Big cock testing candle wax

Big cock testing candle wax
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He thoroughly enjoyed babysitting emma through his time in high school. And it was always very erotic opening her further and further. By the time he graduated, little emma was able to accept his entire fist in her woman's hole.

But nothing ever compared for him to that very first opening - being the one to welcome the female secrets to the light and he constantly sought that experience. Emma unwittingly brought him many of those experiences. By the time she was 8 she was having sleep overs with her other bible school friends.

Her parents got in the habit of planning their on night out when Emma was inviting a friend over leaving him to be responsible for two or three giggly girls.

It was a bit of a shock the first time he babysat for Emma with her friend. Only a few minutes after the door closed on her parents leaving, Emma presented her tearful friend to him as he sat on the couch and then both began begging him to check her for a snake too.

He was a little shocked and chided Emma for telling her secrete but Emma begged and pleaded and the little friend through choked back tears explained that the sunday school teacher had read the story of Adam and Eve and made them study it in class and told them all how bad Eve was for listening to the snake and tricking Adam and how all women would forever have to pay for her sins.

The way the teacher had talked about the snake had made Emma turn pale with the fear of having a new one placed inside her and when he friend found her crying in the bathroom, she finally told her what little girls' parents do to their daughters when they are naughty. The little friend had been quite naughty as a little child and her parents often told stories about it still at the dinner table so the girls were sure that her parents had put a baby snake in her.

At first her refused, saying that Emma should not have told because now people were going to know that she was free and she would be taken to the church to have the big snake crawl inside her and there would be nothing he could do to help her. But the girls continued to cry and beg and promised to never tell any adults until finally he agreed.

He told the little girl to go wait for him in Emma's room and not to come out. He then took Emma to the kitchen and stripped her naked. He made her kneel up on the kitchen island, legs spread wide apart. He tied her hands behind her back and instructed her not to move an inch. "Emma, I warned you not to tell anyone that I got the snake out for you. If your parents find out you will be very sorry.

The snake that they will let crawl into you will be so big and hurt so much - you will feel it moving inside you and eating you and there will be nothing you can do. " Emma had started to cry softly, the tears streaming down her face. "I understand that you want to save your friends too.

I really do understand. And in a way I want to save them too. But not at the risk of you Emma. If you want me to help your friends then you are going to have to be very very careful. You will have to make sure that your friends really want to be saved and understand that if any of the adults find out that it will be so much worse for them. Do you understand what I am saying Emma?" he asked her.

The little girl nodded through her tears. "really I am not sure you do," he told her. "stay here." He left the little girl spread open on the kitchen island while he went to the entry to dig in his back pack. He had found a little garner snake several months ago and for the fun of it decided to keep it.

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When he went babysitting he would put it in a jar and keep it in his back pack. Mostly because he didn't trust his younger brother. but in this instance it was going to come in handy. He brought the jar with the snake in it into the kitchen and held it up for Emma to see.

She immediately began crying in earnest and he had to sternly shush her. "Now Emma, I want you to understand just what is at stake for you.

I stole this snake from the Church last Sunday. It is just a little snake - the minister was raising it with a bunch of others in case they needed any big snakes for girls like you.

He keeps a room full of snakes in the basement so that he has them when he needs them." He set the jar down and unscrewed the lid, drawing the snake from the jar. It was about 12 inches long and an inch in diameter. He brought the snake over to emma and let her feel it crawl across her chest, watching her shiver in revulsion. "So this is what I am going to do Emma. I am going to help your friend but I want you to really understand the consequences of sharing your secrete.

So while I am helping your friend, you are going to provide a home for this small snake deep inside you. And while you are here, feeling the snake move around inside you, I want you to think about what it will be like if your parents take you to the church and have the minister but a BIG snake in you. " He took a ball of string from his pocket and tied it securely around the snakes middle as a safeguard. Then he set two clothes pins and the ball of string on the counter next to Emma and began rubbing the snake's head up and down her slit.

When he was ready, he positioned her so she was sititng on her bottom leaning back against the wall, he legs spread wide in front of her, her hands still tied behind her back. He forced two fingers deep in her dark tunnel, opening her for the snake's entrance. When he was satisfied that she was loose enough, he used one hand to spread her open wide and then began feeding the snake into her dark hole with his other hand.

