Lana rhoades pov sloppy blowjob black guygie pounding cum swallow amateur allure

Lana rhoades pov sloppy blowjob black guygie pounding cum swallow amateur allure
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All names changed to protect people's identities I was up early this Sunday as I knew that today was going to be a very busy day, Sian was due over at ten o'clock to have the last day of her whore training and I had a few people to ring to make the last day happen.

Fiona and Alice were also up as I'd got them up early to go shop and get some supplies of beer and food in then id asked them to sort out a few different outfits each and leave them in one of the spare bedrooms. They were busy sorting stuff out still when there was a knock on the door at bang on ten o'clock. "On time well done you silly whore" I let Sian pass into the hall and shut the door behind her. "FIONA" I shouted, and waited. In the mean time I watched Sian undress as instructed. Fiona then came from upstairs naked and asked what was needed.

"Show Sian where she can leave her outfits and then trim her pussy and arsehole up and all three of you come down in a slutty outfit" Sian handed Fiona her clothes that she'd just removed and she followed up the large staircase with her mini suitcase full of sexy underwear and outfits I hoped.

I went off into the front room and dug out my phone and looked for the numbers I required. First of all I dialled three numbers one after the other, Roger the farmer from way back his farmer mate Steve and Alice's old boss Paul.

I rang these first as these were the first strangers to use Fiona and Alice's holes, so it felt right that they got to have a go on Sian. As we'd now moved and they had further to travel across town I told them to arrive as early as possible.

The second number I dialled was Donald Symons, Fiona's currant boss as I'm sure he'd be able to put Alice and Sian to good use at his office and in the process earn me some more cash.

I then rang seven more numbersSteve Lomax, Shaun O'Hanlon, Neal Daniels, Gary TebbuttGraham Butterworth, Gerald parker and Trevor Newman. I told these to arrive later on in the afternoon so that they could rest up and get clean.

Fiona followed by Alice and Sian came into the living room and stood before me so that I could check out their outfits. "You fucking sluts look sexy as fuck I'm impressed with the outfits" They had chosen perfect outfits that helped show off their tits and fantastic arses, all were stockings and suspenders and finished off their look with heels that matched their lingerie.

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I knew that the first visitors would be around about an hour so I made them in turn pull down there knickers and bend over spreading their legs a little and then reaching round and spreading their arse cheeks. Fiona and Alice we not alien to this sort of inspection and happily let me rub my hands and tongue around their lips and puckered anus so that I could make sure that they were trimmed to perfection and hairless around the anus.

All the whores were shaved to my high standard and the pubic hair that remained was in a neat little strip. We then sat around on the sofa watching a porn movie that id borrowed from a friend about white women get double fucked by massive black cocks, I was hoping that their pussies would be juicing up a little and when our guests arrived they'd be pleased to find such eager women ready for some cock.

Still the three dumb bitches had no idea what was in store today least of all Sian who would today really understand what it was going to be like being my whore. Roughly an hour and twenty minutes after making the first call there was a knock on the door.

"Fiona go and answer that" She was gone maybe half a minute and I could hear only one male voice, she came back into the front room with Paul following behind with a large grin on his face. Fiona sat back down on the sofa and I stood to greet Paul with a handshake.

"Thanks for inviting me over its been a long time" he then turned to look at the three on the sofa "Alice is still looking as sexy as ever I." he stopped mid sentence when he realised that the third female was Sian. He knew Sian from the pub when she drank in there and of course she still lived there it was only me, Fiona and Alice that had moved away. Sian was trying to hide her face but it was pointless, today was about making her understand her new duties. "Oh shit if it aint that stuck up bitch Sian look at you now hey" "Get up here Sian" I said in a tone that she I was serious.

She knew well enough not to play up and came and stood next to me and in front of Paul. Paul reached out and ran a hand down Sian's hair and onto her bare shoulder making her flinch.

