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Sated stud bestows loads of guy yogurt on beautys face
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Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Twenty-Five: Servants of the Sultan Copyright 2014 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Cast of Characters Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Poisoned by Burke as they fought.

Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Kidnapped by Zaritha and taken to the Hidden Realm.

Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart. Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife. Fumi Unmei nee Nakamura: Kyle's fourth wife. A succubus-like Yuki-onna and wielder of Windfeather. She is blind. Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school.

She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw. Enemies Principal Burke: The identity assumed by Alphonse of Toulouse, a nine-hundred-year-old knight.

A warlock serving Hecate. Killed by Kyle. Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy. Hecate: The Dark Goddess that both Ms.

Franklin and Burke served. Sent a familiar to seize Faiza's soul when she died. Zaritha: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. Joined Kyle's harem to cement her alliance to attack Burke. When Burke was killed, she kidnapped Aaliyah and took her to the Unseen Realm. Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven.

Also known as Celestite. Concubines Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle's first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a slave/master relationship. Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna's hot mom and Kyle's second concubine.

Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine. Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine. Antoinette "Toni" Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine.


Daniella "Ms. Capello" Unmei nee Capello: Kyle's English teacher and concubine. Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine. Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima's friend and strawberry-blonde hair.

Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima's bleached blonde concubine and former rival. Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah's African American concubine. Phillipa Kingston nee Stoddard: Former member of Ms. Franklin's coven where she was known as Jade. Captured by Britney, Phillipa submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she is a masochist. Mindy Unmei nee Stoneking: A nurse at the hospital where Fatima is sick and Kyle's newest concubine.

Sable Unmei nee Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin's witch coven. While fighting with Christy, she was hit by a Love Elemental's attack and now completely loves Christy. Other Characters Shiekh Umar ibn al-Jann: Aaliyah's father. Rules the Jann from Khoshilat Maqandeli Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima's widowed mother.

Killed by Burke. Her soul was stolen by a familiar of Hecate. Ishtar: The Goddess of Magic Christy, Sable, and Phillipa now serve. Wednesday, January 27th The Unseen World Aaliyah was held by fire.

Zaritha must serve Rashid ibn al-Marid Aliyah realized, fear spiking through her. She was in the clutches of the cruel Sultan of the Djinn.

I allowed the serpent to nest in my bosom and treachery was my reward. Her powers had still been tied into the Ifrit, still feeding the witches and powering the magical circle around the school, when Zaritha turned. She had been unable to defend herself.

Not that Aaliyah could have done much to fight against an Ifrit with her powers restricted by her father's edict. Only with Kyle's command could she unleash her powers in any direct or meaningful way. Zaritha has seized me and is carrying me to our enemies! she cried out in her mind.

Kyle didn't answer. Zaritha was pulling them into the Unseen Realm—her home. They were between the dimensions. Perhaps her thoughts couldn't reach Kyle while they were in this nonspace. Fear clenched her heart. The Ifrit had reduced them both to the elements that formed their bodies.

For Aaliyah, that was dust. For Zaritha, fire. And those flames wreathed her, trapping her dust in a prison of heat. She was helpless, unable to control where they went. And she knew where they would appear. In Sahabah, the capital of the Djinn and the court of Sultan Rashid. If the Marid did not execute her outright for conspiring against the Sultanate, she would be thrown in a prison of sapphire.

Her telepathy could never make it through the blue gemstone. She would be unable to communicate to Kyle and free herself. She was never going to see him again.


No! He rescued me from the witches! He'll find a way to rescue me from the Marid. He has the weapons to be able to assault the Marid. She was suddenly flesh. Zaritha's hand squeezed tight about her throat.

She reached out for Kyle immediately. Her thought rebounded, striking sapphire. The gem was blue, the color of water and intellect—the Marid's color—and her thoughts couldn't worm past it. But it wasn't the Sapphire Cells. It was dark where they were, but the crystal on her feet was rough, faceted, not smooth and worked like the cells.

Zaritha's grip relaxed on her throat and she sucked in a breath of air. "Where are we?" "I don't know," the Ifrit answered, then fire danced above her outstretched hand, illuminating them. They were surrounded by rough, crystalline walls. The light danced on the facets on the walls, floor and ceiling, reflecting the sapphire back at them. Aaliyah drank in the beauty of this place, touching the smooth side of a sapphire stalagmite thrust from the floor.

