughy fat I had into tight muscle. Of course to me my body was just normal but I could tell that in the eyes of others and more specifically females, that it was something they desired and craved.

'Women are just as shallow as men.' I thought to myself with a slight chuckle. As soon as I smeared deodorant on my armpits I left to my bedroom. My shower took about thirty-five minutes but now I had nothing to do for the rest of the day. I thought it would be a good idea to text Ana and see if she was still sleeping. I sent her a text asking if she was still sleeping.

I was happy to see that I got a reply back almost instantly. My joy only grew when I read it and saw that she was awake and also thinking of me.

We texted back and forth for a while until she asked me If I wanted to go to a pool party with her. Of course I told her I'd gladly go and especially with her. The host of the party was actually on the football team, he was the tight end and was the target for the pass from Hunter that I intercepted back in the semi-finals. The party was in about a week and was actually a sort of R&R after our first week of practice.

Our first official practice was tomorrow. I glanced at the clock hanging on my wall and read that it was half past eleven, I must've been talking to Ana for hours.

I had to get up by 6 o'clock so I figured I should go to sleep now. The next morning I woke up twenty minutes before six and our practice was at six thirty so I had almost an hour to get ready. I went through my normal daily routines such as brushing my teeth, showering ect. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and left my mom a bagel with some cream cheese and a note telling her to eat up. The first few practices are without pads so all I had to bring today was my cleats, but I brought some extra clothes and a towel for after practice.

I got to the practice a couple minutes early but there were still a handful of players in the locker room. I walked in and saw Hunter. Hunter got up from the bench and we started talking a bit about the coaches and their policies. From what he told me they weren't very strict but still expected a lot of effort and whatnot.

After a few minutes players started to pile in. it seemed that everyone was their besides like two or three players. Our head coach came in to tell us to be outside in 5 minutes and to that the JV and freshman teams weren't practicing today. As soon as he left Hunter came up next to me and introduced me to the team. I knew most of them from previous years in middle school or from playing against them on the field. Then almost immediately afterwards the tight end announced his party and said everyones invited.

There was some cheering and then we all left the locker room and headed onto the field. The practice wasn't really difficult but the head coach wanted me to see him after practice to talk. practice ended around four and everyone jogged inside to the locker room. i headed to coach who was talking to the assistant coach.

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He started off by telling me that he was glad I was on the team, but they already had good depth at tight end and linebacker. I asked him what position he wanted me at and he responded by telling me wide receiver and strong safety.

The team had a slot receiver who was very good but had no prominent wide out. I was fine with the position change but still didn't really know the playbook so he gave me one and told me to ask Hunter if anything confused me. By the time I to inside the locker room everyone had pretty much left.

I stripped off my sweat drenched clothes and stepped into the shower. My footsteps and the sound of water dripping off me and onto the floor. I was rummaging through my bag when I heard footsteps behind me. When I turned i saw that it was Ana. She looked kind of lost so I called out to her. She looked over at me and squealed then ran over to me, wrapping her arms around my torso. All the water from the shower hadn't dried off so her shirt clung to my skin. I leaned down to give her a peck on the lips.

"Hey babe what are you doing here? I don't mind but I'm just curios." I asked with her still wrapped around me. "Well I was gonna surprise you after practice and Hunter told me you were probably in here." she stated with a small grin plastered on her face.

The feeling of her large soft breasts squished up against me and the warmth of her body were bringing me memories of the last time I saw her. Naturally I started to get an erection. I knew she felt it because her grin grew a bit wider and her eyes were looking downwards. "Sorry to say this but my pussy is still sore from yesterday.

You were gentle but you're big too." she said with her hand on her lower abdomen and a little giggle. I was in middle of apologizing for it when she interrupted me."But I still loved it." she said in a seductive voice, saying her last sentence slowly. Her talking about yesterday wasn't really helping the issue of my erection, which was threateningly close to her sweet pussy. The fact that only my towel,her jeans and her panties were separating my dick from her cunt wasn't helping either. My dick twitched with that thought and she felt it. "Oh I'm sorry baby, here I am working you all up and then saying you can't put it in." Her bottom lip extended outwards and her eyebrows lowered.

I laughed at her pouting and pulled her a bit tighter to me.

"Its fine. It really is fine. It may be torture but I can handle it." I saidthe last part being in a joking tone. I felt her body start to slowly move. She was getting lower and lower until her mouth was directly in front of the head of my dick."You don't have to really its not necessary.

