Bondage mit sexy Strümpfe und High Heels schwarz 6inch Pumpen

Bondage mit sexy Strümpfe und High Heels schwarz 6inch Pumpen
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The secretary rings his extension without announcing who's calling. Her breathy voice is soft and sensual in his ear and instantly a chill runs over his body.


She divulges that she is practically naked and VERY wet! "How do you know you're wet?", he asks.


"Because I'm stroking myself as we speak." Her mind is racing with erotic thoughts. She wants to get herself off for him over the phone.

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She lays on her bed, clad only in her red silk panties. As her knees gently part, she glides her hand over her belly and slips her fingers into her panties.

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She spreads her lips with two fingers and slowly inserts her middle finger into her cunt. "Oooh, baby, sink your fingers into your pussy," he whispers.

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Her wetness greets her and she plunges deeper while kneading her clit until her cum spills. She coats the silk, saving it as a sweet reminder.

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"Get your dildo and push it deep inside of you." She pulls the center of her panties aside and slides her life-size dildo in. "Oooh, yeah, that's right, just pretend that's my big cock inside of you." She pulls her heel against her ass and rides the waves of sensation coursing through her body. He continues to encourage her, saying, "Ride it, baby. Get off for me." "If I was there with you right now, I would lick your clit while you plunge that dildo into your pussy.

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Then I'd roll you over and spread your ass apart and stick my tongue inside of you; then smear my cum all over your skin." She gets hotter and hotter envisioning the scenario. Her words mingle with gasps and moans as her excitement builds.

She is no longer able to speak. His cock is rock-hard just from listening to her.

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In his mind, he can feel her warm, wet inner walls; smell her; taste her. He struggles with the circumstance of the major bulge growing in his pants, knowing he has to leave soon for a meeting.

He tells her that he must go, but when she begins to scream in deep ecstasy, he can't resist listening to her, so he lingers while she finishes her marvelous orgasm. Abruptly he tells her that he is late for his meeting and has to go, but he will call her back just as soon as he can.

She whimpers a little and reluctantly hangs up.

She continues ravaging her body, writhing in delight, cumming again and again, until the phone rings. It's her man, and they continue their orgasmic phone sex until she hears urgent pounding on her door.


She asks him to hold on and when she pulls the door open, there he is, standing on her porch, cell phone in hand!