Angry daughter catches mom fucking her husband

Angry daughter catches mom fucking her husband
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I had finished my night dinner, and was relaxing, when I got the call.

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It was my boss. (Oh, I am in the early 30s, working as ASM - Asst.Sales Manager - in a MNC). It was a surprise to me. He was supposed to leave the city in about an hour to Mumbai to attend a business meeting at our Head Office, and I didn't see where I came in the picture. (I didn't want to be disturbed right then, as, I took a Viagra just then, just for kicks, as my wife always loved sex, and that too a rough one). I was polite and quick and said "yes, Sir." His voice was not authoritative as usual.

"Are you free?", he asked, in his no-nonsense voice. But without giving time for me to reply, he continued, "You are going to Mumbai, now. I am indisposed and is in hospital. No, No, No, don't come here to see me. Go to the junction.

The train starts at 9.30". I was taken aback by this sudden development. I looked at my wife helplessly, and I was a little reluctant to waste the viagra. "Sir," I stammered, "I am not sure I know anything to discuss in the Meeting.

I have no details and .". He cut me short. "My secretary is waiting for you at the station. She will explain everything.


You can always contact me or the office, over phone for anything you need. Now, start moving." He was not requesting me, but ordering me, in his usual Hitler way, to go to Mumbai. I am earning over 60+ a month, apart from other perks, and I didn't want to antagonise my boss. He was like a big brother to us (in his 50s) and he was instrumental in moulding our future. I decided to forego the viagra effect and told my wife about this sudden development.

She had seen me in similar situations previously, so she started packing my things in a suitcase without further prompting.

I looked at her slim body moving efficiently, collecting all the small things I would need in the travel, and I felt sorry for leaving her alone that night. I changed my dress, and left for the station, after giving my wife a bear hug and a strong and long kiss. AT THE RAILWAY STATION: It was 9.15 when I reached the station, and my boss's secretary was waiting for me. She was in her late 30s, but one could promise that she was just around 25 years.

She was a Kerala girl, 5'5", white in colour, very nice lookable face and slim. We had good relationship at office, as often she had to recommend our Bills for payment. She was the girl, you would love to take in your hands, but you knew that it would be suicidal. She was my boss's secretary. She was very business like and borded the train with me. We had that AC II tier coupe, and I expected her to leave as soon as she made her brief. But to my surprise, she was still lecturing me on targets, actuals, SWOT analysis, future plans, projects, etc.

when the train started moving. I politely reminded her that she might leave, but she smiled and pointed her lovely finger to the suitcase, neatly tucked in below our berths. So she was accompanying me!!! I felt a little light-headed, as she would be of great help in the meeting the next day, and also, i got someone in the couch, who could be a good company to make the journey less tiresome.

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Once the briefing was over, we both relaxed. Now that the important work was over, I could see her feeling relieved, and she was beginning to enjoy the travelling. The TTE came and checked our tickets. Only then I found that in that coupe, we two only were travelling. (4 persons can travel in it). Then she told me that our Boss would book the entire coupe for such journey, as he would be preparing notes during the travel, and would not like interruptions.

So, it was only she and me until we reached Mumbai. The train gave a long whistle, as if cheering me up, and continued its long journey.

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I went to the bathroom, changed into a more comfortable night dress and when I returned, she was in her nighty, looking leaner than when she was in saree. WHAT WE DISCUSSED So you can't sleep, when such a beautiful lady is with you, and charming. So we discussed about office matters, and when it was over, talked over various things - like our personal likings, tastes, school, college, etc.

and finally ended up discussing about my family. I was proud about my wife, who was very affectionate to me, and intelligent too. I could not hide my happiness, when I was telling about the brilliance of my son, a LKG student, and a very naughty one. As we had plenty of time, I elaborated my son's little pranks and she loved to hear them. (talking comes naturally, to sales people). Then it was her turn, and she was telling about her family.

