Hot milf milking out every last drops

Hot milf milking out every last drops
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I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Here's the origanal written by someone else.I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it. I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten copy so if anyone has it or knows where to get it, much apreasiated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The week passed slowly.but not without incident!

When I got home Tuesday after work, I found Mindy standing in the kitchen with a note in her hand. That was her only adornment, she was completely naked! "Mom's gone to a meeting," she grinned, rubbing her deep slit with a fingertip, "and she took Polly and Suzy with her.

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She says we are to take care of ourselves for supper. I thought maybe you could eat my pussy and I could try to get my supper by sucking you." Needless to say, I lost my clothes in an instant and we ended up on the carpeted den floor in a classic "69" with Mindy on top.

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I sucked and fingered her to perhaps a dozen wild climaxes.and true to her word, she brought me off. Eagerly sucking and licking she took it all, not losing a drop as I came into her greedy mouth.

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That wasn't enough for her.or me.and she posed leaning against the back of the couch with her feet spread, presenting me her hairless pussy and quivering firm ass cheeks. The remaining semen trickling from the end of my cock plus her own wetness made it easy to impale her with one long thrust. Gripping her narrow hips tightly, I rode her to another wild climax for the two of us.

Laughing and cuddling, we went off to a mutual shower again and then dressed for a trip to a burger place to have supper. Mindy wore a short skirt and on the way home, she skinned her panties off and spread her legs to allow me access to her slit. She reclined the seat, opened her legs and I finger fucked her to a pair of orgasms during the ride.


Carrying her panties in her hand as we walked back to the house, she suddenly grabbed me in a super affectionate hug and surprised me by kissing me full on the lips. "Saturday's going to be so much fun," she laughed, twisting away to head for her room and her homework. My cock was hard as a rock as I watched her scamper up the stairs.her naked ass cheeks and that fine tight slit visible beneath the hem of the skirt. Was I going to last till Saturday, I wondered?

We had a chance to fuck again on Thursday, but then there was no other opportunity till the weekend. Saturday dawned with bright, clear skies and warm.a perfect day for a party in the nude, I thought. I envisioned what the day might bring as I cock fully erect at the memories of my daughter or Cindy naked and stuck on the end of my shaft.

The morning passed painfully slowly, but the break came at lunchtime. "I have to be gone again tonight," Sue told me as she folded laundry, "Sandy Pelham called up yesterday and insists that I have to represent her at an emergency PTA meeting tonight.

It promises to be a long one.

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Polly and Suzy are staying with mother for the night. You and Mindy will just have to take care of your own supper again." "Don't worry about us at all," I assured her, "maybe we'll go out for supper and take in a movie or something." "Sounds good, honey," she said, snuggling up to me and kissing me playfully. "I'm sorry to have been neglecting you so much lately.

leaving you two on your own so much. Maybe tomorrow I can offer you a little token of my appreciation for your understanding," she giggled, rubbing her pelvis against my cock. I wondered if I'd have enough stamina left to fuck her after a sex party with a bunch of oversexed girls. If the way Mindy went after a cock was any indication.heaven help me! The clock seemed to be moving its hands through molasses that afternoon, but at last it was four o'clock and Sue came in to tell me she was leaving.


I kissed her good-bye and she was off. "Is she gone?" I heard a voice behind me and saw Mindy standing in the doorway.naked. "Yeah.getting ready for the party?" I asked. "Well.sort of," she giggled, "but I thought maybe we could fuck once before we go." "Thanks a lot, silly.but a guy only has a few shots while a girl can fuck till she drops," I laughed, "I'm saving my shots for the party. By the way, what do you expect to happen when we get there?" "Well, Cindy told me that there'll be anywhere from ten to fifteen daddies and their girls there tonight," she said fingering her prepuce as she spoke, and everyone gets naked together.

There'll be a swimming pool, maybe some games, lots to eat.and oh yeah, anybody can have sex with anyone else." "And that's really OK with you," I queried, "you aren't being forced into something you really would rather not do?" "Oh, golly, daddy," she said, grinning and spreading her legs so she could slip her hand between her thighs. She withdrew her hand with her fingers gleaming. "I've been so excited all week that my poor little pussy has been just flooding my panties.and today I've had to wipe myself over and over.and I had to change panties three times so far.

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"Since we first fucked I realized that I love it so much and I want to have a chance to fuck a lot of people," she said suddenly serious, "and you've been so good to me, I want you to have a chance to have fun with some of my girl friends, too.

There will be some very pretty girls there tonight.and some of them have been fucking for more than three years, so they're probably a lot better at it than I am." "OK, darling, as long as you aren't going to feel that this is sort of like child abuse," I added.

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"Child abuse! Silly.I might think that you've been guilty of child abuse because you've waited till now to start fucking me," she laughed, "Cindy's dad and brothers began with her when she was nine! My friend Melanie's dad started her on licking and sucking when she was six.and he first fucked her when she was ten. Thanks to you, I'm a social retard!" " win," I laughed, stepping over to her and embracing her slender naked body, "no more trying to argue you out of this.

Better get ready, though, because it's a quarter to five. We don't want to be late to our first party." She twisted away and was gone in an instant.

I went to the master bedroom and stripped off, showered, shaved and splashed on a bit of cologne. 'Don't wear any underwear' Cindy had told me, so I pulled on a pair of soft cotton shorts over my half erect penis and slipped into an oxford cloth shirt.

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A pair of sandals completed my attire. Mindy was waiting in the kitchen for me.

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She was clad in a simple sun dress and was barefoot. "Ready?" I asked and she nodded her agreement. "Are you wearing any." Anticipating my question, she flipped up the hem of her dress to flash me a glimpse of her bare belly and slit.


"Let's go," she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door.her eyes sparkling with eagerness. I locked up the house, went to the car and after flashing Mindy a broad smile, put the car in gear and off we went.