At first the snake seemed hesitant but with a bit of prodding, it finally began moving forward, deeper into the little girl's tunnel. "Do you feel that Emma? DO you feel the snake moving around inside you? Is that what you want to happen? " The snake stopped moving forward with half of its body still hanging out of the little girl. He grabbed his cell phone that he had bought with all his babysitting money and stepped back to take several shots of the girl's pussy with the snake's body hanging out.

When he was content with his photos, he squeezed the snake's tail hard and watched as the snake quickly drew the rest of its body inside the girl. As soon as the snake had dissapeared entirely he grabbed the clothes pins and tightly pinned her lips shut.

Emma was crying silently and he could see the bulge of the snake's body through her skin. "look emma, do you see the snake inside you?


And remember, this is just a little snake. The one the minister will put in you will be the size of my arm! You are going to stay here just like that while I take care of your friend for you. I am going to untie your hands because I want you to make sure that the snake does not come out until I am done. I think the clothes pins will hold but if not, it is your job to keep the snake in there.

If i come back and the snake is out then I am going to tell your mom and dad that I took the baby snake out and that you need to go to the Church to get a big one. Do you understand Emma? " The little girl nodded through her tears and promised to make sure the snake stayed inside her until he came back.

Satisfied that the girl had learned a lesson he pulled one more clothes pin from the drawer and used it to pinch her pussy closed even tighter before heading to the girl waiting for him in the bedroom.

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Entering the bed room he saw Emma's little friend sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for him. She was a cute child, curly brown hair and green eyes, and an eight year old's body - waiting to be discovered for the first time.

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"so tell me girl, do you know about your amazing secrete female spot? Those special places hidden from everyone between your legs? " The girl hesitantly shook her head no, staring at him out of big eyes. "Well, today I will show you then, I will open you for the first time and welcome you to the world.

I will remove the snake from you that your parents put in you. But in return, you are going to have to do something for me. I don't want anything to put Emma at risk. So you are going to tell your parents how much fun you had over here with me babysitting and convince them to hire me to watch you and your little sisters. Then when I am at your house you are going to do everything I tell you and if you refuse or ever tell anyone, then I will come in the middle of the night and take you from your bed and I will take you far into the mountains to where the man raises wolves and I will leave you there to be the wolves bitch until they get tired of you and eat you.

So you understand? I will help you and be your friend and take care of you but only if you do what I say and never, never tell anyone that I saved you. " The little girl looked scared out of her mind as he had intended and he let her sit there for a minute so that what he said would sink in. but in the end the fear of the snake inside her was enough to make her agree completely to his demands.

As soon as she agreed, he turned on the charm, hugging her and holding her on his lap, rubbing her back, " I am sorry sweetheart that I had to talk that way but you have to understand how important the rules are. Now lets get you safe." He stood her on her feet between his knees and started unwrapping his present - unbuttoning her cute frilly top, exposing what would become her woman's breasts.

He leaned forward, Sucking on the little nipples, "there is nothing there now, but one day there will be. Form these so small nipples you will some day feed a child, your body providing that child with what it needs to grow big and strong." He moved his hands down her body, cupping her on the outside of her shorts, "and here, oh here, that very special female place, so secrete and private, tonight we will open it.

We will open you for the first time, so wide, so very wide." he whispered to her, staring with fascination at his hand touching her female core. he slide her shorts and panties off of her thin legs and then traded places with her, laying her back on the bed and slowly spreading her legs apart, exposing her most private place to his voracious view. 'So perfect" he sighed as her peach was fully exposed to him, " ok time to get to work. You need to keep your legs spread very wide open for me and you need to hold still even if it hurts a little.

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What we don't want is to miss the snake and then not be able to get him out of you. " The little girl spread her legs even wider at his comment and he was content that she would listen.

He opened his backpack that he had carried upstairs with him and pulled out the towel that he now carried, placing it under her naked ass to catch any blood. There were many stains on the towel for all the times he had used it to open a female and he remembered each fondly.

After adjusting the towel, he reached into the back pack again and pulled out several items, a craft paint brush, a carnival pencil, a toy plastic hot dog for a children's play food set, and a large silver ornamental cross - the kind made to drive into the ground as an ornament, with the long end tapered into a spike. When he was opening religious girls the cross was always fun to use.

