Sexy centerfold gets cum load on her face swallowing all the love juice

Sexy centerfold gets cum load on her face swallowing all the love juice
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I gaze upon Heather, my eyes taking in her sensual beauty. Her tight blue pants glide down her legs trying to connect with her black heels, but they cannot quite reach, leaving a small gap, where a glimpse of her soft silky skin teases me with a lingering thought of wild imagination.

A dark blouse clings tightly to her body. The top button purposely left undone, leaving just enough of a hint of what lies underneath.


Her blonde hair, caressed by the light of the hall flows down past her shoulders. I gaze into her eyes, and see the passion, and her desire hiding behind a twinkle of wild mischievousness. I watch as she walks away from me, stopping briefly under the light from a ceiling light.

She is a horny fox, lit up, as she turns smiling innocently at me, the underlying untamed wildness cannot be hidden. She wants to chase me, give in to me, to her desire for me, she holds back, controlling herself. she cannot give up, cannot lose control, at least not yet. We walk together further down the dimly lit hall, close to each other, not touching. She feels the heat, the current of electricity flowing between us.

I suddenly push her against a brick wall.

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I look at her with a wicked smirk, my body pushing against her, as she pretends to try and escape. My hands pin her arms, my lips slowly move towards her, all the while, gazing deeply into her eyes. I lift her head, and nip at her, trying to catch her lips with my teeth. She moves away just in time, and holding me back, my lips brush against her soft cheek. I blow softly in her ear, my warm breath teases her cool skin.

I feel her shudder slightly, as I whisper in her ear, "Patience".

I slowly release her from my grasp, allowing her to move away. For a moment, she leans back against the wall, gazing back at me with her untamed eyes and that mischievous, teasing smile still on her face. She turns away from me, and wanders back into the hall. I follow her slowly, watching her every move. My anticipation does not last long as you look back at me with a wink. Heather is a seductress, a wild one, untamed.

I catch up to her, and without a word grab her arm tightly. She looks at me, surprised by the boldness and tightness of my grip. In my eyes, she sees my desire hiding behind a mask of sternness and strength. Taking control, I guide her to the bedroom, she stops holding her lips close to mine, she teases me, like I tease her, so close yet so far away.

She pushes up, trying to touch my lips. A dance we have been playing all night. I smile at her and very gently, I brush my lips against hers.

I want more, pushing harder against her, and with all possible self control and restraint, I release her, leaving her wanting, needing more. Teasing me, seducing me with her soft skin disappearing under those tight blue pants. Her straight face looks, gives way to the teasing twinkle in her eyes.

She smiles at me and leads me by her hand inside. Once we enter, I pull her tightly against me, this time allowing our lips to connect in a passionate embrace.

She pushes back against me, as our lips continue to electrify our bodies and souls. Our dance is heating up, racing toward the crescendo Unable to control ourselves any longer, I push her up against the wall, and rip off the buttons of her blouse, too impatient to wait any longer.

Her head tilts back, her chest pushes towards me, as I push her lace bra aside and take her hard erect nipple into my mouth.

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My tongue and lips circle around her breasts moving between them, licking them, biting gently, causing her to groan loudly. " Oh God.OOOOOOhhhhhhhh.OOOOOhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh." Her hand reaches down and unbuttons my pants releasing me from the constraints that hold the evidence of my ultimate desire for her.

I moan into her breast, as her hand caresses me, slowly moving up and down, preparing me for her. My pants fall to my ankles as she pulls me closer, tighter against her. I grab her tight pants yanking them down, granting my hands access to her. I softly rub between her legs, feeling the moisture of her arousal through her panties. Heather is wet and moist.

Our hands are squished between us, as I touch her, and she strokes me. Needing to be inside her, to feel her fully, I push her panties aside and thrust against her. She is so wet, and her hand guides me inside her with ease. She lets go, and grabs me from behind, pulling me deep inside her. I thrust hard, matching the rhythm of her body, her hands guiding my motions.

She moans louder with each thrust, her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure building within her.

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" AAAAAhhhhhh. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh.MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm." With each thrust, her wetness, her warmth, engulfs me, my body, my soul.

