Pussy juice on her hands

Pussy juice on her hands
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Sandra Location: France I have been waiting for this day for months now. Did I forget anything? I hope not, I've got the essential things with me: ID, flight number, cash, and my small luggage, It's not like I am going to be needing much clothing where I'm going. I have found a sexy red dress, I didn't forget to shave my legs and pussy, and I'll do my makeup in the plane so no need to apply it right now.

In less than 24 hours, I will be in his arms and it just makes me smile. Finally, I will be able to touch, taste, and smell what only my eyes and ears have fed me through our video sessions: Charles. I throw on my long-coat and head out the door to the waiting taxi below. The ride to the airport and the process of checking my luggage and going through security at the terminal are simply a blur.

My mind replays the long months of e-mails, chat sessions, video sessions. I feel myself blush and grow excited as, standing among the crowd waiting to board, my mind flashes across images of what we have been able to accomplish being so far apart from each other. I'm on the plane, and notice it's not even half-full. An old man walks up to the row where I have already seated, stowed my carry-on, and fastened the belt. He rechecks his ticket and demands the window seat. I don't even care and I move over with a smile that had nothing to do with being polite.

He starts interrogating me, or at least that is what it feels like. I answer his questions and then politely beg him to be quiet, as I just want to enjoy this moment while the plane is taking off. Suddenly doubts irrationally flood my thoughts. I am hoping that Charles is not a serial killer, or rapist, or both. Too late, I'm off to the U.S. Location: Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean As the plane continues west, I've been thinking about everything I am going to do to him and him to me. The thought of his hard cock in my hands, in my mouth, sliding into my pussy, Oh!

It's starting to turn me on more and more and I squeeze my thighs together.

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I look out of the corner of my eye to the old man next to me. He seems to be immersed into his reading, or maybe he has fallen asleep. Why, oh why did I leave my trusty vibrator, Thumper, at home? Though I know I could never get away with the noise, I can still get some use out of him.

I ask a Flight Attendant for a blanket and when she comes back with it, I lay it across my legs, lean the seat back and pull it up to my shoulders. I lean back and close my eyes, thinking that if I could just fall asleep I would be okay. Instead of being courteous enough to wait until I'm dreaming, flashes of his eyes watching me as I strip slowly before him enter my head only seconds after my eyes close.

His mouth descending on my breasts, kissing, biting, and sucking at my nipples cause the ones outside of my mind to harden against the fabric of my bra. My eyes open wide and I gasp. "Is everything all right, Miss?" The old man looks at me with concern and as I readjust the seat into its original position I reply, "I never have been able to sleep sitting without my back giving me sharp pains.

I don't even know why I tried." Really? Did I just lie, complaining about back pain to a man who has probably dealt with arthritis for a decade or more?


He just stares at me and I swear he can smell my sex. "I'm going to go see if I can find an empty row to lie all the way down in." I grab my bag and stand up. I want, no, I need to find a place where I can start touching myself in the plane. I think the lavatory, but dismiss it as too cliché.

Though if I don't think of something soon I may just start frigging myself right there in the aisle! Luckily the plane wasn't quite half-way full and I find myself a row that is free and empty across the whole span. I take off my coat and fold it to use as a pillow, lay down with my head towards the window, cover myself with the blanket, and finally allow my thoughts freedom from restraint about what is going to happen.

Maybe I will be the rapist. I smile at the thought while my right hand is reaching for my pussy, and the left one moves under the neck of my dress and begins playing with my nipples.

My hand travels up my leg, bringing the hem of my dress with it. I push my soaked panties aside, circle my clit a few times and then slide my fingers through the folds of my pussy. My juices are flowing readily and I insert one finger inside my slit. Then another and my breath catches as the third finger forces my walls to expand.

My hand is moving back and forth inside me, and my thumb presses on my clitoris. I yearn for something to put inside me and all I can find is my hairbrush. I put it slowly inside me, and I feel a rush of emotions running through me. With how excited I am, it doesn't take long and I bite the edge of the blanket as I cum, hoping everyone was asleep but not hoping too hard. If someone wasn't asleep or one of the attendants or stewards had wandered down the aisle, they must have enjoyed the show since I wasn't interrupted.

