Nozomi Nishiyama seems horny and eager to play solo

Nozomi Nishiyama seems horny and eager to play solo
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That evening after dinner Margo sat in front of the fire in her drawing room and waited while her husband busied himself upstairs packing the technical necessities for his business trip. She had already completed her share of this task, assembling his shirts and pants. She held a book in her hands, but one page had occupied her attention for the last hour.

Her mind was across the lawn and through the orchard and down over the twelve-acre field and up to the stream where she knew a solitary tent was pitched in the darkness away from the drop of the trees but near enough to the stream to hear the clean song of the water over the stones. She could, in her mind's eye, see the glint of the light from a hurricane lamp upon the girl's blonde hair. Margo could see the reflection of the light on a damp spot on her full, sensual lower lip.

She could almost hear the whisper of the wind as it slipped beneath the tent flap and see it toying with the tight leg of white jean shorts as she sat clasping her knees spread wide as she ate a power bar.

The crotch of the tight shorts revealed the tell-tale crease of her slit. Engrossed in these contemplations Margo had become rigid. For a moment she looked wildly around the room, and then shook herself and rubbed her moist palms hard together.

Margo was intelligent enough to be struck the girl in her fantasy than in the purely erotic content of the wish-projection. This thing had to be faced. From one extreme she was going to another. Once upon a time she had seduced the daughter of her mother's best friend, at eighteen she was exquisite. Now it was in the conscious part of her contemplation to seduce a girl young enough to be her own daughter.

Margo's nipples glowed and erected at the use in her mind of the word 'seduce.' That was perfectly true. The thought of her luscious young body astride hers, her thin, wiry thighs rotating wildly as she thrust pussy into hers. Margo imagined the feeling as the girl drove her slick wet cunt onto her throbbing clit.

The very thought made her writhe for a moment in her chair. Then she smiled and the fantasy was relieved for a moment.yes, she was old enough to be Maxine's mother.


And of course her mother, Kelley Sanford was one of her closest and dearest friends. How could she betray Kelley's trust? Kelley and Margo were the same age, forty and had been roommates at college. Margo shivered again, of course, Maxine, would ignite her passion, Margo and Kelley had been lovers throughout college, before they went their straight and separate ways.

Margo shivered, recalling images of the hot, and torrid sex that she and Kelly had engaged in all those nights in their dorm room. Maxine was eighteen and was actually on her way to college, Camping as she went. Margo had tried to get her to stay with them inside the house, but she preferred to set up camp on the south side of their house.

Since they owned an acreage there was plenty of room for her to have privacy. Margo realized that, seeing Maxine had brought back the unconditional passion she had for her mother Kelley. Her smile faded as she realised that this was straightforward justification. These were terrible thoughts and must be stamped out. Yet if the beautiful Maxine walked in that door and sat beside her and Margo let her young hands wander over her taut body and were Margo aware that she had removed her tight shorts and wore nothing beneath the long t-shirt.

And then max lifted the shirt revealing her glistening, shaved wet cunt and waited, daring Margo to touch her pussy.then, then would she act? Her thighs felt hot and she closed her eyes to concentrate on rendering herself a fair answer. Earlier in the evening Margo could barely contain herself as Maxine had initiated a number of hugs. Margo had not seen her for years and not she was a woman going off to college. She looked so delectable in those white jean shorts that left nothing to the imagination as they revealed every curve of her ass.

Margo couldn't keep her eyes off the noticeable crease in the crotch of the shorts that perfectly outlined Maxine's pussy lips.

Then there were Maxine's hands, how they lightly traced the curve of Margo's ass. All this made her wonder if the girl was coming on to her.


In any regard she was now having wild fantasies about this sexy teen. She was saved the necessity by the sound of the door clicking. Her heart thumped and her vagina contracted. It was Gerald. "Well, that's that," he said. She breathed deeply. "Yes," she said, "that's that!" He walked over to her. "Are you alright, darling, you look flushed." "Oh, it's nothing. You have a wonderful business trip," Margo forced a smile and gave her husband a peck on the cheek.

He had a bag in each hand and kissed her back. Margo opened the door for him and he turned and said, "You should warn Maxine, there is a rainstorm on the way." "Oh I will, good-bye dear," said Margo as she felt her heart leap into her throat. Margo waved at Gerald's car and turned to see that rain clouds were moving in rapidly from the north and that the storm would be on them in moments.

