Super cheap whore in East London

Super cheap whore in East London
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Four: Sinning at the Club By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 "And you are sure this is a good idea, dear?" Mother asked Daddy.

As always, Mother wore a conservative dress: skirt long, neckline high, though it was sleeveless, a concession to the summer heat. Her hair was perfectly coiffed even after a day spent weeding at the church. I didn't even recall her slipping into the bathroom to fix herself when we returned home, she just changed out of her garden jeans and looked perfect.

I had to spend an hour in the bathroom when we returned home. I was a sweaty mess after spending the afternoon on my knees next to Mother. It wasn't how I preferred spending my time on my knees. Summer break had just begun, and I already missed kneeling behind my school, blowing the horny boys for a dollar, swallowing their cum, savoring how wanton and whorish I was as I fingered myself.

I didn't even think of setting up an alternative location for the summer. Big oversight on my part. "She is eager to help with the outreach ministry," Daddy answered. He stood tall, authoritative, with all the confidence of a methodist preacher facing a horde of depraved sinners.

He wore his black suit, blue tie dangling down his white shirt. He was such a handsome man, dark hair with wings of gray streaking back from his temples. I had such a sexy Daddy. I loved it when I fucked him.

He was a reason I loved older men. There was Deacon Bill at church, Mr. Thompson at school, Principal Miller, Coach Murphy, three other male teachers, kind-hearted Dom who ran the local ice cream stand, and a few other studs in our small suburb of Thousand Oaks. "But out so late?" Mother frowned. "And in LA? The Sunset Strip, darling. Do you think that's too much? What if she can't handle it?" "The outreach to the homeless shelter is important. She's eager to help." The "outreach" to the Sunset Homeless Shelter, which didn't even exist, was the lie Daddy told Mother to explain tonight's fun.

"I am, Mother, so eager," I said, my pussy juicy. Tonight would be so much fun. Over spring break a few months back, Daddy had taken me to the Sunset Strip, a place of porno shops, adult theaters, peepshows, and The Pink Delight, a go go dancing club where their dancers stripped naked.

All nude review, it was call. Something sinful and decadent and oh, so new. Tonight, I was putting the go go boots I bought with my blowjob money to good use. "See," Daddy said, hiding his grin. "She is a charitable woman. She wants to help out all those poor, lost souls." Daddy's hypocrisy knew no bounds. He could preach to his flock about the dangers of sexual immorality, how loose women lured men into sin, and how fornication outside of marriage, and inside it should only be for procreation, lead straight to damnation all while his cock was still wet with my eighteen-year-old cunt.

I loved helping Daddy "get ready" to give his sermons every Sunday morning while Mother setup the worship hall, laying out fliers, making sure every pew had enough song books. She had no idea her husband fucked his cock in and out of my barely legal cunt or even my asshole at every opportunity. Daddy used all my holes. He could lie so well. I knew he was hard right now, eager for me to watch me be a sinful harlot tonight.

I knew he had depraved ideas on how to use my body. I was temptation given flesh—blonde, busty, and youthful.

Long legs, lush lips, blue eyes promising such wicked delights. I lured men into sinning with me. I drove them wild, forcing them to spill their seed into my body. I was such a wicked preacher's daughter. I hope I was the most sinful one to ever exist. Sex was amazing, and I pitied my mother for being so reserved, so frigid.

A tight ass, as Deacon Bill put it. If she enjoyed sex, she could keep Daddy's lust satiated enough for him to resist the temptations of other women, including me. But she didn't understand how wonderful it was to enjoy sex, to suck cocks, to bare her body, to take a young boy's virginity, to gasp and writhe as one man fucked my ass and another my cunt.

She didn't know how delicious cum tasted. And that was so sad. Sometimes I wanted to grab her shoulders and shake them. Especially when she lectured me on the dangers of masturbation and how it would lead me into greater sexual sins, like parking with a boy. It was hard to keep a straight face during those lectures.

I had done so much worse than kissing a boy and letting him grope me. "Well, you know best, dear," she said, always the dutiful wife, the perfect suburbanite. She could challenge Mrs. Cleaver to the honor of best housewife in America.

"I always do, Margarete." He took her shoulders, and she planted two chaste kisses on his cheek. She couldn't even kiss him properly.

"We should get going, Father," I said, acting reserved, dressed modestly, my hair gathered in a pair of innocent pigtails—Daddy's suggestion. "Of course, dear," Mother said. Then she gave me a kiss. "Be careful at the shelter. Watch out for those men. They can be such degenerates. And you are such a young thing." Oh, if only she knew. "I will, Mother." My nipples tingled as I embraced Mother.