"We're in the Sapphine Caves," she whispered, looking at the Ifrit. "Why would you bring us here?" "I didn't," Zaritha spat. "I meant to bring us to Sahabah." "So you do serve Rashid." "For longer than you have existed, little houri." Aaliyah's cheeks flushed at the insult.

"You will speak to me with respect. I am your future Sultana as well as your Mistress." Zaritha snorted. "You will be dead when I deliver you to Sahabah." Hope blossomed in Aaliyah's heart.

They would have to leave the caves to travel to Sahabah. She would easily be able to contact Kyle and then he would merely wish her back to his side. Aaliyah straightened her back, putting an imperious tilt to her head. "Then let us go see Rashid." Zaritha smiled. "You would like that. I'm not stupid enough to let you step foot outside of these caves without a diamond anchor about your throat." Just like sapphire stopped thoughts, diamond stopped teleportation.

"Then how do you plan to take me to your Master?" "I guess I'll have to summon help." "No." Aaliyah reached out and seized Zaritha's cheeks, staring into her red eyes. "You forget who your Mistress is. You will lead me out! Now!" She had to be strong. She had to have the will of the Sultana to get out of this.

"What are you talking about?" laughed Zaritha. "I serve Rashid. I am his most favored servant. The one he trusts with the most delicate of tasks." "Like kidnapping me?" Aaliyah shook her head. "No. You were supposed to kill me. I saw the burning fist.

You would have killed me, but something stayed your hand.


And now we are back in our realm where you cannot kill me without breaking the Laws." "Nothing stayed my hand!" snarled Zaritha. "I am supposed to bring you back to Rashid." She's lying. She swore to be Kyle's concubine and she hasn't realized what that implies. "Then why didn't you take us to Sahabah?

Why here? We're in Ghul territory. As far away from Sahabah as one can be." "Something went wrong," Zaritha shrugged. "You interfered somehow." "If I interfered, why would I dump us in the Sapphine Caves and not Khoshilat Maqandeli. My father's court would be a far better place to end up." "What does it matter where we are!" Zaritha spat, knocking Aaliyah's hands back.

"We're here and soon I will deliver you to Rashid." "No!" Aaliyah seized her shoulders, staring into her eyes. "I am your Sultana.

You are my husband's concubine. You swore the oaths. You are part of my harem. And you will obey me, Ifrit!" "Never! I'll never serve a weak, little houri like you.

I merely used your husband to enact my revenge on Burke. I am not your plaything." "I disagree!" Aaliyah pushed down on Zaritha's shoulders, trying to press her down to her knees.

"Submit and pleasure your Mistress!" Zaritha's knees buckled, lowering down, her red eyes wide with confusion, then her fires roared up and she let out a scream and pushed Aaliyah back. Aaliyah stumbled, tripping on a facet of the sapphire floor and she fell on her backside, the Ifrit looming over her. "You think you can dominate me!" the Ifrit hissed. Fire burned about Aaliyah and fear flooded her for a moment. But the fire didn't touch her skin, only her clothing, burning it all away.

She lay naked before the Ifrit, her dusky body heaving. Zaritha seized her black hair, pulling her face into the Ifrit's cunt. "You will eat my pussy!

Revel in a lowly commoner's snatch, Sultana!" Her pussy smelled of spice, rubbing against Aaliyah's lips. There was something exciting about being forced. Her tongue licked out, pressing through Zaritha's dark labia and through her pink folds, drinking the passionate fire of the Ifrit.

"That's it, little houri! Eat my pussy. I see Kyle taught you how to be an obedient slut." She worked her tongue faster, the Ifrit humping her hips against the Jann. Aaliyah wormed her tongue in deep, moaning and savoring the flavor of her. Zaritha's body arched, her moans echoing through the crystalline caves. Aaliyah was skilled at pleasing a woman, her tongue lithe and agile. She found her hard nub, flicking it with her tongue, batting it around, stirring up Zaritha's pleasure.

She nibbled, then sucked on the nub. "That's it! Oh, yes! Such a skilled whore! Lick my pussy! Drink my passion!" Zaritha came hard. Aaliyah grabbed the Ifrit's knees and pulled. The woman was unprepared and fell onto her back on the sapphire floor, her round tits jiggling. Aaliyah moved quickly, straddling the Ifrit's face before she could react and shoving her pussy down on Zaritha's lips.

