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Czech pissing party and sex slave xxx low and behold the drone comes flying by and hides
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They lived on the family farm until Tommy, the farmer died. Em, the wife had begun dressing her baby boy in her daughter's hand me downs. It was easier than going to town more than once a month and anyhow, they didn't really have any extra money. Even she and her husband's clothing had to be made by her hand. By the time he had died she got very good at making clothing.

When they'd gotten married Tommy and Em both had some money, so that they were able to buy the farm for cash and, using both their moneys, build it up. Em had been able to buy five whole reams of the basic cloths she felt they'd need on the farm and most of it had been used fairly early in the years.

It was used up on mostly pants and dresses. She'd even made Tommy two sets of draws out of the silk like stuff, she'd made one for Summer and the other for Winter. The Winter one being doubled up for warmth. Oh Well!! Story time: Tommy was buried on the farm he'd made a success and so loved.

Em sold it for three times it's original worth. After the funeral, Em went to town and put the farm up for sale, receiving three times it's original worth.

At the time, Tommy Jr, was still wearing hand me downs from his sister, little Emmie. Since they were to be schooled with others in the local school, Em knew it had to change.


But, the thing is that Tommy Jr, or Jr. had grown to his sixth birthday loving to dress as a girl. He actually liked the fine Muslin and even smoother fabericks he had grown up wearing as dresses and undies.

And now Mommy wanted him to wear blue jeans and other rough fabericks he'd mixed wearing with the dresses. As long as he could wear what he liked, Timmy felt good about it, but now she wanted him to wear the same thing all the time. What a Shock!! When Tommy turned ten and Emmie twelve, their mother began selling paintings and other works of art and after a while had virtually no time for them any more. Tommy went to Emmie in their fine large house and said in a depressed voice, "Emmmmie!?" "What is it Jr.??" "What would you think of me if I wanted to sleep in a nightie, Girl's Nightie?" "I thought you liked to be a boy, now?

Don't you like Boy things?" Tommy had and played with all the action figures he could handle and more, he spent hours in his room, but it was the collection he loved, not the actual. well, Action figures.

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He'd also taken a love for balls of all kinds. But, he rarely did more than play catch. But, what he really longed for was Dolls. And Teddy Bears and other stuffed toys.

Sometimes he wanted to cry for this loss. "Well, Tommy Jr.!! I'd still love you, of course. do you wanna dress otherwise like a girl?" She regarded her brother with a small beginning smile. Tommy hadn't worn a dress or anything else female in six years and he blushed all the way down his little boy's chest to his stomach. "Yh. Yeah!?" Well, their mother hadn't actually been around, herself, for three and a half years. She was running all around the world chasing the almighty buck for her works.

which included clothing lines. "Come. My Little Sister!" And she made him undress to the skin, both were a little embarrassed by his instant erection, but it excited too.

even more than they had been before. Emmie found her finest stretch silk panties and watched as he put them on, then she got out a form fitting top and a satin skirt. after a little makeup she sat looking. "OOOOHH, MMMMYY! With just a little work, you make a better looking girl than many of my friends." "Do, Do. I look all right, then, uuuummm, Em!?" "Oh Dear, Yesssssss!

You're beautiful, all we need is a girl's name for you in this package. Is there a name you'd like?" Suddenly Tommy's face turned red, his entire body went rigid and, although nothing came out, he felt like something, a Gallon of something came out the head of his penis. Then he slumped and almost fell to the floor. Emmie had caught him before he could fall to the floor, he grinned up weakly and whispered, "Nif. af. after the Q. Queen!" Emmie held him until he was steady, and her gaze fell on the wall clock on her wall.

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"ONO! Quick, Niffie, out of the girl's things and go clean up very quickly!" Just as Tommy got into his bedroom and jumped into the shower, the front door opened and in came Em from her latest business trip. The dinner chimes sounded and Tommy appeared exactly when Emmie did, he, on impulse, kissed her on the mouth and they both went in to face their Mother for the first time in a week.

Denner time with Em was always very formal whenever they all met together. "Well, children, how have you been doing over the last week?" The children said they'd been fine. and short of prying information out of them this is how it always went. Em had just had time to stop at home for one evening and she tried to make the most of it by being a wonderful mother for the kids.

But, as usual Emmie and Tommy went to bed and felt worse for the experience. The following morning Em was gone again before the siblings were even awake. Tommy entered Emmie's bedroom and sat against the head of the bed and both began to sob because Mom was gone.