She was endowed, too. I had inherited much of her beauty, including her blonde locks, though hers were even paler than mine, a platinum compared to my gold. I was suddenly aware of our breasts pressed tight together.

Ever since I saw two women have sex in a stag film at the Sunset Playhouse, I had wanted to be with a woman. I had hinted to Father for weeks now, but so far he either ignored me or I was being too subtle. I hoped it would be with Donna Paxtor. I had watched her and Daddy several times now, and she was a delicious woman. It always sent a naughty thrill through me when I watched, knowing I had fucked her husband, Bill.

And he had no idea his wife cuckolded him with Daddy. She was a beauty, too, a redhead with a sultry smile. My pussy grew wet, soaking my brand new panties. They were decadent, made of silk and so lacy. My mother would be apoplectic if she ever found out I owned naughty underwear. And my bra wasn't much better, lifting my large Double D's into two mounds, a lacy, black bow between the cups.

It even unsnapped in the front. "Well, I'll let you two go." Mother said. "Drive safe." "We will," Daddy said with great patience in his voice. I was all giggling excitement once we were in the Buick. Daddy bought it back in the fifties, and it lacked seatbelts. It was fun to ride in. I bounced on the seat, trembling with excitement, my outfit in the trunk. Once we were in LA, Daddy pulled over at a diner. I darted into change in the restroom, stripping out of my conservative dress, my Mary Janes, and my knee-high socks.

I pulled on my go go boots, white vinyl coming up to just below my knees, and my dress. It was wicked. The skirt was so short, it barely covered my rear. The sleeves were long, flaring to bell cuffs at the end, and the oval neckline scooped so low you could almost see the top of my bra, the black lace around the cup peeking out.

It also showed off my delicious cleavage. I tied the dress's belt around my waist, pulling the material tight to my stomach and then letting the skirt fall loose about my hips and rear. I stared at the mirror, loving the blue pattern of flowers and leaves swirling over the dress. I shook my hips, giggling as the skirt flared up and down. I turned, staring over my shoulders and kept swaying.

Flashes of my black panties hugging my butt-cheeks appeared. Oh, yes, I would have fun in this dress. I strolled back out of the bathroom, hurrying through the diner, eager to get to the club. Men in the booths glanced at me, hunger in their eyes. If I had time, I would make them an offer.

Dollar for a blowjob. Five dollars for my pussy. Eight for my asshole. Daddy had a huge grin on his face when I swept in, nodding his head. I reached over, patting the bulge swelling his slacks. "Do I look soooo scrumptious, Daddy?" "Sin clothed in temptation," he answered, eyes staring down my cleavage.

I took a deep breath, my breasts rising for his enjoyment as his dick throbbed in his slacks. He drove faster than he should. Eager to get to the club. We reached the Sunset Strip, the flashing lights of the porno shops and other wicked entertainment lighting up the twilight as the sun sank to the west.

Men walked up the streets, passing women who lounged on the corners. Streetwalkers. Kindred spirits. Daddy found a place to park and climbed out, rushing around the car to open the door for me like a gentleman. That made me really smile as he held out his arm to me. I took it, clinging to my Daddy as we strolled down the sidewalk, passing men glancing at me with hungry eyes.

Ahead, The Pink Delight drew closer and closer. My stomach twisted and fluttering nerves shot through me. Ever since Daddy told me his plan as my last week of school drew to a close, I had been practicing my dancing in my room, listening to my Beetles or Beach Boys records, gyrating my hips, finding the right songs to strip to.

I would open with Twist and Shout, and by the time I was naked, it would be Good Vibrations, my absolute favorite. A large, Black man stood at the entrance in a gray suit, his eyes flicking over us then lingering on my tits. Heat smoldered in his dark eyes. "She new?" "First appearance," Daddy answered. "Maybe not the last. Emmy should be expecting us." "He better," the man grunted and nodded to the door. Music washed over me the moment we entered the club. It was loud and had a great beat, Happy Together playing while two women danced on the stage in their go go boots and nothing else.

The men crowding the stage—the smooth, black surface thrusting like a cock into the audience—cheered and clapped, throwing dollar bills on stage as the women shook their asses, their breasts bouncing up and down. They both turned, pressing their naked rears together, swaying their hips back and forth to the song.

My cheeks burned bright with envy as my pussy exploded with frothy desire. This was the right place to be. This was where a preacher's daughter could act extra sinful. Blood rushed to my head. I almost grew dizzy with desire as Daddy led me through the dark, smoky club. Men smoked and sipped at their drinks at small, circular table.


Waitresses in go go boots and lingerie moved through the crowd. Women naked or only in their panties sat on men's lap in chairs around the club's edges, gyrating their bodies on them. It almost looked like they were simulating sex. Why not actually perform it? The song drew to a close and the two women on stage waved to the crowd and blew kisses, huge smiles on their lips.

