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Model euro babe getting pussy pounded and cant get enough
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UNEXPECTED VISITOR PART ONE As I sat on the veranda enjoying the warm morning sun and eating my breakfast, I pondered over what the day might have in store for me. My wife had already left for work and I had little that needed my attention today so I just planned to take things easy. While I sipped at my coffee, a flash of reflected sunlight caught my eye.

I looked up and saw that it was the morning plane from Sydney banking on to its final approach to the airport and had reflected the sun for an instant as it turned. I casually watched it as it slowly descended from the crisp, blue autumn sky and disappeared from sight behind trees and hills. I began to think about all my friends in Sydney, the place of my birth and up-bringing. There were many fond memories of people and places; of such good times I had experienced.

I realized that these thoughts were making me feel sad and I didn't want to feel that way on such a beautiful day.

So I returned to the morning newspaper until about fifteen minutes later, the 'phone rang and I went inside to answer it. "Uncle Dan, this is Brett." I was almost dumbfounded! "Brett mate, where are you?" I said excitedly. "At the airport; I just flew in. Can you pick me up?" "Of course mate" I answered "Stay right where you are. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes. You can tell me all about this great surprise then." As I hung up the 'phone, I jumped for joy.

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Brett, 19, is my brother's youngest son and he and I had become very close to each other over the last few years. He had been up and stayed with us on a couple of occasions, the last being a little over a year ago. He had stayed for two weeks and came out working with me most days. During this time, I found out that he had a small drug problem. Nothing serious, but all the same, I was concerned for his future, health and well being etc.

etc. We had a serious, private talk about the whole thing and I assured him that I wouldn't mention it to his parents as long as he promised to keep me informed of how he was getting on. Anyway, this had drawn us closer than ever. I had, of course, told him that he could stay with me any time no matter where I was.

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I drove a little faster than I should have on the journey to the airport and I was there in about twelve minutes. I parked hurriedly and almost ran to the terminal building.


Brett was there, standing outside the door waiting for me. When he saw me, his face lit up with a beautiful smile. We threw our arms around each other and hugged hard - cheek to cheek, despite the crowd around us. He was travelling fairly light - only one medium sized overnight bag which I quickly picked up from his feet and said "Come on mate, we're out of here" as we headed for the car. The trip home was more leisurely but still seemed to take no time at all. As I drove, I put my hand on his leg and said "Brett, you have no idea how pleased I am to see you." He glanced down at my hand patting his thigh, which he moved closer towards me, and said "I'm pleased to see you too Uncle Dan." "Hey mate, drop the 'Uncle', ok?

You're a big boy now." "Haha, ok" he replied. Brett had grown a bit in the time since I last saw him. He was now around 6ft and had developed a firm and trim body; a flat belly and a nice six pack. His face had matured and his clean cut features made him a real good looking guy. I parked in the garage and we both got out and met at the rear of the car to collect his bag from the boot.

As we approached each other, I said "Now we can say hello properly" and put out my arms. He came to me eagerly and we embraced warmly with our lower bodies pressed together. (This surprised me a little even though I was sure Brett knew of my bi-sexuality).

Almost instantly, I felt our cocks getting hard as they pressed against each other, straining at the fabric of our clothing.

I whispered in his ear "Oh Brett, I'm sorry, but you turn me on" and he replied "It's ok, I like it too Uncle Dan, ahhh sorry---Dan." I slowly broke away from him, somewhat embarrassed at what had just happened but inwardly excited, and said "Now come and tell me why I am honoured with this surprise visit." We went inside the house and while I made us each a cup of coffee, Brett began: "Do you remember how you said you wouldn't tell my parents about me using pot?" "Of course" I replied.

"Well you needn't worry any more - they know" he went on. "Oh Brett, I'm sorry. How did that come about?" "Mum found a joint in my room and told Dad and he went off his brain; literally kicked me out saying he didn't want any 'druggies' in his family." I came with the coffee and we sat at the table. I put my hand on Brett's shoulder and said "don't worry too much. I'm sure your dad just over-reacted and he will settle down in time.

