Sexy sexy teenies have sex

Sexy sexy teenies have sex
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I will spare the boring details on how we met.

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Two nerds sitting at a table having drinks talking about the things we like. Her being 5'4 cute, DD breast, and a great ass.

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I was 6'1 attractive, well built, and great eyes. I was known to be a bit of a flirt, I would slide mild suggestions and flirty quips around just for fun, and she responded to them better then I thought. My weakness however was "closing the deal". I never could make the transition from flirting to getting her in my arms, probably from a lack of self confidence and inability to read a situation.

This time though, this time was different. She was picking up the queues and playing the same song. "Well, I could go for a massage" she flirtatiously replies to one of my comments. A wink in a smile from her and I was well on my way to ending this night with a bang. "Hmmm.

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IDK, my hands have been known to travel. They may head to places they are not allowed" I said with a grin, "Oh?" She leans forward "Where would they go?".

"Well, if I know these things as well as I believe I do, they would start at the shoulders then work their way down to that ass of yours, and give it a nice firm, but not hard, smack" "But what if I like it hard" she says with a giggle as she bites her lip. I don't know what came over me at this point, but something, something inside of me woke up.

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My heart started racing and my head went blank, but my body, my body moved on its own, and my words followed. I stood up, walked over to her and put my hand under her chin, raising her stare to meet my own. My hand, caressing her face, moves to get a firm position around her neck. "Does someone like it a bit rough?" I said with a stern and dominating voice that I didn't even know I was capable of. "This is where you might stop thinking so highly of me, but, I'm a bit submissive, you can do just about anything to me" She said with heavy words.

These words drove into my ears and turned on a primal lust that I never knew existed. My hand started lifting her up by here throat as she rose from the chair.

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"You know I could use a new pet to keep me entertained." A dark, hard, almost sinister voice boomed. "Get on your knees and beg pet!". She dropped. Like a loyal dog to the beckoning call of its master. She heard my words and obeyed them as if they were law. "Yes master, whatever you wish". I grabbed a handful of her hair from the back of her head and pressed her face to my already bulging crotch. "Do you want this?


Is this what you want?" I asked as I rubbed her face down the length of the bulge. "Yes master, please, please give me your cock!" She pleaded as I continued to rub.

"You have to beg harder then that! What makes you think you deserve it? Hmm? What makes you think you are fit for masters cock!?!". "Ma-m-master! I will do anything for your cock!

PLEASE!" She cried out, the words echoed through the house. I unbuttoned my jeans and held her head back to watch. She was drooling already, she wanted it, she was a good obedient pet, but she wasn't good enough yet.

Something inside of me raged, a new found joy, a primal urge that has been sleeping all these years.

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The look in her eyes, utter lust. Willingness to do anything that I said. I loved it.


I pulled my jeans down and let her stare at what was barely being contained by my boxer shorts. I could feel the heat off her breath as she heaved like the bitch in heat that she was.

Moaning like a whore from just looking at masters dick. But she wanted more.

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I could that clearly, she wanted it, but I wasn't just going to give it to her. 8in of thick, hard cock was pulled from my boxer briefs. And she couldn't take her eyes off of it. She wanted it, there and now, she wanted me to slam it in her mouth and fuck her throat.

I don't know how I knew this, but I could read her like the open book she was. She was a pet. No. She was MY pet.


And she must earn her treat. I pulled her closer, slowly, to my erect cock. Instinctively her mouth dropped as she prepared for its entry. "Ah ah ah!" I said As I pulled it up, just outside of her mouths reach "What makes you think you deserve masters cock?

Hmm?". "P-p-please master. Please, let me suck your cock.

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Please master, please!" she begged as I waved my cock slowly back and forth over her face. "Hmmm. Let me think" I started to smack her face gently with my cock, letting the head occasionally touch her lips.

She decided that it was too much and stuck her tongue out to lick the tip. "HOW DARE YOU!" I yelled at her and proceeded to smack her hard against her cheeks with my cock.

"YOU WILL ONLY GET IT WHEN MASTER DECIDES!" Having enough of her begging, I decided it was time for me to treat myself and pulled her in position to suck my cock, she dropped her mouth and was excited to finally get what I was teasing her with. I moved closer slowly.

Just as it seemed she was going to get what she wanted, I pulled away, just for a final tease. "PLEASE MASTER! ANYTHING! I WILL DO ANYTHING! JUST PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK!" was her final cry before I obliged her request.