I don't want you to feel pressured into anything. You don't have to give me a blowjob just because I have a boner." I said with some concern in my voice. I know a lot of girls may feel obligated to satisfy a guy for some sort of acceptance and I didn't want her to feel that way.

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My cock only recognized the pair of lips close by and started to leak some precum. 'No I want to. I want to have you inside me. And since my pussy is sore I'll just have to get you in me by getting your dick in my mouth." she said as she yanked the towel down to the floor. My dick lashed upwards and then tottered until it lost momentum and just throbbed awaiting her warm mouth.

If she wanted to she could've measured my heartbeat by holding it if she wanted to. "I almost forgot how big it was"she exclaimed with a giggle. I watched as she pressed her lips to my manhood as gave it soft kisses.

At this point it felt more like cruel torture rather than erotic teasing. But after a bit of it she put her lips onto the very tip of my dick and pushed her tongue into the hole I could feel her wiggling it. That almost distracted me from the sight of her lips slowly moving down my cock, parting to the accommodate the girth. She did this in such a sensual way that made me almost fire my sperm into her that very instant. She was about half way down so about four inches of me inside her mouth.

She started to pull back and start the bobbing motion. At first she started very slowly but was gaining speed with every passing second. Her suction and warm flesh made her mouth feel like a soft wet vacuum.

The sounds of her slurping and my groaning echoed in the room. After not to long of this pure pleasure I got the feeling that it would be over soon. That feeling was the pressure in my ballsack and shaft increase, the feeling that I was close to busting my nut.

I did the courteous thing to do at this and warned her. He moved her head faster on my rigid shaft. I let out a long groan as the first rope of cum shot out of my head.

Ana had stopped moving her head but was still sucking down on my meat. Four or five more ropes came fling out of me and onto her tongue and in her throat. My breathing was heavy as I came down from my orgasm. Ana just sat there suckling on my softening cock. "Ana can I please have my dick now?" I asked jokingly. She shook her head and tried to say something but my cock was in her mouth so it came out muffled, I think it was :No its mine now.

She looked up at me and smiled with my dick still in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my hardening rod. I groaned and put my hands under her cheeks.

"It's not fair that you get to make me feel so good but I can't do the same to you." I said with a fake pout followed by a wide smirk. She finally released my dick from the wet warm confines of her mouth.

She got up from her kneeling position and got onto her tip-toes to reach my mouth. Her lips felt warmer than before and her tongue was a bit bolder as it fought mine. I moved my hands up to her boobs. I quickly found her nipple and began to gently massage them with my index finger and thumb. She began to moan in my mouth which just made me want to please her further.

My lips left hers and started to travel south. I lightly kissed the nape of her then moved down to her collarbone.I assumed she was enjoying it from the sounds that came from her. She was wearing an orange V-neck that showed some cleavage. My lips slowly caressed the amount of exposed boob and her nipples were as hard as titanium and were under the mercy of my unrelenting hands and fingers. I lifted my head off of her breasts to look at her expression.

I wasn't disappointed at all, the look on her face just yelled ecstasy and lust. She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt to lift it over her head. But when she did this it pushed her tits up against each other in a way that just made you glad to be alive. She yanked her shirt off and removed her pants just as quickly.

She was standing less that three feet away from me in a bra and cotton panties. I on the other hand was completely nude besides the towel that had fallen to the ground and covered 3 of my toes and part of my ankle.

I picked up were I left off except this time my hands were on her hips rather than under her bra playing with her nipples. My kisses got below her boobs and I bent my knees to get down to the necessary height. I loved her stomach it was flat with a small hint of abs showing and was pretty much an invitation to go lower.I initially moved past her mound and kissed down her thighs to her legs then back up leaving a trail of kisses on each leg until I got to her pantie covered vagina.

I made sure to be gentle and give her slit and clit small light pecks. I could smell her anticipation and my dick's steady pulsing was reminding me he wanted it as well. But in the end my larger head prevailed and my concern for hurting her was stronger than my want to drive my manhood far up into her.

As her moans got louder and her slow grinding motions got fastermy mouth got bolder and my tongue wilier. By now I had parted her panties t on side to expose her sweet bare pussy to my oral invasion.

she started to thrash a bit and her body stiffened, then her secretions became thicker in quantity. The taste of her cum on my lips and the thought of me making her orgasm were on my mind. She jerked my head up to her and ferociously attacked my mouth with hers.

