First anal fisting at home

First anal fisting at home
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Dad and me Tonight after dinner, I called out to my dad: " Dad, I want to talk to you about something in the lounge privately, is that OK?" He replied: "By all means, let us." We adjourned to the lounge where one of our servants brought us each a drink and then left.

"What is it my son?" "Dad, can I be open and honest with you about everything?" "Of course you can, my son" "I have noticed that your wives are seeming to be neglected sexually and they seem to be depressed and rather unhappy most of the time. I even think they may truly be depressed." "My son, you have been here more than me, so you are maybe a better judge.


But when they are with me, I haven't felt that." "Of course, dad, they are happy when they are with you. But the time you have is not enough to satisfy their longings." "Do you have an idea what can be done, my son?" "Yes, I do Dad." " Then praise Allah, tell me what you have on your mind" "Yes, dad, holy is his Name, I think that they can be kept very happy all the time, if you let me help you with this." "In what way my son" "You know, dad, I am a mature man now, and also have my own needs for sex and love.

My mothers all love me very much as do you." Since there are four of them and only one of you, they would be twice as happy maybe more so, if I helped you out with your marital obligations. Of course, only if you are willing. "My beloved son, I had never thought of that possibility, but I believe that you are absolutely right.

I would like for us to compare our endowments, so I may see that you are up to doing it, if that is alright with you." "Oh my father, I will gladly do that for you: So I drop my robe and stand there nude in front of my father while he does the same.

"Now, my son, we need to engorge ourselves, and I believe the best way is for some hot and wet stimulation. Do you agree?" "Yes, my father" I say as I check out his nice looking cock and balls. I had no idea he was shaved.

I feel my own phallus becoming harder and longer as we stand there and converse. I also notice he is also becoming stiffer.

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We continued talking about things for a few minutes, then he said: "It looks like we are both set to go to work, I shall test you, and then you return the favor" He actually knelt down on a prayer rug in front of me and began to fondle my spheres and stroke my cock.

I began to get very hard and erect with this treatment. "My son, you are a fine man, and that is a wonderful tool for pleasure you have there, it looks like 28cm at least. Now I want to check your output.: With that, he engulfed my protrusion with his mouth and began to vigorously twirl his tongue around it, sucking and squeezing and giving elevator like motions to the shaft.

"Oh Dad, I am going, it is here, here it comes, now" and with that I blasted about 8 good squirts down his throat which he swallowed after I saw him swirling it around in his mouth. "Allah is merciful, my son. You are worthy of the proposed tasks at hand, now let me see how well you can match me.

You tasted very good indeed." With that I changed places with him on the prayer rug and I noticed he was really blown up to the hardness of steel. He was also dripping a large amount of fluid from the end hole. I immediately placed one hand around him and the other under his balls from whence I originated years ago. I began rolling them lightly, as I licked every drop from his shaft. I slowly stroked his cock and licked the end for a few minutes.

Then was ready for the finale. I never did this before, having been kept home most of the time except when in school. I never went out with other guys and of course alcoholic drinks are forbidden.

We have only the finest wine at home, and that was what we after dinner. I now enveloped his long hard cock with my mouth and began to orally stroke and twirl and lick. Very soon I heard from him: "Oh my beloved son, you are wonderful, that feels so good, you are even better than any of my wives, your mothers, keep on, keep on, faster, faster." I increased my speed and then: "My son, I am giving you all of it right now,OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." and with that I felt warm slick milk like fluid shooting out of my father's dick into my mouth.

There were at least 9 shots. I copied him and swirled it around tasting the complete effluence of it, mixing it with more saliva, and again swirling and tasting the load before swallowing it.

I thought, I could get very used to doing this it was wonderful, and especially since it is my beloved father. Once finished, I arose from the prayer rug and we both sat down nude on the couch, facing each other. "My father, Allah be praised, you can see the wisdom of my proposed path of righteousness with my mothers?" "My son, Allah be praised, you have shown me the way.

This action will bring much more happiness to our family and bring us all much closer together. Let us know discuss the protocol we shall follow. I also wanted to ask you, if you thought you could pleasure your mothers orally as you just did for me." "Dad, I will be happy to please my mothers in every way they want me to. Whatever they like." "My son, you have never had a woman before, have you?" "No father, I am a virgin" "We shall change that very shortly.but I want you to know that your mothers also, besides, oral satisfaction, like to have something filling them from front or back." "Dad, you mean, excuse me, like fuck their asshole?" "Exactly my son.

And more, sometimes they like to have sexual pleasure with each other too while with me. I have sometimes had all four of them with me at the same time and it was simply marvelous. I would expect you to do the same and also to participate in pleasuring them with me on occasion." "My father, I believe that this is going to be the happiest family in Saudi Arabia.

Are we violating any edicts of the Quran with this?" "Allah be praised my son, the Quran in several places endorses such familial trysts. After all, they are all my wives and you are of the blood religiously of all of your mothers and me. So since we are all one blood, it is like doctrinally, one of us pleasuring our self.

"I think now, my son would be a very good time to divest you of your virginity and have you become a full man.": He clapped for the servants and told them to prepare the floral bedroom with cushions all over the floor, and return when completed.

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Shortly after, they returned and told him all was ready. He had used this room for pleasure romps many times with one or more wives.

