Two men cum on naughty floozy

Two men cum on naughty floozy
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It was a typical Friday morning at our home. My wife and I were getting ready for work. My 42 year old wife Pamela looked particularly sexy this morning as she was applying her makeup. She was dressed in a gray wool blend suit with a skirt just above the knees, light suntan thigh-hi stockings and a dark plum blouse.

Black high heel shoes complemented the rest of her outfit which included matching black lace bra,panties,camisole and half-slip. I was so turned on I would have asked for a "quickie" but I knew she never would go for that. Also I didn't want to aggravate her to start her day. Pam had been having problems with her heart recently and her doctor had her on several heart medications that didn't seem to be helping. These problems had started about 2 years when she was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager of the Main City Branch of the Bank where she worked.

This meant approx a 45min commute each way from the Country home we had moved to several years ago. The new job and her new boss were much more stressful than her previous job. Our sex life had become almost non-existent after that.

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She was too tired or didn't feel well most of the time. She was a very good wife in every other way so I found other ways to satisfy my sex drive without getting involved with someone else. We kissed goodbye and went our separate ways to work. I would be working late today fixing a computer problem that had popped up yesterday.

At approx 7PM; I finished work and headed home. Pam would most likely be there and working on dinner. Her car was in the garage as I pulled mine in. I went in through the kitchen door and was surprised to see that she was wasn't in the kitchen. No answer when I called her name. I went through the house searching until I reached our bedroom at the other end. Still no Pam. I decided to check the adjoining bathroom. My search for my wife ended there. Pam was sitting slumped forward on the toilet with her panties pulled down to mid-calf.

Her hands were touching the floor on each side of her stocking clad legs. Her head was turned to the left and I could see her blue eyes staring lifelessly across the room.

I touched her face; it was stone cold. What was I going to do? I should call 911 but there was no hurry! I couldn't save her life and neither could they. Then I remembered my fantasy. I had always had a fantasy about making love to my wife after she was dead.

I didn't think it would ever happen since she was 7 years younger than me and would likely outlive me. Pam had learned of my fantasy several years ago and she didn't seem to mind. She thought it was just talk and I would never do it. But here she was dead and available and I couldn't pass up this chance to love her luscious dead body.

Her long sexy legs moved slightly apart as I lifted her head and shoulders and leaned her against the back of the commode. I rolled off some toilet paper and reaching between her open thighs gently wiped her pussy and then her butt. I decided I needed to wash her butt and warmed a washclothe and further cleaned her with it. Once that was done I lifted Pam into my arms and carried her into the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

I tidied up the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. I was weeping that she was dead but was also turned on by her dead body. Her lips were cold as I kissed her.

I pulled the black lace panties off over her shoes and pressed them to my face. The smell of her pussy and perfume was unmistakeable. My hands slid her skirt and slip up to her waist.

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My eyes feasted on her shapely legs and her luxurious dark bush. Spreading her feet and legs wide apart revealed the lips of her pussy.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the camisole up above her bra. Lifting her head; I reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled it above her big 38D breasts. While I was laying her back on the pillow; my lips began to kiss her lips and worked their way down her neck to her nipples. I sucked them gently; taking turns swapping between them. My attention returned to her pussy. I parted the lips and began to lick her crevice with my tongue.

The aroma really excited me. It smelled somewhat fishy; sorta like tuna. I began to "eat" her dead pussy with a fervor. It wasn't long until I felt it was lubricated enough to try a finger.


My finger entered easily and I slowly slid it all the way in and then began to pump it in and out. My big dick was getting longer and harder and more excited every minute.


I crawled between Pam's legs and lowered myself until my rod was against the entrance of her luscious pussy. With a little downward pressure; the head slid past the entrance and slowly deeper into her love canal until it was all the way in. I had never felt any more love for Pamela than I did at this moment. I kissed her slightly parted cool lips and stared into her glassy blue eyes as I slowly lifted my hips and began to slowly pump her cool dead pussy.

It had been so long since I had made love to her. Her delicious tits jiggled as I fucked her. My right hand alternately caressed her left breast and left thigh as I balanced with my left hand. My dick and balls were starting to get that tingling feeling. Her body felt warmer inside and out. My strokes slowed to prolong the feeling I was experiencing. I could feel the pressure building up to the climax.