One was a brunette with tits even bigger than mine. She carried herself with such confidence as she bent down, collecting her discarded clothing and the dollar bills strewn on stage.

One bold man tucked his bill beneath her breast, lifting the mound up and letting gravity hold the dollar in place. I never wanted to leave. Daddy knew I was such a wanton harlot. And this is clearly where women like me belonged. Daddy reached a door marked "Employee's Only" and opened it.

It led to a short hallway. At one end, an open door peered in on a dressing room. A topless woman walked by, red hair bouncing about her shoulders. Daddy led us away to a door labeled "Mr. Papadopoulos" and knocked. A man grunted, "Come in." Daddy opened the door and ushered me into a cluttered office.

A short man, dark hair, his purple shirt half-unbutton showing off a hairy chest. He had a lecherous grin at the sight of me, his lips smiling around the cigar clutched between his teeth. "Emmy," Daddy said, closing the door behind us. "Well, well, well," the man said.

"When you told me about the girl you wanted to bring in, I wasn't holding my breath. But her." He stared at me. "How old are you, girl?" "Eighteen," I purred. "Daddy says I'll have a lot of fun dancing here." "Daddy." Emmy arched an eyebrow, staring at my father. "No shit. The preacher brings his own daughter to dance on my stage." I put a shake to my hips, my skirt flaring. "I sooo love to dance.

And there were so many handsome men out there. Mmm, I can't wait to get on stage." "Lord, you are a wanton one. I bet you suck cock like a champ." "I'm the best at my school." He snorted. "Well, prove it, girl. You suck my cock, you get to dance on my stage." I licked my lips and let out a purring, "Sounds like a deal, Mr. Papadopoulos." It was a hard name to say, but I managed. "Emmy," he grunted. "If you're going to suck my cock. We should be on first name basis." "I'm Alexandra, Emmy," I said, strolling forward, feeling Daddy's eyes on me.

Emmy's chair squeaked as he turned it on the concrete floor. I walked around his desk and fell to my knees before him. I slid my hands up his jeans, savoring the rough denim beneath my palms, then reached his crotch.

I rubbed at his throbbing dick, feeling how hard he was. My fingers unsnapped the fastener then drew down the zipper slowly, smiling at him the entire time. "Is he really your father?" he asked as I pulled down his jeans and white underwear.

"He is," I grinned as I produced a short, fat cock rising from a dark tangle of pubic hair. Up close, he had a spicy musk stronger than the cigar smoke.

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"He also took my cherry." Before he could respond, I licked up his shaft, savoring the salty flavor of his skin. I reached the top, swirling about the pink crown. He groaned, chair creaking as I latched my lush lips on his dick and sucked. As my cheeks hollowed, a hot thrill shot down to my pussy. My cunt was hot and juicy, itching to be touched. But I didn't. I wanted all my horny energy to make me dance like a wanton strumpet on stage.

My lips popped off his dick as I sucked just on the tip, loving it, teasing him, drawing out his salty precum. He groaned again, his hand seizing a pigtail, twining the golden hair about his fingers. I flicked my tongue across the edge again as he grabbed my other pigtail.

"Whore, I need you to suck my cock, not lick it like an ice cream cone." "But it's such a tasty treat," I giggled. "Fuck," he moaned and then he yanked down hard on my pigtails, forcing my lips to swallow his cock. I shuddered, helpless and at his mercy as he pulled my mouth down his cock.

His dick brushed the back of my throat, pain flaring along my scalp. Wonderful pain. I loved how he used my pigtails, taking control of me, fucking my mouth up and down his cock. The shaft slid in and out of my mouth as he used my pigtails as handle bars, his hips fucking up, the tip brushing the back of my throat over and over.

I sucked so hard, my body shuddering, my hands clenching at his thighs. Saliva ran down my chin as he fucked his cock faster and faster in and out of my mouth, using me. I wiggled my hips, feeling Daddy's eyes on me, knowing he loved watching me be a whore, his dick growing harder and harder, anticipating the moment he would fuck me and dump his cum into my sinful cunt.

"Shit, what a slutty daughter you raised, Preacher." Emmy slammed my mouth down harder. So hard his cock popped past my gullet. I almost choked on him as the thick tip forced down my throat. "She can even deep-throat. I bet you trained her to do that." "Once she saw it in a porno, she had to try it," answered Daddy, his voice calm.