"And now you have to worship your Mistress, slut!" Aaliyah moaned, grabbing one of Zaritha's dark nipples and pulling hard, stretching out her tit. "Come on, lick my royal pussy! Revel in how wonderful I taste. Zaritha's face struggled beneath Aaliyah's pussy, trying to escape, but Aaliyah kept grinding herself, smearing her aching cunt across the Ifrit's face.

Pleasure tumbled through her as she forced the Ifrit to submit. Aaliyah groaned when Zaritha's tongue parted through her pussy.

"That's it, slut! Submit and worship your Sultana!" Zaritha moaned into Aaliyah's pussy, working her tongue through the Djinn's delicate folds. She sucked Aaliyah's labia into her mouth, nibbling and tonguing them, giving Aaliyah such wonderful pleasure. Aaliyah played with Zaritha's nipples, stretching out her concubine's tits and letting them snap back down. Zaritha gasped and moaned every time, sucking harder as her breasts jiggled and shook.

"That's it! Make your mistress cum!" Zaritha's hands wrapped around Aaliyah's waist, seizing her bubbly ass. Fingers dipped into her crack, teasing her backdoor. Aaliyah purred as the Ifrit shoved a finger deep into her bowels. The Djinn's back arched as burning pleasure filled her. Her hips rocked, moving her clit to Zaritha's hungry lips. The Ifrit latched down and sucked hard on her nub, nipping it with her teeth.

The pleasure swelled inside Aaliyah, growing to encompass her entire core. And then it burst. "Yes!" A whirlwind of rapture filled her, howling through her body. She danced and convulsed on her concubine's face. Her pussy clenched, juices squirting out to flood the Ifrit's hungry mouth. Her cries of passion echoed over and over through the caves. "So wonderful! That's how you please your Mistress." Zaritha screamed, then pushed Aaliyah off.

"I am not your servant!" She stood up, summoning fires to consume Aaliyah's pussy juices smearing her face and neck. Aaliyah saw her opportunity and let herself transform into Dust so she could escape. Zaritha's hand lashed out and seized the dusty whirlwind Aaliyah had become and forced her to be real again. "You will not escape me again.

I will not fail like I did last time!" "Last time?" "When I sunk the ship carrying you to the bottom of the Atlantic. You should have just slept at the bottom of the ocean for eternity. You could have had your sweet dreams. But you repaid my mercy by resurfacing. Now you'll face the Marid's wrath!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Hill, WA Fatima paced before the door to the school's main office, a barrier of energy blocking it, thrown up by Burke after Kyle went through.

Britney and Fumi were nearby, both so calm and collected. Fatima didn't get it. She itched to be in there and kick the bastard's ass, to help Kyle rescue their mother. "Come on!" she snarled, stabbing Fireheart, her magical yari, into the drywall. The spear's blade sank in an inch before it encountered the barrier. "It encompasses the entirety of the office," Britney said.

"I know that! You don't have to tell me what is obvious!" The purple barrier vanished. "He did it!" Fatima chortled and dashed into the main office, passing the secretary's desk and burst into Burke's office. She stared in horror at the carnage. A raven cawed, flapping away through the closed window. Kyle lay twitching on the floor, the body of Burke sprawled across him.

Kyle's katana, Earthbones, was thrust through Burke's body, the blade stained with the warlock's blood. Fatima's mother lay on the floor farther in the office, her throat cut, blood staining the front of her clothes.

"Mommy?" Fatima whispered, her yari falling from her grip. She crossed the room, falling to her knees before Faiza Unmei. She touched her cheek.

She was warm. But not as warm as she should be. "Kyle!" Britney snarled behind her. The Rakshasa grunted, a body thumped to the floor. "He is badly wounded. We need the witches." "What about your mother?" Fumi asked.

"She's." Fatima couldn't bring herself to say it. "She is dead. Fumi, go and fetch Christy. Kyle needs her healing magic. I can smell venom on his wounds." "I'm sorry, Mommy," Fatima whispered, brushing a stray lock from her mother's forehead. She leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I wasn't fast enough to save you." "Aaliyah isn't answering," Fumi said. "I tried to wish Christy here, but she's not responding." "Stay with him.

