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Japanese girl working fat dildo with her pussy
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Part 7 Ginny ran out of Luna's house quickly and made her way down the path towards the local village.

She needed some time to think. She still couldn't believe she'd just kissed Luna. Luna who looked so sad when she had told her about wanting to have sex with someone, and now Ginny had mislead her. And there was Harry. Was she going to have to tell him? Would he be angry if he found out? Would he leave her? Her thoughts were spinning and she felt sick with worry when she noticed a flashing light through her pocket.

Realising it must be the notepad Harry had given her she pulled it out and read a note from Luna. Ginny I hope I haven't upset you and freaked you out.

I'm always doing that to people, I'm a terrible friend. I understand if you're angry at me for kissing you, I couldn't help myself. I promise I won't tell Harry and hopefully we can just forget about the whole thing. Luna x Ginny sighed.

She could never be angry at Luna, she was just angry at herself for enjoying it and not stopping straight away. After sending a quick note to Luna explaining that she wasn't angry and that she was both sorry for misleading her and thankful that she wouldn't tell Harry, she apparated home.

****** Harry was lying in Ginny's bedroom alone. His girlfriend had gone to see Luna but was expected back any time soon. Harry personally couldn't wait for her to get back.

They hadn't touched each other, let alone had sex, in days and he was feeling desperately horny. Everyone was out aswell, except Mrs Weasley but she was cooking and wouldn't let anything distract her from that.

So when Ginny got back Harry fully intended on fucking her brains out without the worry of getting caught. Thinking that he'd surprise Ginny when she got back he stripped down naked and lay on her bed waiting for her to walk in. Thoughts of what he planned on doing to her filled his mind and he went into his own little dream world.

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The only thing that he was aware of was his cock was now rock hard. Just as he pictured a naked Ginny bouncing up and down on his cock the bedroom door pushed open. 'Harry dear, I just thought.HOLY SHIT!' screamed Mrs Weasley as she noticed a naked and aroused Harry lying on her daughters bed.

Harry made to cover himself up as quick as possible but it was too late, Mrs Weasley had got an eye full. Straight away Harry could see her anger rising, and angry vein bulging on her neck, as he feared he was about to be on the receiving end of one of Mrs Weasleys famous rants. 'Downstairs when Ginny gets back! Bring Ron and Hermione too!' was all she could say and she turned away and slammed the door shut behind her. Harry couldn't believe it. Mrs Weasley clearly knew what he'd been up to with her daughter.

Was she going to kick him out for touching her only daughter? A daughter she'd waited 7 children for, so was clearly over protective about. Feeling that today wasn't going to get any better he got up and put some clothes on. ****** Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were all sat in the living room with Mrs Weasley stood over them. 'Right.

It has come to my attention (glaring at Harry) that you four have been taking part in sexual acts in MY house when I specifically told you that I wouldn't allow it!' Mrs Weasley said very seriously. Nobody dared speak so they allowed her to continue. 'And I'll start by saying that I do not condone what you are getting up to! In my opinion you're all taking your relationships far to fast. However you're all adults and you should be able to deal with your own lives by now.

So from now on I'm going to let Hermione sleep in Ron's room and Harry can move into Ginny's room.' The foursome looked at each other in shock and also hidden delight. 'Although I expect all of you to use locking and silencing charms whenever you get up to anything, I don't want too see or hear any of that business! And another point, if you two (glares at Ginny and Hermione) get pregnant before your married, then I'll kick all four of you out of my house! Now go move all of your stuff before I change my mind.' finished Mrs Weasley.

They didn't need telling twice and five minutes later Harry and Hermione were settled into their new rooms. ****** It was 11:59PM and Mrs Weasley was still downstairs cleaning. Arthur had gone to bed about 20 minutes ago and she wanted to give the kitchen a quick clean to save doing it in the morning. A few minutes later she had finished and had walked upstairs to her room.

