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Carolina caught her stepmom doing porn and fucked her
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Zach's new life As I finished up my final year of high school, I looked at my yearbook; first page I turned to was the picture of me. Now I would not say that I am the best looking guy at this Catholic Male High School, but I certainly was not the worst.

Standing at 5'11, 180 lbs., with dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes with a 6.5 inch cock, now obviously I am not the most well-endowed guy, nor did I ever think that I would actually act on the feelings that I had for a guy, but when you live in a world deprived of girls, and all that is around is a guy, I guess it's only human nature to settle for a little of something instead of nothing. As I flipped through the photos, I found a freshman that looked absolutely amazing, his name was Zach, and he had brown hair that was a bit long and always had the look of a skater about him.

Zach had the most beautiful blue eyes, fair white skin, and delicate hands, with a stunningly thin body that anyone could hope for. Now I knew of Zack only because my best friend had a cousin who did track at the school, and I would sometimes hang around him just to check out his body, but when Zack appeared on the sidewalk with his skateboard and prep school clothes, I realized I had found a piece of paradise.

At this time, Zach was a local kid in a public middle school, but his parents were moving and felt that he should stay in the area, so they decided to send him to St. Richards Catholic Boarding School.


As I waited for Greg, my friends' cousin, to finish practice, Zach walked up the hill I was sitting on and started talking to me, simple things like what is it like to live at the high school and who he should room with and basics like how I knew Greg. Then oddly, he asked me something interesting. "So, would you mind if I stayed at your place tonight Mike?" Zach asked "Not really, but why would you want to?" I said "Well the thing is, my birthday is tomorrow, and I will be turning 14, and it is a tradition in our family that should a male become 14 and not have either been married or fucked someone, then it is up to the head of the house to decide to either kill him or rape him and find him a bride.

My dad has been trying for years to find me a girl from Switzerland, the country my grandfather came from. But every girl he has managed to bring and introduce me to, I have pushed away because I did not want them." "Why didn't you want any of those girls? You some kind of homo?" "What?

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Heck no, it's just I don't want to be locked into something like this due to tradition, besides, I met someone that I really want to be with, but cannot tell my family that." "Alright, well yeah sure you can stay with me for the night." "Sure, no problem." A few hours later I heard a buzz sound coming from the intercom system, and walked over to answer it.

"What is it?" I yelled "Uh Hey! it's me, Zach, you said I could stay the night with you remember?" "Oh yeah, come on in pre-frosh."(Buzzing him in) I left the door unlocked, and a few minutes later he came into the room and set his bag down. Zach looked around, and I told him the rules of the school and where the bathroom was and whatnot.

I also explained that I took pride in how my room was setup because it had been designated a single since my freshman year, only a few students had that privilege, mine was due to the unfortunate event of my roommate and dear friend being killed in a car accident shortly before our first year finished. The headmaster had told me that I would be allowed to have a single room because he felt I may have trouble adjusting to a roommate, and if I ever found someone to room with, then I should just mention it to him.

Zach saw the empty, but covered bed in the opposite corner of the room and made his way to it. I turned around and yelled at him. "What the fuck do you think you are doing Jack!?!" " I was gonna sleep here tonight, I thought you mentioned you lived alone and I figured you were gonna have me sleep here anyway.

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My name is Zach, not Jack by the way." "You're not sleeping there, you are gonna sleep on the floor, or the bathtub if need be, but not in that bed." "Oh, sorry, alright, I guess I will sleep on the floor then. So what are we going to do tonight for fun?" "Well, we can play some games, and just chill for a while." "Sweet sounds good." Zach said We started to play an online war game, Total Conflict.

As we were playing, I began to think of our previous conversation during the day, and wanted to know what the deal was behind his family tradition. "Zach, sorry for flipping out on you earlier." "No problem, it was my bad anyway." "Well let's just agree it was both of our bad.