Finally I could hold back no longer and with a strong deep stroke shot my seed deep within Pamela's love hole. It seemed I could't stop pumping; her tight pussy was milking me dry. I could feel the cum still flowing into her. I finally collapsed on top of her corpse and lay there feeling the ectasy of the moment. I suddenly awoke. It took me a moment to regain my senses and realize I was still on top of Pam. I withdrew from her and sat back between her long sexy legs to admire her beautiful body.

My cum was dripping from her pussy and down into the crack of her ass. My middle finger entered her now well lubricated hole and I finger fucked her while my left hand rubbed her stocking clad right thigh.

I suddenly had another idea. I wondered how it would feel to fuck her asshole. She would have never went for this when she was alive; not even when we were first married and made love quite often. I rolled her body over on it's stomach and then pulled the feet and legs gently toward and off the side of the bed.

Her tight asshole was going to need some lubrication so I got the lubricating jelly and injected some onto my finger and Pam's asshole and stuck my finger up her ass and worked it around. Once she was properly lubricated; I withdrew my finger and positioned my dick at the entrance of her rectum. Still almost too tight for it to enter but with a little more pressure it went in. I reached around and played with her tits as I fucked her tight dead asshole.

My dick was starting to feel real good again. I squeezed her big tits as I came inside her lovely ass and then slowly withdrew.

Now I had to start thinking about cleaning her up before notifying someone. I finished removing the blouse, camisole and bra. Her skirt and half-slip slid easily off her shapely hips and down to the floor. I pulled her corpse back fully onto the bed and placed it on it's back with her head on the pillow.

I removed her black heels and then rolled the thigh hi stockings down and off her feet. Next I removed her watch, earrings and cross necklace and placed them on the night stand beside the bed. I decided to bathe her in the bathtub so I filled it about one third full of warm water and carried and placed her in the water.

I kept her head and face well above the water as I gently washed her makeup off with a clothe. While she was lying there; I filled her feminine wash syringe with warm water and inserted it fully into her vagina and slowly discharged its contents. After refilling it; I inserted it fully into her rectum slowly discharging its contents. I placed a big beach towel on the floor and removed Pam from the tub and placed her on it and then opened the bathtub drain. After drying her off; I picked up her body and sat it on the commode seat to allow her orifices to drain.

I hung her suit in the closet and placed all her other clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. I returned to the bedroom and pulled a pair of beige panties and beige socks from her underwear drawer and her long flannel nightgown from the closet. I went back to the bathroom and brought Pamela's corpse back to the bed and placed it on it's back with her head on the pillow.

Now I decided I would sleep with her nude corpse tonight, dress her in the morning and then call 911 as if I had just discovered she was dead. So I crawled into bed and placed my arms around her and held her tight. The alarm clock woke me at 7AM. I got up and dressed and then dressed Pamela in the beige panties, socks and the flannel nightie. She looked so peaceful lying there. I then called 911 and reported I had just discovered my wife dead in the bed. A policeman arrived first and I told my story.

He called the coroner just as the medic ambulance was arriving. I was ushered into another room and the emergency personnel determined there was nothing they could do. The coroner arrived, examined Pam and then came and talked with me. After talking with her cardiologist; he ruled her death a heart attack and asked which funeral service I planned to use.

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He then called Blackwelder's and informed me that Zeke was on his way. Zeke arrived; talked with the coroner and then rolled the gurney to the bedroom. In a few minutes; he came through the house with Pamela's sheet covered corpse on the gurney and rolled her to the hearse; placed her inside and closed the door.

He came back inside; consoled me and asked If I wanted Pamela embalmed to allow an open casket viewing/funeral. I indicated that I did. Zeke indicated that if I could come to the funeral home about5 in the afternoon and bring the clothes that she was to be buried in; he would have the embalming completed and we could discuss the rest of the funeral arrangements. I watched him get in the hearse and drive away with Pam's body in the back.

The policeman and medic personnel followed him down the driveway to the main road. I went into our bedroom and began to look over Pamela's clothes in her closet. She had always favored her medium blue dress so I decided on it.

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Now for the underwear! I pulled out a black lace slip and pair of black lacy french-cut panties that I especially liked to see her in.