"She is that wicked of a whore. Her mother and I tried to raise her right, but she is consumed by sin. It radiates from her cunt, compelling her to be even more wanton." I moaned a yes about Emmy's cock. He groaned, his dick lodged in my throat right next to my humming vocal cords. He pulled my lips all the way down to his pubic hair, grinding my nose into them as he gripped my pigtails. "Yes, I can see that," Emmy grunted. "Oh, yes, you are a wicked thing. Such a sinful creature.

And only eighteen. Lord, what a harlot." "He has lost all faith in her. She's too whorish. She'll be a sinner for life." Daddy's voice was thick, gravelly with the lust I inspired in him. "Use her mouth. Dump your cum down her throat. It is all she's good for now." A hot shudder ran through me. I loved the humiliating words. I gripped Emmy's thighs so tight, fighting the urge to masturbate myself to an orgasm as my panties soaked up the juices flooding out of my cunt.

I was so wicked, so sinful. My holes were made to have men dump their cum into them, to drink it all up. My thighs rubbed together, teasing my hard clit, flutters shooting through my body. I moaned about Emmy's cock.

He loved that. His head lolled back. His dick throbbed in my mouth. And then he erupted. He pumped the cum straight into my stomach, dumping it down my throat. I shuddered, a flutter of pleasure racing out of me as he used my mouth for his pleasure.

I was nothing but a warm, sucking hole to him. And I savored the small orgasm rippling out of my cunt. I moaned, my tongue loving the taste of his cock. He let out an explosive breath and let go of my pigtails. Trembling, I drew my mouth up his cock.


It popped out and I heaved in a deep breath, licking my lips and wiping at the saliva staining my chin and neck. "Alexandra, my stage is yours. Boil their blood." He then pressed an intercom button. "Missy, come to my office. There's a new girl I need you to get ready to take to the stage." Missy turned out to be the brunette I had seen on stage with the other woman. She appeared in a silk robe, her breasts almost spilling out of it. She had a huge smile and a wonderful scent about her that made my heart beat so fast.

She was the type of woman I would love to have for my first time. On the way to the dressing room, she told me she danced by the name of Missy D, which wasn't her real name, and asked me my stage name. "Alexandra," I shrugged. "Oh, no, that won't do," she said, shaking her head as she plopped me down before a makeup table, a mirror surrounded by light bulbs before me, and began enhancing what makeup I wore, which wasn't much.

My lips became blood red as she said. "I think Lexi is better. Lexi.Lovelace." "Lexi Lovelace?" I asked then giggled. "That sounds so naughty." "Exactly," she told me, applying a bit more rouge to my cheeks. "My, you look young.

How old are you?" "Eighteen." She blinked. "And you're dancing here? You know what you'll be doing on stage?" "Stripping naked," I purred.

"I love showing off my body." "An exhibitionist, huh?" Missy D opened the front of her robe, baring her large tits. "I get that. I love to show off the girls. Why I call myself Missy D, because aren't these a lush pair of Double D's?" "Yes, they are," I moaned, my mouth salivating, her pink nipple only an inch away.

I wanted to lean over and suck, but then she put away her tits. I really had to convince Daddy to find a woman for me to fool around with. I had no idea how to seduce one on my own.

Boys were so easy to seduce they would even pay me for the privilege, but girls. All the ones I knew, the few who would still speak to me, pretended to hate sex.

They either lied, had no experience with it, or were complete morons tricking themselves that they didn't enjoy it. They all wanted to pretend to be good girls, not sluts. They were missing out. "You know what songs you want to dance to?" she asked me. I nodded my head and told her my selection. She smiled. "Okay, I'll tell the MC. He'll announce you, you stroll out on stage, the music will start up, and then you dance.

Don't start getting naked until near the end of Twist and Shout, then get fully undressed for Good Vibrations. Make them love you. Make them desire you. Then they'll shower the stage with money." I grinned. "That's the other reason I'm here. I like to get paid for being a slut." "Wow. You unusual for a girl your age." "Being a hypocrite is so much worse. Sex is amazing, I embraced it and have been so happy." "Well, good luck," she told me, maneuvering me to the the stage entrance.

She slipped out a side entrance. The current song wrapped up after a minute. A few moments later, a dancer strolled backstage naked, a sheen of sweat over her body. She gave me a cold smile, her money gripped in one hand, her dress and lingerie balled up in the other. She grabbed a robe, stashed her tips in a small locked box, and was heading out to work the crowd when my name was called.

"The Pink Delight is proud to present Lexi Lovelace's sensual premiere," the MC boomed. "She's young and eager to please. Let's welcome Lexi!" I took a deep breath, a wave of fear shooting through me. The men cheered on the other side of the curtain. I couldn't stand here afraid. I would disappoint them all.

