Perfect creampie for hot Athina by All Internal

Perfect creampie for hot Athina by All Internal
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I wake up the next morning and don't feel like school, I quickly write some stuff in my book so I can say at home, then I grab Sandra's but and push a finger in. Sandra squirms in her sleep and I pull it out again before turning to my mother and squeezing a nipple to wake her up.

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Once she's awake I guide her mouth to my cock. She opens it and I push my cock in as deep as possible. I push deeper and deeper until I feel my mother gag on my dick. I feel some salvia coming up from her throat so I pull out and leave a line of drool between her lips and my cock. "Mom I need a piss." I say, My mother opens her mouth to let me piss in it but I slap her. "Not in your mouth, I want to kiss that, spread your asshole for me mommy!" I shout, my mother raises her ass puts a couple of fingers in it and spreads it out.


I look at her face and see it's twisted in pain. "Wonderful mom." I say and I let loose my golden stream of piss, I aim all of it inside her ass.


Once I'm finished I tell my mother to let go of her ass and get started on breakfast. In the mean time I turn to Sandra, I press my dick against her face so she wakes up with my dick in her face, when she does she gobbles it up and starts sucking me off.

After only a minute I pull my cock out of her mouth and kick her to the shower. I follow behind her and get under the shower with her, all the time we shower my hands wander over Sandra's young body but I don't fuck her.

After the shower I take Sandra to the kitchen for breakfast. My mother has prepared 3 omelet s for us. They are already placed on the table, I take on plate and drop it next to the table. "Sandra, you're a pet and you'll eat like a pet." I order, she doesn't have a second thought and digs in, face first, like a dog.

I sit down on the table and start eating my eggs. "So Frank what are you going to do today?" my mother asks. "I think I'm gonna go looking for another slut to bang, perhaps a nice twink or a tranny too." I react, if I would've said this 2 days ago my mother would have freaked but now she just smiles and nods.

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I finish my breakfast and see Sandra is also finished with hers. "You two go into town and buy some nice toys, you know whips, dildos, chains, lingerie." I command them, Sandra and my mom nod and run to the bedroom to put on clothes to leave.

I go to my own room and put on a shirt and a pair of jeans. I pull on some shoes and make my way outside. The city is a good place to start looking for a new bitch.

I walk across the street and look around, I'm not in the mood for a young girl, right now I'm looking for something a bit more exotic, off course I could just write it in the book and she or he would appear but that's not how I want things to work.

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I want someone to break, someone who might be defiant and have flaws and those people are easy to find. I walk passed a woman and I know she's the one. She's tall, black hair, nice tits not too big but defiantly a C cup. Her hair is braided together, but judging by her build I clearly see she isn't completely female.

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I subtly turn around and follow her. She doesn't notice me following her and when she turns into a small back alley I grab my chance.

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I draw a quick sprint so I catch up too here and grab her by her mouth and crotch, where I clearly feel a soft dick. "You feel nice bitch, what do you say we go to my place and have some fun?" I ask her rhetorically. The tranny wriggles around in my grip but when I move my hand away from her dick pull out my knife and press it too her back, her body relaxes and she nods.

"Come with me." I say and she carefully moves with me to a hotel. I guide her to the lobby pay for a room and we go up to the rented room. Once there I force her to sit down on the bed.

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"Alright my little pet how about you take of those clothes and give me a little show." I say before I lean back against the desk in to room. The tranny starts stripping of all her clothes, embarrassed and slow but they come off. "This is taking to fucking looking." I say when she reaches her shirt and panties, I step forward, smash her down on the bed and rip open her shirt revealing her tits.

I rub them and put her hands on my pants.

"Take them off." I order her, with shivering hands the tranny starts tugging at my pants. They finally come off and I shove my dick in her mouth, I pump in and out of her, I don't care for her so I just make her choke down on my dick.


I feel something wet on my body and look down to see that the girl is crying. "Oh come on you little slut, this will be the rest of your life, better get used to it." I tell her and then I pull my cock out.

"On your knees whore." I command her, she only takes a second to do it, I'm presented with a cute ass with a small cock dangling between it.

I grab her balls and make her squeal in pain. "Stop it please!" She cries. I land a had hit on her ass. "You are mine, you don't do anything without my saying." I say. "I'm not, please let me go." She pleads.

"Alright, let's try this." I say. I position my dick in front of her anus and start pushing, the pressure on my cock grows with each inch I push inside her. Once I'm fully in I grab her braid and pull her up by it. "Do you like it?" I ask her, I look down at her tiny dick and grab it and start stroking it. "You do oh you are a little slut." I say, it only takes her a few minutes of fucking her bum and roughly jerking her off to shoot a load all over my hand. I lift it in front of her face and command her to clean it up.

A few minutes after she came I hear her breathing increasing.

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This bitch is enjoying it. "You want me to shoot in your bum?" I ask her as I squeeze her nipple. She doesn't answer so I slap her tit. "I asked you a question, answer it." I command her. "Yes I love it please keep fucking me." She admits. I don't answer instead I thrust faster in her bum, I feel I'm close to cumming so I pull my dick out of her ass and get in front of her. She sitting up on her knees, I put the tranny's hands on it and make her jerk me to my climax, when I cum I shoot all over her belly, tits and face.

I look at the girl on her knees in front of me, covered in cum, panting. "Go get cleaned up, after that go to this address, tell them Frank send you." I command her, the girl does as I say and I leave a note with the address. I get up from the bed and put on my clothes. I leave the room and walk down the stairs, there I call my mother up and tell her about the girl that will be moving in with us.

I walk out of the hotel and head to a local burger joint.