Morra caliente saltando en mi verga

Morra caliente saltando en mi verga
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my story begins at my grandmas house one summer after school had let out. it was a friday night and all of the adults had gone to a concert hall late at night.

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anyways i was 18 at the time and my cousin was 17. we were always pretty close and shared everything whether it be beer, clothes, hell even women.


anyways i had just gotten out of the shower and was resting on the couch when he came and sat down beside me and turned on the tv.

he flipped the channel to MTV and we started watching a music video of nelly fertado and chikara and the pussy cat dolls. i have to say just watching those goregues women bounce and girate their hips and asses aruond the screen made me a little horny.

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at first i thought he didnt seem to care but then he moved his legs and i saw the boner he was hiding. he noticed me and put his legs up indain style trying to hide it. an hour later he turned off the tv and said he was ging to bed on the couch. i said ok ill sleep on the reclyner.

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he still had a small chub in his boxers from when he was hard earlier. that night i had a strange thought come into my mind what if i was to go over there and suck his dick!!?? no!!

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i told myself its wrong and immoral but i couldnt shake the thought. i told myself come on he is sound asleep no one is here so whats the harm. so i ently got up out of the reclyner went over to the couch and pulled back his blanket. i knew he was having a wet dream from the ragin boner inside of his pants. i gently pulled down his boxers to reaveal a hard and growing cock.

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OH MY GOD!! i said to myself. HE IS HUGE!! i quietly spit in my hand and began to rub his cock slow and steady to e sure he would wake up. i then slipped the head into my mouht and began to suck gently. he was twitchy and i thought he would wke up but something in me told me to keep going. soi did and i loved it the feel of his warm and pulsating cock in my mouth was invigerating nonetheless sensual.


i was so into it i woldve cummed right there but just then he woke up!! OH MY GOD!! i sadi im sooo sorry uhh uh - uh. i had to say i was kinda glad he knew what i was doing it felt so right to let him know WHAT WERE YOU DOING!!????/ he said angrily i was sucking your cock i said sheepishly.

" really" he said so thats what felt so good he chuckled. i was so relaived he did over react like i though he would. we then started kissing and moaning by now both of us were harder then rocks.


he slid down my chest and tickled my balls with his tongue. i had to question whether he had done this before or not. he said now its my turn to show you what i got. boy when he said that i felt a shudder of excitement!!

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he then sucked me off for the next 6 minutes then told me to turn around what!? i asked turn around its okay ill be gentle and slow i said ok now i was certian he had done this before with one of his freonds. i got on my hands and knees and waited for him to stick it in. he siad i had a nice ass and smakced it playfully.

then he rubbed the head of his dick around my asshole and then without waring he just shoved it in. OHHH! I moaned i tried to raise my head up and he just grabbed my neck and pushed me back down. now he was really going faster and faster harder and harder.


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OOOHH STOP!! NO IVE BEEN WAITING TO DO THIS FOR TOO LONG!! he said i didnt know what to do. on one hand i liked it and on the other it did hurt so i decided to just let him do it.


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YEAH GO FOR IT YEAH MMM-HMMM OOHH YEAH DONT STOP YES YES YES i loved that night he. he cummed in me so hard i felt it run threw me like water down a stream ever since then my cousin and i have been closer thn everr THE END