Having arranged his tools, he proceeded to inspect this new fresh female form spread open for his pleasure. He began as always, inhaling the sweet scent and pausing a moment to set the memory firmly in his head.

Then with both hands he slowly peeled her lips apart, exposing her most private womanhood to the world for the first time. "wow, you are really tight, I will do the best I can but this is probably going to be uncomfortable - you are going to have to hold still" he warned the girl.

There was something about them willing offering him entrance and then even through the pain begging him to continue that made it that much sweeter. She nodded her head and spread her legs even wider for him. He started with licking and kissing her most personal spot, making sure to get it as wet as possible before picking up the paint brush to use on her. He started by holding her wide open with one hand and using the bristle side of the brush to carress her inner lips and clitcircling around and around her moist entrance.

When he tired of that he turned the brush around and began working the long handle into the little girl, deeper and deeper until he felt the resistance from her hymen. With that he stopped and picked up his phone, taking multiple pictures of the girl's fresh pussy, the paint brush sticking out. "Now that wasen't so bad.

Lets keep going" he talked to her, pumping the brush handle in and out of her virgin hole several times before sliding it completely out and picking up the carnival pencil instead. It was one of those oversized pencils and he had sharpened it to a very fine point - He had then dipped the tip in wax to coat the lead. "this will stretch you a little more, but we need to get you open enough to get the snake out so be brave," he told her as he began again working the pencil into her opening hole.

He knew he was stretching her because she was whining under her breath and that excited him tremendously. He pushed harder, twisting the pencil at the same time, forcing it deeper and deeper into the girl until he once again felt the resistance of her hymen. leaning forward, he slowly pumped the pencil in and out of the girl as he licked and sucked on her clit until he could smell her moisture.

"now see that is getting better isn't it?" he asked her as he paused to take more pictures with his camera. He removed the carnival pencil and quickly picked up the plastic hot dog. The hot dog was actually bigger than his finger and depending on his mood, he would alternate between using his own fingers or the hot dog.

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Today he wanted pictures of the girl's womanhood stuffed with the toy and so he proceeded to work the hot dog into her tight hole. By now her woman's spot was wet from her own pleasure and was stretched somewhat from the brush and pencil and so he was able to force the plastic toy deep into her. He took several pictures with his phone and then began playing with her clit while he talked to her, " this is your special button - only women have it - and they keep it hidden all of the time - but it is an amazing button.

Do you feel your tummy, all tingly with butterflies as I touch you here?" he asked her, pulling her hand down to her clit, and encouraging her to touch herself. " I want you to try it now. Keep your legs spread wide and reach down and touch yourself like I was doing. Keep doing it until you get a big surprise. " The little girl obediently began rubbing her clit, flicking her fingers over the sensitive bud and pinching and pulling on it in imitation of him.


He took her other hand and guided it to her immature nipples. "Now take this hand and play with your nipples. Rub them and pinch them and pull on them - you will be able to tell what feels good - Keep going until I tell you to stop." He stood up, pulling out his phone, and began taking picture after picture of the little girl, her legs spread wide, the hot dog peeking out of her spread open hole, her fingers busy pleasuring herself.

He continued to encourage her as he took pictures, watching her body tighter under her awkward ministrations until finally she cried out in release, her body shaking with its first orgasm.

"Beautiful!" he beamed at her, pulling her hands away from her body. " Ok now we have to get to the important part. He picked up the heavy metal cross and showed it to her., " I am going to use this to get the snake out.

The snake will shrink from the cross and die. Kiss the cross and pray that God will help you be a good girl so that your parents never know that the snake is gone." he held the cross down to her lips so that she could kiss it and then kneeled down between her spread legs once more. He wiggled the hot dog back and forth in her now slick tunnel several times before finally withdrawing it completely.

The tapered end of the cross was actually a smaller diameter than the hot dog and with her spread wide open from all the previous breechings, slid easily into her female tunnel.

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He gripped her upper thigh for leverage and told her, " ok I am going to kill the baby snake, be brave now!" and he plunged the cross deep into the girl, tearing through her hymen.