I will go fetch them," Britney growled. "I can run fast." "What's wrong with Aaliyah?" Fatima asked, pulling her gaze away from her mother's peaceful face. "I don't know," Fumi answered, stroking Kyle's hair. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy let her spell fizzle as the last embers blew away. Zaritha and Aaliyah were gone. Aaliyah! I wish you back by my side where our husband wants you! Nothing happened. Aaliyah didn't respond. "What just happened?" Phillipa asked.

"Why did she do that?" "I don't know," she answered, her insides clenching. This was the second time she had seen Aaliyah kidnapped. How am I supposed to tell Kyle she's gone this time? "What do we do, Mistress?" Sable asked. Christy looked at the the school. "We wait here until they come out. Just like we planned." Her body trembled in the driving rain as she peered towards the school. What happened in there?

Burke was clearly dead, but were there any casualties? Aaliyah had been the gateway of communication. "There's Britney!" Phillipa called out with relief. Christy turned and saw the inhuman girl racing towards them, crouched over, almost running on all fours. Her face was darkened by black stripes, her bushy-brown hair bristling like a fierce mane.

In moments she had crossed the parking lot, stopping before them. "Kyle is badly wounded. He needs your magic." Fear clenched her heart. "Right." They ran after Britney, the Rakshasa setting a more human pace. They raced around the wall of stone Kyle had conjured to trap the brainwashed students, their feet splashing through puddles.

Britney rushed through the shattered ruins of the main doors, beckoning them onward. Christy followed. At the end of the hallway a man lay dead in a pool of blood, a black staff lying by his feet.

She paused, staring at the staff, her aura reacting to it. There was something familiar about it and— "Christy!" snapped Britney. "Your husband is dying." "Right," she nodded, ripping her eyes away.

She fell to her knees at Kyle's side. He trembled, his left leg was swollen and turning black, some sort of venom eating away at the tissue. She seized his hand, and cast the spell, "Ishtar, share your love with this man and restore him to his health." Her amber necklace flared, feeding the power the goddess had given her through her aura and into Kyle's body. He convulsed, her power driving back the venom burning in his veins. She could feel the evil of it.

This was no natural venom. It resisted her magic. She clenched her amulet, forcing her will to focus, to banish Burke's foulness from her love's body. Sweat beaded her forehead as she warred for Kyle's body. The venom was winning. A hand touched her shoulder. Sable's tourmaline aura poured into her, adding power, enhanced by Burke himself, into Christy's. She renewed her fight, pressing against the venom.

Phillipa's hand took her left shoulder, her jade aura joining the fight. "You can do it," Fumi whispered. "I can't," she groaned. The venom was insidious, retreating before her healing power, sliding down veins and capillaries. Just when she thought she had it eradicated, the venom flared up in a different part of its body. Burke had crafted it to be impossible for a witch to heal. I need to burn it out of him somehow. Every drop of the venom had to be destroyed simultaneously.

"Fatima! I need your fire!" Fatima stared down at her mother's corpse. "Fatima! Your fire! Now!" "What?" the young girl asked, prying her eyes up. "Summon your fire and give me its power or Kyle will die!" Life seemed to spark in Fatima's eyes.

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She held her hand out and her spear burst into flames. Fatima directed the fire, and the energy rushed into Christy's body, pure and hot. She poured that purity into Kyle's body, sending the flames into every part of his body, eradicating the venom. She almost collapsed when she released the spell. Kyle's eyes opened. "Kyle!" Fatima shrieked, hugging her brother with a fierce passion.

Then Fumi was wrapping her arms around the pair of them. Christy smiled in relief, standing up on wobbly knees. "You saved him! Thank you, Christy!" "Yeah," Christy nodded. She wanted to hug Kyle, but she needed to grab something. "I'll be right back." She headed back to the hallway, her heart beating for joy, and picked up the black staff. It hummed with power. An artifact, like Kyle's sword, but it didn't command an element.

It commanded an abstract—darkness. Shadowedge. The words appeared in her mind, rising out of the darkness.

Christy looked at the corpse of the man who had taken Faiza through a portal of darkness. "You used Shadowedge to teleport." She could almost feel how to teleport, the staff almost whispering to her, and she reached out to the darkness present everywhere, merely hidden by the light.

