Nicki Minaj Anaconda XXX Version

Nicki Minaj Anaconda XXX Version
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They stumbled down the shore line, coming at last to a secluded cove, safe from the prying eyes of the various beach gowers that stumbled up and down the coast on a sunny July weekend.

They had been touching and caressing each other for hours, their passion mounting as the sun climbed in the sky.

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More than once they had gotten a dirty look from another beach gower that seemed to say "get a room" and he regretted that they had ever left the hotel room that day, but she looked so good in her bikini that it would simply have been a shame not to show it off. He got a sick sort of pleasure from the drooling envy look that painted other guys faces when they saw her on his arm. If she was considered on a scale of 1 to 10 then she was an 11 at least. He had no idea why she was so in love with him.

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They explored the cove and discovered that it was quite empty, the steep rock walls effectively filtered out all of the sound from the near by beach, for all that they could tell they might have been the only people in the world.

With a lusty look she stripped her swimsuit off, a single deft gesture exposing her pert breasts to the late afternoon sun.

Another flick of her rest sent her bikini bottoms to join her top on the nearby sand, leaving her standing exposed like a beautiful venus, all that was missing was the oversized clam shell.

He stripped off his swimsuit, sending it to the beach to join hers, almost tripping in his haste to join her in nudity. She chuckled at his predicament. His cock stood out boldly, proclaiming his interest in her. All thoughts about the risk of being caught out in the open had fled the moment she had stood bare before him. She dropped to her knees, taking his cock in her hand she slid the erect member into her mouth.

He groaned loudly as her tongue darted against the tender skin at the head of his shaft. She smiled and enveloped more of his cock into her. Quick darting motions nearly brought their fun to a premature end as he almost filled the inside of her mouth with his cum.

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He never got over how good she was at giving head, it boarded on the mythical, he swore she could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose. She continued her work, eliciting more moans and groans of pleasure from him. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore drowned out the wet sounds of her mouth on his cock. When he found that he could take no more he pushed her off of him, pulling her up into a passionate embrace, their lips meeting, the salty taste of his precum on her tongue as it darted into his mouth.

He pulled her body against his and his cock pressed up between them, protesting at being pinned in such tight quarters. The tips of her breasts pushed against his body and continued to ignite the fires of his passion.

He pushed her down onto all fours, pressing her shoulders down into the sand so that her ass and pussy was displayed in front of him.


He could see the pink flesh exposed and waiting for him and he could tell that she was exceptionally wet, indicating how excited she was. He lined his cock up and pressed his swollen member into the tight folds of her waiting vagina, she moaned loudly as he forced it all the way inside. He slowly worked his way up, sliding in and out of her, each thrust faster and harder than the one before it. She pressed back against him each time he pushed forward, her hips meeting his and magnifying the force of his thrust.

She bucked and shook like an animal in heat, desprate for every thrust of his cock.

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He pulled his cock out of her, eliciting a disappointed groan. He slid the head of his cock through the outer folds of her pussy, teasing her before slamming it back inside of her again.


He repeated this pattern several times, taking joy in the disappointed noises she made when he removed his cock, as well as the deeply satisfied noises she made when he slammed it back inside of her. Pushing her back down again he buried his face between the cheeks of her ass, seeking the tender flesh of her sopping wet pussy. He could taste the sweet salty nectar that flowed from her pussy.

He gripped her hips and pulled her pussy more forcefully against his face. He savored the taste and the smell of her excitement. Again she bucked and writhed under his touch, begging him to eat her pussy. He felt the shudder go through her body as she orgasmed, collapsing against the sandy shore.


He rolled her over on her back, spreading her legs and spreading the lips of her pussy. He slid the length of his cock between her lips, gathering her moisture on his tip and eliciting a groan for her as he teased her. She begged him to slam his cock back inside of her, to join them together again, her voice husky with desire and lust. He obliged her, sliding his cock inside the tight and tender folds of her vagina.

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She groaned again, more loudly this time, and her hips lifted off the ground to meet his thrust. She writhed and squirmed trying to envelop more of his cock inside of her. He worked his way into a routine, each time sliding his cock nearly out of her tight hole before slamming it back in, sinking deep inside of her. As he progressed each thrust came faster than the last, his pace increasing. He could feel his orgasm approaching, his body unable to resist her charms.

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He thrilled at the little sounds she made, her eyes and long since rolled back into the back of her head, she was lost in a world of her own private pleasure as her body reacted to the intrusion of his stiff cock inside of her.

He quickly reached the point where he could no longer resist. His pace increased as his desire took complete control of him. He pulled her body tight against him, surrendering his carefully designed routine to his animal passions. His orgasm came upon him all in a rush, a sense of explosion as his cock expelled his cum inside of her. He held her body tight against him, his hips and ass twitching as the waves of cum filled her. He collapsed on top of her, his passion expired in a rush that took most of his energy with it, leaving him satisfied but drained.

He rolled onto his side, taking her body with him and keeping her pulled against him.

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They lay on the beach, basking in the later afternoon sun that filled their sandy retreat. The sounds of the ocean beating on the shore line was all that disturbed the silence of the cove and they quickly surrendered to sleep.