"Sorry Paul she's still learning the ropes, after today she'll be fully aware of what's expected" "Not to worry it only adds to the enjoyment, how did this come about anyway?" he asked looking at me. "Caught the fucking whore screwing around behind his back, unfortunately for Sian here it was me who caught her and here we are another dumb whore to add to my collection" Paul and I shared a laugh as Pauls hand again came out only this time it was over her right breast and I watched it slide down her flat stomach and over the front of her knickers and between her legs where he let it linger and applied a bit of pressure, lifting her onto the balls of her feet.

"Go and get Paul a beer Sian, and Paul get yourself comfy on the sofa she'll fetch your drink" Paul had barely sipped his cold beer when there was a louder knock at the door and again I sent Fiona to answer it. Two deep male voices were clearly entering the hall like before Fiona entered the lounge followed by the two farmers Roger and Steve. I sent Fiona to fetch two beers right away as I greeted both. They had both aged over the last three years but the temptation of some pussy was still enough to lure these old farmers from their land.

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"I'm glad you could make it chaps as I'm sure you're both busy with your farms?" They explained how they were in mid season and missing today would cost them money but with the prospect of pussy they couldn't resist, I explained that I had a splendid income now coming in and that I'd reimburse any losses they may make today.

They were delighted with this and toasted me with their beers before surveying the three women in the room, big broad smiles crossed their faces and Steve wasn't even discreet in giving his cock and bollocks a good feel. I looked Fiona who was stood up in the room and she gave a wry smile as if she understood what today was about. I didn't want to waste anymore time as I had other visitors pencilled in for later so I made a little announcement to this effect. "Anyway gentlemen" I said as I went and pulled Sian up from the sofa holding her close to me.

"I've invited you over to help with Sian's special day where she will properly become one of my stupid fucking whores. Paul, Roger and Steve for the next couple hours feel free to use these whores any which why you desire. Who wants to start with this stupid slut?" I went to push Sian forward but Paul had already grabbed hold of her arm from behind and dragged her down onto the huge sofa beside him.

"This stuck up bitch is mine first" Sian tried to squirm and wriggle but Paul managed to get her pinned and with a huge slap across her arse she stopped and gave in. "That's better Sian obedience is so much easier" he unclasped her bra with a deft flick and her wonderful tits fell loose and Paul gobbled one up in his mouth whilst pulling the other nipple.

I turned and left him to it to see what was happening behind me. Fiona was on her knees before Roger working on his old floppy cock using every bit of her oral expertise to get it nice and hard, her tits had been unleashed by having the front of her bra pulled down and they swung as she bobbed her head forward and back up Rogers stiffening cock.

Alice was bent double in the middle of the room holding onto her ankles with her knickers half way down her legs; Steve was stood behind her spitting on her anus and shoving a fat dirty finger in past the knuckle making her tight hole tear and her scream rang out. I sat down in the armchair with a beer and just the day unfold before me watching my whores get used gave me such pleasure and soon my cock was standing to attention.

I watched Paul with Sian as he was really getting into the role of dominating Sian, he was constantly referring to her as a nasty stuck up bitch and how he was going to teach her a lesson and that she'll wish she hadn't ever abused him in his own pub. He'd stood up and sat her on the edge of the couch and removed his jeans and boxer shorts so that his hard cock was pointing directly into her face only centimetres away.

Paul grabbed his dick near the base and stepped even closer so that he was almost touching her, he then began slapping her around the face with his hard dick and he didn't really care where.

He hit her mouth, nose eyes and forehead before telling her to stick out her tongue and open her mouth. He bounced his helmet off of her tongue maybe five or six times and then rammed it to the back of her throat with a vicious thrust.

Sian gagged and he returned his dick to slapping her tongue until again he violently filled her throat. He did this ten or so times until Sian was gasping for air and saliva was hanging from the corners of her mouth.

Paul at this point relented and let her get her breath before placing his dick back in her mouth and telling her to suck his cock. "I'm going to fuck your filthy little mouth like it's your cunt only then will you learn that when in my pub you'll talk to me with respect" he placed hands either side of her head and as good as his word began fucking Sian's face like it was a wet tight pussy.