Arthur was still lying awake, he normally waited up for her. She was sure he'd do this every night in the hope that she would be in the mood for a little late night romp, but after 7 kids sex had lost its appeal.

She never really got turned on or horny any more and hadn't had sex with her husband in months. Tonight however she found that she was gagging for her husband to fill her up with his warm cum. Finding out that others were enjoying exploring each others bodies in her house had made her miss her own days as a teenage. She'd been dating Arthur since she was 15 and for the first few years sex was all they could think about.

In her youth she had had an immense sex drive and would satisfy her needs on a daily basis with her husband to be, without a care in the world as to where they did it. Stripping off all of her clothes she considered her body for a minute. She was a bit tubby around the belly, although what do you expect after so many kids?

And he boobs had started to sag but that was only expected with age. She'd always worried with age whether Arthur would find her attractive and sexy still but judging by his hungry and lust filled eyes, as she climbed into bed next to him without putting on her normal nightwear, it seemed he did.

She didn't utter a word to him as she slid under the quilt and down his body. He only wore a pair of boxer shorts to bed and she quickly pulled them down to his ankles. He was definitely already excited about what was going to happen because he was hard as a rock. Wasting no time she began kissing from his chest down his body, stroking his hard cock as she did so. Wanting to excite him a bit more before climbing on top of him, she licked the length of his cock and and took his bellend into her mouth where she began to suck.

Straight away he grunted and fired his load straight into her mouth so early. 'I'm sorry dear, it's just its been so long.' Arthur said embarrassed, as Molly swallowed his load. 'It's okay dear.' she replied simply and put his softening cock back into her mouth where she began to lick and suck, trying to get him hard again. After a couple of minutes work she had him hard again, so she climbed on top of him and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. She didn't have much energy in her after a hard days work so she just began to slowly grind against him.

It felt nice to have his cock filling her up again after all these weeks and she couldn't help get carried away as she bounced up and down on his cock faster. 'Oh Arthur dear I'm so close, play with my titties.' she moaned to him. He reached out to take them in his hands and at that point images of Harry entered her mind, naked and aroused on Ginny's bed earlier.

His young toned body and his hard teasing cock. It was all to much for her and with one final thrust down, pushing her husbands cock deep inside of her, she came. 'Ohh fuck that's it, that feel soooo good.' she whimpered. Arthur had lasted much longer this time round, so after his wife calmed down after her orgasm he got off the bed.

'On your knee's Molly.' he said as she got down in front of him. Directing his cock towards her face he began to wank himself off furiously until that familiar feeling came over him and he came over her face. Spraying a thick load all over her, she wouldn't let any go to waste as she scooped it up with her finger and licked it clean.

'Mmmm tasty! It feels so good to have done this again.' she whispered to her husband. And with that they got into bed and fell asleep in each others arms. ****** Harry woke up the next day to two familiar feelings, one bad and one good.

The bad feeling was a hangover. He'd sneaked downstairs after Ginny had fell asleep last night to drink a bottle of fire whiskey. He really was getting too dependant on alcohol now, fearing he might be addicted. The good feeling was that Ginny was sucking on his erect cock, which seemed to have woken up before him.

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Noticing he was awake she didn't stop her steady rhythm, just began to fondle his balls and she continued to suck and slurp on his cock. She must have been doing it a while because he came fairly quickly, firing his load into the back of her mouth. She'd never tasted his come before and couldn't prevent the look of discomfort on her face as she swallowed it all. 'I think I might get used to the taste.' she said. 'But I think I need to get something to eat for now.' So the couple made their way down into the kitchen, when Kingsley Shacklebolt was sat waiting for them.


Harry wondered to himself what the Minister for Magic was doing here this early in the morning. 'Ahh Harry just the man I've been looking for.' he said in his deep, hoarse voice. 'What do you want with me?' Harry asked rather bluntly, taken back that the Minister had come to see him. 'The Auror office have a case they are struggling with so I have come to ask if you and Hermione here would assist us?' Kingsley replied, as Harry noticed that Hermione was sat at the far end of the kitchen, he breakfast left half eaten and cold.