They were all yearning to see my nubile body. I saw the looks of the men when we walked in, each waiting to see me strut and strip on stage. It was time for me to be a slut. I strolled out, bright stage lights in my eyes, the men dark shadows, cheering, clapping, crowding the stage thrusting out into the hall.

I cast my gaze around, looking for Daddy as I reached the middle. I stood confident, one hand on my hip which I cocked to the side. A nervous flutter went through me. Where was Daddy? I wanted him to watch. And then I spotted him in the back, sitting on one of the chairs along the edge, a girl gyrating naked on his lap, his eyes fixed on me. Daddy was the man I least wanted to disappoint. So I had to dance so sexily. I had to drive these men wild. The music started up and my hips moved, responding, shaking, twisting.

The skirt flared about my waist as my go go boots squeaked on the stage. I worked my hips, dancing just like I had practiced, letting the music's beat and the cheering men give me more and more confidence. I strutted closer to one side of the stage, turning, bending down as I did the twist, my arms pumping, the bell sleeves flapping and the skirt swirling.

The men had to catch glimpses of my black panties hugging my ass. Maybe they could even see the wet spot between my thighs—I was so turned on right now. They were all cheering, clapping. One man tucked a dollar bill into my left go go boot.

I grinned, my pussy clenching as a hot thrill shot through me. I moved, twirling about the stage, reaching the other side, dancing, undulating, twisting just like the song commanded. It was so freeing. All these men watched me, lusted after me. I knew they all had hard cocks because of my tempting, barely legal body. "Look at her," groaned one man. "Hey, sugar, come dance by me," another shouted. "Look at those tits." "She's so young. My daughter's age." "Look at that ass shake." Every word I caught only made me dance sexier, putting more of a sway to my hips.

I twirled around and then caught sight of Daddy as he watched me, the girl still gyrating on him, her naked tits heaving.

I envied her. I wanted to dance on Daddy's lap. The song drew closer to its end. It was time to start my striptease. A hot flush shot through me as, my hips wiggling, I slid my hands up my thighs. The crowd grew hushed when my hands pressed beneath my short, flaring skirt, lifting it up. I found the waistband of my panties. In a quick, smooth flourish, I yanked them down my thighs as I bent my knees. My skirt flipped up for a moment, flashing my naked bun and golden pubic hair.

As I stepped out of my panties, leaving them lying on stage, I heard the men groan. And the dollar bills came fluttering. They landed on the stage or were tucked into my go go boots as I twirled and strutted around the edge.

More and more bills were shoved into my boot tops as the guys caught glimpses of my wet pussy and plump ass as I danced. I wanted to masturbate. I was so wet. My pubic hair must be covered in juices by now. As the song died, I ran my hands up the front of my dress. Then Beach Boys came on, and I was feeling so good, almost vibrating with delight. My fingers found the buttons beneath my bodice, I worked them.

"Yes, yes, yes," a guy groaned, his eyes locked on my tits. He wanted to see my breasts. "Lets see those magnificent tits." "Come on, girl, show them to us!" I grinned, dancing, sweat dripping down my body from the effort, juices trickling down my thighs.

I slipped my arms out of the dress, letting the top part fall about my hips, held up by the belt, my large breasts jiggling in my bra. I moved to the right side of the stage, bending over it, shaking my tits at them as my fingers played with the clasp between my breasts. The men stared up at me with such lust, a mix of business men and beatniks.

They were skinny and overweight, tall and short. But they all stared at me with lust, gripping dollar bills in tight fists. The clasp came undone. My large tits spilled out. Their groans washed over me. I shuddered, my clit throbbing. I spun around, my dress flaring up, flashing naked ass and pussy, my tits slapping together and bouncing, unveiled fully. Halfway through Good Vibrations, I undid the belt holding my dress tight about my waist The dollar bills rained on stage as the last of my clothing fell off.

I wore my white go go boots and nothing else, baring all before these horny men. Hands reached out, touching me as I worked the stage. I gasped, a man shoving a wad of bills into my pussy.

I loved it. Another guy shoved bills between the cheeks of my ass as I gyrated. The men were going wild, stroking my barely legal body. I leaned over, letting them grab my breasts and twist my nipples.


Pleasure shuddered through me. I need a cock in me so badly. Daddy's cock.

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The girl dancing on his lap was gone. He watched me with burning eyes. I could feel them on me at all times as I danced through the final chorus of the song, my pussy holding the dollar bills tight.

As the music ended, I struck a pose, laughing in delight as they clapped for me. I had never felt more desired. They all wanted to fuck me. What would it be like to take cock after cock? To have man after man fuck me? It would be so wicked. So wanton. I wanted them to rush the stage, to throw me down and just take me, to fuck my sinful, barely legal cunt with their hard cocks and spurt their cum in me. "Let's hear it for Lexi Lovelace," the MC said.