Her husband was working as project engineer, in a construction company, and was always on tours. They might be together for a week or so, in a entire month, and most of the time, she was alone and bored in the house. TV and books were her best friends. I, without any intention, enquired about her children.

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For a moment she was silent. I found her trying hard to restrain herself, but perhaps my friendliness had broken her natural self-control. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she started crying, her hands holding her head, bent down helplessly, and I could see her beautiful body shaking uncontrollably, as she wept. I didnot know what to do. She was sitting on the opposite berth. I reached her as it was a natural reaction, and touched her shoulders, pressing her lightly as if to console her, and (I never expected it) she fell into my hands like a little lost girl, crying uncontrollably.

I tried to lift her (she was very light), and she easily came to me, leaned over me, her face buried on my shoulders, still weeping. I surmised that they had no children, and I felt very sorry for her. Maybe, my innocent query about her children, might have touched her soft corner, and she could not control herself. Without thinking, I hugged her tightly, murmering in her ears some soothing words like don't cry, etc.

In a fit of passion, I kissed her on her forehead, then on her eyes. She looked startled for a moment, but her grief was too much and she still hung on me. Then, I kissed her on the lips (though she was still crying, her lips were very sensuous) and she did not resist - she did not seem to care. But, as I continued kissing her forehead, eyes and tear-filled cheeks, she stopped crying, and you know what, when I kissed near her lips, she kissed me back. It was a natural reaction, I thought, as her kiss was very light as if kissing a child.

She was light and seemed to merge with me, and as I tightened my grip over her, I could feel her nipples hardening and started to press my chest. (Earlier, her breasts were in a sagging position). My hand slipped down to her butts, squeezing them gently, and drew her hips to me very closely.

I felt fire catching up in my loins, and my member started to harden. My kindness towards her changed into passion. She seemed to be uncaring, occasionally kissing me in the mouth, very softly. My right hand went up from her butts, and gripped her breast firmly.

Oh! what a lovely apple it was. Like a pomogranate, it was round, hard, its top tappering down, her nipples thrusting up like a raw grape. As I started caressing her tits, she let out a sigh and moaned a "no" in a low voice, almost inaudible. GREEN SIGNAL TO HEAVEN Her moan, very inaudible though it was, showed me that she was HOT, and as eager as me to continue the game.

Her eyes were dilated, her body shivering slightly, her legs entwined me like a serpant, her hip charging at me, she was far gone into the sex world, than I could imagine. We stood there for some unforgettable moments, entwined like two mating snakes, eating each other, before I decided to act further. I laid her on the bed(berth), lifted her nightie up so that her sweet mound was visible. There was only a night lamp illuminating, but the light was enough to see the view opened before me. For a moment I was breathless.

Her thighs were tightly closed. Yet her mound was very sexy, "V" shaped, fleshy and was like a foam. A slim line, running for a few inches length, was all that I could see in the middle, which I assumed was the opening for the heaven. She maintained her pussy well, as there was no hair at all down there. There was no blemishes around her lower abdomen, and it seemed that she was rarely used for the sex purpose, as her pussy was very young and undamaged.

She was pale white in colour, and the pink line was in contrast to her body colour, giving a very high sex appeal to me. A light colourless liquid was oozing out from her cunt line, her clit slightly showing its head above, as if inviting me to taste it. I bent down and made a flick down the line. I was immediately surprised at the fragrance of her cunt, the sweet smell emanating from her cunt was very sexy.

Her body shivered at the touch of my tongue, trembling uncontrollably in anticipation. My tongue licked the outer ring of her cunt, just between the thighs. She immediately raised her hip, as if to feed me with her cunt. The liquid now flowed freely from her cunt, and I let my tongue open the golden gates and let it pass through the length of her opening - from the lower end to the top. She moaned pleasantly, her hands pressing my head between her thighs.

I rolled my tongue into her cunt, intermittently teasing her clit, and she was gyrating her body up and down to meet the thrust of my tongue.