She quickly made her way to the other side of the house and saw that there was a light on in Maxine's tent. As Margo approached the tent, she was stopped cold by a piercing moan from inside Maxine's tent that flashed through Margo's body before setting off another slow burn in her pussy. Moving to the back of the tent Margo noticed that the flap was open, and she stared down through the mesh onto Maxine's naked body as it writhed on top of a sleeping bag.

Margo almost groaned, but caught herself, as she didn't want to give away her position. As Margo focused her eyes in the growing dark, she realised that Maxing was holding a hairbrush in her hand and was plunging it deep into her open pussy while her other hand flashed back and forth over her clit.

Since Maxine was facing away from the back of the tent, Margo could not see her faced, and then suddenly the young girl pitched her head backward. Margo sighed as she looked down on a Maxine's beautiful face, pinched with ecstasy. Thankfully her eyes were closed, then she nodded her head forward again and hissed and moaned.

Instantly Margo had her hand under her skirt ripping her thong to the side and as she plunged her index and middle fingers into soaked cunt, now oblivious to the storm that was nearly overhead. Then Maxine spoke, and what she said shook Margo to the core, "Yes, Margo, fuck me with that big black cock of yours, fuck it feels so good in my tight cunt.

Oh fuck, mommy told me how hot you two were together. Fuck me like you fucked my mommy, Margo, I want to c um for you so fucking bad!" Margo's whole body shivered at the significance of Maxine's words. She had never imagined Kelley would tell her daughter about their college sex life. Margo flicked her clit mercilessly at this new revelation. Yet, how did Maxine know, she had a black strap-on, had she been peeking in her underwear drawer? Margo put the thought out of her mind, her eyes absorbed the scene in front of her.

Maxine lifted her ass off the sleeping mat and pounded the handle of her brush so far into her pussy the bristles were scraping over her engorged cunt lips.

With her other hand she pinched her clit hard and pulled the fleshy hard, until it slipped through her slick fingers then she pulled it harder yet.

"Oh fuck Margo, yes! I am going to cum all over your big cock!" Maxine screamed as she pushed the brush with such force half lf of the wire bristles disappeared inside her pussy.

At that instant as the girl's body began to convulse, a loud clap of lighting filled the air above the tent, and Margo jumped as her own cunt j7umped to climax. Her groan was covered by the thunder roll. Margo fell to her knees in the grass as cum flowed from her cunt and down her thighs. She knew she had to have Maxine, and have her know. She ran to the front of the tent and and pushed the flap back, Maxine was still in the throes of her climax, and thrashed on the mat as her eyes opened, she screeched and tried to cover herself she tossed the brush against the side of the tent.

"I am sorry to barge in like this Maxine but it's a storm, you need to come with me now," Margo said as she grabbed the girls hand which was slick with cum." As Margo, pulled the girl to her and into a tight embraced the sky opened up, and it bran to pour down rain.

Margo grabbed Maxine's tight ass and pulled her hard to her body and kissed her passionately as the rain fell in torrents. Breaking off the kiss, Margo smiled down on Maxine, "Your wish is going to come true Maxine, I am going to fuck you with that big black cock and you are going to cum like you have never cum before. Margo took Maxine's hand and they ran over the wide lawn toward the front door of the house. Once inside they fell to their knees on the plush carpet, breathing heavily, as their eyes met again.

Maxine smiled, "I saw the way you were looking at me before supper, checking out my ass in those white shorts, looking right at the slit in my crotch when I helped you empty the dishwasher. It was so hot turning you on.

Pressing my titties into yours when I hugged you, letting my hands lightly cup your ass before I let go of you. Margo took Maxine by the hand and led her to her bed.

She took a towel and dried the girl's hair and body then pushed her roughly onto the bed which made Maxine laugh. The younger woman watched intently as Margo slowly took off her wet clothes. When Margo removed her bra, Maxine sighed and slipped a hand between her thighs.

Soon her fingers circled her clit as Margo pushed her wet thong down her legs. Maxine groaned to see Margo's mature pussy lips, so large so slick. Maxine crawled to the top of the bed and spread her legs wide, "Do you want to taste me before you fuck me Margo?" Maxine closed her eyes, arching her body, offering her cunt to the older women. Margo wasted no time, she pushed her tongue out and penetrated the sweet throbbing pussy. Maxine moaned softly astounded by how deep Margo's tongue was.