The girl make a small cry of pain but not once did she try to close her legs or get away. He watched as a small trail of blood tricked down the base of the cross where it exited her body. Finally he took several pictures of the girl impaled by the cross, her virgin blood anointing it. " Ok we got it. Just be still a little more. I will make you feel good one more time and then we will be done." He told the girl as he got in position to once again use his mouth to pleasure the girl, forcing her to cum all over the cross impaling her.

When he was finished he slowly withdrew the cross, showing her the blood and telling her it was from the dead snake. he used the towel to wipe her clean and then wedged a rolled up paper towel in her newly opened womanhood to catch any remaining blood.

" we will remove that in a while. I want to make sure that we get all the snake out" he told the sore girl. He packed all his tools back in his bag and told the girl to lay back and pleasure herself three times before coming downstairs. His cock was rock hard and he was sure he had some excellent photos on his phone. But his night was not over - he had a pet snake to retrieve from his little Emma.

He entered the kitchen to find Emma still spread out on the kitchen island. Both hands squeezing her pussy lips tightly shut, clothes pins still in place. I was obvious that she had been crying as she had large tear streaks running down her cheeks.

"well Emma, did you like having the little snake inside you? Do you think you would like the minister to put the really big snake in you now? "noooo" wailed Emma " please please get it out. I don't want a snake in me. I promise I will be good! I will be careful! I promise! " "very well," he replied, ' I sincerely hope so.

Because if you screw up there will be nothing I can do to help you child. " he stood looking somberly at her for a few more minutes, noticing the movement of the snake in her tunnel.

Obviously the snake was ready to be let out as well. "Ok Emma, move your hands" he told her and once her hands were out of the way, he slowly pulled off each clothes pin one at a time. It was all the girl to do not to scream in pain at the blood rushed back into her pussy lips.

he then stood on the side of her and with his fingers pulled her lips wide apart, opening that secrete beautiful female space. As soon as the snake sensed light and air it immediately began slithering out of the girl. Watching the snake emerge from the girl, he knew he would do this again so that he could catch it on film When the snake finally completely emerged from the girl he scooped it back into the jar and stuffed it into his bag. Emma continued to lay there on the island, body completely open, exhausted.

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The sight was so erotic that he could not help himself, He slid her to the edge of the counter, spreading her legs even widerenjoying the sight of her gaping raw hole and released his own monster from its confinement. "dear Emma, I am going to give you a present tonight because I love you so. I am going to share my own life force with you so that you will always remember to think about how much I love you." His cock so hard it could pound in nails, he began rubbing the head up and down her small slit, enjoying the feel of her soft skin sliding across his sensitive flesh.

When he could wait no longer he lined the head of his cock up with her exposed feminine spot and pushed hard enough to force the tip into her. Assured of a tight seal, he began pumping his cock with his hand, faster and faster until it exploded inside her, shooting his cum deep into the little girl.

He came again and again until his balls were finally drained. He groaned as he pulled the tip of his cock from her stretched hole and grabbed a clothes pin to once again pinch her lips shut. She whimpered when he applied the clothes pin but did not protest. He turned her around on the counter until her head was lined up with his cock and encouraged her to thank him by cleaning his cock with her tongue.

When he was satisfied, he helped her off the counter and up to the upstairs bathroom where he left her standing with the water running in the tub and went to retrieve the little friend from the bed room. With both girls in the bathroom he had Emma spread her legs wide and the friend sit beneath them. He directed her to turn her face up and open her mouth then he reached down and yanked the clothes pin off of Emma's lips, Emma gasped with the pain and his cum, still held deep inside her began to dribble out onto the friend's face.

"this is a present Emma is sharing with you" he told the friend as he held her in place " it was my present to Emma and she is sharing it with you.

When someone gives you a present you don't waste it and you treat it with care. So I want you to reach up and spread her wide open and make sure that you lick up every last drop of Emma's present. The girl hesitated briefly but he could see in her eyes that she remembered what he had threatened and so she reached up and very carefully licked Emma dry. When she was done, he helped Emma into the hot bath water and then had the girl bend over so he could remove and flush the paper towel containing the last evidence of her opening earlier in the evening and then helped her into the water as well.

"Make sure that you wash each other really well." he told them as he left them to play in the water and wash away any evidence of the night's business."