"Her debut dance at The Pink Velvet." And not my last. Every Friday, Daddy and I would have to come to the "homeless shelter" and help all those poor men.

This would be an amazing summer break. I gathered my dollar bills. I couldn't believe how many there were. I had a huge wad of them. I strolled backstage where Missy D waited, a silk robe in hand. She led me to a locked box, and I put my tips in there. "Now you work the room," she said. "Men will want to have you dance on their laps. It's a new thing.

They can't touch you unless you let them. And they can't force you to have sex. It's not allowed." "That doesn't sound like fun," I pouted, my pussy on fire. "But I know who wants me to give them a lap dance My daddy is out there." "Your." Her eyes widened. "Holy shit, you are something else, Alexandra." "Uh-huh," I grinned.

She had such kissable lips. Maybe Missy D could have a threesome with Daddy and me. I liked two men at once, so I bet Daddy would love two women. I would have to broach it with him. "They can't force me to have sex, right?" "That's right," she nodded, then frowned, noting my wicked smile. "Alexandra, what are you going to do?" I winked at her as I headed out into the club, the silk robe feeling so delicious on my body, my nipples rasping against the material.

It was like a sensual massage wrapped about my flesh. I stepped into the club as the next dancer shook her ass in a bright-orange dress, her hair bouncing about her shoulders. Men grinned at me, calling out, "Lexi Lovelace," as I walked by.

They touched me, groped me, tried to pull me into their laps. But I laughed and wiggled out of their hands. "Naughty boys. Daddy gets the first lap dance I'm a dutiful daughter." Daddy watched me as I made my way to him. His eyes were burning with lust. He sat rigid, erect, eager for me. A slight smile turned his lips as I wiggled and undulated past the groping men. My pussy needed Daddy's cock right now. "Care for a lap dance, Daddy?" I purred, stopping before him.

I let the robe fall off my naked body. "Damn," a man nearby groaned, staring at my breasts as I leaned over Daddy, letting my lush Double D's jiggle.

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Daddy produced a ten dollar bill. "I am." I took it, holding it tight in my fist, and leaned my hands on his shoulders, my breasts swaying right in his face, silky flesh brushing his hungry lips. My nipples ached as I felt his rough five-o'clock shadow. Then a lip sucked, nibbled. "Oh, you wicked Daddy," I purred, letting him suckle for a moment. In the background, the Four Tops crooned. I turned, bending over, pressing my ass towards him.

His hands seized my hips, pulling me close, my tits dangling and jiggling. Men watched as Daddy took a bold lick up my pussy, starting at my aching clit and sliding through my wet folds.

I groaned, shuddering, my eyes rolling in my head. Relief. Wonderful, aching relief after dancing on stage before all the horny men. I gave my admirers sultry smiles as I sank down onto Daddy's lap, rubbing my naked pussy into his hard bulge, my butt pressing into his stomach. I raised my arms, my hips undulating, dancing to the new beat, my breasts jiggling as I ground on Daddy.

"Such a wicked temptress," he groaned as he nuzzled my ears, "seducing your father before all these men.

You didn't learn a thing from my sermons." "No, Daddy," I moaned, my pussy so juicy, his cock so hard. I ground my sensitive flesh on it, groaning as the pleasure fluttered through my body. My nipples ached as my tits bounced. "I didn't. I'm a wanton whore. I'm Jezebel and Delilah tempting you with my body." "Yes," he groaned. "Leading me into such sweet, taboo sin." Men rubbed at their bulges as I ground on Daddy.

I winked at my admirers, leaning over, my tits dangling as I slid my pussy up and down Daddy's cock, my labia stretching over his bulge, my inner folds teased. I wished the clothing wasn't in the way, but I savored the fabric caressing my pussy lips and my throbbing clit. "Do you all like watching me dance on Daddy's lap?" I purred to the men. "Do you like ogling my eighteen-year-old tits?" I squeezed them, fingers sinking into my pillowy flesh. "I bet you do. Ooh, yes. You all want me." "Yes," groaned a man.

Their hot eyes only built the excitement in me. I ground harder and harder, my moans bursting from my mouth. I draped my back across Daddy's chest. His hands stroked my stomach as I rubbed and humped against him. He nuzzled at my neck, kissing with those strong lips while my pussy ached for his dick.

The cock that pumped Mother full of cum and planted me in her belly. The rush of incestuous passion shuddered through me. I threw back my head, my blonde pigtails dancing, and screamed out as my orgasm exploded through my depths. My breasts heaved, slapping together as I bucked and spasmed. "Yes, yes, yes, I'm dancing on my daddy!