I knew she could taste herself but it seemed like that was her intent. "Mmmmmmm. No wonder you love being down there, I'm delicious!"She exclaimed with a giggle and grabbing her clothes off the floor."Come on lets get out of here before I pounce on you and rape your big guy." She said winking and putting her clothes back on.

I wasn't against that idea but still dressed in the extra clothes I brought. She was actually watching me cloth myself. I thought I'd might as well put on a show so I left my dick out of the hole in the front of boxers and put my pants on in a manner that actually got the front behind my dick so when i lifted my pants it flipped my dick upward. Ana seemed to really enjoy the little show but she told me to hurry up and to stop teasing her.

I conceded and was ready in a speedy fashion. We walked out to the car with my arm around her waist and her hand holding it in place.we got into the car but we hadn't even talked about what we were going to do."Hey babe you hungry?" I asked realizing I hadn't had lunch yet. She just nodded and told me where she wanted to eat. She picked a little cafe and we both got a bagel. We ate and talked about the party later on in the week.

The cafe was empty and the only employee working was fixing some machine. Something had been nagging me so i had to ask." So Ana I noticed you don't have you hymen but you said your a virgin. Whats the story behind that?" I said in a low voice and trying my hardest not to sound rude. Her face grew crimson at the mention of her hymen. She stuttered a bit before replying clearly." I found my mom's dildo one day and I umm.accidentally popped my own cherry.

I haven't used a dildo since, but that was only like eight-teen months ago." She said with obvious embarrassment. Her eyes were looking everywhere but at me.

I knew I had to calm her so I held her chin with my index finger and my thumb. I lifted her head up so her eyes met mine and gave her a long sensual kiss. It calmed her down a lot. After we ate she had me bring her home and my day went on very uneventfully. Speaking of uneventful, thats exactly how I would describe the rest week of practice. Ana didn't come after any other practice that week and I didn't really expect her to.

But coach had said anyone who misses practice during the week would have to run until they die on Saturday so a large number of people who were going to the party had to run all day on Saturday. I awoke on Saturday with a huge smile. The smile was partly because of the party but more so because I was going to see Ana today and i hadn't seen her in a couple days.

I went to kitchen and saw that there was a plate set on the table and a sticky not right next to it. The plate had some scrambled eggs bacon and toast on it.

I picked up the note and say it was from my mom it said that she was going to beach and would be back sometime in the afternoon of Sunday.

I enjoyed that for two reasons one is that she hasn't had a boyfriend in a few years and it meant that I had the whole house to myself if Ana wanted to come over after the party. Today was just going along fantastically. I went to the bathroom to do brush my teeth, take a shower and a piss. Not really in that order but thats besides the point. I walked to my room with my towel on my head as I dried it.

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I smelled pretty damn good with my deodorant on my armpits and the scent of my body wash still prominent. i put on my clothing for the day which was a pair of black swimming trunks, a white compression shit and some black sandals.

When i looked at the clock I saw that it was almost time for me to go pick up Ana. So I grabbed a dry towel and the car keys then headed to her house. i arrived a couple minutes early so i just waited in my car outside her house. I saw Ana hurriedly get out of her house and skip towards the car after she locked the door.

Excitement was plastered all over her face. when she got into the passenger seat she just looked at me for one second and then pulled my face towards hers and rammed her lips into mine with great passion. All I could do is try to match her intensity and after a while her lungs gave out she had to back up to breathe in some air. Before when she came out of her house she hand her towel wrapped around her body but now it just laid behind her.

I looked at her hot pink bikini, but there wasn't much bikini to look at just a lot of skin and her beautiful figure. The small triangle that covered her breasts only covered about 3/4 of them but her mound was completely covered in the front. I drove to the house that the party was at but the entire time i drove Ana's hand was rubbing my thigh. when we got near the house we could here it was in full swing and parked close by. We walked up to the door with my arm around her waist and her hand holding my arm in place.

I knocked on the door and saw Hunter open it with a huge grin. Hunter invited us in and gave me a fist bump. I walked in with Ana closely to me her warm body felt good as always. There was a few people inside talking about something but everyone else was in the backyard where the pool was at. i saw the host at his grill, and by the smell in the air I could only assume he was making hot-dogs and hamburgers. He had a small Asian girl next to him who i guess was his girlfriend.