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She humped her hips slightly pushing the tongue deeper. Margo trapped Maxine's clit between two fingers and slipped them up and down as she applied more pressure on the girl's sensitive clit. "Oh fuck, yes, Margo! Just like that, fuck your tongue is so good inside my cunt. Don't stop, oh I'm so hot I am gonna cum again!" screamed Maxine, as she plastered her cunt onto Margo's mouth as her hands pulled urgently on the older woman's hair. Margo pushed a pillow hard between her thighs and humped it hard and fast as she plunged her tongue in out of the teen's juicy cunt and pinched her clit hard, and pulled it as she had seen Maxine do in the tent.

As the slippery clit popped out of her grasp she pulled skin nub again only harder. Maxine was now force fucking Margo's mouth and as the pinched clit slipped from Margo's grip again Maxine's cunt exploded spraying Margo's face with creamy girl cum. She sucked the thin lips of Maxine's convulsing pussy into her mouth and sucked hard, taking every last drop of the girl's precious cum.

When Maxine's hands released their grip from Margo's hair she knew she could finally open her mouth and let go of the sweetest cunt she had ever tasted. Maxine's whole body was trembling and Margo brought her into her arms and stroked her arm and back. They kissed softly for long time before Maxine opened her eyes. "I came so hard," Maxine cried lightly now, "Because this is my first time with a women.

I have known for a long time that I was a lesbian, but the opportunity never arose…and now you. I told my mother, and she was supportive.

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She was the one that suggested I stay with you. She didn't come out and say it, but I think she was hopping this would happen." Maxine smilled through her tears.

Overwhelmed I kissed her long and hard, our tongues tussling against each other as we moaned. Maxine broke the kiss off and whispered, "Before you fuck me with the cock, will you fuck me girl to girl…cunt to cunt?" Maxine slipped a pillow under her perfect ass and spread her legs wide, tilting her hips in ad invitation to the older woman. "Your mother loved fucking like this, grinding out cunts together until we came. Once we were walking home drunk from a party, wearing miniskirts, and no panties.

There was a shallow pool in the middle of square, we sat at the edge, kissing, and then she pulled me on top of her into the pool.

We laughed hysterically, but then I got between her legs and pushed my cunt into hers. Instantly we were fucking the water lapped at our cunts as we humped cunt to cunt.

We were wild to cum and I could feel my clit slip inside her lips and I knew her clit was inside my lips. That's when I saw her standing near the pool, Our English professor Ms. Tanner. She didn't make a move to stop us. She just hiked up her sensible skirt and began finger fucking herself as she watched us. This spurred me on and I began to grind like a wildcat into your mothers cunt and minutes later we came so hard we screamed out our passion.


When I looked up Ms. Tanner was gone.

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Maybe I'll tell you the rest of the story after I fuck you, would you like that?" "Oh fuck, you have made me so wet talking about mommy like that, I want to hear all about it!" said Maxine lifting her cunt to meet Margo's as their legs overlapped and their cunts meshed together. Both women groaned, at the friction as their sensitive cunt lips pressed together. The movement was accentuated, intensified, and their cunts were now adapting to each other like parts of a jigsaw puzzle.

Margo's juiced flowed down into Maxine's cunt, as the younger woman lifted her ass off the bed to meet each thrust. Margo's hands captured Maxine's wrists, as both women panted and the slippery sounds of their fucking filled the room.

Blurred. Maxine could see Margo's face above her own, she trembled with pleasure, as she tossed her head backwards, the lips slightly parted, "Fuck me like you fucked mommy, fuck me the way mommy wants to fuck me!" "What, Kelley wants to …fuck you?" gasped Margo. "Oh never stop! Yes, I left my door open and fucked myself and she peeked.

It was so hot Margo, knowing she was seeming me fuck myself.

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I could hear her fingers inside her, as she fucked herself in the hallway. Later after she was asleep I found her cum soaked panties and ate them as I fucked myself once more!" "Oh fuck that is so hot, call me mommy Maxine, close your eyes and pretend I am her, " said Margo as she pounded her cunt into Maxine`s.