She had a new pair of sand colored thigh-hi stockings still in the box that I placed with the rest of the clothes. Now for the bra. I decided on a black bra that had a lot of see-through lace covering the breasts. Pamela's favorite black heels rounded out her burial outfit. I placed everything in a couple of plastic bags.

The rest of the day was spent notifying relatives and friends and getting the house in order. At about 20 until 5 with the clothes in hand; I left for Blackwelder's Funeral Home. I arrived at almost exactly 5 and was greeted by Zeke. He took the clothes and placed them in another room and we stepped into the office.

I then asked Zeke about another of my fantasies; would it be possible for Pamela's body to be brought back to our home for the viewing and remain there until time for the funeral.

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I indicated that it was her request to lay a corpse at home. Zeke indicated this was unusual these days but it could be done. I said do it then. He agreed to bring her home tomorrow morning after the hairdresser had finished.

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I gave him a glamour photo of Pam with a hairstyle and makeup that she liked. We decided the viewing would be tommorrow evening at our home from 4pm until 8pm.

The funeral would be on Monday at 11 am at the church we had attended for years. I had the urge real bad to see Pamela and asked Zeke if that would be possible. He indicated that it would and guided me into the embalming room. Pam was lying on one of the stainless steel tables with a sheet over her up to the top of her breasts.

Her hair was damp and slicked down. Just as I was walking over close to her; the phone in Zeke's office began to ring. He excused himself to answer it. I quickly pulled the sheet down to see the rest of her embalmed body. It had that pale bluish tint and the sewn up incision from the cavity embalming was clearly visible across her abdomen. I replaced the sheet and looked at the incisions in her neck that had been closed after the arterial embalming was finished.

Zeke finished his conversation and I could hear him returning so I came out of the room and was escorted to my car. Once I got home I cleared a big area in the den in front of the bay window for Pamela's coffin to be placed. Neighbors and friends were arriving with food. It was late when everyone left and I got in bed. It was so empty without Pam. I began to wonder what liberties Zeke had taken or might take tonight with her corpse.

At 5 ft 10 in tall and 130 lbs; she had a curveaeous body. I figured it would be difficult to embalm and dress a body like that and not get turned on. I eventually drifted off to sleep. I awoke on Sunday morning around 8am and showered and ate breakfast and was continuing to straighten up the house when Zeke call around 11am.

He was getting ready to bring Pam's body out to the house. Approximately 30 min later he arrived; backed into the garage and rolled the casket into the house and into the den in front of the bay window. Pam had enjoyed sitting in front of the window looking down toward the creek when she was alive; it was only fitting that her coffin be placed there now.

Now Zeke opened the lid revealing the upper half of Pamela's lovely corpse. She truly was lovely indeed. Zeke had gotten the makeup and hairstyle just exactly like the glamour shot photo I had given him. Pamela looked like she was only sleeping and would awaken at any moment. Obviously that wasn't going to happen. I praised Zeke for his work and he left indicating he would be back by 3pm.

Friends and relatives began arriving to visit even though the official viewing wasn't until 4. It was interesting to see the reaction from the men as they viewed my wife's beautiful sexy corpse. I could see that lots of them were turned on seeing Pam lying in repose. People continued to file in throughout the afternoon.

At just before 8pm; one of Pamela's old flames strolled thru and viewed her body. I could only wonder what his thoughts were. People continued to stroll thru until after 9pm. Several friends and relatives suggested I didn't need to spend the night alone. I firmly let them know that I wanted to be alone and would be OK.

Finally; everyone left except Zeke. He started to close the lid of the coffin but I told him to leave it open. With a sly smile; he said goodnight indicating he would be back tomorrow by 9am.

I locked all the doors and returned to the den. My hands found the latch of the lower casket lid and I raised it and gazed at the lower half of Pamela's body. Her blue dress ended just at the top of the knees revealing the rest of her long legs down to the high heel shoes.

This would be my last chance ever to love Pamela's body; so I wanted to do this right. I sat up the video camera on the tripod looking into the coffin from the feet end and turned it on. I also began to click pictures of her with the 35 mm. Now for the unveiling. Her dress and slip slid easily up her legs revealing the tops of the thigh-hi stockings and the black lace panties. I pulled the panties down her thighs and over her shoes and lay them on the chair beside the coffin. Going to the end of the coffin; I spread her shoes and legs as wide apart as possible revealing her lustrious dark mound of pubic hair covering her slit.