Out of the fifty or so people there about thirty five were girls and they all seemed to either play some sport or just stay physically active. I'm not saying every girl was a bombshell but none of them were really hard to look at. Surprisingly my eyes didn't wander much because I already had a hot little body on mine. Ana pulled me to the hot tub which could seat about eight comfortably but only had three people in it. I tossed my towel which i had draped over my shoulder, to the ground.

I still had my shirt on so I took it off. It was a tight compression shirt so it showed what I had pretty accurately but the two girls in the hot tub turned there attention to me and away from the guy in between them.

I slipped into the tub and Ana latched onto me almost instantly then gave the two girls a threatening glare until they turned back to the boy between them. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and looked at them to make sure they saw it. That little act of jealousy was entertaining but the day had a lot more in store.

After a few minutes of just enjoying the warm bubbly water Ana moved over me and straddled my waist. I looked up at her and reached my hard around to cup her butt cheeks in my hands. We started to kiss slowly and softly but it quickly turned into a passionate make-out session.

most people had gotten out of the water to go eat the food prepared but we and a few others stayed. Our kissing seemed to go on forever but then we both stopped when a soft voice called out Ana's name from behind her.


Ana slowly turned and then jumped out of my lap and out of the hot tub when she saw who it was. I slowly got out too and went to Ana and looking to see who it was. I was surprised to see it was Danielle. I didn't really talk to Danielle much in school but thats mostly because we didn't have any classes together and she only went to my middle school for one year.

The girls hugged and shrieked a bit like teenage girls do and then started to talk about each others outfit for a while. I guess this would a good time to describe Danielle. She stood at about 5'7 and had a body that i can only describe as perfection. Her boobs are Double D's but look like they actually have some firmness to them. Her stomach sleeks down into some wide hips and nicely shaped thighs. Her body is thick, although if you looked at her stomach you really couldn't assume that everything else was the size it is.

Her hourglass figure makes it difficult to pay attention to her sweet voice. Her voice comes out a very pretty face. She's a redhead but its dark orange and if she were in a dark room her hair would probably look auburn. She had cloudy green eyes, her eyes looked like green smoke had been trapped in her irides. Ana introduced me as her boyfriend and Danielle smiled at me then jumped at me and gave me a huge hug.

Danielle was wearing a strapless yellow bikini top so her smooth shoulders make contact with mine. I hoped she couldn't feel my semi-hard dick but I doubt she didn't. She looked at me and cocked her head then spoke."Hey I've seen you before i think it was in middle school." She exclaimed. I just nodded as she let go of me."And you're my neighbor!" That actually surprised me, I didn't really know my neighbors all to well but I can remember a redheaded woman living next to me that had a great resemblance to Danielle it must be her mother.

Danielle turned to face Ana and whispered something into her ear. Ana gasped and lightly slapped Danielle on the arm. They both giggled for a little bit until the sound of Ana's stomach growling interrupted them. "You don't even feed her? Your a horrible boyfriend!" She said trying to be serious but her smile and shaky voice made her little joke obvious.

I just laughed and tried to go give Ana a kiss, but Danielle stopped me with her arm. "Oh no no mister you aren't gonna taste those lips until she's been filled with food instead of your saliva." With that she hooked Ana's arm with hers and took her to go get some food.

i had just realized that I too was getting a bit hungry so I grabbed my shirt and put it back on before i went to where most people were eating, which was the living room. When i got inside i noticed Danielle and Ana sitting at the kitchen counter eating some grilled chicken.

Most of the guys were on the couches watching some highlights and fails from the past year. There was a spot next to Hunter so after I grabbed a burger I sat down next to him. The screen flashed white and words faded onto it at the words read: All six of the interceptions Hunter thew. Everyone looked at hunter and lightly punched him as the video played. The first was him throwing a pass down the middle but a defensive linemen batted it down and into the hands of a linebacker.

There were sound affects as the the ball was being hit to add comedic value. Most of the videos were just the receivers tipping the ball into a defenders hands but the last one was actually the one I had gotten. Everyone looked at us and the room was roaring with laughter. Hunter tried to give some excuse but after a while he just said I paid him to throw it at me. everyone laughed and told him to shut up jokingly.