She opened herself out, letting her aura touch the darkness and opened up a hole. She stepped through it, her body folding and compressing, then she appeared at the other end of the hallway. "How useful," she smiled. "What are you doing, Christy?" Fatima yelled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We are going to have to flee," Britney stated. "What?" Kyle whispered, sitting up. Christy stepped into the room, clutching the staff the other man had been wielding.

She knelt down next to Fumi, putting her arms around them. Where's Aaliyah? "The police know we are responsible for killing several of them," Britney answered. "With Burke dead, it will only be a matter of time before the cops arrive here. We must be away. Flee the country." "Fine," Kyle groaned.

"Where's Aaliyah?" "Zaritha took her," Christy whispered. He blinked. "What?" "That bitch!" snarled Fatima. "When Burke died, Zaritha attacked Aaliyah, then the pair disappeared in fire." Kyle's heart sunk.

"She must be one of the servants of the Marids. Fuck!" "And she's not answering us," Fumi added. "Zaritha must know some way to stop her powers." Kyle refused to think of the alternative. "She must have taken Aaliyah to the Genie world." Kyle grabbed his sword, ripping it out of Burke's body as he stood up. "That's where we were always heading for. Why wait." "How?" Christy asked. "You don't know?" She shook her head. "Britney?" "I know of no way to enter the Unseen Realm." The certainty Kyle had felt for a moment fled him.

His eyes turned to his mother's corpse. A black feather lay on her chest.

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He walked over to her, kneeling beside her body. She had sacrificed herself, breaking through Burke's spell to keep the bastard from using her against Kyle. "Thanks, Mom," Kyle whispered, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "We cannot stay, Kyle." Britney's voice was urgent.

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"I know." He felt like he should be crying, but it was all stoppered up inside him. Aaliyah needed to be rescued. He could grieve for his mother latter. She would understand. Fatima squeezed his shoulder, falling down to her knees beside him. "Bye, Mommy," she sobbed, her tears falling down on their mother's face as she bent down to kiss her forehead. "If I had only been faster." "Kyle!" Britney's voice was firm and harsh. "Sentimentality can wait!

Unless you want to fight our way through the police." "You're right." Kyle stood up, then bent down and grabbing his sister's shoulders, pulling her to her feet.

"We need to find a source of information." "We can start Googling when we are in the SUV," Britney said. "And perhaps our witches could cast a scrying spell. But first, let us depart." Fatima sniffed. "There's Niqualmie.

She helped Fumi out." "Yes," Fumi nodded, a smile crossing her delicate face. "You love Aaliyah. You need to find her. Niqualmie would definitely be helpful." "I do not see the harm in trying the spirit," Britney admitted. "What's this Niqualmie?" Christy asked, slipping beside Kyle as they started walking out of the school, the butt of her new staff thunking on the ground.

"She's a Native American spirit that helps lovers," Fatima explained. "She's up on Mount Rainier." "Yes. At Paradise," Fumi answered. "I summoned her by stripping naked and lying in the snow. She told me about the hot spring where I purchased the ability to sleep with Kyle and not kill him." "Kill him?" Christy gasped. "What's this?" Fumi explained what she was to Christy as they trooped out of the school and into the rain.

Christy's mouth dropped and her eyes widened. The rain was still hammering down on them, but Britney used her dagger, Waterclaw, to keep them dry, bending the rain around them.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance, racing towards the school. "Don't move anyone," Christy said. "Ishtar, cloak your servant and her companions with invisibility. Let none see us or sense our presence." The air rippled around them right before a pair of Pierce County Sheriff patrol cars screamed by, blaring their lights and sirens, pulling in to the schools parking lot. The students Kyle had trapped in the circle must have come free from Burke's control and called for help.

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"It is safe," Britney said. "Hurry to the SUV. Witches, can you change the vehicles appearance?" "Yes," Christy nodded. "Though with the rain, I could only change the color. If I make the shape difference, it will be a little obvious." "That should be fine.

And the license plate." "Not a problem," Christy smiled, squeezing the staff in her hand. Kyle frowned. "Should you have picked that staff up?" "Hmm?" "The one that belonged to the Vicar." "Oh, it's just an artifact," she answered.

"Like your sword. Only it controls an abstract not an element. It uses Darkness to teleport." "Darkness?" Kyle raised his eyebrows. "That doesn't sound great," Fatima stated. "That sounds pretty shady." "It's an artifact. It's not good or evil.