So the servants were used to making these preparations. He told them to have his wives assemble in the floral room. We then carried our robes and went to join them. As we entered the room, the women were sitting on a long couch beside each other and chattering away.

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They immediately stopped their chatter and stood up. My birth mother, Yasmin, greeted us: "My beloved husband and son, it is such a wonderful pleasure to see you this evening. We all give you Allah's blessing for being here with us.

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It is an unexpected surprise to see my beloved son with you. I am so pleased with how he has grown up and out." By now my hot throbbing dick was sticking straight out, all 28cm of it, and copious fluid dripping off of it. I could tell my mother was pleased, even though she had no idea why both of us were here and totally nude. She and the other wives bowed to us and resumed their seats on the couch.

My father then spoke: "My beloved wives, and mothers to my son, it has come to my attention that you have all been lacking in the necessary love and attention from me. Therefore, from this forth, that lack will cease.


My son and I are now both at the beck and call of all of you for whatever pleasure you wish., and that is why we are both here together. He is still a virgin, never having known a woman, or even having seen one. So Yasmin, as his birth mother, I think it is entirely fitting that you should be the one to introduce him to all the earthly pleasures women can give to men." My birth mother stood up and addressed my father.

"My beloved husband, it would be my greatest honor to do so, shall I begin?" "Yasmin, my beloved, by all means take Abdul in hand and begin his education so that he may bring you all pleasure to the fullest, I want all of you wives to fully divest yourselves of all clothing one at a time and dance for us as you do it, while we sit on the couch." With that, Yasmin walked to the middle of the room, we sat down on the couch beside the other wives and she began a slow slow dance with much whirling and movement of fabric as she stripped down.

When she was done she returned to the couch. As she walked to the middle of the room I was watching her hip movements and breast ripples under her robe. As she danced and slowly lowered her robe a little at a time, I first saw the cleavage between her breasts, then more and more of those lovely shaped blooms as she continued.

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When her nipples appeared they were standing straight out. Those same nipples that had fed me for nearly a year after I was born. I felt like my prod was going to explode it felt so tight.

She continued slowly dropping her robe. Her navel with a jewel in it appeared, and she was swirling her hips around and around, then she just dropped the robe to the floor and stepped out of it. I was overwhelmed and nearly shot my load then and there.

I just had to put hand around my shaft and rub the slicky, slicky wetness around on it, but carefully. She was completely hairless all over, no small feat for a woman with black luxurious hair down to her waist.

The other wives were avidly watching me and my cock, I saw 2 of them licking their lips. They sort of ignored Dad, but I guess I was like a fresh prize to them, so I got all of their attention. Then the one next to me on the left reached over, removed my hand and replaced it with hers, while the one on the right placed her hand around my balls and began to massage them lightly.

All the while Yasmin was dancing then sank down to her knees, and then on to her back, she put her legs up with her pussy facing me and began dancing her legs with them spread far apart. I had never seen a pussy before. I was snapped out of my rapt attention by my father, suddenly. "Abdul, you must now go to your mother Yasmin, kneel between her legs and taste her essence.

Massage her completely with your tongue until she explodes with pleasure. After that you may use your fingers and tongue until she again trembles in ecstacy. Following that, place your instrument between her lips and let her drink your nutrients.

She must continue until your pole of love is ready to be inserted into her body.


"In the meantime we shall all attend your every move and sound from both of you with rapt attention. So begin my son, you will soon be a man." I went over to her where she lay, with her legs held up and with as much attention to every nook and cranny as I could, memorized her pussy, opening the slit with my fingers, feeling the hardness of the nub at the top of the slit, and wondering in amazement at the copious moisture exuding from it.

After total and complete examination and feeling of her, I decided first I wanted some tit, like I had as a baby, so I kissed from her pussy up to her breast and to the left nipple which I then placed in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over on it and began to suck it and the surrounding skin into my mouth. She began to buck and moan as I did so, I looked at her face and there was total and complete adoration looking back at me.

I moved to the the right side and repeated my duty on her nipple. Then following my father's instructions I moved kissing all the way down to her pussy again, and sucked the hard nub into my mouth.

As I did she said to me: "Ohh Abdul, my darling son, suck my clitty hard." Hmmm, so now I know what it is called, I thought. I continued pleasuring her until as my father had predicted she had a wondrous spasming groaning orgasm. Following his advice I now began exploring inside her with my fingers while also drinking her luscious juices flowing plenteously from her orifices.

I couldn't help but notice that two of the other wives had lain down on the carpet and were busy head to toe engaged with each other, but my own task kept me well occupied.

My father was busying himself with the other wife on the couch. Within minutes she had another fabulous orgasm that rocked both of us hard.

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Heeding my Dad's advice, I knelt over her body with her breasts rubbing my crotch, and placed my staff in her oral recess. She immediately began working me with such finesse I could hardly last more than a couple of minutes. I yelled and let fly a huge blast of 10 squirts of cream into her mouth.

Holding me inside, she began to swirl it all around and over me too. Making mmmmmmm sounds. Then she swallowed. She continued holding me and working me until after about 5 minutes I was rock hard again. I heard Dad speak: "My son you are now ready to become a man and lover to all of our women, so take your proper place to begin, and let Yasmin guide you."