Red head slave is bound to table and fucked by dildo

Red head slave is bound to table and fucked by dildo
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Xmas holiday quickie Things like this just don't normally happen to me any more and its only been a few hours since it happened; I thought I'd better write it down while I still remember the details. I had several days off over Xmas but not much money so decided to free camp along a river a couple of hundred Kms from home and arrived late on Xmas eve. I searched around and found an awesome campsite beside the river on short green grass with plenty of shade trees and abundant firewood and due to the washed out 4WD track in there was no one else around.

I had nearly rolled the Ute getting up a steep side slope around the washed out track but now that I was here it all seemed worth it. Early Xmas morning I set out some chairs and a table to "Save" the campsite and drove down the washed out track slamming into the banks and knocking a heap of dirt into the washout filling it up before heading into town to ring my family for xmas.

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Duties done I headed back to camp and set up for a long stay. Around mid morning an old Toyota Troopy wandered past and the bloke stopped to chat, he was a very fit looking bloke of around 50 with a woman wearing a pair of black tights and a pink T-Shirt, she had a nice looking body but I couldn't tell if she was his wife dressed in a young woman's clothes or maybe his daughter as I didn't get a good look at her face.

They found a spot down river from me but the only sign of them I could see for the next few days was the occasional reflection off the windscreen through the trees. Anyway, today was pretty hot so I though I might float down the very shallow rapids past their camp to the small bridge then walk back to camp and dressed in loose shorts, a T-Shirt and wet boots to stop me getting too sunburnt. I floated on my back from my camp to the top of the rapids then started to bump my way down river in about 100 to 150mm of water but when I was going past their camp I sat up in shock stopping with my bum jammed on the rocks … Bent over the bonnet of the Troopy was the woman with her tights and pink underwear around her ankles and the bloke pumping firmly into her from behind.

She had her head turned towards the river and saw me immediately and stiffened while saying something I couldn't hear to the bloke who paused mid stroke. I grinned and waved at him to continue on so he laughed and started pushing into her again, she wriggled and hit at him a couple of times but the water gurgling over the rocks made it impossible for me to hear what she was saying.

I was making quite a tent in the front of my shorts and she spotted it and stopped struggling when he leaned forward saying something into her ear, I took the chance and started rubbing my erection outside my shorts while she started to push back at his thrusts.

I eased my stiff dick out of the leg of my shorts and with no adverse reaction from either of them got a bit bolder and walked slowly over to the bank and up to them for a better look while stroking myself. She was getting quite animated and stared hard at my hand pumping my erection with the occasional look into my eyes until I dropped down to get a better look at her pussy.

I'd say she would have been in her late 20's and after she moved to the side a bit I could see his long thin dick sliding into her clean shaven pussy with their juices running down her thighs.

I stood up again to watch them and he grabbed her elbow and stretch her hand out towards me saying "Go on" to her. He put his hand back on her hip to continue thrusting into her and she didn't pull her hand away so I stepped forward and placed my dick in her hand. I saw her nipples stiffen under her shirt and she moaned a bit then with a look of pure lust on her face started to stroke her hand up and down my shaft while slamming her pussy back on his dick.

She was getting close to a big orgasm but he started grunting loudly and came long and hard deep inside her while she sped up trying to get herself up but only dislodging him in her quest.


His knees had gone week and he draped himself over the bonnet at her side so I moved round behind her a slipped my 6 ½" of iron hard cock into her pussy in one long smooth shove. I don't think she was expecting my entering her pussy but seemed torn between fucking back on my cock and looking worriedly at her man, it was a couple of seconds before he seemed to notice what was going on and seemed a bit shocked to see someone else thrusting long and slow into his woman, I would only need a couple of quick hard pumps to send me over the edge and was prepared to do it if he tried to stop me but he half smiled resignedly so she leaned up kissing him passionately and promptly came long and hard.

If she hadn't had such a loose pussy I probably would have blown my wad when her pussy contracted rhythmically through her orgasm but she had stopped moving with a hand holding my hip to stop me moving so I figured she was feeling overly sensitive and decided to wait until she stopped her orgasm before continuing on.

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She turned the bloke so his back was against the bullbar then carefully keeping me firmly embedded inside her placed a leg either side of his and started passionately kissing him again before urging me with her hand to continue fucking her again.

The small break of movement had allowed me to calm down a bit and I was able to thrust long and hard into her but the slight spreading of her legs had loosened her pussy a bit more and I was struggling to get back to my peak, she however was really thrashing and moaning as she climbed her peak again.

All of a sudden I could feel something on my balls and realised his cock which was about an inch or more longer than mine with a strong upwards curve had come back to life and risen hard up between her legs and was pushing upwards stronger and stronger by the second.

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The problem was with my long strokes his dick was catching on my balls which were quite tender so I had no choice but to stay deep inside her and shorten my strokes. His dick was now sliding between my butt cheeks on its coating of their copious juices and raising up more strongly as it rubbed past my arsehole, I must embarrassingly say that it was feeling very bloody nice.

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The woman was getting a bit frustrated at the shorter strokes as she was so very close to an orgasm so she pushed her bum back far enough to pull his cock up between them and was obviously using it to rub on her clit while I went back to longer thrusts, her excitement had her pussy even looser so I wasn't sure if I could reach an orgasm myself and started pumping into her more desperately, I was so close I could almost taste it but it was eluding me even with the extra rubbing of his cock against mine as he rubbed against her clit.

Once again she pushed her bum back for more clearance and I felt something weird going on, it took me a few second to realise that she had pushed his knob inside the entrance to her pussy and was slowly wriggling herself down on both of our cocks at the same time, we were both inside her pussy with mine already fully inside and his slowly working its way in.

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She was writhing and moaning ending up with her knees lifting right up beside him to get her pussy wide enough to impale both of us all the way up inside her. She then let go of his neck arching her back and placing her hands up over her body and behind my head, I reached forward and rolled her nipples as she hung all her weight on our cocks and had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever witnessed.

She flailed her legs about wildly as our cocks were forced hard, no extremely hard, up as deep as they could possibly go and when her pussy clamped down hard while she jiggled up and down it was all I needed and I blew one of the best loads ever deep up inside her. She was still cumming about 15 seconds after I had blown when he thrust harder into her and blew his load as well … I could actually feel his sperm spurting up along his shaft and out inside her then she finally finished her orgasm and hung limply between us for a few more second as we slowly softened.

She wrapped her arms around his neck again as my cock plopped out of her followed by his then a big blob of cum dropped out of her wide gaping pussy and splatted on the pebbles beneath us.

I felt a bit like a used sex toy as I stood behind her watching them murmur endearments to each other completely ignoring me so I waded back into the water, washed our juices off and got dressed again, I looked over but they still only had eyes for each other so I floated off down stream then walked back to my camp wondering what will happen tomorrow if we see each other again.

*footnote: saw them a few times over the next few days but they just waved and turned away like nothing had ever happened.