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Nothing about darkness is bad. Just like nothing about light is good. It's how you use them. I think it will be very useful." She looked Kyle in the eye. "Unless.I mean, if you think it's bad.I could get rid of it." "I guess so," Kyle said, staring into her pleading eyes.

"I trust you." "You shouldn't," Fatima muttered. "I do. She came back. She helped us. She proved herself." Fatima flared up. "We'll see. I'm going to keep an eye on you, Christy." Christy put her arm around Fatima's shoulders, pulling the shorter girl to her. "That's fine. I have definitely earned your mistrust. Be suspicious. I'll win you over." "Master!" Chyna squealed as they rounded the corner into the lot, the SUV coming into view where it was hidden.

His first concubine, her dark brown hair plastered wet to her dusky face, ran over. Her big breasts bounced in her loose sweater. Then her arms were tight about him, clinging to him.

Thanks to Ms. Franklin's spell, she couldn't bear to be without her Master. "You're alive! You're safe!" "Where's mother?" Shannon asked. All the concubines had started calling Faiza mother, showing respect to their mother-in-law. "Burke killed her," Fatima said. "He.he." Her voice broke into sobs and her two concubines, petite Ann and bleached-blonde Kayleah hugged her, holding her tight.

"I'm so sorry, Master," Mindy, Kyle's newest concubine, whispered. The former nurse joined Chyna in hugging him. "We need to disguise the vehicle and leave, Kyle," Britney reminded him.

She had her own arms wrapped around Phillipa, her captive turned mate. Alexina, Carla, Toni, Ms. Capello, and Lois pressed around Kyle, ignoring Britney, all trying to hold on to their Master. Only Teleisia stood apart.

"Where's Aaliyah?" The Black girl looked about, her face growing concerned when she didn't see her Mistress. Kyle broke from the mob of his lovely concubines and put his arms around Aaliyah's concubine. "We're gonna get her back," he promised Teleisia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fatima stared out the window, her soul weighed down with grief.

She felt so cold and empty inside. She missed those passionate fires that burned inside her, filling her up and driving her to move about, to never stay still, to pester and annoy and love with such passion. "What are we going to do when we get to Paradise?" Christy asked.

"What if summoning the spirit doesn't work?" "It will," Fumi assured her. "Everyone in this car loves Aaliyah. And Kyle loves her the most." "Then we should all do it," Teleisia said.

"If one person's love can summon her, it should be even easier with a dozen." "It would prove to the spirit how dedicated you all are," Britney mused. "Which I surmise is the whole point of lying naked in the snow." Kyle laughed. "Yeah. Way to state the obvious, Britney." How can he laugh?

Mom's dead. She looked at her brother, the man she had loved for years, peering into his eyes. They were dark, hard as flint, but at least they were alive.

Not like hers. She moved across the enlarged interior of the SUV, stepping over the concubines to Kyle. Fumi was on his right, Christy on her left, that Black staff clutched in her hand. "Fatima?" Kyle said when she plopped onto his lap, pressing against his body. "Give me some of your warmth," she whispered. "What?" She shifted, straddling him. "I need to feel alive. To feel something inside. I need to burn again." "What are you talking about." She seized his hand, pulling it to her budding breast beneath her sweater, forcing his hand to squeeze down on her pliant flesh.

"This." His fingers pinched her nipple. She felt a stirring of life in her nethers. "Is this really the time?" Fatima pushed her hands beneath his sweater, feeling the warmth of his hard muscles. She moved up to his chest and felt the life beating in his heart. "Love me, big bro. I need to be filled with it. With something." She pressed her lips against his. She tried to find the energy to kiss him, to thrust her tongue in and melt his bones with her passion.

But no fires burned inside her. His lips moved, his tongue pressed into her mouth, his fingers pinched at her nipple. She closed her eyes. His strong hands roamed her body as they kissed, sliding down to squeeze her bubbly ass through her skirt, up her side and fondling her immature breasts.

His cock grew rigid beneath her, rubbing against her pussy. Life grew inside her as the friction sparked kindling inside her.

She let out a sigh, moaning in disappointment when he broke their kiss to rip her sweater off. Her dusky breasts were exposed to her brother's hungry gaze.

