Ebony slut wants to show big tits

Ebony slut wants to show big tits
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In the quiet village church the formidable father McKenzie was bringing his tirade of a sermon to an end. The frequent subject on self sexual gratification. "The most evil of sins, in the eyes of our lord. The worst punishments of hell will fall upon those who indulge.

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Be warned." Young Gems heart skipped a beat when she thought the father had looked straight at her. The petite teenager shrugged it off, thinking he probably looks at all the teenagers in church.

Besides having heard his sermons all her life, she had never touched herself once. At the end of the service, just as they were about to leave, the father caught up with Gem and her mother.

"Ahh! Miss Philips, could you pop round to the vicarage in a moment. I would like to discuss young Gemmas future with you." without waiting for any agreement he disappeared back into the church. Gem looked at her mother in confusion. Her mother was staring at the floor.

An hour later they were still waiting in the vicarage study. When the door opened and the Father walked in. Her mother stood up and kept her eyes to the floor.

Gem had never seen her mother so meek. "Thank you Miss Philips for brining your daughter, I believe she has turned 16 today". "Yes father." her mother replied softly. "I believe she has accepted employment from Mr Boyce." Her mother nodded. "Good. You can leave her here. I will transport her to her employer." Without saying another word her mother turned to her daughter and kissing her on the cheek said goodbye and left.

Gem was sure she saw tears welling up in her mothers eyes. The father led gem into his private office. Sitting down in his large leather desk chair he studied the teenager.

Gem felt his eyes cover her svelte frame. Her face warmed when she saw him watch her nipples stiffen and push into the thin material of her shapely dress. She cursed her body for craving and enjoying any attention. "You never knew your father did you girl." "No sir." "Well that's because your mother doesn't know who he was." "Sir?" "You will understand in time.

Turn around." Gem turned facing her back to the father.

"Now remove your dress." Gem thought she had miss heard so she didn't move. "I said take your dress off, girl. Now." Jumping with a start. Gem nervously began lifting the dress up, over her small 4foot 7 frame. Cursing herself again for deciding a week ago not to wear panties.

The Father intently gazed at her petite figure, the girls rear was fleshy but firm a nice small bubble of a bum. Her athletic thighs had, a permanent gap displaying her delicate pussy, even though her legs were together. The swell of her hips nicely accentuated her tiny waist. Strawberry blonde long curls cascaded down a svelte but strong back.

"Now turn." he ordered. Gem took a breath and slowly turned to face the father. So humiliated she kept her eyes to the floor, as she felt intense eyes studying her.


"Put your hands to your side girl." Father McKenzie had to admit to himself the young teens beauty was outstanding. The lord had a hand in creating this girl. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed, conned shaped with nipples like cherries. As he got up from his chair Gem quivered. Pointing to an empty desk in the corner of the room he instructed the young girl to lay down. To the fathers delight the teen willingly obeyed, without question. "Good, now knees up to your chest and let them fall to the side." As Gem obeyed her face became crimson.

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Looking away helped her with the realisation that Father McKenzie who she had feared all her life was now looking right into her pussy, which was throbbing in its blatant puffy arousal. "It seems your virgina is in a bit of a state here girl. Does it normally behave like this." Fearing to actually lie to the Father, Gem answered, "Err! Yes Father, sorry Father.

Its been crazy this last week, since my brother saw me naked." "I see, and have you started to bleed yet." "Yes Father, it started yesterday." "You don't like to wear panties, even though you are bleeding." Just then Gem felt a finger invade her entrance. The air caught in her throat, a murmur escaped her mouth. "Answer me girl." "Sorry, no Father I think my thingy wants to be naked all the time.

I don't know why, my thingy seems to be happy when it is all bare." "That's fine, thank you for being true full with me." Gem felt his finger swirling around just inside her, her breathing quickened. The father noticed her legs open and widen further on there own volition. He knew this young females body was willing and able, in season so to speak.

"So with all this happening to your body this week, do you like to touch down ere, as I am doing to you at the moment." Gem looked up and looked into the Fathers eyes. "Oh no Father, I have never touched myself or will I. I know that would be a terrible thing to do." Just then the Father noticed her clit protrude from its hood.

He was shocked to see it steadily enlarge. Gems head was becoming fuzzy, her entire body felt like it was fizzing all over with electricity.

She heard a whisper.

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"do you like this Gem." "Yes," she whispered back. "Would you like to feel like this more often." "Oh yes." "Like this every week." "Oh yes Father." "Everyday." "Yes please Father." "But you cant touch yourself can you." "No Father, I promise." "Maybe some one has to do this for you, every day." "Yes, Yes please." The young girl was pushing her hips up to meet his finger.

Her young body wanted more, her sopping wet pussy wanted more, it wanted to be filled. It wanted this everyday. Gem wanted to be filled deep everyday. "Oh yesssss, please more." The Father was very careful not to break her hymen, as he used 2 fingers to open her virgin pussy further. He was amazed how her young lips were trying to suck his fingers in, he obliged it by using a third, spreading her opening. He noted how the young girl started to thrash on the table, bucking her hips.

