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Chubby amateur Milf sucks and fucks with facial
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While parts of this story are taken from real life experiences it is mainly fantasy, and if you happen to have read my previous story "Visitors from abroad", the 1st part could make a little more sense. I apologise in advance for a long piece of non-sex action. The next 12 months passed very slowly. This was before the days of texting and internet messengers, and international phone calls cost an arm and a leg, so most long range communication was by air mail.

David wrote to me a few times during the year and I managed to get a couple of replies back to him. Our messages were very polite but we usually managed to include some comment which could be taken more than one way and that frequently got me feeling horny.

One thing which David seemed to be pretty excited about was that he was spending a lot of his spare time helping his father and brother to build a log cabin on a wooded area of the ranch.

Eventually the time came for us to pack our bags and set off on the return trip. After a long and boring flight, where I had already seen the film that was showing, we found ourselves in a strange airport.

After clearing customs and collecting our luggage, we found Ben waiting for us in the arrivals lounge. A few minutes were taken with greetings and then we packed into uncle Ben's 4x4 which was just big enough to take the five of us and set off for the ranch.

The journey took about one hour and the last 10 minutes was on rather bumpy roads which eventually became a dirt track running through fields in which sheep were happily grazing. The scenery was amazing with hills, valleys, lakes and snow topped mountains on the horizon. We pulled up in a cloud of dust outside the ranch house and were immediately met by Aunt Sarah and the cousins. The next few minutes were spent in hugging, kissing and hand shaking and I was relieved when David restricted his greeting to me to a hand shake.

However it was an identical hand shake and wink that we parted with the year before, which made me think that he was planning to carry on from where we left off . Aunt Sarah had prepared a meal for us so we sat down to eat. After the meal Uncle Ben explained that there was a little problem, He was having an extension built on to the house and it should have been completed a week ago.

This would have given him 3 extra rooms, but the builders had not shown for several days and only 1 of the rooms was useable. "So" said Ben "Things are going to be a bit of a squash, but providing Pat and June (my sisters) don't mind sharing a room and Joe doesn't mind sharing with David, then I think we can fit you all in".

My two sisters immediately said "No problem" and all eyes were turned in my direction. "Well, if David is prepared to put up with me" I said, "I'm quite happy to go along with that", and David just gave a nod of his head.

"So that's settled then" said Uncle Ben, "Now with the time difference, you guys must be thinking that it's nearly midnight so we'll show you to your rooms and you can turn in when you feel like it. David proudly showed me his room, explaining that his old room had been partly demolished to make space for a staircase to the rooms above, so he was now in the ground floor room of the new extension.

It was a large room, still smelling a little of new paint and had been set up with 2 single beds. He showed me which cupboard I could use and where to find the bathroom, then he gave me a quick hug and said "I guess you're feeling rather tired". I said "Yes, I am, it's been a long day". "So why don't you crash now" David said "Then we can chat when you wake up". I got onto the bed and led on my back while David sat on his and chatted for a few minutes.

The bed felt very comfortable and in a short time his voice seemed to fade and I drifted off to sleep.

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The next thing I remember is waking in a confused state and it was several seconds before I realised where I was. I was further puzzled by the fact that I was in bed and wearing just my boxers, then it dawned on me that David must have undressed me and got me under the duvet. There was an almost full moon shining through the window and in its light I could see my clothes neatly folded on a chair and David sound asleep in his bed.

A clock on the wall showed it to be 3.30 and after a quick count on my fingers I realised that the time at home would be that when I normally wake up.

I needed to make a trip to the bath room and as I was getting up I wondered how long it was going to take for my biological clock to adjust.

Having found my slippers I quietly opened the bedroom door and made my way across to the bathroom. I must have left the bedroom door partly open and as I opened the bathroom door, a through draught caused the bedroom door to slam shut with a loud bang. A couple of minutes later I returned to the bedroom and closed the door very carefully behind me.

When I turned away from the door I saw David sitting up in bed and he said "No need to creep around, something woke me up". "Oh Dave, I'm so sorry" I said, "That was me, I let the door slam". "No problem" said David "But now we're both awake you'd better come over here". My heart started to beat a little faster as I walked over to his bed where I found that he'd thrown his duvet back and had moved over to the far side.