Sian closed her eyes and just accepted the five minute onslaught that Paul dished out to her poor mouth and when he was finished he pushed her back so she was lying on the sofa. "Turn round you bitch" she did as she was told and he pulled her to the edge closer to himself and his raging penis. He pulled her knickers down with a rough yank just far enough to expose her pussy.

"Fuck I'm going to enjoy this bitch" he said nudging his helmet at her entrancenot even having a feel to see if she was wet enough. "OH FUCK AARRRGGHHHH" said screamed as Paul invaded her pussy, that was probably not quite wet enough for his solid cock. "Yeah you better fucking moan you bitch, you better moan real good all the way through. You know what I want you to say over and over that you love my big cock" "I love your big cock, I love your big cock, I love your big cock, I love your big cock" I turned away having seen enough and settled on watching Steve fuck the shit out of Alice over by the wall.

She was still bent double nearly only with Steve's size he'd pushed her over towards the wall and had her pinned against it; her head was down near the skirting board and Steve was behind her ramming his massive nine incher deep into her young tight pussy. Even though I'd been watching Sian I was hard to ignore the unmistakable cries of Alice's as two orgasms ripped through her small body. For an old boy Steve looked like he had stamina to burn so it looked as though Alice was in for a torrid time over by the wall.

Her mother on the other hand was didn't seem to be getting any less of a fucking from Roger as he was crouched over Fiona who had her knees tucked right into her tits and her arse pointing into the air. Roger was dipping down in a steady rhythm sinking his cock into her pussy then pulling out and sinking it into her arsehole.

Fiona absolutely loved arse to pussy fucking and I could tell from her face that an orgasm wasn't far away. Just as I said that Sian let out an almighty moan and covered Pauls cock in her sweet juices as he fucked her as her body shook. "Ask me to make you come again bitch" "Please make me come again Paul" "Say it over and over until you come on my dick" so again Sian took Pauls cock whilst asking for him to make her come which he did only five minutes later.

Once she'd finished shaking he pushed her off his cock and told her he'd be back for her later; he then walked over to Steve and Alice and lifted her head from near the floor straight onto his cock.

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Seeing this roger pulled out of Fiona leaving her holes vacant and marched over to Sian ramming his dick straight inside her wet pussy. "Say it over and over until you come on my dick" so again Sian took Pauls cock whilst asking for him to make her come which he did only five minutes later. Once she'd finished shaking he pushed her off his cock and told her he'd be back for her later; he then walked over to Steve and Alice and lifted her head from near the floor straight onto his cock.

Seeing this roger pulled out of Fiona leaving her holes vacant and marched over to Sian ramming his dick straight inside her wet pussy.

Sian turned a little trying to get a look at who was now invading her pussy and when she saw that it was old overweight Roger she didn't look or sound impressed. "Oh god no" she managed to pant out as Roger pummelled into her from behind using his left hand to force her head into the cushion so she could no longer vocally complain. "That should shut you up you ungrateful bitch" he said slapping her right cheek as he pulled his old cock from her before ramming it back deep into her pussy making her muffle a moan from in the cushion.

I looked back around at Fiona who was still in the position that Roger had left her as she was well trained in staying in position until moved into another one. "Looks like the youngsters are getting all the cock Fiona you must be feeling very left out ha ha" I like humiliating Fiona the most as I always seemed to think that a woman in her forties should of never of got herself into such a situation where her son-in-law whored her out.

"Alice looks like she's having fun why don't you stand up a minute and watch". I also stood up and went into the kitchen and returned with one of the breakfast bar stools; I placed this to the side of the sofas and had Fiona sit on it so that her arms were resting on the low leather back and her arse was hanging on the edge.


She'd already placed her feet on the top of two footrests so that her legs were up and opened her holes that fraction wider. "Sit here and watch your daughter fuck, look how much she loves Steve's big cock I bet you want that inside you don't you?" "Yes" she replied watching Alice getting absolutely ruined by Steve and Paul who where hammering her poor pussy and mouth with alternate violent thrusts. I'd heard Alice come at least three times and from where I was sitting it was clear to see that her thighs were shiny with juice that had oozed from her.