His dick's so hard for me. I need him in me so badly. I'm such a wicked preacher's daughter." "Shit," the men groaned, envy in their voices. They wanted to be my daddy, too. "You make me so hard, slut," growled Daddy. "I can feel your juices soaking through my slacks. You little harlot. You are driving me wild." His hands slid up my breasts, squeezing them hard. His hands were so rough, the opposite of my delicate fingers. His thumbs swiped my nipples. Trembles shot down to my spasming pussy, increasing my bliss.

"What are you going to do about it, harlot? You made Daddy hard. You have to fix it." "I do, Daddy," I purred and turned on his lap. I straddled him, pressing my breasts into his face. He nuzzled, kissing, licking, hands squeezing my ass.

My right hand slid down his tie, stroking the silky material on my way to his pants. I found the zipper. It rasped down as a new song started up—I'm a Believer. I shuddered as I pulled out his dick. I was a believer in his hard, thick cock. It was the best. No one I had ever fucked had a better cock, not all the nerds whose virginities I took, not my teachers, nor my deacon, nor even the mailman had a dick as amazing as Daddy's.

It was the most forbidden dick in the world. A preacher shouldn't fuck his daughter. Especially not as other horny men watched. "Oh, Daddy," I moaned, shifting my hips, rubbing his cock on my pussy. I slipped him up and down, eager for all these men to watch our incestuous fuck.

I slammed down his dick. "Yes!" Hot, hard, taboo cock filled me. I shuddered on him, my head throwing back, staring up at the ceiling. I was so excited to feel him in me. I did a wicked dance on his lap, sliding up and down his cock, working my hips as I savored the friction of his big dick caressing my sensitive depths. My nipples rasped on his chest, his lips kissing at my mouth. His hands clenched hard on my ass, pulling my butt-cheeks apart, exposing my sphincter.

I loved it. I swiveled and undulated as his finger crept into my butt-crack. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on his cock. "Do it, Daddy. You know all my sinful holes have to be pleased." His finger pressed into my asshole. My pussy clenched on his dick as his finger worked deep into my bowels.

A hot, burning friction shuddered through me. I tossed back my head, moaning loudly as the Monkee's song echoed through the club. "Oh, God, yes, Daddy," I hissed, bouncing on his cock. "Finger my naughty ass.

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Ooh, yes. You love your daughter's sinful cunt wrapped about your dick, don't you? You're such a wicked Daddy." "So wicked," he growled. "Work those hips. Make me cum, slut. You made me hard dancing on the stage. You are a complete harlot. You surrendered to sin. So wicked. You're a whore." "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!" I screamed and came on his cock. I loved it when he called me whore, when he paid me money to fuck my taboo flesh. It was so wonderfully degrading. I bucked and spasmed on his shaft, my pussy convulsing about his dick.

I shuddered and moaned, my head tossing back, pigtails dancing about my shoulders. My bowels clenching on his finger, savoring it pumping in and out of me. "Shit, she just came on him," a guy grunted. "Her own father," moaned another. "I have to get a dance from her." "Wait your turn," I moaned, bouncing and writhing. "Daddy's not finished yet. He still has to cum in me." "Yes, yes, yes," the men groaned. "Cum in her. Cum in your whore-daughter's snatch." "Lord have mercy on her sinful soul," Daddy groaned as I bounced on him, the pleasure still crashing through my youthful body.

He groaned, left hand tightening my ass, his right thrusting a second finger into my tight bowels. I loved it, my head lolling on his shoulder as I bounced on his amazing dick. I nuzzled into his ear, kissing, licking, moaning, "Cum in me, Daddy. Flood your daughter. Cum in me." The words worked. He grunted, thrusting up his hips. Hot cum erupted from his cock. I shuddered, savoring the hot flood squirting into me, the incestuous flood. I moaned so loudly, groaning as another orgasm crashed through my body.

I slammed my cunt down his cock, the spasms milking all of his cum into my depths. I purred, nipping Daddy's ear as he grunted with each eruption of his cum. His hips thrust up a final time and then he groaned, leaning back. "Wanton whore," he panted as I shuddered on him.

"So wanton," I whispered. "Now watch me give more lap dances." I groaned as slipped off his softening cock. Hot cum flooded down my thighs as I turned to the watching men. "Well, boys, who's first?" A man seized my arm with a tight, bruising grip, yanking me after him. He shoved the ten dollar bill into my hand, joining Daddy's cash, before he pulled me down on his crotch. He wasted no time, pulling out his cock, and I slammed my sloppy cunt on it.

"You like that," I moaned into his ear as I pumped on him. "That's my hot, wet pussy full of my daddy's cum." "Shit," he grunted. "Mmm, eighteen-year-old cunt. When was the last time you fucked a girl as tight as me?" "Oh, shit." His hips thrust up, bouncing me on his dick.