'Why? What's happened?' Harry asked, panicking that something serious had happened. 'If you'd like to take a seat I shall explain.' he replied calmly as Harry was down next to Hermione. 'The Ministry have become aware of a series of muggle killings. Their police are clueless as to what happened to the victims but we however recognised the effects of the killing curse.

It has been over a month since any muggle killings were recorded and it can't be a coincidence that there are now so many all of a sudden. So the Auror office have asked for yourself and Hermione to aid them in their case.

They wanted Ron aswell but he is clearly busy with his Quidditch.' After another 5 minutes of discussion with Kingsley both Harry and Hermione agreed that they would go with him to the Ministry to take a look at the case.

Apparating to the Ministry Kingsley guided them to the Auror office and introduced them to Gawain Robards, the head of the Auror Office, and his team Dawlish, Savage and Proudfoot.

'Ahh Mr Potter, Miss Granger if you could follow me into the meeting room and we'll go through everything there.' Robards said to them. As Harry and Hermione got seated in the meeting room, Robard stood at the front next to a big screen covered in notes and photo's. 'Okay to give you all the details.' started Robards. 'There's been 6 muggle attacks. All were in the space of two days and spread out across the whole country.

No sign of forced entry, but that would be easily covered by magic, and the killing curse was definitely used on the victims. The only similarities between the victims was that they were all parents to young children, killed in their homes and the children left untouched and unharmed. Nothings been stolen from the properties and no damage has been caused to the houses.

Whoever is doing this it seems to have no motive other than killing innocent muggles.' 'How can we be sure that it's the same person doing all these killings?' Hermione asked. 'Because a message was left over the bodies. The same message each time. "He Will Pay", and it was written in blood.

So it's clear that someone wants the Ministrys attention.' Robard explained. 'So why do you want us?' Harry asked. 'Well the Ministry know all about your antics at school. The Philosopher stone. The Chamber of Secrets. The Malfoy attack on the school. Did you not uncover and try to warn the teacher of Hogwarts about these incidents Mr Potter?' Robard asked and without waiting for a reply continued 'It is undeniable that you have a knack for detective work.' 'So what is it that you want us to do Mr Robard?' Hermione asked politely.

'Well this may sound like were using you, but if we send out a message that you and Mr Potter are assisting us on this case it may scare the attacker off long enough for us to work who it is and arrest them. You brought the downfall of the Dark Lord, any murder would be scared of you. It may give us time to find out who it is before any more innocent people are attacked.' 'So you just want me as you poster boy again?' Harry asked angrily, getting up to leave.

'Yes Harry, but we also want you to work on this case with us. We'd like you and Hermione to come in every few days for meetings, and to come with us to any more crime scenes if there's another attack.' said Robard. After around 30 minutes of discussing the attacks in detail Harry and Hermione left the Ministry having agreed to come back in a few days time and help with the case.

******* Luna sat in her bedroom doing her hair. She was going out to meet a boy. He was a muggle boy from the village, a year older than her who she'd go visit sometimes when she wasn't at Hogwarts.

She liked to make friends outside of the wizarding world because she couldn't talk about magic and what she was, so she never came across as strange and loopy as most wizards and witches thought of her. The boy she was going to meet was called Tom and he lived about 10 minutes away from her house. She'd known him for about 3 years now and had sometimes gone to visit him if she was bored.

He was always very nice to her, telling her how she makes him laugh so easily. He was rather good looking in Luna's eyes aswell.


Tall and handsome, with dark hair and a beautiful smile. She'd always imagined that she would only ever date and eventually marry someone who was magical. However after her chat and quick snogging session with Ginny she had decided she wanted to find someone who would love her and also make love to her.