He bent down and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth, nipping and biting—the fires grew. "Kyle," she moaned. A second mouth engulfed her lips. Christy joined Kyle, sharing some of the witch's passion with her. A soft hand slid beneath her skirt, squeezing her butt as Fumi's lips kissed her shoulder, moving to her neck. "Let me help you, wife," Fumi whispered in her ear, her fingers dipping into Fatima's butt-crack, teasing her asshole.

Fatima shivered and moaned in delight as her fingers penetrated in to her asshole, pushing in deep, igniting amazing pleasure inside her. Fatima found it so wonderful to feel again, to forget her grief for a few pleasant moments. "I think the little slut wants this," Christy purred, her hand pushing between Fatima and Kyle, rubbing his throbbing cock.

"I do!" The zipper rasped and Kyle grunted, "That's it, Christy. Guide me into her." Fatima lifted her hips up as Christy guided their husband's cock to her hungry hole, sliding across her bare lips.

The tip of Kyle's cock pressed to the opening of Fatima's burning pussy. She lowered herself, her back arching as she slid down every amazing inch of his thick shaft. "Kyle!

Oh, yes! I need this!" "Fuck me, Fatima! I missed you so much! Let me feel your burning heat! Set me on fire! Warm me up!" Her hips rose up, sliding around the tip of his cock, then slamming back down. She rose up again, humping faster. Kyle's hands seized her ass, spreading her open, making it easier for Fumi to wiggle a second finger into her tight backdoor.

"Oh, yes! That's it! So fucking wonderful!" Fatima bounced faster, Christy's fingers on her clitoris, strumming her, the witch's lips nibbling on her shoulder.

"Cum, little slut. Cum on our husband's cock!" Christy moaned, diddling her harder. "Let's hear your sweet voice." The pleasure swelled in her core. Her hips slammed up and down, her fingers digging into Kyle's shoulder.

He grunted her name, his head tossing back as her tight pussy worked its magic on his hard cock. "Cum on me! Bathe my cock in your fiery lust! Do it, sis!" Kyle grunted. "Then I'm going to cum so much inside you." "Do it!" she groaned. "Knock me up! Put a new life in me!" "Cum in me!" she screamed, fires roaring through her. She was a woman. She could make new life. "Fatima!" His cum burned into her, a molten flood that her pussy drank up like a hungry sponge.

Her walls contracted, muscles spasming in her stomach. She slammed down on him, burying him as deep as possible.

She collapsed against him, burying her face in his neck. Her fires died down. The horrible, numb grief was roaring back. But it wasn't as bad. She wasn't completely ash inside. Kyle held her. A new life might be growing in her. If not from today, then from all the other times they had fucked. She had her new family. Fumi and even Christy were there for her, along with Ann and Kayleah and all the other wonderful concubines.

It was a low, throaty moan that broke her out of her reverie. "Britney!" She threw a look over her shoulder to see Britney and Phillipa writhing together. Fatima's eyes widened as she witnessed Britney's cock plunging in and out of Phillipa's wet cunt. "She really is a futa!" "We will be finished in moments!" panted Britney.

"After the exhilaration of the fight, I needed to relieve some pent-up energy." "Release away," Fatima giggled. "Knock her up.

Then we can be pregnant together." "What?" Kyle gasped. "Pregnant?" "You might have planted a baby in my tummy," Fatima smiled. "You've fucked me enough." "But.I'm too young to be a dad." Christy giggled. "I forgot to tell you, but the spell that bonded you and Chyna together is tied to the baby growing in Chyna's womb. You knocked her up that first time." "What?" Chyna shrieked. "I'm pregnant with Master's baby?

Ohmygod, ohmygod! That's amazing!" "Maybe we should get a pregnancy test, stud, and see how many other women in this SUV you knocked up," Fatima giggled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fumi stripped naked with Kyle, Christy, Fatima, and the concubines, then plunged into the snowy field of Paradise on the slopes of Mount Rainier. The witches had bewitched the park ranger, making sure he wouldn't interfere as the troop of naked woman sprawled out into the snow. "Shit!" Chyna gasped.

Fumi only hoped it wouldn't take as long as when she summoned the spirit last week. Only Fumi was a Yuki-onna and had resistance to the cold. The others were all humans. Kyle was in the center, his poor cock withering in the cold, shrinking so small.