I snapped some more pictures and moved her hands to her sides. Next I pulled the dress and camisole off and laid them in the chair. Her big breasts looked very enticing through the lace of the bra and so I lifted her gently and unsnapped the bra; removed it and placed it on the chair. Pamela's corpse was only marred by the sewn up incision on her abdomen. I kissed her cold lips gently so as not to mar her makeup. Taking a spray bottle of Pam's favorite perfume; I sprayed some lightly on her arms, legs, abdomen and neck.

Gosh; did she smell good enough to eat. Removing all my clothes; I placed a small stepladder that enabled me to climb easily up inside the casket with her. Once inside; my fingers found the lips of her dead cold pussy and began to massage them gently. It needed some lubrication so I got down to where my tongue could do just that.

As I licked and ate Pam's pussy; my dick was at full alert and I could feel it getting wetter on the end. Alternately I would eat awhile and then stroke my finger in and out for a while until I felt she was lubricated enough. I couldn't wait any longer; I had to fuck her. Raising myself up over her lovely body; I lined my big hard dick up with the entrance of her love hole and lowered my hips until the head suddenly slid in. I began to gently pump her dead pussy going deeper with each loving stroke.

My only regret was that Pamela wasn't alive to enjoy this as much as I was. She'd always had good tight pussy and it was feeling real good now to my excited dick.

I gazed at her beautiful face as my rod continued to pound her delicious cunt. My fingers continued to alternately caress her big tits and luscious stocking clad thighs. I sucked on her nipples and kissed her breasts as I fucked her. Soon I could hold back no longer and with a wave of ectasy; my dick exploded into her; shooting globs of my cum deep into her body.

I continued to pump until I got too weak to continue and lay down with my head on her shoulder. My dick was still throbbing with pleasure as I drifted off to sleep.


I suddenly awoke but it took me a minute to get oriented. I hoped I had not overslept. Should be OK; It was still dark outside. My eyes looked lovingly at my wife's face and her closed eyes. I kissed her luscious lips and whispered " I hope it felt as good to you as it did to me". "I love you very much." Naturally; I received no reply. I slowly withdrew from her and placed one of her cool hands on my dick for a few moments. Placing her hand back to her side; I then crawled down out of the coffin and put my clothes back on and checked the time.

It was almost 6 am; so I'd better get going. I quickly snapped a few more pictures of Pamela and then got a washclothe and bathed her pubic hair and as far as possible up into her pussy as I could. The rest of my seed would remain inside of her forever.

Carefully I replaced her bra, panties, slip, camisole and dress and ensured the clothes were tucked behind her properly. I took the cameras away and stood back to look at Pamela. One more thing to do. I placed her arms back across her abdomen and gave her a loving kiss on the lips for what I knew would be the last ever suspect what went on here although Zeke probably had a good idea.

The last thing time. Perfect; hopefully no one would was to reclose the lower casket lid. Once that was accomplished; I shaved and showered. By then people began arriving with food for breakfast. Zeke arrived promptly at 9am and asked if with his sly smile if I had slept well.

I indicated that I had and he went in and did some last minute touchups of Pamela's makeup. He had also brought a red long stemmed rose and placed it in Pam's hands. Damn; She was such a a lovely corpse I wish I could keep her but alas that wasn't possible and I knew it. Zeke closed the upper lid and rolled the coffin to the hearse and placed it inside.

He took the body on to the church to lie in state for 30 min prior to the service. At about 10:30; I got into the limo and was driven to the church. It was packed with friends and relatives as I was led to the second pew in the center aisle.

The coffin lid was closed for the final time and the service commenced. I was very touched by the words and the moment and soon was teary eyed as were many others in the congregration.

The funeral concluded and we were on our way to the cemetary. After a short graveside service; Pamela's casket was lowered into her grave and the dirt was placed in on top of it. I whispered "Goodbye my love" as I sat there watching the grave being filled. My fantasies had been fulfilled although alot sooner than I would have liked. THE END