So when she had taken a walk past his house yesterday and he had asked her to come to a party he was having with a couple of friends, she agreed. So she was getting ready for her night out. She'd put aside the radish earrings and other strange accessories she normally wore, and done her hair so that is was soft and wavy. She'd also picked out a nice blue dress that she'd bought in a muggle shop. It showed of her cleavage nicely and was a bit short on the legs but she still thought she looked quite sexy.

Luna knocked on Toms front door. She could hear music playing loudly from inside and wondered for a minute about how many people might be there. He answered a few seconds later.


'Luna you came, that's great.' he beamed as he stepped aside to let her in. ' A few more people than expected have turned up but I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.' Luna could see what he meant when a said a few extra had turned up. She was under the impression that there would be at the most 5 other people there and that Tom would most likely like to spend time talking to her and getting to know her (although she would have too lie about most of it).

However there was around 50 people squeezed into the house and it was pretty wild. Everyone was drinking and dancing around out of control. A couple of people were in one corner being sick and falling asleep and in another corner people were smelling some white powdery stuff, although she had no idea what that was all about.

Seeing that she was here now though she decided she might aswell enjoy herself. 'It okay Tom. I'll definitely enjoy myself if I'm with you you.' she said happily to him in her usual calm voice. It was like she didn't know what sort of party she'd just walked into. 'Come on I'll get you a drink.' Tom said as he walked her into the kitchen.

Once they had a few drinks they started to dance together and Tom held her hand. It felt nice that he was showing some affection towards her. Once the song had finished he put his hands on her waist and leaned forwards to kiss her. And she kissed him back, her first kiss with a boy. Despite all the sweaty people around her being sick it was perfect to her because Tom was so nice. 'Want to come upstairs with this?' he asked, indicating the bottle of vodka in his hand.

'It'll be quieter up there and we'll be able to talk.' 'That sounds nice.' Luna said as she followed him up to his room. Tom held is bedroom door open for her and let her in first. Luna quite liked his room.

Painted in dark blue he had posters over his walls. One of them seemed to be a football team dressed in blue kit. A couple of guitars were on stands in the corner of the room. Like her own room there was also pictures covering the walls of him with his friends, although they all seemed to be taken at parties like the one down stairs. Luna took a seat on his bed as he passed her a small glass with some of the vodka in.

Drinking it all in one it burnt her throat so she politely declined when he offered her another one. He was taking a lot of them back himself though and his words were beginning to become a bit slurred. Eventually he sat down next to her on the bed and put his arm around her. 'You know I really like you Luna you're so beautiful and unique, I'm so glad you came tonight.' He said as he leaned down to kiss her again. She kissed him back. Just like the day before with Ginny her tongue began to explore his mouth as they fell back onto the bed.

Luna never really got nervous but she admitted to herself that she was now.

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Yesterday with Ginny she had made the first move because she knew her so well and trusted her. Although Tom was very kind and nice she didn't have the same relationship she did with him than she did with Ginny.

Thankfully Tom made the first move as he ran his hands over her legs. His touch was so soft and he took his time caressing her legs as he kissed her passionately. Luna thought she'd offer a helping hand too, so lifted his t-shirt over his head. He had a nice body in Luna's opinion. A defined 6 pack and really muscularly arms. As she ran her own hands across his chest he reached out and squeezed her bum. She wasn't very curvy and have quite a small and pert arse, but he seemed to enjoy squeezing it non the less.

Luna pulled away from him, causing him to look at her in disappointment, until she unzipped her dress and let it fall the the floor. She hadn't wore a bra so stood in front of him in just a plain pair of pants. He looked over her body, taking in her pert B cup tits and noticing the small wet patch forming on the front of her panties.

He pulled her down onto the bed next to him again and started kissing her neck. 'Tom I have to tell you, I'm still a virgin.' she said nervously. 'That's.ok.I'll take it.slow. and make. it special.' he whispered in between kisses as he began to lick his way down from her neck to her boobs.