"I gave you fifty for the interception and twenty to not say anything about it. So you owe me twenty bucks man." I joked, holding my hand out as if i was waiting for him to pay me. the video ended shortly after that and everyone started to clear out.

I got up and turned around to see the two girls i was with previously. Danielle still had her arm hooked with Ana's and Ana puckered her lips so I could give her a peck but before i could Danielle planted one on her.

I guess that wasn't the first time they kissed because Ana just laughed and asked me if I was going to do anything about it in a joking manner. I sighed and shook my head before I grabbed Ana and pulled her into powerful kiss. She returned it and Danielle let her arm go. It was kind of rude to just start making out in front of her and ignore her so I stopped and spoke. " I think I won the kissing competition. So thats one for me and zero for you Danielle" I said with a chuckle as Ana rested her head on me.

Danielle tried to act like she was mad and shocked but we knew she was kidding around. we went back to the hot tub but this time Danielle joined us. I took og my shirt again and entered next to Ana who was beside Danielle.

Ana made some comment about liking me more with my shirt off and Danille just agreed. Ana heard her phone ring in her purse so she got out to get it. She told us it was from her parents so she had to take it. Me and Danielle just talked for a bit and i found out that Danielle and Ana had been best friends since elementary school but lost touch in middle school but they got back on track in high school. That lead to a conversation about her and Danielle was telling me how I should treat her well and things of that nature.

I heard some sobbing behind me and saw Danielle's facial expression become worried. I turned and saw Ana crying. I no sooner leaped out of the warm water and grabbed her. Her face was buried into my chest and her warm tears dripped down and splattered against my toes. I just held he for a bit and stayed silent.

Danielle was watching and put her hand on Ana's back and began to rub it.

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Ana asked to go somewhere quiet and Danielle asked if she could go as well. Ana nodded at her and Danielle collected all of our belongings and followed us out to the front porch. I sat her down on a bench and she had me and Danielle on both sides of her. She cried for a bit longer and sniffled then began to tell us what happened. " My parents called and they said that Amanda got pregnant.

And because of that.' She paused and more tears ran down her face. Her head was facing down so I couldn't see the pain in her face but I knew it was there. " And because of that they said I can't have a boyfriend until I graduate!" The realization that this meant the end of our relationship hit me shockingly face and my head fell into the palms of my hands.

I rubbed my face with my hands and looked at Ana. I had to at least act strongly for her sake. I took a deep breathe and thought for a moment. It was kind f surprising that she of all people was pregnant, she was kind of a freak but her virginity seemed very important to her. Ana was also a senior like me so this meant only about nine months until we could be together.

I reached down and cupped her chin with my thumb and index finger and pulled her up so our eyes met. 'Baby It's okay. Its not even a full year. I know i can wait that long for you."I said with a reassuring smile. Danielle had covered Ana with a towel and was rubbing her back trying to comfort her.

Ana looked at me with a bewildered and almost piteous face. "You actually thought I would so horrible as to make you wait for me?" she said in kind of an angry tone. I didn't really know how to respond. "I love you too much to do that to you. I know you would honestly do that for me and its not that i don't trust you its just that its kind of absurd to ask a football player who going to play in college to wait anything more than a week for me." I just shook my head knowing that there was no way I could change her mind.

It was set and this situation was kind of difficult to fix.

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We could try to sneak around but I wouldn't want to put the stress of lying to her parents on her. Danielle said she forgot something and went back inside to get it." Jimmy today is one of the worst days of my life but I need to feel you inside of me so I don't go home and commit suicide." I pressed my index finger to her lips and shushed her at the mention of suicide.

I just responded with an OK and she stripped me and herself of our small amount of clothing. I took the towel and laid it down on the porch floor and she laid back onto it.

Somehow someway I was able to get an erection at this moment, i guess the erotic sight of her body and especially her glistening pussy lips overpowered the sadness i felt. I position myself in between her thighs and line my rod up with her vaginal canal. Her breath had quickened because of her excitement. "Babe just fuck me hard so I can feel it for a long time.

I don't expect you to be single after graduation so i might have to wait a long time for you and that dick of yours." My eyes were watering my I decided I should just do as I'm told. I slid my dick into her slick hole and cringed on the vice grip it had on my pecker. I crammed it all into her with one thrust and we both grunted in unison.

i pulled it out slowly as her secretions glistened on my shaft. Again in one fluid motion I went into her as deep as i could. I made these long hard thrusts again and again and gained speed with every single one. My balls were violently swinging and smacking her in her asshole.