As my tongue continued its play, the juice was flowing freely. From the noise she was making, I could sense that she was fast reaching her orgasm. Then I mounted on her, throwing away whatever dress I was wearing, my prick dangling between my legs, for about 9 inches length.

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She did not have the satisfaction of seeing how big a cock she was fucking, as her eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation. I adjusted her position, slightly spreading her legs in a V shape, and placed the tip of my mighty cock at the edge of her opening and charged. She gasped as I exerted slight pressure and pushed the cock inside her golden gates.

The tip of my cock was bigger than the rest of its length, and it took some real efforts to penetrate her. It seemed that her cunt was never assaulted as it deserved, and IT SEEMED THAT HER HUSBAND'S COCK WAS THE SIZE OF A PENCIL. My cock struggled to enter her, and she gasped at the enormous size penetrating her most lovely part of her body. I gave a thrust, with a grunt, and suddenly I was within her; just an inch of my cock successfully implanted into her golden mound.


She was breathing in gasps, as a strong oversized iron rod like wedge was inside her, she was not used to have. I persisted, without respite, and my cock began to push into her in slow motion, her cunt walls hugging my rod eagerly, salivating all the way, and in a moment, my entire length was into her fleshy cave.

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Her mouth was fully open like a perfect 'O', and she was breathing in gasps. She was savouring every movement of my cock into her, my cock started to throb inside her, moving the fleshy walls up and down, in a natural movement, when you have the hard on. Then I started my thrusts, first slowly, withdrawing my cock in slow motion, then charging into her with a little more force. She was thrilled at the push, and a happy moan escapted her lips.

I continued my thrusts, gradually increasing the pace, and her pleasure level was growing up and up, and she was moaning aloud every time I charged. Sounds like "Oooooooooo, Aaaaaaaah, Aahaahaahha" were flowing out from her mouth continuously. As the movement became free, I made long and strong thrusts, and she enjoyed them like a child eating an icecream. I felt, from the frantic movements, that she was nearing an orgasm. I stopped immediately, withdrew my rod from her oozing pussy, and waited till she subsided.

She was writhing in desire, but I waited. Then I got away from her, and made her stand, asked her to bend forwards, so that her head bent forwarding almost resting on the berth, her butts looking up and her pussy exhibiting an excellent show between her "v" shaped legs. This was what we called as Doggy style.

I came from behind her, took a good aim at that pink spot and in a swift movement, charged into her from behind. My cock went in right then, without much hesitation, as her cunt was now fully lubricated and enlarged by the earlier exercise. This was an excellent position, I always did with my wife, and it never failed to thrill her.

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I found I was right, and as my entire length surged into her, her body shivered in sheer excitement. My cock began its second innings and like a piston, made swift movement in and out of her rosy cunt. My thights charged against her protruding butts, and it was very exciting.

I enjoyed the fucking very much, as her cunt was tight (unlike my wife's, who had some big mouth down there) and my cock had additional charge of viagra. I didn't know how long it was, but I was fucking her like a machine, my hip moving to and fro, my cock torturing her cunt walls restlessly, and suddenly I found myself reaching that ecstatic feeling, that preceded the orgasm.

I heard her moaning loud, and myself was emitting some sort of grunts, showing that both of us were nearing that climax. And suddenly it was there. My speed increased and I fucked her in frenzy, then I exploded into a reverbrating orgasm, loads of sperm spurting into her holy cunt in jet speed, filling her with warm and live liquid.

I could see that she had also climaxed, as she charged back her hips, to meet my thrusts, and her cunt spring out juice, profusely. Both of us stood there, our bottoms united and without moving like a statue for a few minutes, till we regained our breath.


I fell on the other berth, tired but satisfied and she fell beside me, hugging me lightly, showing that she loved what I did to her. We were asleep within a few seconds, holding each other in a loving embrace.

POST-SCRIPT: My friend told me that the Secretary got pregnant because of the service rendered by my friend and is presently a mother of handsome twins.