Taking one of her nipples in his mouth, biting playfully and then sucking gently on it.

He grabbed her other tit in his hand and squeezed and caressed it, causing Luna to let out a moan of longing. Sensing her impatience he gently pushed her back onto the bed so she was lying down and started to kiss his way down her flat stomach.

Reaching her pants he began to pull at them and she lifted her bottom off of the bed so he could easily pull them away and put them on a pile with her dress. He continued to to kiss his way down her thighs, taking his time, almost as if he was teasing her. When he reached her pussy, which was already glistening with her wetness, he took his time to lick around her groin before eventually delving his tongue inside her.

Luna let out a squeal of surprise. He was just taking his time and she hadn't expected him to take action at that point. Not that she didn't enjoy it. She'd touched herself a few times before but had found that she could never get herself to orgasm. The sensation of another's tongue pleasuring her was so much more though.

He was licking slowly at he pussy causing her to shiver and moan in pleasure, and when he spread her pussy wide and began to lick and suck at her clit, she came hard and instantly. 'Ohhh merlin, that fff.feels gr.eatt!' she said out loud as he body began to buck and she went through an orgasm for the first time in her life.

The sensation was overwhelming to Luna, incomparable to anything she'd every experienced as she called out loudly. Tom just licked up all her juices and then pulled away. Unbuckling his belt he pulled him jeans and boxers down in one and Luna got her first sight of a male penis and it just happened to be a fat 7inch one hard a ready to take her virginity.

As Luna tried to relax and prepare herself for what was no doubt going to be a painful yet loving experience Tom took something out of his draw and began to rip it open. Pulling something that looked a bit rubbery out of a packet and began to roll it tightly onto his cock. 'What's that?' Luna asked curiously. 'A condom. to stop you from getting pregnant.' Tom said, confused that a 17 year old girl didn't know what a condom was.

Luna realised this must be a muggle concept of a contraception charm.

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Laying back against the pillow, Luna spread her legs to let Tom climb in between them. He rubbed the head of his cock against her slit until he managed to push in the head.

Inching forwards a little bit more he felt a barrier. 'Okay you ready Luna?

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Its going to hurt.' said Tom and Luna just nodded. Tom thrust in and Luna felt her hymen break. Although she experienced a sharp pain, it was gone as fast as it came. Luna could feel his thick cock filling her up and stretching her tight pussy and he slowly began to edge further in. 'You okay Luna?' he asked softly. 'Yeah its not to bad, the pains nearly gone already.' she replied. 'Urghh you're really tight, it feels great though.' he grunted and he finally managed to get all of his cock inside of her.

After another minutes work her managed to build up a steady rhythm and Luna was loving it already. Endless moans of pleasure were escaping her mouth and offering him encouragement. Squeezing her own nipples only heightened the pleasure as she wrapped her legs around him.

Wanting him to be deep inside her. Wanting to be full. 'Luna I'm going to cum soon, your so tight I don't think I can hold on much longer.' grunted Tom. 'Ohhh rub my clit, I'm sooo close.' Luna whimpered to her lover. Doing as he was told he reached down and pressed his thumb against her clit. 'Can't.

hold on. I'm cumming!' groaned Tom as he thrust into her hard one last time. Luna just got to her own end and the same time as they went through orgasms simultaneously.

Clenching her arms and legs tightly around him for support she screamed his name and grinded her hips into him to squeeze the last of his cum out of his softening cock.

Finally they just lay there naked, sweating and panting, bodies pressed against each other. 'That was amazing Tom, so special.' Luna panted.

'I think I love you.' 'Love you too Luna.' he replied, although he didn't catch her eye as he got up and started putting clothes back on. 'I've gotta go sort this party out, if you want to head home and I'll come see you tomorrow.' He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Leaving her to walk home a very satisfied witch.

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To Be Continued.