I jumped in beside him and after he'd pulled the duvet back over us, he greeted me with a hug and I realised that he was completely nude. "Wow, this is a pleasant surprise" I said, as I returned the hug, "And by the way, Thanks for putting me to bed". "No trouble" said David, "actually I enjoyed it, but I thought I'd better leave you in your boxers, so now I'd better finish what I started".

With that he disappeared under the duvet and I felt his fingers clasp the waist band of my boxers.


I raised my butt and he slid my underpants down and soon had them around my ankles, so I kicked them off. David ran his hands over my inner thighs and gave my package a quick grope before kissing his way up over my tummy and chest where he sucked both my nipples in turn. I pushed the duvet down, rubbed my fingers through his hair and said "Are we safe here, I hope no-one is guna walk in on us". David said "No chance, the doorway to the main house has not been knocked through yet, so the only way in is through the outer door; that's locked and I have the key.

So we're secure and alone and I have you all to myself". "Wow, that's scary" I said, but I laughed and pulled him up so that our lips and our dicks met. We lay there gently humping while we sucked and wrestled one another's tongues, then we exchanged some pillow talk about how much we'd missed each other in the last year and David told me about some of the things he had in mind. "There are trips to the log cabin" he said.

"And you can have a go at driving my quad bike, and you must meet a couple of my close friends. Maybe we can organise a threesome". "Sounds great" I replied, "But right now all I want is to concentrate on you". With that David moved over to his right leaving his left leg between my legs and with his left hand he started to fondle my balls.

I reached underneath him and took his shaft in my hand. "Wow Dave" I said, "You're so wet" and he replied "I know; I've been saving myself for 4 or 5 days and I'm gunna blow a big wad". "So what position do you want me in" I said and Dave replied "Can I do it in you". I said "Of course you can and don't be so fucking polite, just stuff your big slippery dick up my butt and give it a trouncing.

With that David jumped out of bed, grabbed an extra pillow and a towel which he pushed under me, then he ripped open a condom packet and handed me the contents. While I was unrolling the sheath along his throbbing shaft, he poured some lube into the palm of his hand and splashed it liberally over the sheath.

Then he poured a little more lube onto my taint, just behind my sack and spread it along my crack with his finger. He inserted first one finger into me and then two and proceeded to finger fuck my ass before withdrawing his fingers and rubbing the tip of his dick around my anus. Now I had been practicing with a dildo about the same size as David's dick for a couple of months, so I knew I was going to be able to take him somewhat easier than last year.

So when David pressed his glans up against my little hole, it slipped in with very little effort and soon his entire length was inside me. "Ah" he said you've loosened up a bit since last year but you're still nice and tight and warm and your butt is more bouncy, I think you've put on a little bit of weight round there". He then slapped one cheek and then the other and grabbing my ankles he held my legs in the air and proceeded to slam into me.

He went at it like there was no tomorrow for nearly 2 minutes, and then he stopped a little breathless and said "Was that a big enough trounce for you". I said "It sure was, but slow down a bit cuz I can't keep up with you" . When David first entered me I enjoyed feeling his dick head slide past my prostate but while he was slamming me his strokes were not long enough for me to get the best effect.

I didn't say anything as I thought he may be enjoying it, but I was glad when he stopped. My dick had mostly lost its erection and when David noticed this he let go of my legs and started to coax it back. He held my shaft and after wetting his finger with saliva he "docked" his finger with my dick.

As he rubbed his finger round my glans, the lubrication from his saliva was soon joined by my precum and I was soon sporting a full boner. He took my shaft in his hand and rubbed slowly; keeping time with his own thrusts and each time his dick head slipped past my prostate he gave my dick head a little squeeze.

"Joe, I love your butt, you make a great fuck buddy" David said, "and I don't think I can hold out much longer". "Shoot when you like" I said "I'm longing to feel you climax inside me". Up till then David's thrusts had been accompanied by little grunts but now, as his pace increased, he was starting to moan.

He stopped rubbing my dick and leaning forward he grabbed me by the shoulders. I had hoped that we could cum together, but the expression on his face told me that he was only seconds away, so I started to wank myself. In among David's pants and moans a couple of words came through, "Oh Joe, I'm nearly---Oh---Oh fuck I'm there; Oh--- Oh—Aahhh" and as his body shook with his orgasm I felt his boy juices filling the condom inside me.

He took several deep breaths and started to relax as he slowly slipped out of me. He pulled off the condom into a tissue then lowered himself down on top of me and hugged. This made it impossible for me to carry on rubbing my cock and I was getting close, so I started to grind it against his tummy.

