Reality kings ebony babe takes bi

Reality kings ebony babe takes bi
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Celeste is a very attractive 44 year old Arab woman, divorced with three sons. As a Saudi woman, she was brought up believing that although divorce is a choice but one she must not consider, and that no matter what, she should obey her husband and accept him for who he is and with all his flaws. As a divorced woman, she had no choice but to go back to live with her family or leave the country. I was contacted by a business associate in Saudi Arabia and brought Celeste and her sons to the United States after I paid her family $50,000.

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Celeste and her sons were taken to their bedroom wing of the house. After dinner Celeste and I went to my bedroom suite to get acquainted with each other. Celeste's face is beautiful, she has long black hair and dark eyes, her body is small and curvaceous. What makes an Arab woman so unique and desirable is that they devote their beauty, body and soul exceptionally to their husband. Divorce brings shame to the woman's family, Arab females are born with a mission to become truthful loyal wives and good mothers.

After giving birth to several children, they look astonishing in their late forties. An Arab female knows well what to use to make her body as fresh and slender as that of an eighteen-year old girl.

These women have their secrets that are passed from generation to generation. Celeste looked down at herself. She never thought that this time would come again, she wasn't sure that she was ready to be naked with a man. She blushed and looked up at me, silently begging me to let her leave. I suggested that I could unzip the back of her dress and she could change into something more comfortable. Celeste smiled at my suggestion and turned around so that I could unzip the zipper. I have done this hundreds of times for women, but this was something special.

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I treasured this moment, the first time that Celeste has allowed a man to see her bare shoulders since her divorce. She went into the bathroom to change out of her dress. She came back several minutes later with a simple but very sexy baby doll and panties set on. I'm sitting on the couch where we had sat earlier.

When she came out I indicated that she should sit down next to me. " I won't do anything that you don't want." I whispered. Taking her hand again I lean in and kiss her on the lips. Gradually she is getting comfortable with my presence and slowly I rest my hand on her thigh. There is no barrier between my hand and her skin. Still kissing I slowly move my hand up her thigh until it is resting on her hip.

For Celeste this is exciting, it has been a long time since a man has touched her. Each touch of my hand is a new frontier breached. Her thigh, her hip, the small of her back. She is scared but aroused. Each touch eliciting new sensations in her body that she can't control.

Slowly, I took her hand again and pulling it toward myself, guiding it onto my inner thigh. Giving her the opportunity to pull her hand away, I guided her hand over my manhood and held it there. She glanced at me then looked away just as quick, deciding to rest her eyes on the floor. She isn't sure what it is about me but something about me frightens her. I suggest going into the bedroom, she stood nervously, feeling a twinge in her stomach as she nodded yes.

She wasn't sure why she did this, but she trusted me. I was now looking at her with a hunger, she knew was raw lust and it made her feel uncomfortable. Little did you know, dear Celeste, but you were doomed when I saw your picture.

Your future was pre-ordained and it included me. My dear Celeste, you are petite and sexy, it is obvious you want sex but are very reluctant. She suddenly feels very vulnerable and realized the potential for danger when she noticed me leering at her. " I think it is time for me to go to my room," Celeste stammered as she started to get up and go towards the door. My dick wasn't going to be denied this fine little piece and I quickly move to block the door so she couldn't leave. Now Celeste is panicked.

She suddenly realized that she was going to have to spend night with me. I didn't say a word, I just started kissing her neck and shoulders moving to her lips. She went along with it.

She didn't know what else to do, she is in a strange country with no place to go. She made an excuse that the room was too cold and covered herself with the duvet. I took off my clothes, only my boxers remained and I joined her. We started kissing again but this time, I was rough and aggressive like a hungry lion. Her heart started beating faster and she asked me to stop.

Laughing I untied her sheer baby doll top exposing her B cup breasts. I begin to fondle her breasts, I cup them in my hands. She moans slightly as I thumb the hardened nipples. I wrap my lips around the small breast and suckled it. She knew she was going to have sex with me at some point but was not ready yet. My aggression is setting off alarms. I started fingering the crotch of her panties, causing her to whimper.