Location: Somewhere over the Western Part of the United States. All of a sudden, I can't stay put in my seat, I'm moving around back and forth in the cabin, the cute steward asks me if I could please remain seated and put my seat belt on, the plane is going to land any minute now.

The vibrations of the landing seem to flow directly to between my legs and I can't help but bite my lip and whimper. The old man, looks over and smiles. "My granddaughter has the same problem.

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She is perfectly fine with flying until right before we land." I smile and see past him out the window to see that it is night here. All of a sudden everything is moving too fast and I am headed through the tarmac following signs to where I need to go. I can feel my heart beating faster when I find myself in front of the customs officer, "Business or Pleasure" he asks me. I can only think about Charles not so far from here, waiting to tear my clothes off, so I reply, "Pleasure" with a huge smile and a wink.

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When I'm in the baggage claim, I stick with the old man intentionally, wondering once again when it was that my mind boarded the train to crazy land, and why I felt it necessary to try and see Charles before he sees me. My heart stops when I finally spot him on the other side of the glass. Somehow he is even cuter in person than I ever saw in the videos. I'm looking at him as if he were a meal, his eyes settle on me and he smiles, Oops, spotted!

I wanted to catch him by surprise, and it's a failure. I pick up my luggage and ask Grandpa if I look nice.

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He stares at me a moment, then says, "I haven't even smelled a woman's essence since my wife died years ago. The man that you are meeting is a Very Lucky Man." I don't know how, but he did say it with capital letters. I keep smiling, but my face must have blazed into color. I haven't been this nervous about being with someone since the first time I had decided to have sex. The moment arrives, I am still blushing, what do I say? What do I do? Do I kiss him? As a perfect gentleman, he just says "Hello Sandra, I've been waiting for you." With a beautiful smile that I just can't resist, our lips find themselves on their own.

It is a soft, wet kiss, his tongue twirling in my mouth knowing exactly what it is supposed to do, and there is not an ounce of doubt in his movements. His hands caress my face, and then one runs down my neck to settle behind my back, bringing us even more closely together. The other holds me by the back of the head and I sense it is so I couldn't run away. As if I was crazy enough to want to leave a kiss like that!


My hands start opposite of his by grabbing his ass and work their way up under his jacket, to finally land themselves on his back; just to be sure he doesn't leave either. When our first kiss stops I feel myself blushing even more but being nervous is no longer a part of it, and I smile at him. His hand finds mine and in that one simple gesture, I am reassured and all my doubts have flown away. His eyes dive into mine and we continue to stare at each other for a couple of minutes.

Oh my god this is Real! is the only thing that passes through my mind as I touch his chest. I take him by his jacket and pull him towards me so we can explore more of each other's tongues.

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Location: Just stepping into the train shuttle heading to the airport outer parking lot. We get inside the train, and we simply cannot let go of each other, he is running his hands inside my coat, exploring every inch of my body, "Just checking to see if you made the trip in nothing but the coat." He says with laughter in his eyes and maybe a touch of disappointment. He was referring to one of the first conversations we had about visiting each other.

I simply enjoy his hands and kiss his neck, keeping him in my arms. Finally holding him, touching his skin. We find ourselves two seats where no one, of the few people travelling this late at night, can see what we are doing. I feel his hands running up my thighs, massaging them, getting closer to my pussy. He knows that I'm getting wetter by the second, and I am aware that he is getting more excited.

My hands are reaching out for his zipper, and I can feel his hard cock just on the other side.

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I take it from its hiding place, wrap my hand around it and decide to give him a hand job. I can see through his eyes that he desires me, but he still whispers it in my ear with his tender voice. His fingers have reached my panties, pushed them aside in very nearly the same manner that I did while flying, and are travelling inside me. He strokes his fingers inside me and then plays with my clitoris while his other hand is playfully tugging at my nipples.

My hand speeds up on his cock and I close my eyes. I feel myself about to cum, but suddenly he stops. "This is where we get off" "I was about to!" My eyes are begging him to continue, he licks his fingers and smiles at me as he tastes me for the first time.

"But we have to go." (To be continued.)