Nice porn scene with a french babe

Nice porn scene with a french babe
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I don't think you can class this as either a serious sex story or serious Sci-Fi but it is a fun little thing that I enjoyed writing and I still get a little smile when I look it over.

Hope you smile a little too. Life in 2115 - A letter to the future M/F, M+/F, oral, anal, SciFi, interracial It was the spring of 2205.

Zandack Cranockk was operating a disintegration ray, making pass after pass vaporizing a building to make room for the new building that would take it's place. His people had just invaded Earth and eliminated the humans to have the planet for his race's much needed expansion. A specially made toxin sprayed into the atmosphere had killed all the humans and a couple of the other lower primate species in less than 30 days without any other harm to the planet or casualties to the Frazzk army.

The Frazzk weighed about the same as humans but were nine to ten feet tall so unfortunately none of the human's structures could be made to be of any use.

The Frazzk had dark red brown skin, six long thin fingers on each hand and no hair anywhere on their body. They were a single sex species and the only thing between their legs was a one inch piss protrusion. As he got to one ground level corner he saw a larger block than the others and it turned out to be hollow and had an assortment of things inside of it. The writing on the outside read, "Time capsule - open on June 15, 2215.

Among these things he found this letter. Dear people of 2215; The year is 2115.

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We have just started this new public services building and I was chosen to put this letter in the time capsule to tell you about what has happened in our lives over the last years. This is the first new building to be built since the start of the race war in 2095. In the mid 2000's the relations between the races, which had been getting better took a turn for the worse. Before the end of the century the white, black, brown and yellow races had separated themselves completely.

Not only in neighborhoods but to separate countries. In March of 2095 fighting broke out between the yellows and the browns.

It was said to be about land but it was racial. It soon spread to all the world in a full and true world war. I guess luckily, standard nuclear bombs had been eliminated many years before.

The new bombs were neutron bombs that killed people but did not destroy property or technology or cause a kind of radiation that lingered and caused harm to those who were not killed. In the three years of the war about 80% of all the men and about 55% of all the women, worldwide, were killed. Finally people came to their senses before all humankind was killed off. The war ended without a winner and a one world government was formed and with a 12 person committee made from all the races we began to rebuild the world in a new image.

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About 100 cities were chosen for reasons such as being close to the best farming areas or the best shipping ports, mining districts, etc. and people were made to move to these cities in nearly equal numbers from each of the races as best their remaining proportions allowed. The reason for this was to keep people together for easier and quicker rebuilding of man's population numbers and to end up with just one race, after a number of generations.

Some suggested that the world should be socialist providing for all equally, but in order to keep the incentive in accomplishing something that will improve one's standard of living, this suggestion was rejected. Because people had seen what had just happened, almost all accepted the new arrangement willingly.

Two important things happened that shaped our daily lives today. In order to rebuild man's numbers quickly and end up with just one race, marriage was allowed, even for people of the same race, but when a woman, starting at age 14 until she is no longer can have babies, is fertile she must have sex with as many men as possible until she is pregnant, and the men must be from the other races.

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The rest of the time she can have sex with just her husband if that is what they want. In order to be able to tell when a woman is fertile they went back to a technology that was a fad in the 1970's.

In the 1970's they had "mood rings" that changed color when a person's mood changed.

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Our scientists have come up with a variation of this that changes color when the woman is fertile and she wears it as a necklace for all to see. When it is bright green she is to fuck with as many men from the other races as she can till she is pregnant or past her fertile time.


Most have embraced this as a fine idea but a few women try to hide on the days when they are "green". The second thing that has formed our new social lives was a medical discovery. Breast cancer had become very bad and was the biggest killer of women and threatened to reduce the numbers of women to the point where the race could not be saved when scientists found that the frequent ingestion of male ejaculation reduced these risks to almost nothing and that it is most effective when it is from a number fo different donors.

Most women now suck a man's cock to completion at least once a day. It has even become socially acceptable to do it in public so you see it at the office or even on the sidewalks. Some women want to do it in a private setting and a few even want you to do it in a glass and give it to them to drink without direct personal involvement.

As there are many more women than men now, we men are getting exhausted keeping up with our responsibilities of making babies and saving the lives of the women. We are a white couple in out late twenties. As I write this letter my wife is in the bedroom with two black men, a yellow and a brown man trying to have our fourth baby. I can see her on her hands and knees with Chan behind her fucking her doggie style and Darryl on his knees in front of her getting sucked.

We are very excited and hopeful to be adding to our family.

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I am in the den and Brenda, a nice black woman that I see about once a week, and she has my 8" cock down her throat to where her nose is pressed into my pubic hair. She sucks cock about the best of any of the hundred or so women that I have been with and I look forward to the times that we are together.

She sucks hard as she moves her lips tightly up and down my shaft from just touching the tip of it till it has totally disappeared in her mouth. I also am one of the men who fuck her every month. I have even been with her when she was not "green". Sometimes when she is not "green" I fuck her in her ass as she really enjoys having a man pounding away in her shit hole. I don't know why but some wemon do like that.

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I know I like the way that tight back hole feels to me. I have to pause in writing this letter, as I am about to have an orgasm and fill Brenda's stomach with my life saving cum. She can tell that I am close as I see her look up at me and smile as she sucks even harder. . Well we hope that the year 2215 has turned out the way that we planned and that the population is now much greater and that you are all the same and happy about it.

I like this quote I read from someone important back in, I think, the 1980's.

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LIVE LONG AND PROSPER ! Signed, David June 15, 2095 Zandack tossed the letter back into the hollow block and vaporized the final block.


The End . 906