She grabbed and held my hand, looking me in the eye and told me to stop, that she didn't like what I was doing. I didn't say anything; I held her neck pinning her down, " Love these panties." I grunted, before ripping them off causing her to cry in protest. She started crying asking me to stop.

She kept repeating, " Stop, Please Stop" knowing I had no intentions of stopping. She imagined sex would be like what she had endured in her marriage in Saudi Arabia. The hitting, the beating, and then it's over but she was wrong. I didn't hit her, it was as if I was gonna fuck her the same way whether she wanted it or not. I didn't threaten her, just knowing she is in my house and I was in control, simply paralyzed her.

All she can do is beg. She closed her eyes and tried to blank it all out but she couldn't because it was happening, a nightmare. She suddenly got courage, kicking and pushing but being a size 6, she is no match for me. All this while I had not brought my dick out.

I just kept on acting like her resistance is part of the sex. I got up took off my boxers and said " you see how big I am?


You are gonna enjoy this." She is paralyzed with fear, I start stroking myself after rubbing KY gel on my hard cock. " Quiet or I'll have to gag you." She had little choice so she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she feels my two fingers push into her pussy. " Stop doing that.

You are hurting me." It is a disgusting feeling. She has been masturbating vaginally frequently, she has been divorced for five years, her masturbating had mostly been clitorally until recently. She got on the birth control pill after her divorce.

Not having sex for such a long time, my fingers in her is very painful. The fear of what I will do to her if she fought held her back from putting on a fight. I expertly part her pussy lips with my finger, causing her to shudder. She feels a dull ache in the pit of her stomach as she had little doubt what I will do. My hands feel like a monster's paws as I patted her ass and roughly massaged it till she cried in protest.

" I- You're not going to get away with this!" She tearfully sniffled as I continue to take my time with her." " Pl-please let me go." My hiss is insistent and angry. " I know you want it Celeste. Just keep your mouth shut, and let me do what you want." The fear in the pit of her stomach grew to fruition as I forced her on her knees, so her pussy is facing directly towards me.

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She wants to fight, but a Arab woman is expected to serve a man, is expected to remain in the home, whose soul function is to serve as the maid and or child bearer. She is scared of me, afraid of my size that represented everything she was taught to serve.

It was also that huge cock between my legs and the fear that I would put it inside of her compounded by the realization that if she fought too hard, that I would hurt her. Her ex-husband was smaller than me. She never measured it, but it always reminded her of a little boys. She knew such thoughts were unbecoming of a divorced woman with children, but she couldn't help but make those types of comparisons.

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She has never seen a huge cock till now. She clenched the bed sheet, as she feels the tip of my huge cock penetrate her very tight pussy. An unwelcome jolt traveling up her spine. No way this monster will fit inside of her, she tried once more to plead with me. " J-John please stop," She clinched the sheet harder as she feels more of my thick cock sink further into her. She is willing to accept her fate, no struggle, no resistance.

It is painful, very painful. " I don't know wh-what you thought about me being interested in you, but you are wrong. I just want you to stop." " Your pussy says other wise." My voice is thick with lust, " Your wet and want more, I think." She groans loudly in denial as I sink more of my huge cock inside of her. Her body betrayed her at this point, but she is determined to get me to stop. " Please. Don't do this to me." Her voice is shaking as she feels herself treacherously begin to adjust to my massive size.

She feels more of my cock going inside her, the stretching of her pussy is very painful, but there is a pleasurable ache to it that bothers her. She can't be enjoying what is being done to her, as I press more of myself inside of her, she can feel every inch of huge cock and it scares her when she feels my balls finally pressing against her.

I'm balls deep. " Damn you took every fucking inch!" I said. " It took me at least ten minutes but I'm all the way inside of you." " Okay!" She replied with gritted teeth. " You've had your way now stop." I responded by pulling out till only the tip was inside of her then violently thrust forward, the sound of flesh slamming against flesh filling the room. She feels her mouth open as all she can see is stars, her fingers painfully curled into the sheet.