His eyes burned with lust. His hands seized my jiggling tits, squeezing hard. I gasped, my nipples aching and my pussy clenching down on his tight cock. "You're the same age as my daughter," he groaned. "You should fuck her," I gasped. "Tiffany," he moaned, head leaning back, and then his dick erupted into my cunt.

I shuddered, savoring my second load of cum into my cunt. I didn't orgasm, but it was still so hot to feel the spurts of jizz explode into me. Before he had even finished cumming, a man yanked me off the spurting cock, and I had another dance to give.

This cock was thicker than the last, but not as thick as Daddy's. I sank down facing away, staring at Daddy as I worked my cunt up and down the new dick, a third ten dollar bill clutched in my hand. He watched me with burning eyes as I pumped my cunt up and down the stranger's dick.

My hot, tight sheath milked the stranger's cock while his hands gripped my hips hard, helping me slid up and down his prick. He was strong.

"Yes, yes, yes, cum in me," I moaned, another orgasm building in me. It was so hot selling my cunt for ten dollars. It was so much money. And these greedy men would pay for the right to cum into my snatch. My eyes rolled back into my head as I sinned so much. The man grunted. His dick erupted. Hot cum spurred into my cunt, and I was off to give my next lap dance. They paid me over and over, sometimes a single ten, others two fives, or even a fistful of ones. Daddy collected from me from time to time as I worked my pussy up and down their cocks.

I came three more times, loving every orgasm. And then I was done. I just couldn't dance any longer. My pussy was actually sore. It was a wonderful ache. I loved it. My legs wobbled as I slid off the last cock, Daddy's of course, and felt the flood of cum pour down my thighs.

He escorted me to the changing area. I dressed in my conservative clothing, the type Mother would expect me to return wearing. "Well, you are a wild one," Emmy said, making me jump as I counted up my money after getting dressed. I whirled and faced the club's owner. He came up just to my tits. I hadn't even realized how short he was. "I am, Emmy." "Next time you want to whore in my club, you have to pay with that ass," he told me, giving my rear a squeeze.

"But business was good tonight. So I'll forgive you for breaking the rules." He reached out and took about half the money in my hand. "Club's take, girl." "Of course," I giggled.

"Whore has to be pimped out." "Glad you understand." He squeezed my ass again, harder, longer. "I mean it. That ass. Better bring lube with you, or I'll tear you up." I shuddered and winked at him. I sauntered out.

Daddy took another cut of my money, but it still left me with fifty dollars. So much money. I had no idea what I would even do with all of it. Maybe I should found a charity. A charity to teach girls how to be whores. I giggled all the way to the car over that. I fell asleep on the ride home, cuddled against Daddy. He was so wonderful to lean against. I woke up when we arrived at home. It was so late, so I was surprised to find Mother awake.

She stared at me, a half-worried expression on her face. "I didn't expect you to be out so late. What happened?" "Oh, well, the ministry at the shelter was more successful than I imagined," Daddy lied with ease, the hypocrite.

"Our Alexandra was such a big help." "Oh, that's wonderful." Mother gave me a hug and then wrinkled her nose. "Oh, no, you smell like those winos and homeless men." "I did get up close and personal with them," I laughed, my panties containing the flood of cum still leaking out of me.

"You look tired, but I want you to take a bath before going to bed. Don't worry about waking up early. You can sleep in." She kissed my forehead. "I'm so proud of you for being such a dedicated, young woman and helping out men in need." "Very dedicated, Mother," I grinned. I had fifty dollars and a pussy full of cum to prove it. How I wanted to show Mother the truth about sex.

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"Let me help you upstairs," Daddy said, putting his arm around my waist. "You look exhausted." "Thank you, Daddy." Mother made a pleased sigh, a big smile on her face. "You two are so cute together. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter, Gary." "We are," Daddy answered without a hint of guilt.

No man made a better hypocrite than the right, honorable Reverend Gary Powell. As Daddy walked me up the stairs, I whispered to him, "I really want to be with a woman, Daddy. Can you arrange it?" He paused, staring at me. "You're that lost?" "I am, Daddy." He nodded his head. "I know someone." "Donna Paxtor?" My eyes widened. "How about Missy D?" He opened the door to the bathroom, kissed me on the forehead, and then pushed me in. "Your mother told you to bathe, young lady.

Then sleep. Let me worry about the details." "Yes, Daddy." As I drew my bath, I shuddered in wicked anticipation of my first lesbian experience. I pictured the redheaded Donna Paxtor and the buxom Missy D. I wish I could have both. I couldn't wait to sin with a woman. To be continued.