I carried on watching for another minute whilst Steve humped her hard three more times and then pushed her from his massive swollen nine inches and strode Fiona's way following his massive swinging penis like it was a pussy seeking missile.

He came and stood in front of Fiona on the stool and with his height and the size of his cock he was able to lift on to the balls of his feet and lower Fiona's head enough so that three inches of his juice covered cock filled her mouth. Once he's bobbed her head on his shaft six or seven times he turned and joined Roger on the sofa with Sian, again leaving Fiona vacant and missing out.

"What's the new pussy like Rog?" he asked slapping his mate on the shoulder. "Nice and tight, here see for yourself Steve" Roger pulled out and pulled Sian more into the centre of the sofa allowing him to sit at the side of her where he was able to guide her head onto his dick. "Oh yeah Steve and she's got great cocksucker lips too" "First things first Roger I got a new bit of pussy that needs filling here first.

Time for some of Steve's big cock missy" he said using his big calloused hands to push her cheeks in opposite directions pulling her swollen lips apart and showing him her dark velvet tunnel.

Steve dipped forward let his big helmet rub around her sensitive lips and gently nudge at her opening. Even from where I was sitting I could see that her pussy walls were going to have to stretch over his helmet some more; even though Steve was opening her as much as possible with his hands. He gradually pushed forwards and I stepped closer to get a better look as her pink lips spread and clung to his bulbous purple helmet as in disappeared inside followed by his solid vein covered shaft.

It was a tight fit alright and by the time he'd got half his cock in Sian had pushed herself up off Rogers cock and was wailing out like a banshee. Steve didn't stop though and seemed to enjoy her screams that were being inflicted by his huge dick. After six inches she came hard letting her body convulse and her legs shake for a good fifteen seconds or more and her head flopped down into Rogers's hairy crutch as she screamed again.

"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH FUCKING HELL AGAIN AARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she came again as Steve's pubic bone collided with her skin and he bottomed his helmet out deep inside her womb. "SHIT SHIT SHIT" she gasped "please take it out it hurts" "Ok" he said smiling at Roger as he eased out leaving just his helmet in keeping the entrance open ready. "Stupid whore" he said slamming his dick right back in making Sian yelp out in pain again only this time it bought a tear to her eye.

"Shall I take it out again?" "Yes please it hurts" He again removed his dick to the shaft and waited for a few seconds before ploughing his huge rod back to the deepest part of her womb smashing into her cervix only this time he didn't stop; he carried on pulling out and slamming back in causing her to yelp ad cry out in pain as every powerful thrust hit home.

"Shut the bitch up Roger she's doing my head in" he laughed as Roger filled her mouth with more meat and the two farming friends set about double ending their new bit of pussy. Alice in the meantime was astride her ex-bosses cock as he lifted her up and down from her slender waist in the reverse cowgirl position with Alice leaning back and placing her palms on Pauls chest for support. Paul had got on the floor pretty much directly in front of Fiona on the stool, and I was sure that he'd positioned Alice in such a way so that Fiona was getting a good look at the way he was bouncing her daughter up and down on his cock.

For the next twenty minutes or so Sian was continually spun round between Steve and Roger and Alice was made to bounce on Pauls cock the whole time; I lost count at how many times the girls came as there seemed to be a continuous stream of screams and moans coming from both Sian and Alice.

Fiona still sat on the stool alone but ready for cock, her pussy and arse just crying out to be filled. I told Fiona that she had more chance of getting cock if she begged the men for it so that's just what the whore began doing, over and over, sounding more desperate each time. "Pleeeeeeease Paul come and fuck me" "Pleeeeease Roger I need your cock in me" "Pleeeeeeeease Steve I want your big dick, pleeeeease come and fuck me" Paul eventually told Alice to get off as he was ready to come and he stood up gripping his cock and rushing over to Sian still stuck between the two farmer's dicks.

He didn't care if she was sucking Steve's cock or not as he pulled her head off and round towards him straight onto his helmet that looked ready to burst.