She is thankful that I only did that once. Her head hanging down, hiding the look of confusion as my cock is buried deep inside of her. I didn't seem to move for a while after that first violent thrust and she hoped I just came and would roll off of her. Instead much to her horror, a moan of unwelcome pleasure fills her mouth as she feels my hands grasp her small breasts. She is scared as I slowly proceeded take her. My huge cock is painfully slamming in and out of her pussy, every thrust tormenting her with pain as she begs me to stop.

She is ashamed that she came more times than she could possibly count.


The orgasms were nothing like she ever had in her life, her ex-husband simply couldn't compare to this larger than life man. She never felt orgasms from her ex-husband, in fact she never, ever had an orgasm with her ex-husband. It is something she would never admit to anyone. " God you are one tight bitch." I grunted as I continue slamming into her. " I swear you were a virgin." She looked down between her legs, seeing a lot of blood on the bed. She didn't know if the bleeding was caused by the tearing of her vagina, she feels the blood rush to her head as she bites her bottom lip.

She wasn't a virgin, but she never had a man like this. My cock stretched her in ways that no man has, definitely not her ex-husband. Not to mention I touched places she never knew existed. " J-just stop--OH!" She broke off whatever she was going to say as an Earth shattering orgasm wracked her body.

She saw stars as I didn't pause, just continuously pummeled her pussy without mercy. As she recovered from several other smaller orgasms, she found herself crying out for me to stop. She needed to get away from this cock, so she reminded me sharply that she had children that she needed to go to. She hated herself as she feels further stimulated as I pause my heartless fucking.

She wondered if I was ever going to finally cum. Her ex-husband would have been passed out, while I wasn't done yet.

" We have all night.the nanny is with her children, sweet thing." She is ashamed to admit that pleasure radiated throughout her small body, as I resume rolling my hips and continue slamming her pussy with my big cock. She wanted to escape, run for her life if she could, but another massive orgasm wracked her body.

She bit her bottom lip this time, so as not to give me the satisfaction.

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It did no good as a moan, unbidden and unwanted came her. " Going to cum in your pussy." I groaned with an impeding release that is undeniable and dreadful. " Noooo!" She hissed, clenching her teeth. She knew that that there was nothing she could do to stop me, I was too strong for her.

" UHHHHHHH!" My grunt is a grunt of primal force, as with one brutal push against her, I unleashed my cum deep inside of her unwilling womb. She cried out in one last protest as she feels my hot seed pour into her. She was thankful she was on the pill. " Damn that was fucking good!" I whispered, kissing her neck. She tried to pull away, but my strong hands wouldn't let her. Every moment of having me inside of her was a painful experience and she wished I would withdraw, but instead I just laid there on top of her, my cock lodged deep inside of her.

She wondered if that was my plan, to get her pregnant. Finally I pull out, chuckling openly at the crude sloshing sound my cock made as it left her pussy. She just laid still for a long moment, trying to catch her breath. " This is just the beginning." I whispered, my arm clasped her close to me. " We're gonna be doing this every night." Celeste fell asleep, three hours later I return to my bedroom. Celeste found herself on her hands and knees like an animal again.

She was facing the end of the bed, I stood in front of her. She opened her mouth, I slide my cock into her mouth. I start fucking her face mercilessly, thrusting into her mouth with speed and strength.

She tried to push me away, but her strength is no match for mine and I did not move. She gasps for air, and took in what she could between thrusts. Tears running down her face as she realized the situation she is in. I'm face-fucking her, something she has never done before with a man.

She feels utterly helpless, because she is.

She is at my mercy, a very horny man. After five minutes I pull my cock from her mouth, I climb onto the bed behind her.

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She feels her panties being pulled down. " Please no.Not again!" She cried. Her pussy starts to leak fluids and she thought this can't be happening again.

How could my body want this? How could I want to be fucked again. She didn't understand. More tears streaming down her face as she wept in despair, knowing her fate.

I positioned my cock against her pussy lips preparing to penetrate her again. I lean in and thrust penetrating her tight sore pussy again. She screams in pain, as my cock in her pussy rests there.