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We are one, intertwined bodies and souls. I thrust again and again, going deeper and deeper inside her. She tightens against me, gripping me tightly, not letting me escape from her.

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I cannot move, nor do I want to. I hold her tight, as I feel her pleasure overtake her. She moans louder than I have ever heard before as she explodes, soaking me with her wet juices, her orgasm taking over every inch of her. " OMG.John.OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh." I cannot take it any longer and pull away just enough, so I can thrust back into her one last time, releasing the pressure, releasing my body, my soul inside her, as my orgasm comes crashing down, and I explode deep inside her.

Streams of hot cum splashing and coating the walls of her tight tunnel. Our ultimate pleasure, and ultimate release takes us over, sends us into a trance. We both slowly fall to the floor, holding each other tightly, not wanting this to end, not wanting to let go. My darling, tonight we became one, we are one. I push her over to the bed, she lays on the bed spread wide, I crawl between them. I place one hand under her back, holding her positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

She starts to beg, " asking me to be gentle, as that massive cock goes inside me." I start to push myself into her. Heather can't describe the feeling, the tip of my cock barely inside her and it feels like a baseball bat being shoved inside her tight pussy. I feel the pressure pausing for a second while I grab her hips, and with one brutal shove, I drive that massive cock into her tight pussy.

She swears it feels like I rip her pussy apart, the pressure of that huge tool inside her takes her breath away. She thought she was going to pass out for a second, I stay there, all of my cock deep inside her, letting her adjust to the length and girth. Tears are streaming down her face as I slowly pull myself out, and again, without warning drive myself back into her crushing her cervix. She screams " OH GOD.JOHN.AAAAA HHHHHHH." I slam relentless into her with long hard deep strokes.

The pain is intense, she finds herself relaxing and stretching to accomadate my girth. Heather is bucking and writhing as her orgasm surges through her. The wetness helps ease the pressure finding herself relaxing more and enjoying my monstrous cock. She starts to push back in rhythm, arching her back, working my cock around her pussy, when all of a sudden I stop fucking her, pulling my cock out of her.

When the cock leaves my pussy it makes a popping sound, as the gaping hole suddenly closes. She looks back, just in time to see me raising my hand to slap her ass. My hand hit hard against her ass and she feels the sting. I push Heather face down on the bed, spreading her legs again, I see her slit is oozing juice, I line up, thrusting in balls deep in a single thrust. " OOhhhh John. I missed your cock filling me." After a few more rough hard thrusts, she stats to cum from the short wait.

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I feel her squirting on my cock and balls as I continue to slam into her through her orgasm. Each hard thrust shoves her up a little further on the bed, I drag her back to the edge. " Where do you want my cum, Heather?" " I want it deep in my pussy John! I love the feeling of your hot seed deep inside me so much. I always cum when you cum inside of me." She feels my cock start to grow harder.

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" Here it cums Heather." I say as I unleash a torrent of cum. " CUMMING!!!" She cries out. I bury myself balls deep inside of her, pushing into her cervix. I feel her squirt, flowing onto me. She feels my jizz going into her womb. " Squat in front of me now Heather." I say as I pull out. She obeys instantly.


She sees my cock is in front of her face and she starts to work her magic on it. " Your technique is getting better." I say as she takes the initiative starting to deep throat me.

I groan. " That's the way to do it." After 15 mins of her ministrations I grab her hair in both hands. I start to fuck her face and I cum down herr throat. " Drink my jizz. Get every single drop." She moans in reply and I let go of her hair and pull out of her mouth. " You know there's only one hole left that I have not fucked." I back up and she turns around, doggy-style.

I shove into herr ass pushing her face to the bed. She sees the wet spot that leaked out from her pussy while she deep throated me. "Yes Master!" you say, as you have already started to lick it up. I am slamming her ass hard, she is moaning " I love your fucking cock John! I love it when you cum in any of my holes. I am your slut, your whore. I will do anything for you." Her dirty talk pushes me over the edge.

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" Here it cums Heather!" I unload into her ass. It triggers her orgasm and she squirts all over the bed, leaving a puddle of her juices.

I pull out of her ass. She is out of it from her intense orgasm, then we go to have some fun in the shower."