"A A A A YES YOU WHORE" Paul grunted and his face screwed as his cock twitched in Sian's mouth. Her eyes screwed up and I watched as her cheeks filled and then her throat swallowed, the first load of come had been deposited into her stomach. I think watching Paul spunking down Sian's throat had excited Roger and he tensed up behind Sian and unleashed his torrent of old spunk deep into her womb, only when he pulled his cock out could I see the sticky inflamed opening of Sian's pussy after it had been given a good hard fucking from the two farmers.

Her cunt didn't stay vacant for long as Steve took the opportunity to fill her void and plough her for ten long hard minutes until he to unload his come heavy balls nine inches in her body plastering her cervix. The three men were all slumped on the sofa or floor, getting their breath back. "Alice go and get three beers our guests need refreshing.

Get me one why you're at it" Alice served the men a beer each and then stood over in the corner Alice served the men a beer each and then stood over in the corner waiting obediently for her next instructions. Her mother was still sat on the stool begging for one of the men to come and use her aching holes but they were more interested in draining their ice cold beers and getting a bit of energy back. I looked up at the clock; 13:30 nearly I knew that any of the others would probably be arriving shortly so I had to get the guys hurrying along a little.

"Anyway chaps" I said standing up "We've got a lot on this afternoon and times getting on, sorry to be rushing you guys but times just flown whilst we've been having so much fun".

"It's ok don't worry" Paul said standing up finishing his beer and giving the bottle to Alice "I'm empty anyway" he said laughing tapping his empty balls "I've gotta get going but feel free to invite me over again I've missed these bitches." He said slapping Fiona's bare arse as he grabbed his clothes and began dressing. Roger and Steve drained their beers handing the empties to Alice on their way to finding their clothes somewhere in the room.

Soon they were all dressed and ready to leave and before Steve left he turned to Fiona and said "I'll be back soon for you" and with that he followed Roger and Paul out the house and down towards the car park.

I shut the door. "Right Sian get upstairs and in the shower, make sure your nice and clean and not still covered in their spunk. Alice you go and clean up too and make sure your both back in your outfits.

Fiona get dressed and tidy this room up a bit, line up the three kitchen stools against that wall as well and make sure there is plenty of beer in the fridge." The silly sluts quickly jumped into action so I dressed myself and within twenty minutes the room was set, the whores dressed just in time for the knock on the door.

It was 14:15, mid-afternoon just like I'd said to them on the phone and they didn't disappoint. I opened the door and was greeted by Donald himself at the head of a seven man group.

"Hi come on in guys" Donald led them into the hall and continued into the front room where they would be greeted by Fiona who they all knew intimately and Alice and Sian who they would soon know in the same way as they knew Fiona. I closed the door and joined the group of men in the lounge. Steve Lomax had made himself comfortable on the sofa next to Fiona and was openly rubbing his hand over her bra covered huge right breast.

Alice and Sian sat together on an armchair looking apprehensive as the other six men all stood staring at them. As the most senior person there Donald was the first to speak as he took off his jacket and draped it over the back of one of the stools. "I'm sort of getting the gist as to why we may be here maybe you could just clarify it for me and the rest of us" "Alice, Sian go and get the gentlemen a beer each.

Please sit down" I said pointing towards the armchair, sofa and stools. Graham was quick to get in beside Fiona and joined Steve in having a feel of Fiona's charms. The rest of them squeezed where they could leaving Donald the armchair.

"Fiona here is obviously doing your business the world of good as well as lining my pockets with a good few quid" "Yes correct, she is working wonders I must say" Alice and Sian then tottered in on their heels and served up the ice cold beers each receiving admiring looks of lust and approval as they did so. "What I have here Donald in the form of Alice and Sian" I said looking and pointing over to the two stupid bitches stood waiting. "Are another couple of very willing whores that I think could add yet more money into each of our pockets." "I see yes I can understand where you're coming from and the idea does seem sensible" "What I'm purposing is that you and your colleagues use today as a trial run and if you're happy with their performances I'm happy to agree a one year deal for the use of all three of them on the same percentage terms that Fiona is currently on.