He quickly slid down in the bed and after slapping his cheek with my dick he ran his tongue around the bottom of my glans. Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't have held out much longer; there was no need to warn David, he knew only too well what was about to happen and he took my dick deep into his mouth. He started to bob up and down and by about the 4th bob he had to swallow as my 1st squirt hit the back of his throat.

He then lay completely still and let me fuck his mouth as I fired off several smaller squirts. David swallowed a couple more times then got up and cleaned his mouth and face in the towel before flopping back down beside me. Much to my amazement, in less than a minute, he'd gone back to sleep. I cleaned him up a bit more then I went back to the bath room and took a shower.

I returned to the bedroom, led on the bed and watched television with the sound turned right down. I dozed for a while and was awakened by David telling me it was time for breakfast. While walking round to the main house David said "Last night; did it really happen or did I dream it". I replied "It seemed pretty real to me".


After breakfast the days itinerary was arranged and I was to accompany David to the log cabin to help repair a fence which had been damaged by a falling tree. David explained that a much larger tree had fallen across the track so that the only vehicle which could reach the cabin was his quad bike which could divert through the woods.

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His bike was bigger and more powerful than I had imagined but was only built for one person. However the seat was fairly large and David told me to jump on and sit well back. Then he jumped on and ended up sitting practically on my lap, which was a very cosy arrangement, and he knew it. He deliberately drove over some undulating ground and adjusted his speed so that the machine bounced nicely over the humps.

For about 20 minutes we climbed fairly steeply around the side of the mountain and then came to the fallen tree. David turned off into the woods and continued through the undergrowth at a much slower pace. Suddenly, to my horror, I saw a bank in front of us with a gradient of about 30% and extending for about 200 yards.

David took a run at it while I closed my eyes and held on tight. I think I sensed the wheels starting to spin at one point, but then there was a bump and we were over the brow. We soon got back onto the main track and 5 minutes later arrived at the cabin clearing. David showed me around the cabin; it was much bigger and far more solidly constructed than I expected and was very well equipped with a large log burning stove, a generator for electric lighting and an oil fired boiler for water heating.

It had running water, pumped from a mountain stream and a radio telephone, communicating with the ranch house; in short, a home from home. David called the ranch house to tell them that we'd arrived, and then we set about repairing the fence.

Two chain saws made short work of the fallen tree, and we started to strain up some new fence wires. Part way through this there was a phone call which told David that he should be at the dentist in about an hour's time.

He thought for a moment then said "I'd better go, I missed my last appointment.

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Would you mind carrying on with the fence and I'll be back in about 3 hours". I agreed and David left, calling out as he drove away that I could call on the radio telephone if I needed anything.

It took me about 2 hours to complete the repairs to the fence then I made coffee and sat on a bench under the porch to await David's return. At about the time I was expecting David to show up there was a phone call; it was Uncle Ben who said that there was a problem. "There's a pretty nasty storm heading your way" he said, "It's already raining here, and I don't want David driving his bike through the woods in a storm.

So, can you make yourself comfortable in the cabin and we'll be up as soon as the storm clears. If things get rough, stay in the cabin, it's built like a battle ship; it's equipped with lightning conductors and the roof is reinforced with steel plates. Stay inside and you'll be quite safe". I looked at the sky and saw dark storm clouds rolling around the side of the mountain; the day light had taken on an eerie tint and a cold wind had started to blow.

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I saw we had left some equipment under a tall tree in the centre of the clearing, so I quickly put it under cover and by the time I got back to the cabin, it had started to rain. I shut the cabin door and put a light to the log fire. Although I had only been in the rain for a few seconds, my jeans and jacket were a little damp so I took them off and hung them on a chair by the fire. It was getting a bit dark so I tried switching on the lights and was pleasantly surprised when the generator started automatically and the lights came on.

I tried the television set but there was no signal, however there was a VCR and some video cassettes. I selected an interesting film, made more coffee, put a couple more logs on the fire and settled down to watch the film while the storm raged outside.

The film lasted about 90 minutes and at the end I found that the rain was still lashing down and it was now completely dark.

There were occasional flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder in the distance. I was feeling a bit hungry so decided to see what I could find in the kitchen area. About half an hour later the electrical storm had moved much closer and there were some spectacular displays of lightning.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash and an explosion which rocked the cabin, causing some cooking utensils in the kitchen to fall onto the floor. I looked out of the window and saw that the tall tree in the clearing had suffered a direct strike.