We already had our thrusts synchronized and the sound of our pelvises meeting rang loud. They were so loud that I nor Ana had heard the front door open. But we both somehow heard the gasp that escaped Daniele's lips. Danielle started to apologize and try to look away but Ana interrupted her. " NO! Danielle you're my best friend and I want you to be here and join me in this.

please." I'm not sure anyone could've denied Ana's pleading face. Danielle reluctantly walked over to us and took stood awkwardly in front of Ana's head. "Danielle take off your bottoms and let me taste you!" Ana said in sort of a pouting way and I just noticed that I was slowly thrusting into Ana this entire time. Danielle was a bit nervous but like me just did as she was told and took her bikini bottoms off. Her pussy lips her shiny and she had some a neatly trimmed triangle of orange pubic hair of her clit, it wouldn't be so noticeable if it weren't for her pale skin.

I saw lines that suggested she tanned a bit."I've already tasted the lips on your face might as well taste your lips down here." Ana exclaimed as she let out a moan. Danielle squatted down onto Ana's face and I could tell my the movement of head head and Danielle's facial expression that Ana was going to work. I went back to thrusting into Ana's hot extremely tight velvet canal with hard long thrusts.

Ana's boobs were bouncing with each thrust so I bent my torso down to give her nipple some love. This made me switch to faster shorter thrusts.

Her left nipple was sucked up into my mouth and fell victim to my tongue's attacks. My hands had moved up from her hips to her stomach and now her boobs. My right hand played with her right breasts and my left caressed her back and moved up then my fingers curled around her shoulder so I could pull her down onto my cock.

I could feel her pussy tighten and her whole body go into a frenzy but her moans were muffled by the other females vagina. But Danielle's moans still filled the air and a few seconds after Ana's climax Danielle begun hers.

Both girls were spent after their orgasm and Danielle and gotten off of Ana. I went to up to Ana and started to kiss her passionately, I could taste Danielle's cum all over Ana's face. Danielle's juices tasted as sweet and light as her voice which I found very enjoyable. I had stopped thrusting by now and Ana asked me get out of her in a soft voice. My cock was as hard as rock but slick with her juices.

"Danielle suck his dick." Ana said looking at Danielle then at my face. Her expression was stern as if she was trying to tell me: Don't you even dare to argue. I took the hint and kept my mouth shut. Danielle got onto her hands and knees quicker than I expected to and she wrapped her lips around my head. She pushed further until her mouth had about four inches of my manhood inside. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and she moaned sending vibrations throughout my dick.

Im not sure what she was enjoying moremy hard shaft or the taste of her bestfriends pussy. I turned my head and saw Ana rubbing her clit. She was within my arms reach so i extended my hand and ran my thumb up and down her slit then letting it make circles around her clit and sticking my index finger into the hole my dick had just been in. Even though it had been literally minutes ago that my shaft was buried inside of herher walls still hugged my finger tightly.

I looked down at Danielle, her cloudy green eyes were fixated on my finger probing in and out of Ana's pussy. I used my other arm to reach past her apple bottom and stick my middle finger into her pussy. She wasn't as tight as Ana but pretty damn close and her vagina still clung to my finger as if it were necessary for life.

Once she felt this her suction became harder. Im not really sure how I'd lasted up to this point without cumming but what amazed me even more is how both of the girls reached there second orgasms at the same time.

Both of my hands were getting drenched in their juices and my fingers were starting to lose feeling because their tight walls were cutting off the blood flow to them.

Both girls were panting and looking deeply into each others eyes. Ana mouthed something silently to me but I didn't understand although Danielle did. "What! No! I'm not sure how he fit into your snatch but I'm sure as hell he can't fit in me!' She yelled out. I assume what Ana had told me to do was to fuck Danielle. Ana gave Danielle another look that could make the coldest heart melt." OK OK Fine." She said then looked up at me. " Can you please be gentle with me?

I've only had two guys inside of me and they were both gay so they weren't giving it their all. An both weren't nearly as big as you." She said as her cheeks got rosy. i just silently nodded and she turned around so her ass was facing me.

I didn't really have an opportunity to look at her ass before but I was sure glad I got to see it now. She had an apple bottom. This made her have the best and sexiest body I had ever seen.