How does that sound? I think in a year we'll have both made enough cash and I intend to be moving on with my whores" "Yes I think that may be feasible, so shall we make a start?" "They are ready whenever you are Donald" On Donald saying this Lomax and Graham simultaneously roughly pulled down the front of Fiona's lacy bra allowing her huge breasts to fall forward and their other hands quickly found a big nipple each which they began to pull and kneed between their fingers and thumbs.

Donald stopped them in their tracks a moment later. "Hey. You two animals stop a minute." He then turned to me. "We know all about Fiona and her exceptional skills but what about these two? Who are they? How old? I'd like to know this sort of information" I turned to Alice first.

"This is Alice" I then paused a moment. "She's Fiona's daughter". All of the men seemed to make a noise of approval as the information left my lips. "Christ" Donald gasped "A mother and daughter team. I can already see the deals being signed" he said with a big grin on his face. Donald knew that offering up a mother and daughter would almost guarantee him every deal if he couldn't close it himself.

"She's twenty three I think now but has a lot of experience of being fucked as she's been my whore for a couple of years now, you'll have no trouble with this one Donald.

Get down there and suck Donald's cock" I pushed Alice forwards towards Donald and she instantly dropped to her knees in front of the old man and began loosening his belt and zip. She lowered his trousers to the floor and then did the same with his white y fronted briefs; she looked up at his flaccid old cock hanging in front of her face and then obediently reached up and took it in her right hand lifting it slightly and rolling her hand down his shaft peeling back his foreskin revealing is pink helmet.

All eyes were on Alice as she then lifted up slightly on her knees and opened her soft lips in time for his helmet to disappear into her warm mouth. "Very good, very very good" he said leaning back with his hands on the small of his back pushing his hardening cock deeper into her throat. "And this whore?" he said looking at Sian. "This is Sian, Fiona's niece and Alice's cousin" "Oh shit" a few of them said but Donald didn't respond, he just smiled even more than before.

"She's twenty seven like me and new my gang of whores. I caught this bitch fucking a few guys in a car park after a party even though she's my mates' girlfriend. It was obvious to me that she already had the necessary attitude for being a whore and this weekend is her first proper week. I'm sure after today she'll be fully aware of what's required of her like Fiona and Alice do." "Now I know a bit more I think we should get on with testing the merchandise, what do you say chaps?" he said with a big smirk on his face as his now solid dick was getting the royal treatment from Alice's gorgeous mouth.

"Hell yeah" they said in unison as Sian was grasped by the arms from behind by Trevor and pulled onto the floor in front of him. He told her to suck his cock and she had it out in no time and was quickly wanking and sucking him to full hardness.

Gary, Shaun, Neal and Gerald were shedding clothes faster than I'd seen before whilst Fiona was now kneeling on the sofa swallowing Graham's huge cock at one end whilst Steve Lomax was licking her cunt and arsehole and occasionally entering her with his thick finger, opening her up her told her for good hard fucking. I heard Gary ask Donald if he may join him to which Donald said yes; so Gary picked Alice off her knees making sure he didn't make her mouth leave Donald's cock and he then proceed to remove her pert breasts from her bra by pulling the front down, just as his colleagues had done to her mother earlier.

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He then stood behind her and unclipped her suspenders from her stockings so that he could pull her knickers down over her smooth arse. Once over her arse he let them fall to the floor around her feet still in the high heels. He then clipped the suspenders back up and crouched down behind Alice. Because of Alice's slender size 10 figure when she was bent over like this her body was so tight that her cunt and arsehole were already on full display, not like her mother who had a bigger figure and more ample but equally as sexy in its own right where pulling her bum cheeks apart was needed to give greater access to her darkest hole.

I imagined that Gary was now looking at the youngest tightest holes he'd looked at for a long long time and he spent a few seconds admiring Alice's beautiful hairless pussy lips and arsehole.

He then buried his face into her cunt and began lapping at her sweet treasure like he'd never tasted a cunt before. To say he was eating her out was an understatement he was devouring her.