I was wondering though, what the deal is with this tradition of yours?" "Oh, well its some old tradition of the villages that my family came from, it was a way to weed out the weak and dependent people, since at 14 a boy became a man and assumed all of a man's duties, including creating a household.

The only issue is that some of the men in my family take it extremely serious, and continue to practice it." "Makes sense I guess, but you don't believe that they would actually kill their own son would you?" "Well they did once before, Greg doesn't like to acknowledge it much because it hurts to much to talk about, but he and my older brother used to fuck all the time. Well one day my father came home, saw that my brother's wife was not there and walked in on him and Greg. It seemed fine at first, and my dad called the whole family into his office to talk about it, including Greg.

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My dad lectured me on how it was not only immoral for what my brother did, but also that it violates the tradition of our family and for that he must pay the blood price.

Dad turned around, opened his safe behind the painting, and pulled out a dagger stained with blood and his police gun." "Wait, your dad is a cop and does this?" I said, interrupting him as his eyes began to get filled with tears.

"Yea, he is the deputy commissioner for the city, so no one touches him when he does something, and he always gets away with things by planting evidence on people." "Damn, no wonder you are such a pussy, you live in fear of your own father, you should stand up to him and show him you are a man, tradition or not." "Well that is just it, the night my dad found Greg and my brother, part of the lecture was being obedient to your rightful master, who was him until we had our own house, then it became being obedient to the laws of God.

Well, he took my brother by the neck, whispered something to him, and my brother walked over, stripped his clothes off, and then laid down on dads desk on his back. Then dad went over to Greg, told him to step closer and look into my brothers eyes. Greg obeyed him, and started crying but then said for the first time 'I love you, Always' to my brother.

At that moment, dad said it is time for the price to be paid, and stabbed my brother just above his groin, moving the dagger in a cutting motion and removed my brothers' cock and balls all together, then put them in Greg's right hand. Then my dad said since you love him so much, you may have his heart as well. At that moment, dad cut open my brothers chest, and pulled out his heart and put it in Greg's left hand and told Greg to look into my brothers eyes as the life escapes him.

Just then, dad fired his gun at my brothers' head, saying that "the mind has corrupted the body and spawned a child against the order of the world, never should anyone forget this day, and Zach, do not follow your brothers path." "Fuck Zach, that shit is messed up, but I can't blame you for wanting to live here, so what excuse did you give anyway?" "I told him that you were a friend of mine that was at the school and were from the border area of our homeland, with a cousin my age that I was interested in." "Ah so what about when you get back, he is just gonna kill you anyway." "No he won't not now at least, he told me that I have one year to seal the deal with your fake cousin and then he will enforce the tradition if I haven't done so." "So you get yourself another year, but then what's stopping him?" "Well he won't be able to enforce since I will be leaving here at St.

Richards until college, then I figure with college, I will have at least 4 years away from him, so all in all I get 8 years to figure things out." We talked for a few more minutes, and then the Hall supervisor came by and knocked on the door telling us it was lights out and to be ready for mass tomorrow morning. Zach and I looked forward to mass, as he and I were both strong Catholics. The next morning, we went to mass, had our meals and then I helped Zach pack his things and escorted him downstairs.

Just before we reached view of the door, I stopped him, and told him if he needed anything at all, I would help him, and that I would be his roommate even though seniors couldn't room with freshmen.

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I then gave him a good handshake and hug, and kissed him close to his lips. The next year was fine, nothing remarkable or interesting happened until after his confirmation in the spring. I decided to have a big party for him, and told the headmaster to make sure that the supervisor didn't bother us, which he agreed and was glad that Zach and I were good roommates.

Nearing the end of the party, while I was talking with my friend, Greg and Zach seemed to have an interesting look in their eyes and quickly left. Once they left, I told everyone to leave. Once they left, I looked in my yearbook and that's when I realized, Zach was the guy that I wanted the beauty in him the first day we met was still with him now and there was just something about him.