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They sat there holding hands but slid down and held each other. Tightly. Tommy started it by kissing Emmie on the cheek and very quickly began to kiss all over each other's faces. Finally they began kissing each other's lips and just naturally their hands began touching and feeling various parts of each other's body. "Tommmyy! That was wonderful, do you think we could do it again?" "Youuuu, Kidding!? I couldn't stop that if I even wanted to!" His hand moved down her back as he finished.

Emmie and Tommy looked as one at the wall clock and started because it was almost time for breakfast. They hurriedly cleaned up and dressed, meeting outside the breakfast room they embraced and kissed. as lovers, then, hand in hand entered for breakfast. Now, I think, would be a good time to talk about another aspect of life between the siblings. They weren't the perfect kids, they did have their arguments and sometimes spent a day alone. But usually after the one day one or the other would appear to apologize and then they were the lovers again.

Emmie and Tommy, you see had virtually nobody else to play with so they always returned to each other. and each time they'd learn something new about their bodies. Finally when Emmie was fourteen, she'd had sex education classes in school. Em had to sign for her to have them, but by this time she was signing things for her children without properly reading them so she could get on with her own business.

Since Emmie was fourteen, this made Tommy twelve and both siblings considered this old enough to complete their sex education. Tommy was poised to enter his sister, "Now, remember, Tommy, this is going to hurt the first time, so go slowly at first and it'll get better as it goes." So, Tommy shoved hard at first and suddenly found himself in to the root of his penis. Cock!

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"O. OH, Tommy! St.


Stop, Please, let me get used to you inside me." "Did. Did I break your hymen. uuuuuuuhh Sis!?" "HHH, Hymen!? I. I don't know. OOOOHH, Tommy, Darling, you can start moving inside me. Now!" All Summer long, they continued doing. IT. Well, between arguments anyhow.

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And neither ever brought up the sex in these arguments and although it was very hard, never spoke of it either outside each other at home. Since Emmie had her first period at twelve and a half it wouldn't have been surprising in the least when she woke feeling sick to her stomach one morning at almost fifteen. Yes, she was Pregnant! Well, after all, neither child had thought even a little about any sort of protection.

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Em came home for the emergency and began browbeating Emmie for somehow gotten out of the house to learn about sex. Emmie argued back and finally told her the bald truth. "I'm pregnant by Tommy, Mom!! Now you're wondering how we learned about sex, aren't you!? Well, I'll tell you.(Em tried to interrupt), We began learning early on after you'd begun neglecting us.

Together!" "I'm going to have you arrested for corrupting your little brother, then, what do you think about that, my little Whore?" Emmie's steam was at full pressure and she shouted back, "OH, Mommy, you won't do that! You're the reason we had to close in on each other in the first place." "MMMeeee!?" "Yes, you! And after I have this baby, which I'm keeping by the way, Tommy and I are going to keep doing it, so you're going to have to get me the pill or something for protection if you don't want another baby!" "You're blaming me for all this happening in your lives??

I haven't even been here most of the time, How can you blame me!?" And she began picking up the phone to call the cops. "Put the phone down, Mommy!" Shouted Tommy, who now entered the fray.

The phone instantly dropped to the cradle, and Em ran to her room, locked the door and throwing herself across her water bed, began crying. Because she knew they were right. The following day, Em made several calls then called her children into the kitchen. "I haven't been much of a mother to you two since the farm. Have I?" The siblings heads shook after looking at each other, "Well, after today that's changing, I'm delegating the running of the business to my most trusted others." The siblings regarded each other and Emmie finally said, "We wanna try again too, Mom!

But, we're gonna have to regain your trust and you ours. If we work together, it should work! But, as we told you before, now we've started it, Tommy and I are gonna continue sleeping together, at least until we find someone we just can't live without." A week after the baby was born, Emmie was in the doctor's office getting fitted for the pill.

The doctor asked if she planned to stay sexually active and she replied that she was. Emmie was told she was going to have to watch out about her periods for the first month and after that it should be all right to go at it if she desired. For the first month, the siblings contented themselves with oral sex, but after three days following the first month, began going at it like they'd not done it before. After reaching eighteen, Emmie went off to college where she had to live in the dorms the first year.

In her third year, and during the first for Tommy, Emmie found her, Mr.


Right. Both siblings were a little saddened by the permanent loss of sexual activities between them but they had agreed. After graduating college and taking over the running of a division of the family business, Tommy found someone for himself. And the family comes together for birthdays and holidays