Does he know you have come here?" "No" he said. I just packed a bag and pissed off; didn't say anything to anyone." "They will all be very worried about you Brett, you must know that" I ventured. He went on "I don't care" but I could see he was becoming upset. "You poor guy" I said, "You are so up tight. How about a good soothing massage?" I suggested. "Oh that would be great" he said. I had given him full body massages before when he had come home tired and sore from a day's work and I knew how much he enjoyed it.

"Well, come on" I said as I led him to the massage room. (I do a bit of massage work on the side; more of a hobby than anything else.) While I prepared some oils, Brett stripped off to his jocks and climbed on to the table.

I started on his hands and arms with him lying face up. Then I moved to his chest and shoulders.

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He was lying with his eyes closed and I could tell that he was beginning to relax. I slowly moved down, over and around his belly and out to his hips. He was beginning to groan with pleasure.

As I gently rubbed around his hips, I could see the bulge in his underpants was growing bigger and bigger. I quietly said" How about we slip your jocks off so I don't get oil on them." "Sure, no problem" he said.

So I wiped my hands on a towel and slipped my fingers inside the elastic waist band and eased them down as he arched his back to make it easier.

In doing this, he thrust the front of his body up and as I was pulling the pants down, the waist got caught on his now fully erect cock and he grunted at the sudden pressure on the perfectly proportioned head.

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"Sorry" I croaked, as I lifted the elastic over this beautiful obstruction. Brett didn't say anything, just grinned with his eyes still closed.

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I slid his jocks down his legs and over his feet and turned back to look at his beautiful, firm young body with all his maleness in full view. His rock hard circumcised cock was parallel with his body but not touching it. It went all the way to his belly button - a good eight inches. A bead of clear, glistening pre-cum oozed from the piss slit as I watched.

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I resumed the massage, moving on to his legs and Brett's beautiful dick began pulsing slowly. My own cock was now trying to burst out of my shorts and I had it pressed firmly against the table. But as I moved a little further down towards Brett's feet, my raging hard-on was suddenly pressing against Brett's hand which was lying next to his thigh on the edge of the table. Brett's reaction was to push his fingers outward and against me.

This nearly made me blow my load in my shorts there and then. I groaned with the pleasure of his touch and pressed even harder against him. In the next instant, Brett had his hand up the leg of my shorts groping for my hard dick. At the same time, he grabbed my other hand and placed it right on his pulsing rod. I gently rubbed his pre-cum all over the now hot, flaring head of his manhood as Brett pulled my shorts down to expose my own pumping, hot cock also wet with pre-cum.

Brett took hold of the shaft of my dick and rubbed it against his hot, oily hip while I stroked his beautiful big balls and ran my other hand over his now hard nipples then back down over his hips and up the long shaft of his cock. Brett was now squirming and panting with excitement as was I. Suddenly, we both came at the same instant; streams of hot juicy white cream spurting from our raging cocks. It all landed on Brett's stomach and chest and I lifted myself on top of him and we rubbed our bodies together with the mat of sperm between us.

We lay like that for a couple of minutes, recovering before I led Brett through to the shower where we thoroughly washed each other down.

This was the first time Brett had ever been in a shower with anyone else and although he had blown a huge load only a few minutes earlier, he soon started getting hard again. The sight and feel of this delightful hunk, covered in soap and sliding against my body, also had a remarkable effect on me and it wasn't long before I was also very horny again. We both agreed that we wanted this fantastic feeling to last as long as possible. So we got out of the shower and towelled each other down before returning to the massage room.

We both remained naked and this time I started on Brett's back, using powder instead of oil. This gives a nice silky feel and is not as messy as oil. Brett was lying face down with his hands at the top of the table with his fingers hanging over the edge. From time to time, I would move around to the head of the table and work from his shoulders, down his back to his buttocks. To reach his beautiful firm bum, I had to lean over his head which brought my groin area right on to his hands.

