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Sexy hd porn without cloth wall and mobile gay village boys
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Jessica's Fantasy Roast Story: #27 Copyright ©2005 Written: February 27 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 2 - The Roasting Jessica awoke the next morning to the smell of hickory barbeque coal cooking in the backyard letting her nose follow the delightful smell she soon found herself in the backyard of the little cabin standing next to Gene who was preparing the fire that would soon take Jessica's life and cook her meat to a nice golden delicious brown.

Not wanting to waste any time "Would you spit me now please?" Jessica begged looking into Gene's eye's, he could see this was what she really wanted so he agreed to spit her now, he had hoped to get a few more hours of play time before losing Jessica to the fire.


"Ok let me go get the spit!" Gene said as he left to get a spit from it's strange place in the shed. When he returned Jessica was already on her knees with her hands behind her back waiting for Gene to bind them, taking a length of rope into his hands he looped one end around her left wrist and then tied both wrists together tightly behind her back.

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With her hands now bound it was time for her to ride the spit taking the spit into his hands Gene positioned the sharp point into her pussy and began to push it in slowly until he could feel the tip rest on her cervix, "Wait!" Jessica said, Gene stopped pushing the spit, "I need you to do something for me when your done with my meat!" Jessica added, "What?" Gene asked still holding the spit. "I want my bones buried in the ground, all of them, can you promise to do that for me?" Jessica asked, "Sure ill do as you ask" Gene replied as he pushed the spit forcing it to go through her body and rest just under her ribcage, "AAAAHHHH!!!" she screamed in pain, but Gene was not done yet regaining his hold on the spit he continued to push it through Jessica's body until the blood red tip forced it self into her throat and out of her mouth.

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With the spit now fully through Jessica, Gene inserted the anal stabilizer and then tied Jessica's feet to the end of the spit, once this was done Gene placed Jessica over to the side to sit and watch as the fire died down enough to where it could cook her meat without burning her.

When the fire was ready Gene picked Jessica up and placed her onto the spit frame over to the fire to cook, the fire quickly licked at her tender flesh as she squealed in pain around the spit in her mouth, Jessica was desperately trying to cum forcing herself up and down on what little movement she had on the spit as it rubbed on her clit, Jessica was fucking herself on the spit and putting on a good show for Gene.

After sevral hours Jessica's eye's closed and it was clear to Gene that she was now dead, he knew she still had several hours left to cook so he began to cover her in sweet smelling barbeque sauce and let her continue to rotate while he went inside to relax and await his dinner. Relaxing in Gene's world mean going from one perversion to another, sliding open the basement door the light quickly lit up the set of stairs descending down into the hidden basement once down the stairs 3 scared girls can be seen chained to the ball by the wrist's ankles and neck, Gene looks to the 3 scared girls "While my dinner is cooking I though we could have some fun" he said as the girls started to tremble and cry.

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Picking up a cat'o'nine Gene began to whip the closest mass of naked female flesh who was once named Cindy but after endless days of captivity she was no longer sure what her name was, the only thing she was sure of was the pain she felt from the whip and the chains that dug deep into her wrist's, ankles and neck. Admiring the deep red welts he just put on the girl, Gene laughed and moved on to the next girl, Cindy or who ever she was could think of only one thing "Thank god he moved on", approaching the next girl who was once named Sara also could not remember her name, trembled as Gene came closer, Gene, through the whip into a corner and picked up a hot branding iron from the blazing fire in the middle of the room, the branding iron was pressed tightly to Sara's breast for several seconds while she screamed in pain.

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The branding iron left a large dark burn mark that said " HUMAN NO MORE " inside a large circle with a line through it, once the branding iron was cooled off it was placed back into the blazing fire and Gene moved on to the last girl, the last girl had only just been brought here before Gene had picked up Jessica, her name was Lina, Gene had not yet had the pleasure of playing with this new meat and decided he would play a little game of " Cat got her head stuck in the guillotine " while he fucked her.

Rolling over a large portable guillotine Gene placed it right in front of the scared Lina, once it was in place he walked over and unlocked her chains, when she was free she tried to fight Gene off but could not resist him since she was still under the effect of the tranquilizer Gene used to bring her here, quickly subduing her Gene forced her head into the guillotine and locked her in place.


Shoving his now hard cock into her pussy from behind, Gene began to fuck the scared Lina while she begged for her life, "Please let me go!" she would say over and over again through the moaning cry's of pleasure, after several minutes Gene grabs the rope holding the blade in place and lets the blade drop a little quickly catching the rope just before the blade came down on the helpless girls neck, continuing to fuck her Gene pulled on the rope returning the blade to the top.

After another few minutes Gene again released the rope and let the blade fall a little further this time causing Lina's neck to bleed a little, Gene did this over and over for 3 hours until he could hold back no longer and allowed his balls to explode inside Lina and released the blade for the last time as it came crashing down and her head went falling to the floor as she screamed "NNNOOOO!!!" and then all was silent.

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Coming down from his orgasmic high Gene remembered his dinner and quickly ran back up to check on his lovely Jessica roast, looking her over every inch he declared her to be done and ready to eat, removing her from the fire Gene carried her over to a carving station and removed the spit watching as the steam poured out from inside her, grabbing his beast meat carving knife he began to cut her up into small and large cuts of meat, then sat down to enjoy his dinner.

Once he was finished eating he continued to carve up what was left of her meat and packaged it for his freezer, then keeping with the promise he made to his lovely dinner Gene collected all the bones, took them out to the back yard and buried them, said thank you for dinner then went back into the cabin and fell asleep, dreaming of the next tasty thing he would meet in the internet.

Gene awoke the next morning to a big surprise, sleeping next to him was the very tasty Jessica alive and well, Jessica awoke and looked into Gene's eye's, Gene wrapped up in sheets tried to stand but quickly fell to the floor "Your alive?, how is this possible?" he said as Jessica also realized she was not dead "I guess I have some explaining to do" she said as she got out of bed and sat on the floor next to Gene.

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