Which made it even more surprising that she only had sex with two guys before and that they were both gay. I'd have to ask her about that later. I moved my hips a little bit closer to her pussy and I could already feel the heat radiating from her vagina.

I pressed the tip my head against her hole and felt it stretch a bit to let my dick in. I slid the head itshe was tight but her natural lubricant made it go in a lot easier. I inched my way in and made slow short strokes to get her pussy used to my rod. I could hear Ana's breathing and when I looked I saw that she was matching our pace with her finger. After a bit Danielle spoke. " Thank you that was really nice of you to actually take it easy but this is going to sound weird.

I want you to go ballistic on me and my pussy. Like I said before I've never had a guy really take me. I'd like you to fuck me as hard and as fast as possible. Then bust your nut on my face." The words sounded so innocent wither her voice attached but i was still able to get her want and need for a hardcore fucking. I nodded again and spontaneously drove my dick in and out of her with a lot of force. I was wasting no time in completing her request.

As I ramped up the power and speed of her thrusts Ana had down the same for her fingers. Danielles pussy clenched down on my cock and her third climax of the evening washed over her.

Ana's breathing suggested hers was close by and I could feel my cum aching to spurt from my cock. I gave a few more powerful thrusts then moved my hips backwards releasing my dick from her pussy and I moved it closer to her face.

She turned her body a complete 180 degrees and waiting for my cum. I grunted and groaned as my hot jizz flew out of my head and hit her face. The first two ropes hit her forehead then the next three on her cheek and the final one hit her smack dab on her lips. I could hear Ana's body movement and her animistic sounds suggested she had hit her third climax. I pumped my shaft a couple more times and some cum dribbled out of the whole with small amount of force. Daniele grabbed the base of my penis and sucked on the head and put her tongue in the slit to retrieve any cum still inside.

she licked the cum off her lips and closed her eyes, to make her sense of taste rise.

Katherine heigl look alike giving blowjob under the desk

Ana made her way over and cleaned her friend with her tongue then planted her lips onto Danielle's and I could make out the outline of their tongues in the others mouth. "Doesn't he just taste so splendid?" Ana Asked Danielle, she just agreed and savored the taste of both my cum and Ana's lips.

Ana's phone vibrated on the bench and she went to check it. She sighed and looked at us both. "My parent want me home now." she said with obvious disappointment. Danielle just put on her bottoms and went to tell her friend that she would leave with me while Ana and I put on what little clothing we had.

Danielle got back quickly and we went to the car. We drove in silence and when we reached Ana's house everyone got out of the car and I gave Ana a huge hug and and kissed her on the neck. "This isn't the last time we'll be together I'm promising you that OK." I whispered into her ear. I don't think it would've been appropriate to walk her to the door so I let Danielle do that.

They got to the door and talked a bit then hugged and Ana went inside. Danielle walked back and I asked her what they talked about.

She grinned and looked me in the eyes. " She said that she thinks you might actually wait for her so she told me make sure your getting some pussy at least once every two weeks." The dirty words still sounded innocent coming from her and I asked her how she was going to do that. "Well I'm gonna give you some silly." She said with a giggle and playfully slapping me on the arm. I felt pretty dumb but thought it was a really sweet gesture by both girls.

" Maybe next time I'll let you see my tits." She said it while holding her hand over them. I just laughed and realized that her breasts were the only part of her I hadn't seen yet. We drove to our house and I walked her from my driveway to her house with was at max about twenty feet. We got to the front door and she swiveled around to face me and kissed me. My eyes grew wide but I soon relaxed. " Go to your room and listen ok?" I nodded and went to my house. I had been following orders all day might as well follow hers too.

so I went and listened, at first it was a feint whisper but as it got clearer and louder I heard my name. I looked through my window and I could see her legs spread wide open. The little vixen was moaning my name while she masturbated.

All of this was happening so fast I almost wasn't able to see that I know had a neighbor who was going to make sure she fucked me at least once every two weeks. Going back home was the best thing to happen to me in my life so far and I have a hunch that this isn't the end of anything, but the beginning of something. This isn't the end although it may seem like it and i went through it to make sure I didn't change it from first to third person by accident.

Part 3 will probably come out faster than this one. I'm having issues with my Internet so that created a small delay in getting this out. Hope you enjoyed it. Also tell how long you'd like me to make thislike when you want me to stop? For example after highschool or after college or maybe even some years into his years after college.