The trunk had been split down the middle, leaving half the tree standing and the other half on the floor. Despite the torrential rain both halves were blazing furiously, sending smoke, steam and sparks swirling around the clearing. I tried calling on the radio to explain what was happening but the phone seemed dead, just producing white noise and crackles.

Then I realised that there was no point in calling the ranch house as there nothing they could do about the situation. I stayed watching the tree burn and then the last thing that I was expecting happened ---- there was a knock on the door . I opened the door and there was a young lad (well, I guess about a year younger than me), he was soaked to the skin, covered in mud, trembling and looked terrified.

He took a step forward, stumbled and as I caught him he muttered "Help me". I dragged him across to the fire, sat him on a chair and started to pull off his wet clothes. He wasn't able to help very much in fact he had difficulty in sitting upright. He was able to tell me that he got lost in the storm on the mountain and after walking for a couple of hours had seen the cabin lights and was making his way toward the door.

Unfortunately, as he was walking past the tree the lightning struck and he was thrown into the air. When he hit the ground, the falling tree landed beside him, covering him in a shower of sparks. He said "I feel numb, I can't feel my arms or legs and I can't see very well.

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The radio was still out so I was unable to call for help. I realised that I had to get him warm so I heated some water for coffee and while waiting for it to heat I quickly checked him over for any sign of burns; thankfully there was none. I had to "feed" the coffee to him as he was unable to hold the mug.

When he'd finished it I carried him to the shower, set the temperature to the hot side of comfortable and got into the shower with him as he was unable to stand by himself.

I held him in the hot shower for several minutes and eventually he said "That's better, I'm beginning to feel my top half", and I noticed that he was now taking his own weight, but unable to balance. Taking a chance that he wouldn't fall, I pushed him into the corner and holding him with one hand I took the shower head and directed the hot water at his tummy and legs. After several minutes he said "My legs are starting to tingle", so I dropped to my knees and gave each leg an energetic massage, and then I rubbed his arms, shoulders and chest.

I pulled him away from the corner of the shower and massaged his back, ribs, hips and bum cheeks. I couldn't help giving his bum cheeks a little squeeze and he said "Oh, I definitely felt that". We must have stayed in the shower for about 20 minutes, and the feeling gradually returned to all his limbs. I began to feel happier about the situation as he was obviously recovering, and as I combed the hair out of his eyes with my fingers I realised that he was very good looking and quite cute.

I said "Now that you're able to stand, shall we continue by toasting ourselves in front of the fire". He replied "Sounds good". He got to the fire under his own steam (albeit a little unsteadily) and I asked him his name. He said "I'm Jamie" and I replied "Hi Jamie, I'm Joe".

I'd brought a couple of towels from the bath room and I started to dry Jamie. I'd dried most of him except the obvious parts, which I'd expected him to do but he made no attempt to take over, so after a short hesitation I thought "What the hell", folded the towel over my hand and pressed it into his crack.

I rubbed my fingers up and down 2 or 3 times, and then I dapped his nut sack and gave his shaft a little squeeze through the towel. This made him start to chub, but I pretended not to notice and began to dry my own hair. The thunder was still rumbling around and at this point there was another fairly close strike. The look of horror on Jamie's face told me that he was reliving his earlier traumatic ordeal, so I pulled him close to me and said "Its ok, you're perfectly safe in here" and I added inaudibly "I hope".

In order to reassure and calm him I went back to massaging his back and ribs when I suddenly felt something pressing into my leg. Jamie quickly pulled away from me and stood there looking embarrassed and sporting a 5 inch uncut boner, which was throbbing in tune with his heart beats. "I'm so sorry" he blurted and I said "What for". "Well, my thingy, it was poking into you" he said. "That's no problem" I said "In fact, it's good, because if your thingy (as you call it) has gone into "pokey" mode, it means that you must be feeling very much better".

He was attempting to hide his dick from me with his hand so I said "There's no need to be shy about that package, a dick of that size is something to be proud about. A little coyly he said "Well I do give it quite a lot of exercise".

I laughed and said "Don't we all". The rumblings outside were continuing, though somewhat abated, but Jamie still seemed a little apprehensive, so I said "Its ok, come here and give me another hug".

He glanced down at his stiff cock and said "You sure you don't mind". I said "It's perfectly all right by me, as long as it doesn't worry you" and Jamie said "Oh I love it".