I heard that you got mail sound from Zach's computer and decided what the fuck; why not take a look at it. Turned out, it was his sister Demi, who sent the email. Nothing seemed out of place, but near the bottom she referenced the tradition, apparently she was to return to Switzerland upon graduation and be married. She wrote that she loved Zach completely, more than she should, and would run off with him whenever.

OMG, I thought, Zach's lover was his sister.

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I sat on my bed thinking what I would do to get Zach to be my slave and lover. Just then, Zach's phone went off, and I answered it, it was his sister frantically asking for me to get her brother, when I asked why, she said it was important and to mention the tradition to him, then the call was dropped.

I realized that the father probably found out what was going on, and went down the hall to get Zach. I knocked on Greg's door and told him I need Zach right now.

Zach came running out, and asked what's wrong. "Your sister is in trouble Zach, come with me." I said. He followed me back to the room, and I threw him against the wall. "WTF man! What are you doing? What's going on with my sis?" "She will die tonight, unless you submit your life to me, what do you say?" "Fuck you man, let my sister go or else?" "Or else what?

Huh Zack?, you won't do a thing, and you know it, you ran away from your father and family. What do you think will change now?" Just then, he got up and charged at me, I sidestepped him and then grabbed him, punched him square in the nose and stomach, and threw him into a lamp. "Submit Zach, or you will join your sister, and I will still get your body." "Do you promise to let her go?" "Of course, all I want is you Zach (His phone rings), look Zach, it's your father calling." I told him, as I answered the phone his jaw dropped and he yelled at me that I won, he would submit to me.

"Hello? No Zach is unavailable sir, Oh you are his father? Then I am sorry to tell you, but he jumped out of the window a few moments ago. Do you need me to do anything about it? Very well sir." "What is going on, what happened to my sister?" "She is fine, your father will spare her since he thinks you are dead.

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Which means you are mine, for life." He started to cry, but sighed in relief that his sister would be spared death. I picked him up, flattened him out on the bed and made out for the next hour, still fully clothed. As our lips touched, I could feel his body tense up, but after a minute his shoulders relaxed and we started going at it more and more.

By the end of the hour, we started to take our clothes off, and I began to blow his young 5 inch cock. As I sucked on him, he started to twitch in pleasure and began to moan in ecstasy. Within moments, his legs went straight as a rod, and his breathing became increasingly heavier with each breath. As his feet crunched up and his hands grabbed the sheets, he came with such force. As his body relaxed, I kept his cum in my mouth, moved to his mouth and kissed him, unloading every bit of cum into his mouth.

Gagging, he tried to move his mouth away, but I firmly held it in place with my hands until he swallowed. I slid to his side and gave him one last kiss, and then motioned him to suck me off. As he started to put my cock in his mouth I could tell he was about to gag, then forcing his head hard and deep onto my cock I made him suck on it until his face turned purple and let him off.

He fell off the edge of the bed and threw up in the trash. Picking him up, I threw his body over the edge of the bed, with his knees on the floor and told him it was time to lose your virginity. Slowly spreading his ass wide open, without any lube, I inserted my throbbing cock into his ass and began to pump him. As soon as my cock passed into his ass, he screamed in pain and started to cry, begged me to stop and let him go, to do anything but his ass.

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I refused and shoved the rest of my cock into him, ramming him with as much force as I could gather, making it more painful for him just for asking me to stop. After about 10 mins of ramming, he passed out under me, a few minutes later I came and pulled out. Looking down I saw a small stream of blood seeped out from his ass, and I saw my cock covered in blood.

What better way to clean it than to use Zachs mouth. While sticking my cock around his mouth, I heard a knock on the door and the key unlocking it.

Not knowing who it was I ran to the corner and grabbed a knife I kept in my drawer, waiting for the person to walk in.


As I waited, I heard Zach beginning to wake and moan, and a pair of feet moving quickly through the room towards him. As soon as the steps got near me, I jumped on the guy walking in, shocked to find out who it was.