Gem lost in her ecstasy, looked into the Fathers eyespleading with tears running from her eyes. "Please Father, I need more, Oh please." When the Father looked back down to his fingers spreading the young virgins pussy.

He was truly shocked to see her now erect clit an inch long. He looked back at the girl, for the first time in her life Gem saw the Father smile at her. Just has she smiled a beautiful innocent smile back, the Father gripped the long clit between two fingers and tweaked it left then right. The young girl screamed in bliss. Floods of juices covered his three fingers, her body bucked wildly on the table as she climaxed. "Mmm, I think we need some control over that." He murmured to himself.

Gently swirling his fingers round, the Father looked down at the petite girl. Her small breasts heaved on her gleaming perspiring body. Her head was tilted to the side, sweet puppy yes closed revelling in the bliss wrecking through young body, a gentle moan escaped her flushed pink lips open slightly straining for air.

Gem had had her first major orgasm. One she would never forget. After a few more minutes coming down from her high the Father slid his fingers from the dripping swollen pussy. "Gemma?" "Yes Father," she huskily replied. "Your body will doom you to hell." The young girl jumped up with a start. Terror shone through her puppy eyes. "But, but,," "Be quiet and listen to me." The father crossed the room and sat in a big single leather arm chair. Pointing down in front of him to the floor, he gestured to the teen.

"Kneel there girl." Young Gem as quick as her shaky legs could carry her, knelt down in front of the Father, worried scared eyes looked up at him. "Your virgina wants to be naked, that's because its wanting males to smell your virginal readiness for breeding. You have the longest clit I have ever seen, in fact its quite obscene.

This is to entice any one who sees you naked. Your breasts beg suckling, whether by man or infant. Your figure has the nature of a preying panther". The young girl looked down at the floor, ashamed at her freaky grotesque body. "Your body is in fact, a temple of temptation to mankind.


How do you feel about all those boys and men who become tempted to taste your carnal delights. You could ruin marriages and families. Let alone bring all those people into a world of depravity, how many would become residents in hell because of you? You are a dangerous creature Gemma." Young Gem started to weep. She had always tried to be a good girl, but she also knew this last week her body had changed.

She looked up at the Father pleading in her eyes. "Im so sorry Father, I didn't know I was like that. But I know what you say is true. Only the other day I kept flashing my virgina and breasts to some boys. Those poor boys what did I do. Oh god help me! I am bad. " Gem burst into violent sobs, putting her hands over her face, she bawled her heart out. The Father left her in his office, on the floor crying. An hour, later he returned to find the young girl laying on the floor, curled up in a ball.

"Gemma, do you want to pay penance for your sins against those innocent boys? That will at least put you on the right path." Young Gemma unravelled herself and sat still snivelling on her lower legs kneeling in front of the only person who could save her from her self.

"Yes please father, will it help me? I don't want to go to hell. Will you help me?" "Yes my girl. But you will have to leave your life behind you. No more mummy. No more school friends. You will have to say goodbye to your whole past and commit your mind soul and body to what lays ahead of you.

You will have to dedicate your complete existence to the spiritual path. When you accept your fate and display total submission to your new life, you will then be offered the seed of new life." "I will. I mean I do. I mean, yes Father this is what I want." "Good now follow me." Gem jumped up and reached for her dress. "Your first lesson girl is put that dress in this bin, its from your past.

You will start your new life as you did your old one. Naked. Gem looked shocked but without a single complaint slipped her favourite dress and her previous life into the bin. The Father led Gem through into the church and down a long staircase, which led under the church into the crypt. When Gem reached the stone floor of the brightly lit room, she was shocked to come face to face with her younger 10 year old brother and his 3 friends that she had teased with her body a few days before.

When they saw her full nudity their eyes beamed with anticipation. "Gemma kneel before these poor boys you tried to snare." He sternly ordered. Gem fell to her knees in humiliation of her admitted guilt towards the young innocent boys, she held her head down in defeat. "I want you to look at these boys and apologise to them for your indecent display the other day." Gem lifted her head glanced at the Father then turned to the boys.

They stood rigid looking at the scared beautiful face of the petite 16 year old, her tears gave them strength. Her small perky breasts had stiff rigid nipples pointing towards them as she breathed hastily. "I,I, Im so sorry for being so rude, I am so ashamed. I beg your forgiveness. I would be pleased to perform a penance for my sin against you all." The 4 confused boys looked at the Father. He looked up to the ceiling in disbelief at the boys stupidity.

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"It means she is willing to make it up to you." The 4 boys suddenly beamed Christmas morning smiles. "We have started to learn about the human body at school Father, may we investigate her body? Purely for school work." "Ahh, yes good idea, boy. Gem lay down on your back and open your legs wide, place your hands under your bum, so you are laying on them." The young girl did as she was instructed.