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I didn't really know where to look or what to watch next so I just pulled myself a stool over and sat on it in the corner of the room, listening to the moans and groans, the squelching and slapping as the men used my three whores for their pleasure. Sian had sucked Trevor hard and was now being made to do the same to his pal Gerald whilst Neal had took the opportunity to ease her knickers aside and ram his hard dick deep into her cunt and was pumping in and out of her slapping her bare arse cheek.

Shaun was stood patiently waiting his turn in either her cunt or mouth. Fiona was now totally naked and being savagely screwed in her pussy by Steve, his big thick cock slamming all the way in until his big balls slapped nosily against the sticky skin of her arse. Her screams were being easily muffled by Graham's huge cock that was permanently wedged in her mouth filling her throat. Fiona was easily looking after the two biggest cocks in the room and I knew that she'd love it after missing out on Steve the farmers' huge dick earlier.

Sian was first to come as she pulled off from Shaun's cock which he'd only just managed to get in her mouth as Gerald had been hogging her so he waited a moment as Sian lifted up and bucked back on Neal's shaft and began to wail, after three or four seconds of screaming Shaun pulled her back down onto his cock and her groans were muffled as he held her head down on his shaft.

Her legs clamped together squeezing the life out of Neal's dick with her cunt walls and her legs shook almost buckling before her orgasm subdued and Neal was able to continue ploughing her now very wet hole. Donald and Gary had also swapped over and after Gary's excellent tongue work had moistened Alice up nicely Donald had turned her round and pulled her back onto his old dick in one swift movement making her yelp, then scream as his shaft pulled her lips open and then gasp as it rushed inside her stopping only when Donald's podgy stomach hit her smooth arse cheeks.

Before Gary was able to get up Trevor had stolen his place and was pushing Alice's head up and down his cock. "You gotta be quicker than that Gary" he said laughing as Gary wandered around the lounge looking for somewhere to stick his raging dick. He didn't have to wait long as Neal pulled out from Sian and because Gerald was draining his beer Gary jumped onto his knees and slammed his cock into Sian. I won't try and run through every act of sex as that would be impossible for me to even remember but as the afternoon turned into early evening at around five o clock the three of them all had a pussy and mouth full of come that was for sure.

Lomax and Graham had spent the whole two hours absolutely fucking the shit out of Fiona's pussy and mouth each coming once in her womb and then both relieving themselves over her face so that she was dripping in the stuff. They got up and left her on the sofa, her legs splayed wide and her cunt swollen to almost twice the size and leaking their cream.

Her eyes were closed and covered in thick streams of sperm as was the rest of her face, she was a spunk covered mess. Alice and Sian were sat on the floor not any less full of come but certainly not as well fucked as Fiona. The men spent half an hour resting up and having a beer or two each before getting the three of them too make them hard again.

Lomax and Graham said they were looking forward to trying out the new merchandise and picked up one each; Steve with Alice and Graham with Sian. They pulled the other two stools over to the middle of the room and told them to climb on facing the back rest. The back rest on the stools were low and quite far back, ideal for getting the whores on in the way Steve and Graham had so that when they lent forward and had their feet on the footrests it opened up their pussies and arseholes perfectly.

Alice and Sian were now in this exact position with Lomax and Graham lining up behind each sporting eight inch or more of thick solid cock. If they didn't feel well fucked before then they shortly would. At the same time they forced their big helmets into the tight cunts before them and the girls could do nothing else but scream as inch after solid inch split their pussies and stretched their walls open.

Their screams were a permanent noise that was present in the lounge for the next twenty five minutes as they were fucked to within an inch of their lives. Both had three noisy long orgasms that lasted a minute each time and their cunts were leaking that much juice it was dripping from the edge of the seat and making a wet stain on the cream sofa.

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I think after this weekend I'd be ordering a new sofa anyway the amount of spunk and pussy juice everywhere was disgusting. The other five men had made their way over to Fiona in this time and she was working her way around the circle sucking each of their cocks until Shaun had decided he wanted to fill her ravaged pussy and got behind her on his knees and drove deep into her hole making her squeal momentarily until Gary's cock filled her throat.