I took a step toward him and after pressing his dick up against his tummy I pulled on his bum cheeks and held him tight up against me. We stood swaying for a while then I said "So how often do you exercise that beasty then" and he said "At least once a day, sometimes twice".

"Well why don't you give it a seeing to now" I said, "That would sort out your boner and help to warm you up.

"What; jerk off now" he said, and I replied "Yes, why not". "I don't know if I could do it with you watching" Jamie said and I replied "Well I could close my eyes".

Jamie thought for a couple of seconds then stared straight at me and said "You'd peep".

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"Too right I would" I said and we both dissolved into laughter. As the laughter subsided I put a hand down between us and said "Or if you like I could help" and I gripped the foreskin over his dick head and gently moved it up and down. Jamie's eyes closed and after a couple of seconds he quietly whispered "Don't stop". As I carried on slowly wanking him, I said "Are you gay, by any chance" and he said "Pretty much so; I may be bi but I've never been with a girl, there just isn't any round here".

I remembered then that David had told me the same thing last year. Jamie's dick had gone even harder and the end was wet with precum, so I took his shaft in my hand and wanked him more positively while he continued to say "There's a small group of us lads who meet up pretty frequently and kind of help each other out". I thought to myself that all this was too much of a coincidence and I asked Jamie if he knew a guy a bit older than him who had a quad bike and he said "Do you mean David; he is just about my closest friend".

I said "Small world, he's my cousin. He was here with me earlier but had to leave to go to the dentist and the storm stopped him coming back". "So this is Ben's cabin then, David has told me about it" said Jamie, stopping in mid-sentence and gripping me tightly around the shoulders.

I looked at his face which had taken on an expression as though he was in pain and at the same time his dick twitched in my hand a couple of times.

I turned him a little so that he was facing the wood pile just as a jet of semen shot from his dick. This was followed by a couple more minor squirts and a little dribble. I carried on rubbing him slowly until he was completely spent, then I held him while he came back down to earth. When Jamie had got his breath back he said "There's one thing you were definitely right about; that certainly warmed me up.

I met up with two pals earlier today and we were going to have some fun in the woods, but that storm broke before we did anything so I was very glad when you came onto me". "Well you're cute" I said, "and I'm bi and I found you quite irresistible, so I was delighted that you recovered so quickly. "That's good" said Jamie, "Because I can't get enough and by the look of the precum on the end of your dick, I should say that you're waiting for me to return the favour".

"I certainly am" I said, "But first there are a couple of things to do. There's a large pizza which David brought this morning; I'm going to pop that in the oven and then we must try the radio phone as your parents are going to be very worried about you". The phone still wasn't working although the thunder storm had now disappeared in the distance, so I sat beside the phone making repeated calls.

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After a while Jamie came and sat on my lap, gently massaging and fondling me. This, of course, kept my dick fully erect and I noticed that his dick was beginning to stiffen up again. The smell of the hot pizza began to assail our nostrils and Jamie said "I believe I could be feeling as hungry as I am horny", so he went to the oven, checked that it was cooked and sliced it up.

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I had just taken one bite when the phone sprang into action; it was David asking how things were up at the cabin. I said "Everything is fine, though there has been a bit of excitement. You no longer have a tree in the clearing, it was hit by lightning and a friend of yours, Jamie, has turned up, soaking wet and covered in mud but he's been dusted down and now he's fine". "Wow" exclaimed David, "His father called half an hour ago to see if I knew where he was; a search party is about to be organised".

"Oh, stop him" I said "Tell him that Jamie is sitting in front of a blazing log fire and munching pizza". "That's terrific" said David, "I'll call Jake right now and get back to you later". Jamie came back and sat on my lap again; in one hand he had a slice of pizza and in the other, my dick.

When we'd finished eating, Jamie went across to the fire and stretched, basking in its warmth. Our underclothes which had been draped over chairs by the fire were now completely dry but neither of us felt inclined to get dressed. Jamie said "This is a most erotic set up; do you think we could get a mattress from one of the bunks and put it in front of the fire and then turn the lights out"? I said "Let's do it" and helped him set it up. In the semi darkness and flickering glow of the fire Jamie's cute body seemed even more enticing; we embraced and cavorted around sucking, kissing and fondling, finally ending up in the 69 position.