Understanding the torment I'm giving her. My cock is incredibly wide and is stretching her to her limit.


After what seems like hours, my monstrous cock slowly slips out and is thrust back in at a slow pace. The pain from her sore pussy, slowly turns into pleasure despite her weak protests. I begin to speed up my thrusts. Before long, my cock is slamming her stretched cunt at a fast pace. She is moaning in ecstasy and she feels like a whore, being fucked senseless by my huge cock, but she is loving it. The knowledge of being used as a fuck toy filled her mind with lust.

She is enjoying sex for the first time in her life, something she would never have imagined. With each thrust, more of my thick shaft slipping inside her. After five minutes, my entire cock is now in her, a round object slapping her entrance with each thrust. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she is fucked mercilessly by me. For the first time, she feels safe and protected in my embrace. She is not ashamed to say that she moaned like a bitch in heat while getting fucked by me.

She is now enjoying it and nothing can change that fact. She is loving the sensation of getting rammed by my monstrous cock. My cock slips out of her pussy and before she has time to think, my expanded cock head presses against her tiny asshole.

She is worried, but she went along with it without any protest. She whimpers in pain as the head slowly enters, then stops. My cock was lubricated and slippery from her pussy juices. It starts stretching her tight ass as the rest of it enters slowly but steadily.

Once a large portion of my cock is in her, I stop my movement for two minutes to allow her to accommodate my monstrous size, which feels even larger in her hot virgin ass. The pain slowly fading away, as she found herself enjoying the feeling of my cock in her butt.

Not wasting any time, I begin thrusting, first with slow thrusts as her tightness squeezes against my huge dick. Gradually, my thrusts became faster and faster and soon I'm slamming her ass with speed and force.

With every thrust, she moans a little as lust overcame her thoughts. Every so often, my massive shaft would slip out and I would place the head back at the entrance of her ass and thrust in without hesitation.

The musky aroma of my cock drove her lust to incredible heights and she begins to push back into my thrusts. She is now begging for more of my massive cock to slip into her small tight ass and I answer her.

She feels my hard cock pressing at her widened asshole. Her eyes widened and before she can blink, it slips in, stretching her anal entrance so that it could enter again. I had told Celeste about the knot at the base of my cock. That when I push the knot in, it swells tying us together for a period of time until it deflates. She feels a round object entering her, she assumes this is it. It is the size of a ping pong ball and it slowly expands to the size of a tennis ball in her ass.

The feeling is new and indescribable, she is moaning like the slut she was. " Ooh yes!" She shouted between thrusts. " Fuck me harder!" I increased my effort, fucking her ass fast and hard. She is amazed at my stamina. At least half an hour must have passed and I showed no signs that I was going to cum anytime soon. I continue ramming my long thick shaft in her ass.

She barely has time for breaths between my thrusts as I'm fucking her at fast pace. This continued for another twenty minutes. Then she starts to feel a warm sensation in her pussy. " I'm gonna cum!" She cried. I'm spurred on by her words and increased the speed of my thrusts.

The bliss of the moment before climax was incredible, but nothing compared to the orgasm. The pressure building inside her cunt and ass until she could take it no longer. I moans in pure bliss as she came. I climaxed with her, her ass filling with stream after stream of cum.

My thrusts did not slow down as my cum continued to spurt into her. The warm sensation of cum in her ass heightened the high of her orgasm. As waves of pleasure took over her brain. As the pleasure faded, she slumped to the bed, totally exhausted.

Mt knot stayed in her ass, I laid on top of her for a long time. Then I withdrew my limp cock and disappeared from the bedroom, stopping to look back at her once.

She wondered what I saw. An accurate description may have been a beautiful 44 year old woman lying on the bed, ass filled with cum and leaking out. She knew she would see me again and the only thing I left her was her ass filled with cum. The experience has changed her forever. Instead of turning away sexual advances from me, she now welcomes me with open arms. She enjoys being used by me as many times as I want. She sleeps with me every night now, she experiences sexual pleasure with me two or three times every night.

She finds herself lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling waiting for me to come and make her feel like a woman again.