I'll have to warm him up when we're done. "Aaliyah better be doing cartwheels!" Fatima moaned as she sank down in the snow. "Oh, fuck!" "No one has to do this if they don't love Aaliyah enough," Kyle said, stretching out. His muscles tensed as shivers wracked his body. "I love her enough," Fatima huffed. Their talking quickly died down as they looked up at the dark clouds.

They threatened to snow at any moment. The weather could turn bad in a heartbeat up here. This was so dangerous. Fear beat in her breast as she kept looking around at everyone. They were all growing quiet, the cold seeping into their bodies already. "No one fall asleep!" she called out, her body already starting to shake as the cold began to seep into her. "Just keep concentrating on your love for Aaliyah." "Yes!" chattered Ann.

"I need her back! Please, Niqualmie!" Other concubines began calling out her name, sending out their need. Surely the spirit had to sense this much love and respond. The wind blew, blowing snow on their bodies, stealing any warm air that manage to accumulate around their bodies. Such love. a voice whispered on the wind. "It's her!" Toni gasped.

"It worked. Aaliyah. "How do we get to her!" Kyle called out. "How do I reach my wife!" Unseen Realm. "Yes, how do we get there?" Fatima gasped. "Please, tell us!" Christy shouted. "Yes! I need my Mistress," Teleisia sobbed. Majlis al Jinn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sahabah, The Unseen Realm Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid sat upon his sapphire throne as the petty grievances were brought before him.

Holding court was always tedious, but he had to appear to care for all of the Hidden People, even the troublesome Jann. Sheikh Sihab ibn al-Jann was a weaselly, groveling Jann. So unlike his father. Rashid felt Zaritha return to the Unseen Realm. What is she doing back here? Anger simmered in him. If she had killed the Jann's daughter then why didn't she return straight to me? And she had brought someone with her brimming with power. Aaliyah. He wasn't sure where they had appeared, he had merely sensed them entering.

They were in a hiding place. But there were many of those around the Unseen Realm. His anger grew at his servant's abject failure. "Court is adjourned for the day." The buzz among the courtier and nobles was great. The Unseen Realm was a place of stasis. He could already hear the whispered gossip speculating on what part of the Realm was slipping from the Marid's grasp.

How could she have brought Aaliyah here? I cannot spill the blood of a noble Djinn within the Unseen Realm. Not without cause. She had not, yet, rebelled. No law said her father could not offer his daughter's hand to a mortal. He could feel the blade hovering over his throne—that old crone's prophecy.

Never before had he felt so sure that the blade would fall and end his reign. That Jann would spell disaster if she was not disposed of.

When the court was cleared, he summoned his most dangerous weapons. Five figures strolled into the throne room. The air seemed to warp around the five individuals, the Unseen Realm rebelling at their presence. Each of these five had broken the shackles that bound their race, blaspheming against creation.

They had made dark pacts with outside forces to keep from falling into Haawiyah and suffering eternal torment. They could kill Aaliyah without consequence to Rashid.

"Great and Noble Sultan," bowed Makerah, the unbound Marid, an mocking smile on his lips. "What can your humble servants do for you?" Rashid ignored the sneer in his son's voice. "The Great and Noble Sultan does not want to dirty his precious hands," laughed Aljihm, a blackened Ifrit, his body fissured with glowing, red lines. "Eat," snarled Jowah, the Ghul so twisted and bent he walked on all fours like a beast.

"Soon," purred Aalizunah, stroking Jowah's head like he was her faithful hound. The whorish Si'lat stood naked, her body ripe and inviting, an illusion hiding the twisted, vile thing she had become. "And who do you want us to kill?" demanded Khiana. The Jann's stained beard bristled. Once Khiana had been a great foe to Rashid, but the fool had grown desperate. Now he cared about nothing except his greed. "Aaliyah has returned home," Rashid growled.

"She is in the company with my foolish servant Zaritha. I do not know why my servant did not follow my instructions. Nor do I care. Search the five Sheikdoms and find them. Bring me the Jann girl's head." "And what do we do with your servant?" Khiana asked. A sliver of fear went through Rashid. Zaritha can free the Ifrit from my control.

She knows where Kalila is. She had to die. Kalila could never be freed. "I am greatly displeased with her. Dispose of her as well." Jowah cackled. "Ifrit always taste delicious." To be continued.