To my amazement Steve and Graham swopped over and were just easing their still hard dicks back into their fuck toys, I was surprised at their stamina and I could only imagine that Alice and Sian were thinking when are they were going to get some respite from the hard dicks again hammering them hard from behind.

Ten minutes later they got their wish as in turn Steve filled Sian's hole with a steady stream of come and Graham quickly followed suit by filling Alice's with his hot gooey cream. They both walked away leaving Sian and Alice on the stools whilst they enjoyed another beer and I thought that maybe they'd now finished; but it seemed that they had other ideas and told Alice to get of the stool a moment and then proceeded to ask me for the one I was sat on.

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Lomax then positioned the stools so that they were in a sort of circle with the backs facing in towards each other. Alice was then told to get back on the stool like she was before only this time she was to Sian's right facing in towards her almost touching.

The empty stool between them both was for Fiona and she was now being led over to it by Donald followed by Neal, Gary, Gerald, Shaun and Trevor. Immediately after Fiona had positioned herself on the stool and all three were facing each other Donald shoved his cock into Fiona's hole causing her to lean forward and moan; Shaun and Neal were quick on the uptake and were soon sliding their erect members into Alice and Sian's sticky well fucked holes with great ease.

Gerald and Trevor waited patiently and were joined five minutes later by Steve and Graham who again were somehow sporting massive hardons. Donald had gave the ruling that each person had five minutes in each whore and then they were to move round, once he had been through all three he'd jump off and one of the others would take his place and so on until they had all come.

I watched from the comfort of the armchair as my whores were surrounded by the seven men and they constantly moved around fucking one and moving to the other never leaving a vacant pussy for more than a few seconds. I could hardly tell who was having an orgasm at one point as I seemed as if all three were being bought off at the same time and a crescendo of squeals, yelps, moans and groans filled the living room.


At one point I heard Shaun refer to what was taking place as the 'cunt carousel' and this terminology was met by his colleagues with seals of approval and laughter. I had to admit it was a good name for the event as they circled my whores hammering their poor abused pussy with hard dicks and even harder thrusts. Because the men were all getting a rest from fucking as four of them had to wait their turn it seemed to be prolonging their balls exploding, thus resulting in the 'cunt carousel' still going round some hour and twenty minutes after it began.

And unfortunately for Gerald he was the first one to bust his nut as he thrust deep into Alice and held himself inside her until his balls were drained empty. As he slide his dick from her open hole his seamen began to leak out it in a long strand heading towards the floor only Gary came along and as his cock aimed in towards her cunt geralds come was caught on his shaft and pushed back inside her cunt as Gary drove in deep and hard.

Gerald came away and searched out his clothes as his spent cock fell limp between his legs. From then on it seemed that the men were out of steam and come began to be fired into well used holes or in Steve Lomax's case he pulled out and emptied himself over Fiona's arsecheeks and puckered hole.

Soon enough all the men bar Shaun and Neal were spent and empty and getting dressed and they both used their remaining energy wisely as they pumped a hole two or three times and moved to the next until finally Shaun unloaded in Alice and pulled out only to be replaced by Neal. He fucked his way round all three at least four times giving each whore five strokes of his best before pulling out and splashing a thick stream of come over Alice's buttocks.

He moved away sweating and knackered his slimy dick going limp instantly. The three of them stayed on the stools as the men all dressed and we discussed what would happen next.

Come dripped from all three of their pussies and the carpet was a total sticky mess that would definitely need replacing as a matter of urgency. "I think the merchandise will come in very handy, although I don't think these two will be on as much basic salary as Fiona due to the fact that Fiona can actually do her job, although she is now employed only as a deal 'closer'.

I'm not sure these couple of sluts warrant a wage as such as all they can do is 'close' deals" "Ok that's not a problem as long as the percentage per deal is the same I can live with a smaller wage being paid" "Same percentage and twenty grand for the year salary" "Ok that's fine when do you want them to start Donald?" "Send Fiona tomorrow and give the others a day to recover so I'll see them Tuesday" With that he opened the door and left followed by six other very happy men.