Each time, he would gently reach out with the backs of his fingers and caress my swelling basket. At the same time, I would squeeze the tight cheeks of his bum and slip a finger deep in the crack before I slowly drew my hands back to his shoulders. I continued working slowly all over his body, moving down his legs to his toes then back up again to the cheeks of his bum. Then I would slide one hand between the cheeks and the other over his hip and down to the groin to meet my other hand lightly brushing his cock and balls as I went.

This would send him crazy and he would hump against my hands, twisting his hips as if trying to get more of my touch. All the while, he was groaning from deep in his throat. His body would writhe and twist trying to find more contact with my smooth, warm hands. Suddenly he turned over and grabbed me by the arms and said "Please hug me close". So I quickly climbed on top of him and we held each other tightly without moving.

I sensed that Brett needed that close, loving contact more than anything else at that time; maybe I did too! After a few moments, our bodies started to move and our cocks were sliding against each other.

By now we were both producing copious amounts of pre-cum making the area all around our bellies slippery. I was now so excited that I felt I was losing control of myself. Our mouths came together, our lips parted and my tongue shot into Brett's mouth probing deeply. This was the first time we had actually kissed each other and I was thrilled when Brett returned the kiss with equal verve.

Our tongues rubbed and twisted around each other. Magically, we both reached our peak at the same time once again and our cocks exploded together, our hot juices mixing between us as we rolled and writhed. Slowly we both relaxed and I almost fell off the narrow table which made us both laugh. After another less dramatic clean-up in the shower we returned to the living room to collapse in chairs. I looked across at Brett and asked him "Did you enjoy all that action?" He looked back at me with a sheepish smile and said "I have never done anything like that before but it was fantastic.

All I have ever done is jerk myself off and wonder what it would be like to do it with another guy." "Have you never had a sexual experience with anyone before - girl or guy?" I asked.

"No, except for a bit of necking and cuddling with a girl I was going out with for a while but I didn't really enjoy that. I quite like big tits though. Weird aye!" "Well I don't think so mate, I sort of feel the same way" I said. "When I was at school," Brett continued, "I remember secretly glancing at the bulges in other guy's jocks when we lined up for sports weigh-ins and in the change rooms etc. I used to wonder what their dicks were like but I never got to play around with anyone.

I was always shit scared of getting horny and someone noticing and making a show of me. Boy, what have I missed out on?" "Quite a lot of fun mate," I said "but I think you will start to make up for it from now on.

At least if that's what you want. Are you worried about all this Brett?' I asked seriously. "Not at all; it's all just a bit new to me Dan but I want find out a lot more about my sexuality." "Brett, you have to decide what you want to do with your life but never be ashamed of your sexuality. I want you to understand that I'm here for you to lean on, confide in or anything at all.


Don't let worries and any feelings of guilt that you may have, build up inside you. Please always be open with me because I love you in a special way and will always help." "Thank you Dan. I have, strangely enough, always had a strong feeling about you but haven't known what it was or what it meant. I have always felt sort of warm and safe when you are near me. I know now that I have special sort of love for you too and I'm not ashamed of how that has come out in a sexual way.

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I think it is just great but I also realize how we have to keep it to ourselves." "You are just the greatest young guy, Brett" I said "but we have to let your family know that you're safe. They will be very worried about you. How about I telephone your dad and have a good chat to him about this drug thing?

I'm sure he will have cooled down enough to understand that it's not such a big deal really. What do you say?" "I suppose you're right" he replied. "I've got nothing to lose have I? OK, see what he says." "Right" I said "I'll 'phone him tonight." `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Later that evening, after explaining to my wife the reason for Brett's impromptu arrival, I 'phoned my brother Ken.

He and I are also very close but in a different way. I was able to play the whole thing down and suggested that Brett stay with us for a couple of weeks before returning home.

This was agreed to and Ken sounded genuinely relieved that Brett was ok. "Wow" I thought, what will the next couple of weeks be like? And I'm sure Brett was thinking the same thing. .