Jamie was alternating between deep throating me and gently stimulating the sensitive spot under my dick head with the tip of his tongue. I was sucking the head of his dick while gently fondling his nut sack and running a finger along his crack. I could feel my excitement building and I told Jamie that I was close. I took his dick out of my mouth as I didn't want to lose control and bite him.

I carried on wanking him slowly as he sucked harder on my dick and bobbed up and down faster, at the same time plunging several fingers into my crack and rubbing my anus. I exploded with a powerful orgasm sending several jets of semen into his throat.

The 3rd squirt caught him off guard and he gagged. He pulled off me, coughed and gasped for breath while I sent 2 more squirts onto his cheek.

He rubbed my dick head against the slippery patch on his cheek then went back to sucking the last few drops out of me. After a little while we both stood up and Jamie faced the fire and rubbed his dick slowly while I retrieved a packet of condoms from the back pocket of my jeans. He stopped rubbing and held his dick straight out while I unrolled a sheath onto him. He was leaking pre-cum and a few drops soon collected in the sheath's teat. I squeezed the teat and spread it all round his dick head and then I grasped the head and shaft in my hand.

Jamie gave a little gasp and started to fuck my hand, his dick sliding in the pre-cum lubricated sheath. I let him carry on for a minute or so, and then I said "I want to feel that dick inside me". Jamie said "I can't wait to get it there" and we both crashed back down onto the mattress. Jamie was on his back with me straddling him and his dick pressing against my taint. He pulled my bum cheeks apart and pushed his dick head against my tight little hole so I slowly lowered myself onto him.

His dick was only two thirds the girth of David's, so I was easily able to accommodate him and his head immediately slipped in. I started to bounce up and down with his head just inside me but Jamie thrust upward and with a loud sigh, plunged all of his 5 inches into me. He continued to bounce off the mattress and I matched his movements for several minutes. I was surprised to find that the feeling of Jamie's dick in me caused me to go hard again, in spite of cumming just a few minutes before.

Jamie started to increase his pace and I was finding it difficult to keep my movements synchronised with his and his dick slipped out a couple of times.

In the end I remained still and let Jamie pound my ass from below. He carried on thrashing around with his breathing getting heavier and faster and then he stopped and, pulling me down on him, gave 3 or 4 heavy thrusts as he said "Yes--- Yes--- YESSSSSss and then trembled a little as he gradually relaxed. His dick gave 2 or 3 more twitches then it gradually wilted and slipped out of me. He pulled the condom off and after throwing it into the fire he pressed his lips against mine and I sucked his tongue.

We stayed cuddling for about half an hour then Jamie started to rub my dick with long slow strokes then he pushed me to one side and got up onto his hands and knees.

Still rubbing my dick he reversed up against me and manoeuvred my dick into his crack. I was leaking pre-cum and making a pretty good job of lubing up his butt hole when he pushed back and my dick head started to slide in. I really wanted to thrust it straight in as his warm inside felt wonderful, but I was not wearing a sheath and it took all my will power to pull out and make a grab for the condom packet.

As my glans broke contact with Jamie's anus he quietly whined "Noooo" and I said "Hold on a mo." as I quickly pulled on a sheath. It was on in record time and I was back nudging his butt hole with my sheathed dick head. Jamie pulled his butt cheeks wide apart and wiggling his butt from side to side he pushed back onto me, so that I effortlessly slipped back into him.

His warm tight tunnel felt wonderful and I could tell from his little moans that he was enjoying this as much as I was. "Go on Joe, fuck me" Jamie said "I much prefer being bottom". I kept up a steady pace for the next 5 minutes and then slowed down a little as my excitement began to build. For a few minutes I edged myself and from Jamie's reaction it seemed like I was pressing all his buttons. Eventually I said "Jamie, do you want to cum, and he said "I sure do, let's go for it".

With that he pulled away from me, flipped over onto his back and put his legs on my shoulders. I plunged straight back into him and started to thrust with increasing speed. Jamie grabbed his dick and started jerking himself fairly fast. We were both breathing very heavily and making little moans, and Jamie's were gradually increasing in pitch. I just managed to say "I'm cumming" and I blew it, a few seconds before Jamie got there. I was just experiencing the last couple of pangs of pleasure from my orgasm when I felt Jamie's sphincter grip my dick 2 or 3 times.

The thumping sound of his hand hitting his crotch changed to a squelching sound as his jizz trickled down over his hand, through his pubes and over his nut sack, a little splashing on to my tummy.