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The cold from the floor animated through her body, making her shiver. As she saw the 4 boys approach her naked prone body, she felt her pussy quiver. Her nipples straining to become even more erect than they were as soon as she had seen the boys when she had entered the small room. A small dribble of wetness seeped from her pussy down to her anus. Making her tremble. She new instantly the Father was right, her body had been designed by the devil for fornicating.

"Hhaaahh," escaped her lips, as three hands touched her, sliding over her tummy. She opened her eyes to see 3 of the boys were kneeling beside her one to the left two to her right. "Where was her brother?" she thought to herself.

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Then she saw him stood between her legs looking down at her pussy. She watched him kneel down getting closer to what he was interested in. The young girl vaguely closed her eyes as numerous hands had reached her swelling breasts.

Squeezing, kneading, pinching her nipples. Young Gem gave a murmur as young inexperienced hands roughly played with her. When an unexpected groan escaped her lips, she quickly looked up at the Father, fearing a tirade was to be unleashed on her.

She saw a contented grin across his mouth. "No Gemma, you are not sinning again. You are undergoing the perfect penance to your crime against these unfortunate boys.

They are finally handling what you teased them with. You have no control what they do to you. You are submitting to there power over you. As you are now lower to them. You are starting at the beginning of your path, so you will start at the bottom. You are the lowest of the low in society. Lower than a stray dog. Lower than the rats that inhabit this crypt.

Do you understand this girl?" "Y y y yes Father, argghh," one of the boys on hearing what was said pulled hard on a nipple. The young girl moved to cover the painful breast. "NO, don't you dare move girl. You will take what is given to you, now thank the boy. "Err, thank you for hurting me." The boy grinned doing the same again, "Aerrr," murmured the teen.


A new invitation had been given to the other boys. They all wanted to pull the exciting stiff little nipples. "Lift you knees up girl and let them fall to the sides, so your brother can have a good look at his sister.

Gem did as instructed, looking down beyond her breast torment she saw her brother move in closer.

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She felt his fingers nip her pussy lips making her give a cry of joy. She felt them being pulled apart, spreading her opening. The young girls breathing became heavy. Seeing her young brothers face just inches from her pussy, peering inside her as he pulled harder, spreading her engorged lips further. Gem nearly lost control when she felt one of his fingers push inside her.

Watching she saw him pull it out smell it then put it to his tongue to taste it. She closed her eyes unable to believe what was happening. Her brother was fingering her and tasting her juices. As she felt him probe again she looked up at the Father who was quietly watching her brother. When the Father saw her looking at him, he smiled at her. "Don't worry girl, you have left your old life now. He is no longer your brother.

You have no family. At this moment in time you are just a school apparatus of human flesh. Except your not human are you? Just a replica of a sweet young girl. In reality a vessel of debauchery.

These boys or any one in fact, could do anything they wanted to you. Because it wouldn't matter. It doesn't matter what happens to you, does it?" "No father." it was slowly dawning on Gem how low she was. Because of her lustful dangerous body she was worthless to society. She realised she needed control and total faith in the Father. Young Gem had an epiphany of total submission of her will and life.

The 3 boys carried on for 15 minutes pulling and tugging at her breasts and nipples. The teen girl moaned and shook her head in the pain.

Her pussy leaked its juices over her brothers hand who kept stuffing his fingers in his mouth, enjoying her taste. "Ok boys leave her be now, I would like you to do what I asked earlier." Gem opened her eyes and watched 3 of the boys surround her standing up they undid their zips and pull out their little cocks. The Father smiled broadly seeing the girls eyes bulge at so many cocks.

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He knew for definite she hadn't seen a cock before in her young life. He watched carefully as the young teen looked at each cock in turn. When she came to her brother who was still between her legs, but now stood up. She gave a little murmur staring at his hard cock. "Do you want him to put it in you Gemma?" The young girl never took her eyes of the throbbing cock. "If you want it to be Father," she answered. "And you boy, do you want to put that in her?" "Oh yes Father," her brother replied.

"Can we do it to her as well Father," the others butted in. "Well its not going to happen, so start doing what I said. Now." Gem was startled as 4 fountains of piss rain down on her naked body.

Closing her eyes she never moved. She felt it bouncing against her breasts. "Open your mouth girl and swallow their gift to you." Just as she opened wide 3 eager jets filled her throat, swallowing as fast as she could, in total acceptance of the foul drink.

What missed her busy mouth cascaded over her face in her ears through her long mocks. Just as the young girl was thinking "this is what I am, this is what I deserve." Her brother took aim at her inviting pussy. With her pussy lips swollen with blood, the opening was wide ready for penetrating.

Having played the aiming game each time he urinated he was a steady shot. He hit a bulls eye straight away. The young girls pussy shuddered feeling the force of the fluid. Instinctively her pelvis raised wanting more penetration. The boy marvelled as he was able to pee right inside her. Swirling it round he hit her clit making her gag on the other piss. Noting this he continued aiming at her clit now her pussy was full.

He watched his sister thrash on the floor before him as he pissed on her. Unknowingly giving his sister her second powerful orgasm of the day. The next chapter will continue with Gems path. When she meets her new caretaker.