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``Mommy. oh mommy. Oh I love you. and I want to be your lover so badly. Yes fuck me mommy, grind your cunt on mine . again, again, let your daughter suck on your big titties. Oh mommy fuck me!`` Maxine yelped. Now Margot fucked the young woman with frenzy, spurred on by her incestuous fantasy.

Their two bodies pressed together as Margo lowered her breasts onto Maxine`s face and the girl sucked a nipple hard between her teeth. Their bodies were covered in sweat as they rubbed at each other, cunt to cunt to cunt. Maxine grabbed at Margo`s thighs for traction as she felt her clit make contact with Margo`s engorged clit.

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She bit down hard on Margo`s nipple imagining it to be her mothers and then it happened. The two women came together in a series of of spasmodic contractions, a long dual moan of satisfaction filled the room. As cum spurted from their cunts and down over their thighs. Their cunts were fused together as they rode out their climaxes and thrashed around on the bed. Finally Margo collapsed on Maxine's body, cum still dripping from her cunt.

They remained motionless on the bed, savoring the remnants of the embrace enjoying even the exhaustion that followed their amazing fuck. Then Margo sucked on Maxine`s perfect breasts. She had the nipples hardened in no time, and then she straddled the girl`s body once more. Maxine`s, eyes still closed let do whatever she wanted to do. Little by little Margo moved up the girl's chest, Margo shifted her cunt, to cover the nipple of the right breast.

It seemed that the pussy had a mind of its own, hesitated a little, the wet lips absorbed the stiff nipple, and in slow motion Margo rotated her hips and brought in contact the hard little peak of Maxine`s nipple with her own highly sensitive clit. Margo's hands came to rest on each side of Maxine's head. ``Oh fuck it feels so good,`` murmured Margo, :``Mommy loves fucking your r stiff nipple Maxine…ahhh` And Maxine felt the hot, wet cunt as it rubbed back and forth on her erected nipple.

Then Margo pressed down to make the girl`s nipple penetrate more deeply into her open cunt. Margo groaned, as she caressed her cunt on Maxine`s hardened nipple Margo loved the soft, subtle pleasure and she reached down and pressed her fingers on Maxine's cheeks. ``Fuck your soft breast and hard nipple feel so good on my cunt, Maxine, `` the older woman sighed.

And Maxine's breast, was soon coved by the warm cunt.

Maxine reached down and opened her own puffy cunt lips and slipped two fingers inside. She closed her thighs under the pressure of her feelings.

Soon Margo moved her hips allowing Maxine`s stiff nipple to flick over her sensitive clit. It was almost to delicious to be true. ``I want you to eat mommy`s pussy now Maxine, I want you to suck on mommy`s fat clit and make her cum. Will you do that for mommy my sweet daughter,`` cried Margo. ``Oh yes, mommy let me eat your cunt, let me suck on your fat clit and make you cum,` Maxine screamed enthusiastically.

In one quick motion Margo shifted herself forward pressing her cunt onto Maxine`s open mouth, as she threw her head back bad groaned as Maxine sucked Margo`s throbbing clit into her mouth and sucked it hard, and her tongue swirled around and around it until the older woman could no longer withstand the onslaught of her climax.

Margo was out of control. She uttered senseless words, and her cunt convulsed with a stream of cum that Maxine tried to capture in her open mouth, though it dripped down over her chin. Margo`s body moved through a series of tremors and convulsions, her fingers buried in Maxine`s blonde hair. She then collapsed on top of Maxine. She kissed her lips then sucked her own juices from the girl`s mouth and chin.

She kissed her new lover deeply and passionately. . Maxine scoped juices that were covering her own nipple with her fingers and then licked them clean. Then Maxine felt Margo`s lips wandering down her body. she moaned with expectation, she parted her thighs, awaiting the delicate caress. Her thighs pressed against the burning cheeks of her mother`s old friend.

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Margo, lifted her head and looked Maxine in the eye. ``I think I am going to let your mother be the first one to fuck you with that strap-on. I`m going to give her a call as soon as I am finished here. Your mother never could say no to me,`` Margo smiled then parted Maxine`s cunt lips with her tongue. Maxine sank little by little into the sheer pleasure of Margo`s mouth on her clit, and smiled, as she imagined her mother`s beautiful face between her open legs.