He pulled my condom off and rubbed our slippery dicks together, squeezing them gently as they both became flaccid. After lowering his legs he pulled me down on top of him, and that's how we stayed until we decided it was time to go for a quick shower. We washed and dried each other, then returned to the mattress and after putting more logs on the fire, we huddled together, still naked, and eventually we both dozed off.

I woke up at about 6 am, feeling cold and I realised that the fire was almost out. I quickly put a few thin logs on the fire and threw a sleeping bag over Jamie. My clothes were completely dry so I partly dressed and rearranged Jamie's jeans and jacket which were still a little damp.

Having checked that the fire was burning up I got under the sleeping bag and cuddled up to Jamie who was still sound asleep. The next thing I remember was being awakened at 8 am by the phone bleeping. It was David; he said that he and Michael were about to leave in the Jeep, they would drive up to the fallen tree and walk the last half mile. "So" said David, "See you in about half an hour".

I thought to myself that if David's older brother was going to turn up, then I'd better get Jamie dressed, so I started to pull his underpants up round his legs.

When I got them to the top I picked up his legs and put them over my shoulders to help get the material under his bum cheeks. This action caused Jamie to wake up; he blinked a couple of times, grinned and said "I'll do that", whereupon he pushed his underpants back down. "No—no" I said "we're going the other way, I was trying to get you dressed".

"That's a pity" said Jamie, "But why on earth do you want to do that". I explained the situation to Jamie and somewhat reluctantly he sat up and started to dress himself. Jamie's jeans were dry now but still covered in mud, so we removed most of that with a stiff brush and he put them on. Then we tidied the cabin, putting things back in their proper place; we made coffee and sat down to await the arrival of my cousins.

We didn't have long to wait as a couple of minutes later we heard David's voice calling across the clearing "Hi guys, How you doing". We opened the door and there was David sprinting toward us. We grabbed him and stayed in a 3 way hug for the next minute. "Where's Michael" I said, and David explained that they had brought a large chain saw with them and Michael was removing some of the branches from the fallen tree. "So" said David "What did you two get up to last night".

Jamie and I put on our best innocent expressions and answered in unison "Nothing". "I thought so" David said "I had a job to get to sleep, thinking about what you guys would be doing", and with that he lowered his arms and gave our bum cheeks a squeeze.

"It wasn't all like that" I said, "Jamie actually had a very close call", and I went on to explain about the lightning strike. "Holy Cow" exclaimed David "What a good job you were up here Joe, and I don't think we'd better let your father know all the details (about the lightning that is) Jamie, or he won't let you out again".

"That's what I'd been thinking" Jamie said, "And I'm so glad that Joe was here because I was at the end of my tether when I reached the cabin, but he did a fantastic job of warming me up and an even better job of warming me up still more". "Now you really have me envious" said David and he pulled us both a little closer. I took Jamie's hand and guided it to the bulge at the top of David's left leg, saying "There's something here which needs your attention".

Jamie immediately pulled David's zipper down and groped around for a while, before guiding David's boner out into the open. I released David's belt and the top button of his jeans, allowing them to fall to the floor. "I say guys" said David, "I wasn't expecting this but I'm not going to stop you and we'll have to be quick because of Michael".

"A quickie it is then" said Jamie and he started stroking David's dick. I dropped to my knees behind David and ran my hands all over his back, his bum cheeks and his inner thighs.

Then I parted his cheeks and gently brushed a finger against his little bud. Meanwhile, Jamie had his lips around David's dick head and was slurping loudly. On a previous occasion, when I'd made David climax while standing, his knees had given out so I stood up, put my arms round him and held tight. He suddenly gave a long sigh and thrust hard into Jamie's mouth, causing Jamie to gag.

Jamie pulled off and fought to catch his breath but stayed jerking David's shaft while he was struggling. When he'd recovered he opened his mouth and went to get his lips back round David's glans but his jerking had already taken David over the top and was hit full in the face by David's 1st squirt. He stroked David's dick while the next two ropes of cum erupted and then got his mouth back around it and sucked; finally leaving David to fuck his face slowly for the last couple of seconds.

Now that David's hormones had been slaked, we quickly tidied up and made our way down the track to where Michael was busy sawing through branches. We paused just before rounding the last bend and David said "I hope Mike is ready to leave as we must all be ready for our late breakfast.

When that's done I must find out what mom and dad have organised so that I know when I can arrange for the 3 of us to be together again". "You must definitely do that" I said, "So let's go".